What’s the Deal with Kids Against Maturity? 2021 Review

Kids Against Maturity Orange

From its very own name, Kids Against Maturity will surely remind you of Cards Against Humanity. What we will really find out after this review is what else is there in common between these two games. 

But hey! This is not the only thing we’re going to talk about. By the end of this article you will know everything about this game – Its design, colors, rules, competitors and a lot more. 

Most importantly, I’ll give you my insight on the experience I had when playing the game, so that you’d know if it is something you want to do with family/friends or whoever. 

Grab what you need to grab, let’s Kids Against Maturity this b*tch!

  • About Kids Against Maturity
  • The Design of Kids Against Maturity Box
  • What’s the deal with the Cards of Kids Against Maturity?
  • Are the rules of Kids Against Maturity the same as Cards Against Humanity?
  • What can you expect when playing Kids Against Maturity? – Game Experience
  • Refreshing the Game – Expansion Packs
  • Does Kids Against Maturity have competitors?
  • Where to Purchase Kids Against Maturity &  What’s the Price?

About Kids Against Maturity

  • Creator: Unknown
  • Artist: Unknown
  • Year released: 2016-2017
  • Number of cards: 500
  • Suitable for ages: 10+
  • Suitable number of players: 4-10
  • Box Dimensions: 2 x 6 x 4 inches

Opinion: It’s a shame to not find the artist, because the box is quite interestingly designed/illustrated.

How did Kids Against Maturity start? – The Story

According to the manufacturer’s website kidsagainstmaturity.com the game was created by a “modest game creator” who is a father of two. 

He and his wife decided that it was time to create a game that can be played by kids and parents in order for them to spend more time together – as, according to them families don’t spend enough time together.  

The game was first tested by his two children back then aged 6 and 9. 

The design of Kids Against Maturity Box

DuoCards rates it: 4.5 out of 5 stars

The box is as shiny as the box of Cards Against Humanity; Blue and white are the colors you’ll see, which is different compared to Cards Against Humanity (the box’s colors are black and white).

You’ll see “Kids Against Maturity” written in the front of the box in a unique way, with an interesting font. Also, interesting and fun illustrations in the front of the box. (too bad there’s no official information on the artist)

The back of the box is fairly simple: blue background, white letters. It has funny fake awards, and a little bit about the game. 

Regarding the box shape and way of opening, there is not much difference if we compare it to Cards Against Humanity. 

The game instructions are written inside the ‘lid’ of the box, they’re described in a detailed way so you know exactly how to play the game. 

This means, there is no separate paper that contains the rules. We will talk later on about how the game works and how to play it. 

So, the box contains the rules (except they’re written on the inside of the lid of the box), and 500 cards which are divided into 2 types. 

What’s the deal with the cards of Kids Against Maturity?

The box contains 500 cards.

Cards’ Design

There are two types of cards inside the box:

  1. Blue Cards
  2. White Cards

The size is the same, the font is the same. They only differ by their colors and their content. 

The cards are shiny, and they feel firm when holding them. Each card has the “Kids Against Maturity” logo on the left bottom. And an icon on the right bottom which indicates what type of card it is. 

The back of the cards have the “Kids Against Maturity” logo written quite visibly, and the icon which tells if it is a question or an answer card. 

Blue Cards (also known as Q Cards):

White Cards(also known as A Cards):

Cards’ Content

White Cards contain the answers, meanwhile, the Blue Cards contain the questions which should be answered by the White Cards. 

The Blue Cards (Q Cards), have longer lines of text since there are lines with questions or a fill in the black lines. 

Are the rules of Kids Against Maturity the same as Cards Against Humanity?

The rules are almost the same as the rules of Cards Against Humanity. Here, I’ll explain them step by step.

Before you begin to play:

Set a certain score number which whoever reaches, wins the game. 

  1. Divide the cards into two piles: The pile of White Cards, and the pile of Blue Cards.
  2. Whoever has the hairiest knuckles gets the card on top of the Blue Cards pile, and reads it.
  3. The rest of the players get 10 A cards each. 
  4. After the Blue/Q Card is read, each player picks one out of their 10 A Cards and lays it faced down. 
  5. The one that read the Q Card, reads all the combinations and announces the winner of the round. 
  6. You begin the next round, and pass the turn to read the Q Card to the person on the left of the one who read the first Q Card. (You pass the turn clockwise after each round)
  7. Whoever wins the entire game will receive an Atomic Wedgie from the loser (the one who won least Blue Cards).
  • The winner gets the Blue Card of the round.
  • You must draw a card after each round, in order to have 10 cards in your hand before the next round begins.
  • Whoever wins the round, will get the Blue Card. The more Blue Cards the closer to the winning!

