Jenga Drinking Game: The Most Straight-Forward & Pleasurable Game

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Jenga is a fun classic board game on its own. But, since we’re adults now, why don’t we also add some drinking? Let me tell you: the drinking is all based on the tiles! We’re happy to announce that below we wrote about all details and rules on how to play the fun Drunk Jenga!

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  • How to play Drunk Jenga;
  • Ideas you might use;
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Essentials To Play Drunk Jenga

Drunk Jenga - Essentials

One sure thing about the Jenga drinking game is that it works magically for all parties. Yes, it is also a fabulous bachelorette party game. The loveliest thing is that it needs minimalist stuff in order to play. Here’s all you need: 

  • The Jenga game. It’s available in many shops, but Amazon is a good idea. You can get it for $16.99. Whatever you get, make sure they’re made of wood since you need to write in them.
  • Some colorful sharpies. They work best when writing challenges on the tiles.
  • Drinks for all players. You can get whatever the team prefers, but to prevent alcohol poisoning, get beers.

Drunk Jenga, just like classic Jenga can be played by 2 or more people. Needless to say, only people who are 21 or older can play.

How To Play Drunk Jenga

Drinking games such as Jenga bring lots of joy, and that is indisputable! Once you have purchased the game, what you have to do next is write dares and questions on the blocks. This means that every time a player draws a tile from the tower, they have to complete the task first, and then put the tile on top. 

By all means, it’s all about what’s written on the tiles (we’ll give dozens of ideas in a wink of an eye). However, each player aims to remove and place blocks without crashing the tower. Whoever does that, has to finish their drink. 

Ideas You Might Use

Drunk Jenga - Ideas

These DIY drinking games are all about getting creative. We can give you a hand with that!

  • Casanova: Kiss the player on your right or drink.
  • Two truths & one lie: You tell the group 2 truths and 1 lie about yourself. If they guess the lie, you drink. If they don’t, all of them drink.
  • Waterfall: Starting from the player who pulled the block, all players have to start drinking. You have to keep drinking until the person on your left stops. 
  • Bipolar: You have to give a compliment to the player to your left, and insult the player to your right. 
  • Text your ex: Or you could possibly take a shot if texting your ex is too much. 
  • Google search reveal: Tell everyone your latest Google searches or take 2 shots.
  • Lobster: Just as in Friends. If you pull this block, you get to pick someone to be your lobster till the end of the game. When you drink, they drink. And vice-versa.
  • Talk dirty: Until it’s your turn again, you have to talk dirty n nasty to your cup of drink before you drink.
  • Underwear guesses: Everyone has to guess the player on their left’s underwear. For every wrong guess, you take a sip.
  • Bri’ish: Whoever pulled the block has to talk in a British accent until their next turn. Every time they mess up, drink.
  • Santa: The player on your left has to take their turn while sitting on your lap.
  • Seatbelt: Everyone pretends they have an invisible seatbelt till the end of the game. Every time they have to get up and sit down, they have to take off and put on their seatbelt. Drink every time you forget to do so.
  • Reverse Spelling B: Spell the name of the player to your right backward. Take a sip for every mistake. 
  • Ladies drink. The name says it all.
  • Give 2, take 2, and redo. Simply, give 2 drinks, take 2 drinks, and pull a tile again.
  • Strip or drink: The puller has to strip off one article of clothing, or take a shot. 
  • Summer vacation: For the next round, no one can make you drink or complete a task. You’re on summer vacation. 
  • Foot massage: Give the player to your left a foot massage or drink.
  • Never Have I Ever: Read 5 Never Have I Ever questions out loud. Whoever relates, drinks. 
  • Sober: Everyone drinks except you.
  • Boys drink. Boys won’t be forgotten too!
  • Make a rule: Whoever pulls this block can make a rule o their own.
  • Cheese: You can give as many drinks as the number of cheeses you can name in 30 seconds. 
  • Rock, paper, scissors: The puller chooses someone to play Rock, Paper, Scissors. The looser drinks.
  • Secret terrorist: Pick one word to be the destroying word. If you hear that word during the night, you have to crash the tower. 
  • Categories: Pick a category (e.g. Harry Potter series, 80s bands names, Star Wars characters), and everyone, starting from the puller, names one thing for the category. The first to mess up, drinks.  
  • World Wide Web: For the next 3 rounds, you have to add ‘www.’ and ‘.com’ to everything you say. Drink every time you mess up. 
  • Question master: Until the game’s over, you can ask the other players any question, at any time (‘What is this game called?’). If they answer, they drink.

To make it simple, we prefer you only write the names of the rules in the blocks, to not take too much space, and then read the descriptions in our list. Cheers!


Besides our way of playing, you can also print the rules and glue them to the blocks, or use other creative ways. However, the key is on the tasks, and you have lots to choose from! Get creative, add your own ideas, and enjoy having lots of drinks with your closest people. Hooray!  

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