King’s Cup Rules: How To Play Everyone’s Favorite Drinking Game

King's Cup Drinking Game - Cover Photo

Although people have been playing the King’s Cup for centuries now, we feel like no one actually knows what the top-tier rules for this game are so that you could have the most fun out of it—not blaming you though. I used to play King’s Cup differently all the time since no instructions fully satisfied me. Thank God, we finally made a guide on how to play this drinking game perfectly!

  • What do you need before playing;
  • Essential rules;
  • Other ways & rules;
  • Final thoughts;

What Do You Need Before Playing King’s Cup?

One of the factors that makes King’s Cup one of the most preferred drinking games of all time, it’s indeed the minimalist equipment it requires to play. 

First things first, King’s Cup (often misinterpreted as Circle Of Death), can be played by 2 to 10 people. Needless to say, only people who are 21 or older can play, because of the drinking age limit. 

Here’s all you need to play:

  • A deck of standard cards. However, keep in mind that if you plan to play with a larger group of people, add an extra deck.
  • Drink for everyone. Preferably beer, since you’ll drink a few times.
  • A large cup. This will be used to be placed in the center of the table, as the King’s Cup. 

…and mandatory equipment, our rules, obviously! 

Essential Rules To Play King’s Cup

No description needed, huh? You simply take your deck of cards, keep an eye on this page, or print it out, and complete the rules depending on the card you drew, taking turns. 

If you’re curious to know, here’s a video about how a game of King’s Cup goes (although it’s pretty unusual to not have played it at least once in your life): King’s Cup Drinking Game

Other Ways & Rules To Play This Drinking Game

Yes. Standard King’s Cup is enough to handle. But why not bring you a few other variations to play?

No Phone Rule: If you touch your phone during the game, whoever hosts the game can send a text to a person of their choice from your contact lists.

Little Green Man: For the whole game, you have to pretend a little green man is sitting on your cup. Every time you have to drink, you must first pretend to remove the man from your cup, then drink, and then place it right back. 

Little Green Man Rule

Dictator: As weird as this might seem, the Dictator rule makes the game hilarious. With this rule, you have to lick the card you just drew and stick it to your forehead. For as long as the card stays here, you may ignore all the rules directed to you.

Nickname rule: before the game starts, everyone will be given a nickname. If you call someone by their real name, you get a penalty drink.

Final Thoughts

To be fair, it’s not only because the game’s this famous, but it’s actually one of the funniest, most enjoyable drinking games ever, for large or small groups. Now, you can finally use a full list of rules that don’t need any changes or extra house rules, however, you’re free to add any creative thought to it! Bottoms up! 

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