Note: You can read the cards before you begin the game, and remove the ones you think won’t be suitable for your kids to read. 

The Old Version of Kids Against Maturity

  • The back of the box’s background was white, and the letters were blue. 
  • Instead of the rules being written on the inside of the lid of the box, there used to be a paper in which the rules were explained. You’d see it right when you’d open the box. 
  • As for the rules, they were the same.

What can you expect when playing Kids Against Maturity? – The Game Experience

I decided to gather around a few friends and their kids(aged 10 and 13) to test this game, and finally see what’s the deal with it.

I explained them the rules, and it was pretty simple. It was very easy for the kids to understand too. 

We began the game, started off a little awkward, not gonna lie. But by the end of the evening I got 2 new best friends aged 10 and 13!

There were cards that were slightly dirty and the kids understood them, and the next thing we knew we had 2 burning red faces staring at the ground laughing nervously. 

But, as the game went on, we kept finding out more and more about the kids. Surprising actually, it was nice to be reminded of the times we didn’t know what “One twig and two berries” meant. 

The ice breaking moment was when this combination came up: 

The Q Card said: “It’s raining, it’s pouring, ________ it’s snoring.”

And a few of the A Cards were: “Justin Bieber”, “John Cena”, “Captain Delicious Pants”…

As you may guess, “John Cena” was the winning card of the round. After this one the laughters kept bursting one after the other…

Here are a few other combinations we laughed so hard with:

Q Card: “_______ stuck to my shoe when leaving the truck stop restroom”

A Card: “Olaf’s snowballs”

Q Card: “What’s in Puss’ boots?’

A Card: “Chewbacca’s dingle berries”

Q Card: “Say hello to my little_______.”

A Card: “Morning death breath”

Imagine the A Card to the last one being “Dumplings”… Aaah!!

In a few words, the experience was fun, we laughed a lot. And I still kept the game, I’ll let them buy it for themselves, I’m keeping this one!

Also, here’s a short description of the dirtiness you can expect from the cards: 

What’s the worst of cards I’ve seen that could be somewhat inappropriate for children?

They didn’t warn you about this, but there are a lot of fart and poop jokes. Well, yeah, most of the kids love them. 

I’ll also put a few of those ‘inappropriate’ lines I happened to see while playing below:

“The Gooch”, “Moose knuckles”, “Aunt Flo”, “Boobs”, “Front wedgies”, “Front farts”, “Kim Kardashian’s booty”, “Santa’s big fat sack”,  “One twig & two berries”, “Lady and the tramp stamp”, etc.

Some of these take a very dirty mind for a kid to understand them. Like the “Front wedgies”, or “One twig & two berries”. 

The Overall Experience When Playing Kids Against Maturity

It was nice seeing everyone engaged, and discussing the winning combinations after the winner was announced. Fun, fun, fun, and fun. 

It is suitable for adults just as much as it is suitable for the kids. In the good context, you know- The kids will love it, the adults will love it too. 

Especially when hearing those little giggles when they[kids] hear or play a somewhat dirty card (which usually have to do with farts or poop).

Note: There are times that certain cards can be offending to certain people. Or they simply touch sensitive topics such as bullying. Try to talk about it calmly, and get back to the game to keep the fun going. 

Refreshing the Game – Expansion Packs

You might play the game too many times, and it honestly gets repetitive… Or you simply want that extra number of cards for the game to last longer, or see new cards in the deck. The word is: refresh.

If you want to refresh it, Kids Against Maturity has 4 expansions available:

Expansion pack #1


Buy on Amazon: $11.99

Number of Cards: 100

This is the first volume, or the first expansion packs of the game. Has 100 new cards to add to the game.

Expansion Pack #2

Buy on Amazon: $11.99

Number of Cards: 100

This is the second volume, or the second expansion packs with 100 “More More CARDS!”.

Expansion Pack #3

Buy on Amazon: $11.99

Number of Cards: 100

They keep them coming don’t they?! Absolutely, yes! This is the third expansion pack. The more cards the better.

