Best Of Online Drinking Games: 18 Games To Get You Drunk!

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There’s only one thing that could make drinking games better: being able to play them online with your loved ones around the world! The greatest thing is that there are two categories, including standard drinking ones to play via Zoom, and cool drinking apps as well! 

  • Drinking games to play on Zoom:
  1. Truth or Shots;
  2. Cards Against Humanity;
  3. Virtual Flip Cup;
  4. Would You Rather;
  5. Synonyms/Rhymes;
  6. Never Have I Ever;
  7. Movie Drinking Game;
  8. Striptease Dice;
  9. Celebrity;
  • Game apps & websites:
  1. Drink Drank Drunk;
  2. King Of Booze;
  3. Circle Of Death;
  4. Drink With Friends;
  5. Picolo;
  6. Do or Drink;
  7. Drunk Pirate;
  8. Drunk Potato;
  9. King’s Cup;
  • Windup;

Drinking Games To Play Online Via Zoom

It’s okay. We hate Zoom because of online work and school. However, once you find out that you may play drinking games using this app, you’re gonna love it! 

1. Truth Or Shots

Truth Or Shots

Pieces of information:

We’ve talked about Truth or Drink several times, and we’ll talk about it every time we have the chance! Its simplicity makes it way more amazing. All you have to do is take turns asking and answering questions in a Zoom call, either one question for one player, or make everyone playing answer the same question. The only rule is that if you refuse to answer a question, you must down a shot or drink a sip. You may borrow ideas from the questions lists we attached above. 

2. Cards Against Humanity 

Cards Against Humanity

Pieces of information: 

Cards Against Humanity is amazing in any what it’s played. While playing the online version, open a Zoom call, and make sure at least one of you has the deck of cards. One of you is the Card Czar, which reads the black card out loud, while the other players should all write down their favorite white card, or just make one sentence up that fits the prompt card perfectly! The Card Czar picks their favorite card, which gets one point. A surprise: there are 13 other ways to play CAH online

3. Virtual Flip Cup

Virtual Flip Cup

Pieces of information:

Flip Cup works great either at big parties or intimate game nights. When playing online, place your phone or laptop on a flat surface while being on Zoom. Then, ask everyone to get a plastic cup filled halfway with alcohol, and divide into 2 teams, telling the order of players in both teams. Then, one player from each team starts at the same time, and the other player in order from that team can continue when the previous player completes drinking and flipping the cup.

The first team that finishes drinking and flipping all the cups, wins. Make sure you read the rules of Flip Cup for the best game experience.

4. Would You Rather?

Would You Rather

Pieces of information: 

Step one: go to our website and pick some ‘Would You Rather’ questions! Then, open a Zoom call, and ask the questions out loud. Since there will be two options to choose from (for example: would you rather have a dog or a cat?), means that all players will be divided into 2 groups. The group that has the fewest players, drinks. Yes. All players of that group drink. 

5. Synonyms/Rhymes

Synonyms Rhymes

Pieces of information: 

Babes, we love simplicity. Before playing, decide if you wanna deal with synonyms or rhymes. The game works this way: while being on the video call, take turns to say words out loud. When one player says a word, e.g. good, the following player should either say the synonym or a word that rhymes with good (depending on your choice). The first player that takes too long to answer, or messes up, has to finish their drink.

6. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

Pieces of information:

Never Have I Ever does one thing for sure: makes y’all get to know your closest people in all their dimensions! While playing online, pick your favorites out of our coolest list of questions, and ask them out loud. Tell everyone that they do not have to answer with ‘I have’ or ‘I have never’. Everyone has to simply drink in case they relate to the statement. For instance, if the question is ‘Never have I ever won gambling’, if you want to approve that you did, you drink. If not, you skip drinking. 

7. Movie Drinking Game

Movie Drinking Game

Pieces of information:

Movie drinking games are a blast! You may either share the screen and play the movie, or just ask everyone to play the movie on their own devices, but at the same time. Then, there are a few rules you should follow, which make your drink every time a specific scene plays or certain words are said. Make sure to pick a movie you think everyone will enjoy. The Horror movie drinking game is such as great choice!

8. Striptease Dice

Striptease Dice

Pieces of information:

Kids close your eyes, this one is for the adults who love stripping games. Make sure to keep your cameras open while being on the Zoom call, and have one dice & drinks by your side. You have to roll the dice for each player when it’s their turn, and the action depends on the numbers on the dice. Odd numbers mean that you have to take a drink, while if it’s an even number, you have to take off an article of clothing. The game can continue until you’re bored of it, or completely naked… 

9. Celebrity 


Pieces of information:

Since you always say you know a lot about the show biz, it’s time to test it out! You take turns naming a celebrity. The first player starts first by saying a random famous name. The following player should say a name that starts with the first letter of the previous last name. For instance, if you say ‘Ariana Grande’, the next player should say a celebrity starting with G, e.g. George Bush. If someone messes up, they drink! 

