The Prettiest List Of 170 Mr. & Mrs. Questions For All Couples Getting Married! 

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There’s one unquestionable detail that always adds sparkle to Hen parties, and that’s party games! They tend to bring the most fun out of everyone at the party, and also give you a glimpse of how well the bride and groom know each other, and how well the guests know them too! 

  • How to organize a good Mr. & Mrs. game?
  • Classic questions;
  • Funny questions;
  • Questions about him;
  • Questions about her;
  • Intimate questions;
  • Final thoughts;

How To Organize A Good Mr. & Mrs. Game?

Mr. and Mrs. is a bachelorette party game to let you connect deeper with the bride & groom-to-be. It includes a list of questions that should be asked to both the bride and the groom, but, without them two hearing each other. Even though the game instructions are pretty simple, we’ll explain them step by step:

  • Go through our list of questions and pick your favorites (15 to 20 are fine). You may just write them down on your notes, or make an actual design at our shop and print it out for everyone playing;
  • If only the bride’s having a bridal shower, make sure to give the groom the list of questions first, so he answers before the bride-to-be gets to answer them at her party. If there’s a common bachelorette party for both, make the groom & the bride-to-be answer them at the same time. The shoe game is a good idea for the latter.;
  • To turn it into a drinking game, every time the bride answers the questions correctly, the guests take a sip. Every time she is wrong, she takes a drink. 
  • At the end of the game, tally up the score and check how well they know one another. 

When checking the questions and hearing the couple’s answers, you’ll also get to know them in all dimensions, so it’s a win-win! Here’s a couple playing it, so you get a glimpse: Hilarious Mr. & Mrs. Game At The Wedding.

Classic Questions

Classic Questions

No Bachelorette is good without asking them about their first dates, their favorite things to do together, habits, and similar ones. The questions below are all about getting to know general things about your favorite married-to-be couple, and they’re safe to be asked even if the family is present!

  1. What year did you get together?
  2. Who wears the pants in your relationship?
  3. Who is the better driver?
  4. Who will cry more at the wedding?
  5. What are you most likely to argue about?
  6. What is your partner’s favorite movie?
  7. Who’s the early bird?
  8. Who is their best friend?
  9. What’s their idea of a perfect night out?
  10. Who did better in school?
  11. What is their shoe size?
  12. Who is most likely to spend the most time in the bathroom?
  13. Which one of you has the last word in an argument?
  14. What three words would he/she use to describe you?
  15. Who is the best cook out of you two?
  16. Who is looking forward to organizing the honeymoon?
  17. Who’s the most organized?
  18. Who wastest the most money?
  19. Which one of you two is most likely to lose their keys?
  20. What is their secret talent?
  21. What’s your partner’s secret talent?
  22. What noise best describes your lover’s laugh?
  23. What Disney character does your partner think you look most like?
  24. Who has the best teeth?
  25. Out of you two, who is more adventurous? 
  26. Who’s the boss?
  27. Who tends to be a workaholic?
  28. Who’s the best with children?
  29. Who’s the first to say sorry?
  30. Who met the in-laws first?

Funny Questions

To make everyone feel comfortable and welcomed into your pre-wedding party, funny questions are necessary. They could be silly, bring out your humor sense, and bring lots of light and laughs. Wait till you see the bride and groom’s reaction to the questions!

  1. If there’s a spider, which deals with it?
  2. Who talks the most?
  3. Who gets annoyed the easiest?
  4. Who swears more?
  5. Who has the strangest phobia?
  6. Who can drink the most and remain sober?
  7. If your spouse was a character in Friends, who would they want to be?
  8. Who snores the most & the loudest?
  9. What’s your most embarrassing thing as a couple?
  10. What’s their pet name for you?
  11. Who replaces the toilet roll usually?
  12. Which one of you two is actually a good singer?
  13. Who will be the most hungover after the wedding?
  14. What is your partner’s most embarrassing skill?
  15. Who’s the fussiest eater?
  16. Be honest, who farts more?
  17. Who is a bigger fan of the Office?
  18. Who forgets to pay bills?
  19. Out of you two, who has the worst temper?
  20. Which one of you would make the worst politician?
  21. Who has the worst morning breath?
  22. Is any of you a big baby when you’re sick?
  23. Who’s most likely to get lost while driving?
  24. Who takes most of the blanket when sleeping?
  25. Out of you two, who has the craziest family?
  26. Who can’t keep a secret?
  27. Tell us, who’s always hungry?
  28. Who checks themselves in the mirror the most?
  29. Who cracks the lamest jokes?
  30. What frightens the hell out of your spouse the most?

Questions About Him

Questions About Him

If the party is special about him, make sure to check these questions. First, ask the groom-to-be to answer your chosen questions, just so you make sure, and then ask the same questions to the bride. Don’t forget to bring the answers to the party king too 🙂

  1. What was the last movie he cried to?
  2. What item of lingerie does he like you most in?
  3. Show us his signature dance move.
  4. When did he know he wanted to marry you?
  5. What is his guilty pleasure?
  6. What’s his idea of a perfect date?
  7. Does he have a favorite party trick?
  8. What are his favorite pizza toppings?
  9. Is he closer to his mom or his dad?
  10. Does he prefer you better in dresses or jeans?
  11. Who would play him in a movie about his life?
  12. Where would he most like to go on holiday?
  13. What shoe size is he?
  14. What is his favorite takeaway?
  15. What is the first thing he does in the morning?
  16. How many kids does he want?
  17. If he won $1000, what would he blow it on?
  18. What would he say his ‘weird crush’ was?
  19. What’s his biggest fear?
  20. What is his proudest moment?
  21. Does he get tickled?
  22. What are his thoughts on pineapple on pizza? (hopefully, he ain’t Italian);
  23. What three celebrities would be at this perfect dinner party?
  24. How does he like his eggs cooked?
  25. What’s his favorite ice cream flavor?
  26. Do you remember his star sign?
  27. Can you name most of his cousins?
  28. What’s his favorite alcoholic drink?
  29. Who would their ‘phone a friend’ in a game show be?
  30. What’s his dream car?

