16 Of The Cutest & Most Romantic Couples’ Games

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We haven’t found a technique to strengthen relationships better than playing games together. They tend to boost intimacy, spontaneity, communication, and cognitive element. But it is not all about that. Games will also make you spend lots of time with each other, have some good laughs (or even drinks), and connect deeper. 

As always, we like to include different types of games, so that everyone can find themselves in them. Therefore, all the couples’ games will belong to specified, well-thought categories. Invite your soulmate to read this together, and put all our love into choosing the perfect game for you two. Ps. don’t worry: every game will come together with the rules!   

  • No-equipment games:
  1. 21 Questions;
  2. Poem Writing Session;
  3. One Word One Answer;
  4. Sing To Me;
  • Game apps;
  1. Nudge Text;
  2. Happy Love;
  3. Kindu;
  4. Couple Diary;
  • Drinking games:
  1. Romantic Spin The Bottle;
  2. Simon Says Drink!;
  3. Dare Beer Pong;
  4. Striptease Dice;
  • Card & Board Games:
  1. Unpack That;
  2. And Then We Held Hands…;
  3. Either Or…;
  4. Fog Of Love;
  • Final Thoughts;

No-Equipment Games

Extra equipment isn’t necessary if you’re planning to play games with your significant other. Below, we’ll present to you four of the games that have a special place in our hearts, and you won’t need any cards or other stuff. They tend to add sparks to your relationships, and you have no choice but to try them out! 

1. 21 Questions

21 Questions

What to prepare? 

Both of you should write down a list of 21 questions about your partner. 

Pieces of information about the game:

We have an unexplainable connection with 21 Questions. It works incredibly well in all situations. If you’re willing to play with your soulmate, make sure to first prepare the questions (you can also borrow from our Never Have I Ever list of questions). Then, take turns asking each other one question at a time. Questions should be well-thought and something you didn’t talk about earlier, which most likely will start conversations and help you communicate & know each other deeper.

2. Poem Writing Session

Poem Writing Session

What to prepare?

One blank piece of paper and one pen for both of you.

Pieces of information about the game:

This is an activity just like a game. First, you gotta decide what you want the poem to be: funny, romantic, naughty, cheesy, or whatever. Then, set a timer for about 10 to 15 minutes, and you two start writing poems about your partner, separately. Once you’re done, based on the poem ‘genre’, you check who had the funniest, cringiest, or the most heartwarming one, and that player wins. Usually, this game is a great way to write all your emotions down on paper. Who knows, maybe this will be a great gift for your lover… 

3. One Word One Answer

One Word One Answer

What to prepare? 

No supply is needed. Find a good place to sit and you’re fine.

Pieces of information about the game: 

You miss talking about your love story? Well, this game’s gonna do it. It’s pretty simple actually. One of you starts first by saying one word, which would be the answer to one question about your relationship. Next, your partner adds another word, which is another answer. Following this order, you’ll keep adding words and building sentences. After some minutes of playing, you’d have your love story all settled up. You have no idea what creative words will come up to your mind. Speaking of experience. 

4. Sing To Me

Sing To Me

What to prepare? 

One song to start with. The Karaoke version is optional.

Pieces of information about the game:

There’s no couple in this world who doesn’t like singing to each other. This game is just going to make it even more enjoyable. The thing is, one of you two should start winging a song (acapella or followed by karaoke). You can sing till the end of the song, or stop it whenever you want. Then, your partner would wing a song or a verse that starts with the last word of the song you sang. Then again, you do the same. You can play for as long as you want, or stop the game when one of you takes too long to answer. Ps. make sure to take some ladlers or whisks to make the stage feel like a stage! 

Game Apps

Living in 2022, we can’t avoid technology for so long. Since everyone spends most of their time on their phones, below you’ll find a list of games you could play using your preferred device. They’re all free and great fun for all kinds of people. 

1. The Nudge Text

The Nudge Text

Availability: App Store & Google Play.

Pieces of information about the app:

You already know. We love game apps. The Nudge is an app that randomly sends you texts for challenges you have to complete with your partner (or sometimes separately). Date ideas and trips in different cities, including Austin, Chicago, Dallas, LA, DC, and many more. Many of the challenges may also make you sip some drinks, start working out, watch more sunsets, and do tons more cute stuff. Besides it’s fun, it also gives some useful tips and tasks which will change your love life for the better. 

2. Happy Love

Happy Love

Availability: App Store & for Android;

Pieces of information about the app:

Love could be happy, could be sad. But this app is definitely happy love! Happy Love is an app that includes many services. There’s a memories corner, shopping list, calendar, useful things, and most importantly, the game of love. You and your partner should both get the app, and connect your accounts, and then the app will send you daily challenges, notifications, questions, recommendations, and more. The latter is something like ‘Uh La La’, ‘Relax’, going to the cinema, massage time, and others. Here’s the official site for more: happylove.com.

3. Kindu


Availability: Google Play & Kindu;

Pieces of information about the app:

Well, the motto of Kindu is ‘daily ideas to inspire couples’, and we think this says enough. Just like the previous apps, Kindu gives you tons of ideas to make your relationship stronger. It asks you to designate one night per week for lingerie, square dance, role play, body wash, and many more. It will also keep track of all your challenges and memories, so when you look back, you’ll see how far you’ve become. If you play continuously, it would have non-repeating challenges and tips for about 1 year, and that is fascinating! 

4. Couple Diary

Couple Diary

Availability: Google Play & App Store;

Pieces of information about the game: 

Remember how the game apps above-mentioned were all about challenges, tips, and similar kinds of stuff? Well, Couple Diary, just like the name, is mainly related to your love story. Every day, the app asks you different questions, deep, personal, and interesting, and keeps track of the questions. There’s one calendar and you can, whenever you want, check what you wrote on specific days. This app is all in one: it’s a game since you’ll always answer questions and follow the guide, it’s an activity, and of course, a journal. Lovely! 

