Is Joking Hazard Really That Dirty? – Card Game Review

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You’re in all likelihood a Joking Hazard, aren’t you? We undoubtedly know how funny you are! That’s why you’re reading this…

First things first, we hope you know about the What Do You Meme?, it’s all gonna be easier if you do, trust me… What?? You haven’t heard about it?! Just kidding, no worries, we’ll explain everything, just as always! 

Joking Hazard is an adult-friendly card party game, which is actually recommended only for insensitive people, who don’t really care even if we’re talking about dark humour.

Since me and my team LOVE these card games, we couldn’t stop playing it, how fun & yet how offensive it was (funny offensive)! That’s actually why we decided to write about it…

We truly believe that you’ll love this review as much as we do, especially when you’ll learn the game details, rules, take a look at some of the cards, and most of all, see if it fits you, or not, that’s up to your preferences!

What will we exactly talk about? 

  • What Can We Say About ‘Joking Hazard’?;
  • Let’s See How The Box Looks;
  • Are The Cards Really That Funny?;
  • How Do We Play The Game – Is It Complicated?;
  • My Game Experience – Did The Game Manage To Offend Me?;
  • Where To Buy ‘Joking Hazard’  & Does It Have Competition?
  • What About The Extra Packs?;
  • Are There Other Ways To Play Joking Hazard?
  • The Final- What Do People Say About The Game? 

What Can We Say About ‘Joking Hazard’?

  1. I am curious, when was ‘Joking Hazard’ released?
  • For what we know, the release date is 1st of January, 2019.
  1. Who are the game creators?
  • The amazing Cyanide & Happiness.
  1. I wanna know, what are the box dimensions?
  • The product is 4 x 8 x 2.75 inches.
  1. How many cards are inside?
  • A huge set of 360 cards.
  1. Does it have a specific age range?
  • Yes it does, it can only be played by people that are 18 years or older.
  1. How many players can play at a time?
  • The manufacturer recommendation is for 3-10 people.
  1. What are the Amazon clients ratings?
  • Well, the game has around 5158 ratings, 4.7 out of 5 stars. 
  1. How long does a game usually last?
  • The game can last from 30 to 90 minutes.

Let’s See How The Joking Hazard’s Box Looks

Let’s share some personal stuff: Without even knowing that this game actually exists, I randomly saw the game on the shelves of Target (if I’m not mistaken), and the funny box just took my attention… 

Joking Hazard Box

You know, you immediately know that this game is offensive, just by seeing this man proudly pointing at the other one, that most likely is teased & is about to shout his anger off!

 The box comes in white color, with the game title in the middle, a short game description, and of course, 2 humans (well, probably humans)…

No, of course, this isn’t all about the box… Let’s see the back:

Joking Hazard Back Of The Box

As usual, the back of the box always shows more details, actually, most of the things we need to know about the game. 

We can clearly see some card examples, a longer description of the game (compared to the description in the front), information about the content, and also the most important rules: The number of players, the age range, and the game time as well. 

Are we gonna show you the sides of the box? Well, we decided not to, it would be unworthy. There are no new details, all we can see is the game name, and ya know, our 2 famous men.

Are The Cards Really That Funny? 

Opening The 'Joking Hazard' Box

Finally we came to the cards, our lovely cards! Firstly, once we open the box, we see 360 cards. No, actually we see just some cards, because we can’t count them this fast, but anyways, there are 360, count them if you don’t trust us!

The Cards Inside Of Joking Hazard

Usually, inside the box you can also find 10 blank cards, meaning that you can add your own sense of humor & ideas to these cards. 

When we get at the rules, you’ll see what’s the point of the game, but, anyways, take a look at these card lists & combinations: 

Joking Hazard - Card Combination 3

It really does be like that sometimes… We can all agree.

Joking Hazard - Card Combination 1

I can’t with this game. This is so dark, Lord…

Joking Hazard - Card Combination 2

Some of us can’t really keep secrets. I guess this is the best solution…

Joking Hazard - Card Combination 4

You found a way to start a new relationship, don’t you?

We showed you some of them, but, let me tell you, there are much darker (and dirtier) cards as well. Let’s keep them as a surprise…

How Do We Play Joking Hazard – Is It Complicated?

I assume you’re curious about the rules. As you should.

Just before starting to play the game, or even before buying it, you should know that this is not a family card game, you know, not for kids or teens. 

The manufacturer (and us) recommend the game only if you’re all 18 (or at least 17) to play this game.

This is because of the game’s content. Actually, even if you’re 18+, but you’re sensitive or take things close to heart, skip this game dude, you came to the wrong place!

So yeah, if you’re open-minded, have a humour sense, and you’re 18 years or older, gather 2 or more friends (or even family members if you don’t really give a damn), and start playing.

Let’s get to the point: The game rules!

In the first place, the game is very similar to Cards Against Humanity, especially (as I mentioned earlier today), it is like a mono-identical twin of What Do You Meme?

