How To Play Truth Or Dare Beer Pong

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Have you ever wondered what it would look like if our favorite drinking game (Beer Pong) collaborated with Truth Or Dare? It would make Truth Or Dare Pong, in other words, the most entertaining game variation ever! Whenever I want to bring joy and challenges to a party, this is the first option that comes into my mind, and has definitely proved its worth!  

  • Equipment needed to play;
  • Game setup & basic rules;
  • Truth Or Dare Pong rules;
  • Truth Or Dare ideas;
  • Final Thoughts;

Equipment Needed To Play Truth Or Dare Pong

Truth Or Dare Pong - Equipment

Apart from other pros of drinking games without cards, they require minimalistic equipment too! Here’s all you need to play Beer Pong:

  • A Ping Pong table (preferably), but a standard dining table works fine too;
  • 10+ plastic cups per team;
  • Beers or other alcoholic beverages of your choice;
  • Ping Pong balls;
  • Circular cards with truths and dares, or a simple list of Truth or Dare questions. 

The playing equipment can also be found on Amazon if you don’t wanna deal with it. Simple, innit?

Game Setup & Basic Rules

Setup & Basic Rules

To play Truth Or Dare Cup Pong, there should be at least 4 players, divided into 2 teams of equal players. As in every other team-drinking game, the more players, the merrier. Let teams stand on opposing sides of the table, and arrange a pyramid of 10+ face-up cups (depending on the number of players) in their side. Then, place the truths & dares at the bottom of each cup. 

If you know how to play standard Beer Pong, you’ll just gonna add a few subtleties. So, you’ll take turns throwing the ping-pong ball into the other team’s cups, and make them drink for every successful shot. The other rules will be explained below.

Truth Or Dare Pong Rules

Each team has their cups with truth & dare pieces of paper, which are placed randomly, and cannot be seen by players till they move the cup. In simple terms, every time you throw the ball into your opponent’s cup, they must drink whatever’s in it, but also complete the challenge, or answer the question designated for that cup. 

Optionally, if you don’t wanna put effort into making the circular pieces of paper, or write them down at all, you might just wanna keep a list of Truth Or Dare questions near, and every time you shoot correctly, you pick a question or dare from the list, depending on the other team’s pick. 

There are penalties too:

  • If the opposing team refuses to complete a challenge or answer a question, they drink one extra cup.
  • If they fail to complete whatever’s designated to them, they take 2 extra cups of alcohol;
  • If your team makes two cups in a row, the opponents must all take a sip from one cup. 

Lastly, just as in Beer Pong, when a team runs out of cups, meaning they’ve drunk them all, they lose the game, and the other team is the winner. 

The game is that fun, they also played it at Love Island. Watch the clip here!

Truth Or Dare Ideas For Truth Or Dare Pong

Truth Or Dare Ideas

Although you might use every possible idea that comes into your mind, as innocent or extreme as you wish, or even our Truth Or Drink questions, we like to guide you so everything goes perfectly. You’d like that, no?


  • Whose thoughts would you like to read, and why?
  • What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done at a party?
  • Name a person you regret kissing.
  • Have you ever farted on public transportation?
  • What’s the most expensive item you own?
  • What animal do you resemble in bed?
  • Would you ever like to try a threesome?
  • Name 10 body parts your partner likes to kiss.
  • Have you ever sent an intimate text to someone by accident?
  • What is the first thing you’d do if you were invisible for a day?
  • Do you ever sniff your underwear?


  • Serenade one teammate with a made-up love song.
  • Unzip someone’s pants without using your hands.
  • Recreate a famous movie scene (the group picks the genre).
  • Walk the catwalk in a sensual way.
  • Scream out the first word that comes into your mind.
  • Dance in an imaginary pole.
  • Whisper something in the ear of the player on your left.
  • Eat (or drink) a raw egg.
  • Lick a bar of soap.

Final Thoughts

From now on, Beer Pong isn’t only a game that gets you tipsy & happy. It’s also a great game variation to get to know people. The rules are simple, it takes just a few minutes to set up, and everyone enjoys it. Make sure to use appropriate questions and dares for your group of people, but let them get a bit challenging too! 

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