How To Play 7 Minutes In Heaven? – A Party Game Where Nothing Is Surprising!

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Let’s go for 7 minutes in Heaven, shall we? This adult party game is the right pick for anyone who wants to go beyond their limits and test if they can trust people. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know before playing: the rules, game setup, and stories of people that 7 Minutes in Heaven in one way or another, has changed their lives. 

  • Setting up the game:
  • The rules;
  • Stories told about 7 Minutes In Heaven;
  • Windup;

Setting Up The Game

In games such as 7 Minutes in Heaven, a party game to be played at home, the setup is the first key to start a good game. Bear in mind that every detail is important, and should be followed. 

Details about the location:

  • The game’s typically played in a dark place: a closed-off area, such as a closet, garage, bathroom, laundry room, or such. 
  • You should remove any source of light, time tellers, and obstacles that could be harmful to players since it’s dark. 
  • Using pillows, chairs, or blankets, makes the experience better. 
The Location

Choosing the ‘lucky’ players!

Based on our experience, 7 Minutes in Heaven works best with 10 to 12 people. No matter how many players there are, only 2 will be picked each round to play. You might use a bottle or paper lottery to determine these 2 players each round. 

7 Minutes In Heaven - Paper Lottery

The Rules Of 7 Minutes In Heaven

Playing 7 Minutes In Heaven could be more than a game: a therapeutic conversation, an ice-breaker, or even a make-out session! Basically, the chosen players will go to the private location, close the door, do whatever they want to do, and after 7 minutes, go out. 

The most important detail in this party game is to respect each other’s limits and ask if they are comfortable doing something before you make the step. Oh, and feel absolutely free to leave the room anytime you feel uncomfortable, or if your playing partner is making you feel in danger. 

You might use special rules too, and here are some of the ideas we use: 

  • No kissing;
  • Only opposite genders go to the specific location;
  • Knock twice for extra time;

…and consider getting a timer with a dramatic alert. Adds excitement! 


7 Minutes In Heaven exceeds all expectations. Don’t forget that what happens in the room, stays in the room, unless you want to make drama about it. Who knows? You might solve lifetime misunderstandings, have an eye-opening conversation, or find the love of your life! Remember to always respect each other limits, in this one, and all other party games.

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