So, just as the CAH game rules, you have to find your best cards to make the funniest combination possible. 

What makes it special from the other card games, is that in Joking Hazard, you have to combine 3 cards, since we were used to using 2 cards in What Do You Meme?, Cards Against Humanity, or other similar card games.

But who draws these 3 cards? Well, first, the judge (the card dealer, or however you want to call them), draws a card from the deck pile, then he chooses one card on his card pile, and then, the other players add their funniest card that they think makes the funniest combination.

They place their cards face-down, pass them to the judge, he/she shuffles them, and picks their favorite one.

You can take turns being the game judge if you don’t want to keep the same flow ( if I may say) the whole game!

C’mon now, It’s not complicated, not at all. I hope you got it!

My Game Experience – Did ‘Joking Hazard’ Manage To Offend Me?

You know, even without playing it, I knew how fun it would be… Now to be honest, it was dirty, really dirty. Give your kids the phone, so they won’t mess with you! 

We were at a birthday party, 8 people in total, and let me tell you, it was the perfect number of players. (Of course, we were all adults, what were you thinking?)

I decided to be the game judge the whole game, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have to play. I had one feature as well(I love judging *people*), I got to choose the winner (obviously, I didn’t want to be one).

I first shuffled the cards, dealt 7 cards to all of my friends. Next, I sat the other cards in the middle of the table. 

The first card I drew from the pile was this: 

I added a card from my pile, when the man in green said: I’ve got a better idea… It was basic, I know. I was the judge y’all!

Of course I had a hilarious company, but, this was my favourite combination:

Joking Hazard Experience -Card 1.1

Next, it was one other hilarious card, as always:

Joking Hazard Experience - Card 2

It looks like a random card, yes, it looks like one. But did the other player get it to a whole new level? Yes they did! First, I added this little sparkle:

Joking Hazard Experience - Card 2.1

I wanted to see their creativity, that’s why I didn’t put too much effort on it. These are some of my friends’ choices were:

Joking Hazard Experience - Card 2.2
Joking Hazard Experience - Card 2.3
Joking Hazard Experience - Card 2.4

I didn’t know my friends were this dirty. Just kidding, of course, I knew… 

There was more funny cards ofc, but I showed you the funniest. My favorite one was the third one, lmao.

Just imagine now, match these cards together: A: We must be in Florida! B: Hmmmm… A: I am so goddam turned on right now.

This combination makes a story itself! What if this was real, for REAL?! Stop with the imagination, we’re making some jokes…

I can’t remember every card, obviously. I have a normal brain, just as you all… 

Somewhere at the end of the game, I randomly drew this card a card that looked like this: 

Joking Hazard Experience - Card 3

Why tf do we say daughter’s hand? Anyways… Next, I drew a card from my pile, where the man with that green shirt said: How could this day get any worse? 

And, my favourite response was this:

Joking Hazard Experience - Card 3.1

How can a card be this dirty & dark & funny at the same time, without even saying a word???

Anyways, we couldn’t stop laughing. It made the most hilarious combination. We stopped for a few minutes until we finished laughing. I didn’t count the minutes, of course, I didn’t!

Some of the other cards were: 

  • Smell my finger;
  • *Smooooch*;
  • What do I get out of it?;
  • I’m not falling for that one, again!;
  • I am the second coming of Jesus Christ;

And, these were some of the other cards (which probably I can’t explain with words);

Joking Hazard - No Words Card
Joking Hazard - No Words Second Card
Joking Hazard - No Words Third Card

Of course, we kept playing until we ran out of cards, first because we were 8 players, which was 2 players less than the maximum number, and second because we were enjoying it, a lot!

The cards can be inappropriate, as we told you earlier. So please, pay attention to who are you playing it with! 

I heard you still planning to play it with kids, even after you took a look at these cards and their content? Oh, okay, you know better!

Where Can We Buy ‘Joking Hazard’ & Does It Have Competition? 

Everything’s all clear, the content, the cards’ look, the instructions… But how can we do this if we don’t have the game? That’s right, we can’t. Only if we decide to draw them on some papers. Nahh, that’s not necessary! 

Here are our favorite places to buy (or order) the amazing Joking Hazard:

The price and all that is already shown. Now you’re probably wondering, does it have strong competition? It actually does. I mean, the game’s really funny, but the more famous a game is, the more competitors it has. 

Let’s dive into Joking Hazard’s competitors:

1. What Do You Meme? – $29.99


We can’t ever get enough of What Do You Meme?… And its expansions & editions just make it better, of course! Just in the game we were talking about, it is supposed to make you create memes (very funny ones tho’).

It can be played by 3 or more players, recommended for ages 17+, of course because of the adult content!

2. That’s What She Said – $24.99

Thats What She Said

Can we say this is a fan – made edition of CAH? Well kinda, yes. It has the same specifics to these games we are mentioning earlier. Contains a huge set of 456 cards. 

