How to Host a Game Night for Adults

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Since all of us have life struggles, challenges, and sometimes things really do not go as we expect, we have to do something to get away from reality, at least for some minutes or even better, some hours!

We need to have some peace, and forget about all the sh*t that’s going through our lives.

Having a game night is it. Having your favorite people around, drinking, laughing…What else is better?

Yeah, it’s all fun and stuff, until we talk about the host. I mean… Having all that stress about the organization, the games, snacks & drinks, no doubt it is very stressful…

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I know… It is scary! You don’t know when to start organizing, it may seem hard to find a good game time, you stress about the place and the people and AHH…

You have to think about everything! You don’t want to invite people, and then have a messed-up party. I feel like the perfect hosts are those who like organizing things, and seeing everything in order.

We made this article to help you organize & host a wonderful game night. Follow our guide:

  • The importance of game nights.
  • What’s the perfect time to host a game night?
  • Steps to follow for a good hosting:
  1. Number of people/invitations.
  2. Comfy place.
  3. Picking the game & game ideas.
  4. Snacks & drinks.

The importance of game nights

Game nights, admit it or not, are our favorite nights. Gathering our girls, or boys, our relatives, or favorite colleagues, or anyone we’re close with, and having endless laughter, is our favorite thing.

Game nights have a lot of influence on our friendships. Here are some of the most important details:

  • Get to know more about each other.  While playing different games, except the fact that we have fun, we also get to share experiences with each other. We know more about each other’s hobbies, talents, favourite things to do, life experiences etc.
  • Learn new things. Of course, when playing new games, you also learn new stuff, various information from all walks of life.
  • Stress relievers. Playing party games in general, makes you feel more calm and more at peace.
  • We develop mental abilities. Of course, while playing, you manage patience, concentration, and fast-thinking, so in a way, these games stimulate our brain.
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What’s the perfect time to host a game night?

It is highly recommended that game nights be held on weekends.

I really prefer hosting game nights on Saturday. Here’s why: During weekdays, people have lives of their own, they are busy and they have stuff to do.

You may ask: But why not on Fridays? People don’t have to wake up early the next day.

Yes, but most of them work really hard on Friday, since it’s the last day, and try to manage all the work, so all they need on that evening is to have a good rest & sleep.

The same goes with Sunday. It is hard to stay up late, and the other day to wake up early and go to work. You don’t wanna go to work exhausted, do ya?

So, I feel like the perfect day is Saturday, since you have all day ahead to rest, and you can stay awake and enjoy the night as much as you want.

Whereas, when we are at the recommended time, I would say, the most preferable time to play is from 8-11 PM.

You can have some minutes to hang out, to greet the guests, and then start playing.

It is important not to leave the game too late in the evening, because the later, the more tired and sleepy the people are, and the game does not become interesting. The game requires energetic and active people. 

1. Number of people/ invitations  

Number of players is one of the most important things when it comes to hosting a good game night.

You have to keep in mind these two details:

  • Do NOT invite a very small number of guests;
  • Do NOT invite a large number either.

You can ask now ,how to choose the appropriate number? So that it is neither too much nor too little.

Our recommendation for a good game night is to invite 4-10 players.

With less people, the game isn’t that fun. The challenges always happen to the same players, and it can get boring as well.

With more players, the chances are high that some of them will not be included in the game, that’s why only some of your guests will have a good time. We don’t want that to happen, right? We want to have fun all together.

Now, if you are more of an old-style lover, just as I am, it would be great if you make some classic invitations.

You can send them 1-2 weeks before, because they can schedule their occasions.

In the invitation, you can inform them about the date, time, other guests you invited, about the food, about the games you will play, so they can create an opinion about the night. 

It’s great to let them know that they should feel free to bring any dessert or snack.

Here’s another great idea: Open a group in any social media, and add all of your guests. You inform them about the night, the food, they all get to know who’s gonna be in the game night with them, also, you listen to each-other’s ideas for good games, and this is how no one will play a game they don’t like.

2. Comfy Place

Not just in games, but everything in life goes wrong, if you’re not comfortable with the place/ situation. 

If you’re hosting a game night, you have to keep it in mind that you need to create a warm and suitable environment for your guests.

All your organization should be done based on your number of guests. There are many opportunities at home where you can play the games.