Expansion Pack #4

Buy on Amazon: $11.99

Number of Cards: 100

The fourth expansion pack! Mix them all up and add them to the game. More cards, more room for laughing!

Does Kids Against Maturity Have Competitors?

YES! And the competition is strong out there. Here, I will list some of Kids Against Maturity’s competition below:

1. Unstable Unicorns

Unstable Unicorns

Unstable Unicorns is suitable for 2-8 players aged 14+. It includes 135 playing cards. 

Unstable Unicorns, besides the core game, has 2 other editions, and 5 expansion packs to freshen up the game. 
It is available on Amazon for $15.99, plus shipping which depends on the country you live in.

2. Codenames


Codenames has 249 cards designed to be played by 2-8 players aged 14+. This game doesn’t have any expansion packs but does have 3 editions besides the original edition (core game).
It is available on Amazon for $14.49 plus shipping.

3. What Do You Meme? Family Edition

WDYM Family Edition

You might already be familiar with What Do You Meme?. This is the family edition of it, the same rules except the content are made suitable to play with family/friends from 8+. 

Has 365 cards that are designed to be played by 3-20+ players. This one does not have any expansion packs or editions. 
You can find it on Amazon for $19.99.

4. A Little Wordy [Newly Released]

A Little Wordy

This is a new game released by the creators of Exploding Kittens, which is also an awesome game. It is designed to be suitable for 9 players aged 10+. 

Since it hasn’t been long since it’s been released, A Little Wordy is not available on Amazon yet. 

What does Kids Against Maturity differ from its competitors?

Kids Against Maturity1. Number of cards
2. Super easy to play
3. Has 4 expansions to freshen up the game
1. Is only available in English
Unstable Unicorns1. Has a travel edition
2. Has illustrated cards (which kids adore!) 
1. The age
2. The rules are not as simple as Kids Against Maturity rules. 
Codenames1. You can play the game online at https://codenames.game/,
2. Is available in 30+ languages.
1. Has no expansion packs
2. Takes a while to learn how the game goes. 
What Do You Meme? Family Edition1. Age
2. Number of players
3. Price
1. Doesn’t have expansion packs.
A Little Wordy1. Is newly released
2. Interesting design
1. Takes a while to learn
2. Requires a table/board

Is Kids Against Maturity worth it?

You’ve seen and read everything you need to know about the game. Well, almost everything…

However, you’re not thinking is this family card game really worth it? Don’t worry, I made you a table which will show you the pros and the cons of the game. 

Pros Cons
Simple rules/Easy to learnA few inappropriate cards
Makes you spend fun time with familyCan get too repetitive
Has expansion packs

Fun Facts about Kids Against Maturity

– Kids Against Maturity was voted as one of the top 20 family games of 2020 by CNN.

– Kids Against Maturity won awards like ToyBuzz Award, Top Travel Fun Award of the Year(2020), Game of the Year Award (2020), etc.

– Kids Against Maturity gets 1,030 reviews yearly on Amazon, 98% of which are positive. 

Where to Purchase Kids Against Maturity & What’s the Price?

There are online stores out there, however, these are 2 of the easiest places and safe(know what you’re buying-wise) to purchase the game:

  1. Kidsagainstmaturity.com (official website) for: $29.99 $39.99
  2. Amazon for: $29.99

As for the price, you can expect a shipping price depending on where you live. This stands for both, the official website, and Amazon. 


Starting from the design, the illustrations, to the game experience, I can conclude that this game is worth it. And I finally understand why it is a bestseller on Amazon.

DuoCards finally rates it: 4.7 out of 5 stars

What do I appreciate most about this game?

  • The fact that the rules are written on the lid. Why waste paper, right?
  • That the rules of the game didn’t go too far and be very different from Cards Against Humanity.
  • That the cards still have that yet slightly dirty (but not overdone) content for the kids to get shy, or go crazy. You really get to see their dirty little minds.
  • That it opens room for nice conversations, and well spent time with family or anyone else playing with.

Well, what are you waiting for? Call whoever you need to call and plan a fun night with friends/family or anyone else you know that has kids. Trust me! Kids will absolutely add the fun to the game!

Enjoy the time when playing, the laughters, and of course, enjoy the blushes!

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