The manufacturer recommends it for people who are 17 or older, especially if there are 4 or more players in the room! Is it really for adults? Well, idk, that’s what she said!

3. The Awkward Storyteller – $24.99

The Awkward Storyteller - Card Game

Is this really awkward? I don’t know, you tell me! As you can see in the box, it is best for the creative humans out there. The point is to use your funniest card to finish a story/answer a sentence. 

Inside the box, we can find 182 cards, and it is designed for a team of 4-11 players, best for ages 16+!

GameJoking HazardWhat Do You Meme?That’s What She Said!The Awkward Storyteller
SpecificsA dirty game, a very very dirty one!The game of making the funniest combinations!A game to show your creativity & humor sense!A great conversation starter, well, a little bit awkward! 
Amazon Ratings4.7 out of 5 stars4.7 out of 5 stars4.7 out of 5 stars4.4 out of 5 stars

What About The Extra Packs?

It is a fact, the expansions & editions always make a game better(What? You still can’t tell the difference between these game terms?)

Since the game is very famous, I guess you assume that it has lots of extra packs. Anyways, we’ll show you some of them: 

1. Deck Enhancement #1 – $12.00

Deck Enhancement 1- Joking Hazard Expansion

Why don’t we just call it an expansion? Cyanide & happiness likes to make unique things, that’s why! 

Is this a stand-alone pack? No, it isn’t. It only has 100 new cards, and to be honest, it isn’t that fun with that number of cards!

Of course, it has the same content, and yes, it is that dirty! Since I love to spoil things, here are how some cards look: 

Deck Enhancement 1- Cards

2. Toking Hazard – $10.00

Toking Hazard - Joking Hazard Expansion

Oh, this should be an edition. No, it isn’t. We fooled ya! Making toking jokes, huh?

This box, obviously, is about to make you high. Just kidding, actually, you’re gonna make jokes about getting high. 

It has 50 hash joke cards inside, and you can’t imagine how funny they will get. 

Toking Hazard -Card Examples

3. Blast From The Past – $12.99

Blast From The Past - Joking Hazard Expansion

Another incredibly amazing edition of our lovely Joking Hazard. The design is very evil, let’s be honest!

This expansion (as you can see in the pack) has 50 brand new cards inside, and let me tell you, they’re dark, a lot darker! 

We won’t show you every card, obviously. Here are 3 of them, buy the game to see them all! 

Blast From The Past Expansion -Card Examples

Are There Any Other Ways To Play Joking Hazard Online?

So, buying the game just like all normal people is not appropriate for you? Well okay, you know better!

Jokes aside, can you play ‘Joking Hazard’ in other ways, except for buying it? Actually, great news, yes, you can play Joking Hazard Online! Let me show you the instructions real quick: 

  • First, you go to Then, it asks you if you’re 18, because if you’re younger, the game is not designed for you, as I said earlier! This is how the page looks like after saying you’re 18:
  • As you can see, you can play online with up to 6 players. There are 350 cards in this version. 
  • The Discard is the place of the discarded cards, obviously.
  • The Panel 1,2,3 are the places where the combination will be made. There will be placed cards from the pile, the judge’s hand and the card with a red border are placed in panel 3;
  • Panel submissions are meant for the other players to place their funniest card for that combination.
  • Back to the instructions, the judge draws a card from the draw pile, places it in one of the panels, and adds one card from their hand. 
  • Each player gives their best response, and place them in one of the panel submissions;
  • The judge picks their favourite response and that player takes the card as a point. The other cards left are discarded.

If you’re too lazy to deal with ordering the game stuff, or you, you know, if you probably spend too much on card games, and you are trying to save some money, this is an amazing way to play ‘Joking Hazard’!

Is this it? No! Of course not! What if we give you one extra way to play this card game? You can see all cards and print the PDF version of Joking Hazard because we know you love having fun without spending a penny! (Well, except the printer’s colors, which you probably bought with money, but that’s not the point!)

Our Final Word: What Do People Say About The Game?

You read all this, and you’re still doubting it?

This is what people who bought it think about ‘Joking Hazard’ reviews:

  • “It is unbelievably funny! It is our first choice on game nights and never fails to make us laugh out loud”.- Antony
  • “Me and my adult fellas in my family love it. Has anyone ever told you that there shouldn’t be kids around while playing it? We made that mistake once!” – Sarah
  • I don’t remember ever laughing that much since the day we played ‘Joking Hazard’! Yes it is dirty, but that’s what fun means for adults!- Monica

Here’s a better list of 16 Dirty Card Games To Have A Blast!

You read the comments, now, it’s our time. We’d like to show you what we think are the positives and negatives of this game:

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
It is extremely funny;
Has a large deck of cards;
There are also other expansions released;
Lots of people can play at once.
It can seem too rude & offensive for the sensitive people out there!

Enjoy it, you dirty joking hazards!

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