Love Is Blind Drinking Game: Soon As Possible?

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Is love really that blind? Never mind, that is not our concern. We’re pretty sure you’ve seen at least one episode of Love Is Blind. The latter is a Netflix dating reality show with 3 seasons, which tends to make people fall in love. Now, where could a drinking game work better than in this type of show? There are so many episodes, so many dramas, therefore, there’s a lot to drink about. 

Similar to what we did with the Bachelorette drinking game, we’re gonna categorize the rules into groups, so you will drink different amounts of alcohol for different scenes. Get cozy on your sofa, gather your favorite people, and start watching how crazy those couples can get!

Equipment Needed To Play This Drinking Game

Yes, guys, the tradition continues. You already have everything that is required to play the Love Is Blind drinking game, and we’re pretty sure about that! Just to remind you, here’s what you need:

  • A Netflix account. This reality show is exclusively on Netflix, so you will need an account for that. 
  • A device to watch the show. Phones would do the job, but to connect with each other more, use a larger screen such as a TV.
  • Drinks of your choice. You already know that we recommend beers because of the lower percentage of alcohol, however, you’re free to choose.

This is all you gotta do. There’s no special setup or game order, you just find a comfortable place, sit in front of the screen, and read the rules. Therefore, you have to drink every time the rules suggest you. Let’s get drunk & have some good laughs together! 

Oh, and I almost forgot. This could work fine even as a single-player game, but it will be at its peak if you play it with your pals! 

Drink A Sip Of Your Drink Whenever…

Drink A Sip Of Your Drink Whenever...
  • Jessica drinks wine;
  • Giannina yells or cries at some point;
  • Shake is unattracted to Deepti;
  • Damian wears tight clothing;
  • Mark and Jessica mention their strong emotional bond;
  • Someone talks about respect or appreciation;
  • Barnett & Amber do a PDA;
  • You’re wrong about who says yes or no;
  • Nick sweats;
  • One of them says anything about ‘strong emotional connection’;
  • Shaina makes that face (the real ones know);
  • Jessica mentions the age gap between her and Mark;
  • Gigi and Damien argue with each other;
  • Lachey appears;
  • The word ‘like’ is used;
  • Amber snorts;
  • Jessica mentions she’s 34;
  • Damian shows parts of his personality;
  • They talk about a relationship as if it was a social experiment;
  • Someone drinks out of a gold goblet;
  • Barnet looks scary when Amber mentions never letting him go;
  • Jessica talks in her baby voice;
  • Rory becomes a therapist;
  • Kenny & Kelly do something cringe and probably a bit nauseating;
  • Anyone says ‘the pods’;
  • Amber threatens violence;
  • Gigi pouts like a 5-year-old;
  • One of the girls’ lashes fall off;
  • Salvador starts singing or even better, pulls out the ukulele;
  • ‘100%’ is said;
  • Damian tries to pronounce Giannina;
  • Lauren is indecisive;
  • Jessica is shocked that everyone thinks she’s into Barnett;
  • Mark doesn’t understand what’s going on;
  • You spot a gold wine glass, and that happens tons of times! 

Take 2 Big Gulps Every Time…

Take 2 Big Gulps Every Time...
  • One of the participants says: It’s the ____ for me;
  • Jessica mentions Barnett’s name;
  • Someone says ‘sight unseen’;
  • A character gets friend zoned;
  • Religion is brought up;
  • ‘Is love really blind?’ is said;
  • Jessica feeds her dog wine;
  • Mark tries to justify Jessica’s toxic behavior;
  • Barnett rejects Jessica;
  • Someone complains about the show’s production;
  • You understand that Cameron is the first white guy Lauren has ever been with;
  • Two participants are making love;
  • Someone tries to convince themselves they’re in love;
  • There’s a flashback or recap of the show;
  • Mark mentions his mom;
  • Lauren or Cameron say something about them being an interracial couple;
  • Barnett avoids a question;
  • Nick explains the premise of the show;
  • Amber mentions anything about her being in the army;
  • Someone says ‘physical attraction’ or ‘emotional attraction’;
  • Cameron & Lauren are touching;
  • There’s a sexual innuendo;
  • Gigi acts crazy;
  • The music in the background gets dramatic;
  • Jessica tells what a wonderful human Mark is, BUT…;
  • Barnett and Amber mention finances;
  • ‘We fell in love without ever seeing each other’ is said;
  • There is parents’ disapproval;
  • Shayne scratches his neck or rubs his head;
  • Anyone talks about race;
  • The hosts finally start hosting;
  • Shaina says ‘you’re my number 1’ to Shayne;
  • There’s a kiss happening; 
  • Someone talks about how many children they want to have;
  • Jessica is drunk, to not say alcohol poisoned; 
  • A plot twist happens;

Down Your Drink If…

Down Your Drink If...
  • There’s a cliffhanger;
  • A proposal happens;
  • Danielle and Nick break up;
  • The bride runs away (we all know her name tho’);
  • There’s a countdown to a wedding;
  • One of the couples finally gets married;
  • A couple that had been married, breaks up;
  • Mark leaves Jessica;
  • Kelly and Kenny finally do it;
  • You’re curious to see if specific couples are still together.

Wind Up Of The ‘Love Is Blind’ Drinking Game

Everyone who has watched the show knows why we categorized the rules in this specific way. Now, imagine putting the ‘Giannina yells’ drinking rule in the ‘Down Your Drink’ category… you would get alcohol poisoning in the first 5 minutes. Anyways, play a random or favorite episode, start applying the rules to the show, and have some good drinks with your buddies. You’re allowed to modify any of the instructions, add your creativity, or even remove any you think are too much. Cheers! 

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