Questions About Her

It’s definitely the opposite of the above. After all, we love testing men on how well they know their ladies. Make sure to pick questions that are not very simple to guess, because that’s the fun part of it. The groom can’t probably name all of her cousins, but that’s understandable! 

  1. What is her bra size?
  2. What’s her favorite makeup brand?
  3. What lingerie color is her favorite?
  4. What household chores would she happily never do again for the rest of her life?
  5. Who’s her biggest celebrity crush?
  6. What’s the first thing she does when she gets out of bed?
  7. What makes her laugh the most?
  8. Does she have a celebrity doppelganger? 
  9. What’s her go-to karaoke song?
  10. If she could be famous for anything, what would it be?
  11. What’s one thing you do that annoys her most?
  12. What was her first thought of you?
  13. What’s her primary love language?
  14. What’s the bride-to-be’s dream job?
  15. Who is her biggest inspiration? 
  16. What’s her favorite candy to eat when she’s on her period?
  17. What’s her comfort TV show?
  18. Don’t be shy, tell us her favorite curse word!
  19. If she could adopt any pet, what would it be?
  20. When did she learn how to drive?
  21. What song does she like to scream out loud?
  22. Does she have a ‘happy place’?
  23. What three items would she take to a desert island?
  24. What is the drunkest she’s ever been?
  25. If she had to pick one, would it be high heels or dresses?
  26. What’s her favorite printable bachelorette game so far?
  27. Who was her embarrassing crush back in her teenage years?
  28. How tall is she?
  29. What is one scent she loves?
  30. Did she ever break the law?

Memory Questions

Memory Questions

The first kiss, first dates, anniversaries, the first movie they watched together, and stuff like this, are super important and heartwarming. Questions you’ll find right below test which one of the two has the best memory, and pays attention to little details. You can also play this on the wedding day, using your shoes as answers 🙂 

  1. Who said I love you first?
  2. Where was their first date?
  3. Who fancied who first?
  4. What year did you get together?
  5. What was their first impression of you?
  6. What’s the first song you told each other?
  7. Who paid on the first date?
  8. What are the first gifts they’ve given each other?
  9. What was the name of the first movie you saw together at the cinema?
  10. Who brought up marriage first? 
  11. How far did you go on the first date?
  12. How did the proposal happen?
  13. What was the first dish your partner cooked for you?
  14. Where was your first kiss?
  15. When was the moment you knew you loved each other?
  16. What is his/her favorite memory you have together?
  17. Who asked who out first?
  18. Who asked for the second date?
  19. What was your spouse wearing when you first met?
  20. Tell me the date of your anniversary in 5 seconds. 
  21. After how many dates did your kiss happen?
  22. What was the first trip you went on together?
  23. How old was your spouse when they got their first kiss?

Intimate Questions

Of course, we’re gonna make them blush with some intimacy, love-making questions. Before asking these questions, make sure that everyone in the room is comfortable with them, especially the two main characters: the bride and the groom-to-be. Yup, these questions are thought-provoking

  1. Who has the worst orgasm face?
  2. Are they a bum or a bub person?
  3. Which one of you two gets horny the most?2
  4. Who’s the loudest in bed?
  5. What’s the most unique place you’ve made love?
  6. What is her/his biggest turn-on?
  7. What do you think your partner wants you to try but is too shy to tell?
  8. Do you know what is your partner’s favorite position?
  9. Is there a song that gets your spouse in a sexy mood?
  10. Who is most likely to want to make love in public?
  11. If they had a free pass, which celebrity would they choose to sleep with?
  12. How often do you have sex?
  13. How long did you date before you’ve ‘got jiggy with it’ first?
  14. What is your spouse’s favorite part of your body?
  15. Does your wife/husband-to-be like sex toys?
  16. If they were going to lick food off you, what food would they choose?
  17. What celebrity would you two like to join you in a threesome?
  18. Who’s the adventurous one in the bedroom?
  19. What would your partner like to dress you up as?
  20. Who will be the most hammered after the wedding?
  21. What’s the naughtiest thing your partner has ever done?
  22. Which one of you two watches the most porn?
  23. Who lost their virginity first?
  24. What is your partner’s favorite romantic/erotic movie?
  25. Does he/she enjoy you sending nudes?
  26. What does your spouse think of tapes?
  27. What is your hottest love-making experience as a couple?

Final Thoughts

This whole list of questions just screams LOVE! It fits every couple, and you’re free to pick your favorites, or even customize ours. Not only the couple themselves will test how well they know one another, but all the guests as well, will get to know pieces of their souls. Questions are super cute, funny, and romantic, and there’s nothing left for you but to love them!

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