Drinking Game Apps & Websites 

Imagine how fun it would be if you didn’t have to worry about organizing the game and all that, but just get your drinks and do everything the app asks you to. We picked the bests out of the bests and made a list for you! 

1. Drink Drank Drunk

Drink Drank Drunk

Available on Google Play;

Pieces of information: 

DrinkDrankDrunk is a game made to be played by up to 15 players. After you write the names of each player, the app will immediately tell the names and dares for each player, taking turns. Challenges include stuff like letting X player choose a nickname for you, and all players should only call you that or drink; list Europe countries and drink if you mess up; drink your entire glass and come up with a rule, and so on. It’s super customized, well-designed, and simple to use. 

2. King Of Booze

King Of Booze

Available on App Store & APKCombo;

Pieces of information:

Wanna find out who’s the king of booze of the group? Once again, the app will customize challenges per player, and on their turn, everyone will be between two choices: completing a dare or drinking. For instance, the app may say something like: let someone write your social network website status, or drink 3; kiss the prettiest girl in the room or drink 5; let player X draw you a mustache or drink 2, and so on. We love that it is available for both Android and IOS, and we like its creative design as well.

3. Circle Of Death

Circle Of Death

Available on App Store & Google Play;

Pieces of information: 

You probably know the rules to Circle Of Death, since we’ve already talked about it! The idea behind it is that there’s a specific task for each value on the card. When playing the digital version, you won’t need a deck of cards, since the app takes care of all of it. All players take turns, and the app shows the card, and the challenge that belongs to that card. So, if it shows a 10, you’re gonna start a game of categories. But there are also special actions, such as when you get bombed! 

4. Drink With Friends

Drink With Friends

Play it on;

Pieces of information: 

It’s time for you to host a game, share the code with your people, and start playing even if you live across the world. On their turn, players will roll the dice, which will decide your dare. Once it shows your dice value, it also tells your challenge. You’ll move squares every time you play, depending on the dice numbers, until you arrive at the finish line and win. Challenges are something like making a confession or drinking, making the youngest of the group drink, and so on.

5. Picolo


Available on App Store & Google Play;

Pieces of information: 

The name sounds very Latina, doesn’t it? Besides having its own rules, you can also use your creativity and make your rules. There are several game modes to choose from: crazy challenges, spicy, for couples, and a few more! You’ll be asked to sing the alphabet in reverse or finish your drink; say advertising slogans while taking turns, and drink if you mess up; make everyone playing read their last message out loud or drink, and hundreds more! 

6. Do or Drink

Do or Drink

Available on App Store & Google Play;

Pieces of information: 

Not only as a card game, Do or Drink also makes an excellent drinking app! You can choose 3 or more decks to play at once, so you mix decks and have way more fun. It’s the Demo Deck available, Classic, King’s Cup, Punishment, NSFW, Truth or Drink, and others. The name of every deck tells the game. This means that King’s Cup deck is a King’s Cup game. Basically, it’s a dozen of games in one single app, and it couldn’t be any better! 

7. Drunk Pirate

Drunk Pirate

Play it on;

Pieces of information: 

After confirming that all players are 18 or older, and a few other rules, you can immediately start playing. You take turns to play, and once you complete a challenge, click on ‘nect card’, and let the other player continue. You’ll have to hum a song and let the other guess it; lie on your back and drink; make the opposite player drink and similar fun ones. They didn’t put much effort into designing the cards, but it’s simply all about what’s the content in them!

8. Drunk Potato

Drunk Potato

Available on App Store & Google Play;

Pieces of information:

Who’s the next drunk potato of your group? Let’s find it out! The thing about this game is that you have to answer and pass the phone as quickly as you can. If you’re stuck with the game while the timer goes off, you have to drink! If you’re curious to know, you will have to list 3 foods you crave when you’re hungover, name 3 things you could see on a street corner, name 5 animals people eat, 2 movies about dancing, and more. You get the point babes!

9. King’s Cup

King's Cup

Available on App Store & Google Play;

Pieces of information: 

King’s Cup is a big love for every party! To get rid of the cards and all that mess, we prefer the game app instead! Just as in the physical game, you have to draw a card from the circle of cards and do a special action for each value. You’ll waterfall if you drew an Ace, rhyme if the card is a 9, start a Thumb Master game if it’s a 6, drink if you lose, and so on. However, you will also get to make a new rule at specific times, and so on. You’ll have a blast though!


Playing drinking games online will definitely make your life easier. You may play with whoever you want, and distance won’t be a problem anymore. If you find what you desire in the game apps, that’s definitely cool. If not, make sure you play your game while being on a Zoom call with your favorite people. Salut!

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