My favourite one is to spend the game night outdoors. In the yard, with some cute little lights, the beautiful stars above us…. Lovely!!! 

backyard comfy place

But, if you don’t have enough space outside, or you live in an apartment, there’s nothing wrong with hosting the night in your living room.

You can move some ‘useless’ furniture away, and make a good place to play and hangout.

Even if you play inside or outside, you can either sit in a chair, around a large enough table, or you can sit in some beautiful comfortable cushions/pillows, which you place on the floor.

To be honest, the one with the cushions is my favourite, just because you have more space, you don’t have to mess up with the chairs and stuff, you can sit as you want, and of course, cushions are softer than chairs, and this automatically makes this environment more suitable.

You can either place a small table in the center, or you can just place your cards on the floor.

playing on the floor

3. Picking the game: Game ideas

Yeah all we mentioned before were really important to be a good host, but you get it what’s the most important. The GAME. All of them would be nonsense without the game.

If you pick the wrong game, the night can really be a disaster.

We would suggest to you to bring 2-3 games because maybe not everyone loves that one game you’d chosen, or maybe they have played a game several times or they are in the mood to play drinking games, and it could get boring, so if you have more than 1 game in your hand, you can choose the perfect game together.

In the following, we will show you some games for different companies:

If you invited some new friends you met, choose a game where you get to know more about each other. Example: 

Big Talk

Big Talk

This is the perfect game to connect more with your friends. With questions like: “What is your greatest strength”, “How do you show love”, “What do you wish more people knew about you”, this game is an icebreaker.

Also, you have the game Who’s Most Likely To if you looking for something with questions or you can find a list we have compiled questions card games.

If your team has a sense of humor, play a game that allows you to create memes and funny phrases:

What Do You Meme? 


What Do You Meme? Is hands down, one of the funniest card games ever. You have to pick a picture, to answer the question card, and that’s how you create a meme. Let me tell you, it isn’t kid-friendly…

If you have energetic friends, choose a game that requires more concentration and movement:



It’s time for the classic lovely Jenga game. You all know what this game is about, don’t ya? It requires a lot of concentration, patience, and also confidence.

If your friends are drinking-lovers, choose a game where you also have to drink some shots:

Do Or Drink

Do or Drink

Well, the name Do Or Drink says it all. The game contains a lot of challenges, so it is for those friendships who are very close with each other, and don’t care about what other people may say.

See others drinking card games that are fun to play too.

If all of you love a tv show/series, pick a themed game. If you all love FRIENDS, picks a FRIENDS themed game:

Monopoly- Friends Themed

monopoly friends

The famous Monopoly… Our beloved TV Show… Could it BE any better? 

This is really the perfect game for your company, if they all love friends. Amazing, I KNOW! ( Monica’s voice).

Except these, these are many other game ideas to play in a game night, including 29 of Best Adult Card Games, 20 Absolute Best Drinking Games, and, for the sweetest ones, 9 Kids & Teens Friendly CAH like versions.

4. Snacks & Drinks

snacks for game night

While playing, of course, we need to eat & drink something.

It is very preferable to have a small extra table to put all the drinks and snacks because this way there’s no risk that they may spill over and damage your game.

We recommend that you take different drinks. Of course, wine, shots, vodka, for those who like alcohol, but also some juices, sodas, and water as well, for those who want to stay sober.

You can also make some cocktails together, before starting the game.

Whereas, when it comes to food, if you love cooking and stuff, it would be great if you make some snacks at home.

This is how you’ll tell your guests that you are doing your best to make them feel welcomed.

There’s nothing wrong with buying some chips, or any other snack, but doing them yourself, is a whole new level.

 Here are some ideas:

  • Tomato Bruschetta;
  • Chips made at home;
  • Chocolate Muffins;
  • Mini Burgers;
  • Pretzel Sticks;
  • Chicken fingers;
  • Popcorn.

Final – Hosting the game night

This was our guide to help you host a great game night.

Don’t forget: It is really important to listen to your guest’s ideas. You don’t wanna force them to play a game they hate, do you?

Make sure to create a lovely and warm place, so they won’t feel uncomfortable. We don’t want that to happen, do we?

Don’t try to keep everyone within your ‘rules’, it gets boring.

Yeah, sometimes you can think negative things: What if they don’t have fun?

Will the food be good? Is there enough space? We all overstress sometimes, but it’s gonna be okay. You’re gonna be the coolest host!

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