Drinking Games

We couldn’t go long without our drinking games. You were barely waiting. We know that. This list of games includes 4 of the best ones you could play with your significant other. They will get you tipsy and help you create a way stronger bond.

1. Romantic Spin The Bottle

Romantic Spin The Bottle

What to prepare?

A bottle and some stuff you prefer (chocolate, lingerie, and others) & drinks.

Pieces of information about the game:

We hate to break it to you, but this isn’t the standard Spin The Bottle game… This version is spicier, and it is made for you and your lover only. The thing is that instead of spinning the bottle and choosing if you want to answer a question or perform a dare, this time, you won’t have to choose. You have to make a circle of items (whipped cream, outfits, and whatever extra stuff), including shots, and place the bottle in the middle. On your turn, you have to spin the bottle and do an action with whatever the top of the bottle arrow points you to.

2. Simon Says Drink!  

Simon Says Drink!

What to prepare?

Your favorite alcoholic drinks are all you need.

Pieces of information about the game: 

We don’t know Simon, but we all do know Simon Says! This game is simply a reason for you to make your partner do whatever you want. So, taking turns, you’ll give each other orders. It could be something like: take off your t-shirt and drink. Or something innocent like giving you a piggyback ride and drink. It’s all up to you. This could also lead to something way naughtier, but the important thing is to get tipsy and respect each other’s boundaries. Make sure to get creative and complete challenges that are enjoyable. 

3. Dare Ping Pong

Dare Beer Pong

What to prepare?

Cups (10 per player), 1 ping-pong ball, small pieces of paper, and a pen. And alcohol ofc.

Pieces of information about the game: 

You remember Beer Pong, don’t you? Well, this is the extreme version of it. The basic rules are applied as well. Now, instead of only throwing the ball and making the other player drink, there’s one rule added. On the bottom of each cup, you should place a piece of paper with a dare written on it. Now, if you successfully bounce into one of your partner’s cups, they have to drink it, check the dare, and do whatever it requires. You can write whatever you want, such as giving kisses in specific places, performing something, making food, or whatever. 

4. Striptease Dice

Striptease Dice

What to prepare?

One dice and drinks for you two.

Pieces of information about the game:

You’re probably connecting this to the other stripping games, huh? Striptease dice is a game all about odd and even numbers. You take turns throwing the dice, and if it’s an odd number, you drink. If it’s an even number, you take off one article of clothing. You know where that ends. However, you can give special meaning to each number. For example, 1 could mean a kiss, 2 could mean taking the top off, 3 for a role play, or whatever you wish. The goal of the game is to get you tipsy and lead to a great time. 

Card & Board Games

This category is one of our potential favorites. There’s always a lot to choose from, and we can do nothing but present to you our loveliest ones. They’re very unique and heartwarming and have an affordable price. Board & card games, here we come!!! 

1. Unpack That

Unpack That

Where can you get the game?

At Amazon for $25.00 or at the official shop, for the same price.

Pieces of information about the card game:

Upack That is therapy in a box. The game includes a total of 124 cards, divided into 5 categories of cards: the good, the bad, reflection, tough question, and wildcard. The first 4 ones are about answering questions, while the fifth includes some cute challenges (such as thumb wars,  speaking in different accents, and more). The sure thing is that the topics and content are very deep, and it literally feels like therapy. This is your chance to talk all things out and connect heartily, especially if you two were going through a rough time.

2. And Then We Held Hands…

And Then We Held Hands...

Where can you get the game?

At Amazon or Walmart ($54.31).

Pieces of information about the board game:

This is the definition of cuteness overload. Starting from the box. “And Then We Held Hands…” features a card-splaying mechanism, where players take turns to play cards and complete the emotional objective. The prettiest thing is that while moving your cards and equipment if you cause damage to your partner, you lose. Therefore, when playing, you should look from both sides of the view, and this is one of the greatest lessons in a relationship. Besides the cards and game board, it also comes with glass stones, which will make the game even fancier.

3. Either Or…

Either Or...

Where can you get the game?

At Amazon for $24.99.

Pieces of information about the card game:

Let’s get back to our lovely card games! The one we’re about to talk about now is all about choosing between situations. There are 200 cards, and one card is useful on both sides. On the white side of the card, you’ll guess what your partner would choose between two situations. The back of the card, the black side, has a blank space in one of the sentences, which should be completed by you. Then, your partner has to choose between the completed sentence and the one you fulfilled. The thing is that there are super well-thought statements and comparisons, so it will lead to heart-to-heart conversations. 

4. Fog Of Love

Fog Of Love

Where can you get the game?

At Amazon ($48.90) or Walmart ($64.99);

Pieces of information about the board game:

Last but not least, it’s all about the fog of love. The story behind the game is that you and your soulmate will play two characters, which meet randomly fall in love, and face some challenges. What you gotta do is make the relationship work. You’ll have lots of tasks to complete, and get trait goals, and destinies. It offers endless variations and possibilities, and it’s all up to you how you manage things. The box, contents, design, and all cards are simply perfect. The challenges connect straightly to what a normal couple goes through, and it could be a good reflection on how to face these kinds of challenges. 

Final Thoughts

We enjoyed this at its fullest. We’ve already given you great options, and now it’s up to you to choose. The game you want to play depends on what you want it to affect: if you want to get drunk, talk things out, or just create a romantic vibe between you two love birds. All of them have simple enough rules, cheap cost, and very meaningful gameplay. One thing we know for sure: whatever you choose, will make your relationship healthier!

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