Mexican Dice Drinking Game: All It Takes Is Two Dice!

Mexican Dice - Cover Photo

We admit it. We’re addicted to dice-drinking games. They’re just so fun & straightforward and create unforgettable memories. Mexican Dice are one of them. As a game of both strategy and luck, it is one of the games that shouldn’t be skipped, either if played at game nights or at pubs with your friends. 

  • Game objective & required supplies;
  • How to play Mexican Dice;
  • Additional rules;
  • Conclusion;

Game Objective & Required Supplies

Mexican Dice - Supplies

Mexican Dice is a drinking game all about getting you and your fellas drunk. Each player aims to get lower combinations of dice, or at least fool others into believing that they did. For your information, the game is very often found as ‘21’ (you’ll see later why) or Mexico, so, don’t get confused by that. 

Now, if you’re playing this dice game, here’s everything you need:

  • 2 six-sided dice;
  • A non-transparent cup;
  • 3 or more players (however, it also works fine as a 2-players game);
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks of your choice. 

If played with alcohol, Mexican Dice can only be played by people who are over the legal drinking age. If someone under 21 is playing, you can use non-alcoholic drinks for them, or for the whole team once you want to take a break.

How To Play Mexican Dice

Mexican Dice - How To Play

As always, choose one player to start first. Pick a way to choose the first player: start a rock-paper-scissors competition, all roll a die and the highest number goes first, go alphabetically, or however you wish. The first player has to put the 2 dice in the cup, roll them, and check the results, without showing the others the dice. 

Then, he can decide to tell them the real result, or ‘modify’ it. You should keep something in mind: the values in each die don’t add. For instance, if you had 2 in one die, and 4 in the other, the result isn’t 6 but it is 24. Once the first player finishes their turn, the game goes clockwise, and the next player does the same.

Now, all following players (besides the first one) attempt to roll lower values of dice than the previous players. If they get higher values, they drink. However, the player with the dice can lie. So, if they checked the dice, if it’s a lower combination, they tell the values. If it isn’t, they can lie to the next player about their value, and tell it was a lower combination. 

However, there’s a risk. If that player believes your lie, nothing happens, your turn is over. However, if they do not believe what you said, they may check the dice. If it turns out that the player with the dice is lying, they take a gulp of their drink. Vice versa, if they said the truth, the player who checked the dice takes a gulp of their drink. 

However, the lower combinations aren’t necessarily values of lower numbers. Confusing, huh? Well, here are some special combinations:

  • 21: If you get values of 2 and 1, the previous player must drink half of their drink. This special combination is called a Mexican.
  • 11: This is a special, and it’s the lowest combination. Beats whatever other combination, even the other specials;
  • Double: A double of dice (2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5, 6-6) is lower than the other combinations. Yes, a 66 is lower than a 12. 
  • 31: The 31 is a forbidden value. Whoever rolls this must take a drink. Or lie about it. 

Additional Rules You Could Use To Play

Playing with higher values instead of lower ones. 

In this way of playing, you tend to get higher values than the previous player, differently from the standard version. This time doubles count as their value times 100. So, a 3-3, would be 300. 

Dropping the dice rule.

If you drop one of the dice, and someone in the group notices, you take one gulp of your drink. If you drop both dice, and they notice, you take 2 gulps of your drink. If they don’t notice, you continue playing as usual. The same happens also if your dice escape the cup while rolling. 

Saying the higher value first. 

This is almost a standard rule o the game. So, if one die shows 3 and the other one shows 5, the combination would be 53 and not 35. If you apply this rule, be careful to not get caught by saying impossible combinations. For instance, it isn’t possible to have 12 or 46, or 25. You get the point. If you say these totals, you down a drink. 

Using chips or coins and not drinking. 

If you’re not willing to play it as a drinking game, you can use chips or even coins. So, after each round, the player with the lowest score adds a chip to the table. The play continues until one player runs out of chips. That player is the winner. Just as in Poker games

Mexican Dice - Using Chips


What’s not to love in a game such as Mexican Dice, which is full of fun and drinking, besides, it only requires two basic dice! Invite your favorite people over, choose your preferred drinks, and start rolling the dice. Ps. drink carefully and don’t drive after drinking. Bottoms up!   

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