Horse Race Drinking Game: Racing With Card-Horses!

Horse Race Drinking Game - Cover Photo

Does this have to do with being an equestrian? Well, from our point of view, yes it does! We know it’s hard to believe you’ll win some horse race only by using cards, you know, the confidentiality, but, have we ever told you something not based on facts? That’s right, we never did! 

We’re aware that drinking card games are always in demand, and we stand behind this: the more, the better! It’s completely agreeable that not all games you find online are worth it, but, we wouldn’t write an article singly about ‘Horse Race’, if it was an ordinary one. What makes this drinking game super unique, besides the game name, is the cards’ arrangement, the multiple ways of playing & the simplicity it offers. 

Step by step, everything will be explained diligently:

  • Important information;
  • The aim of the game;
  • Setting up the game;
  • Game instructions;
  • Additional rules to play;
  • Key takeaways

Pieces Of Information Before Playing

  • Horse Race can be played by 3-8 people;
  • Since it includes drinking, this game is recommended for people over 21;
  • You’ll need a 52- cards deck;
  • Use any alcoholic drinks you want. If someone (or all of you) wants to stay sober, use non-alcohol;
  • Play it on a table, or the floor, since you’ll have to arrange the cards;
  • One of the players, usually the most enthusiastic, becomes the announcer;
  • The game usually lasts 5-10 minutes;

The Aim Of The Game

This game is undoubtedly inspired by horse races, considering here the game rules. What sets it apart from some other games, is that instead of betting on money, on Horse Race you’ll bet with alcohol. At the end of the game, most likely you’ll all end up drunk & happy.

Do you remember how in real-life horse race is all about each participant trying to win, while making their horse the fastest & most agile? Long story short, this is what this card game’s aim is as well. Matching the suits, paying attention to the announcer, being the first to reach the finish line, and all that is what brings extreme fun to each party. 

Setting Up The Game

Horse Race - Setting Up The Game

Sit around the table or on the floor, so you can all see each other and hear the instructions. One of you becomes the announcer, which most of the time doesn’t participate in the race, but organizes it. Now, when picking the horses of the game, there are 2 main options you may use. 

The first option is getting, let’s say 4 Aces, and placing them on the table, only comparing the suits, or letting all the players pick what horse they want to play. Everyone is free to pick their lucky horse, that’s what she said…. Anyhow, whatever you choose, make sure you place all the horses face-up on the table. 

If your area of playing is somewhat of a rectangle, place the horses on the short side. The long side will be used to place some other cards, face-down. The number of cards is all up to the announcer, but, we’d recommend there’d be 8-10 or more. 

Horse Race - The Cards Arrangement

As you probably imagined, you’ve already created a large L in the table, which will make all the racing easier. Once every player announces their horse, the game may begin. 

Game Instructions

After the game and the cards get arranged, and all the horses get announced, there’s nothing left to prepare about. The announcer starts to flip over cards from the face-down row. Wait. Not yet! 

First, let all the players bet on the winning suit, meaning, who they think will win the horse race. For example, you may say 5 sips on hearts! Continuing further, now the announcer starts flipping cards from the remaining deck of cards. The cards themselves don’t matter. It’s important for the suits to match, in order for the horse to move up. 

Horse Race - Game Instructions

It’s important to mention that whenever the horses move along the tracks, one card from the face-down row gets revealed. The first horse card, that moves up to the last track and reaches the finish, is the winner. 

You didn’t forget about the betting, did you? All the players who guess the winning suit incorrectly, have to drink the amount they had bet in the beginning. The winner gets to give the drink they bet to whoever they want, that’s what the other players who guessed correctly can do as well.

There may be other ideas for drinking, but, we’ll examine them in the following section, be patient! 

Additional Rules To Play 

  • Stumble: This version of playing has an extra rule, where you’ll need wild cards. It could be any card you want, a good one would be Jokers. Next, you gotta remember that when a wild card is flipped over, all horses move one card forward. This may end the game faster;
  • Faltering: While using this way of playing, after each horse moves up for the first time only, the announcer turns over the card on that link side. The suit shown on that card must move one space back. Based on the number of cards on the row you decided to place, this is how many instances of flattering are.
  • You may use money, seconds, non-alcoholic drinks, or any other thing you want to bet. It doesn’t necessarily mean to be beers & shots;
  • Use a paper to write the name of each player, the suit they think will win, and the bet. This is easier for the announcer to remember the details.

You should know that this is more a game that requires luck than skills. If you’re lucky-charmed, we bet your horse will win the race!

Remember to always drink responsibly, and never beg anyone to drink if they don’t feel okay with it. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Horse Race is a drinking card game, mostly based on luck;
  • The game can be played by 3-8 players, ages 21+;
  • A 52-cards deck is required;
  • The game starts with the announcer making an L made of cards on the table;
  • Each player picks what horse they want to play;
  • Before starting with the cards, everyone bets on the suit, and how many drinks for that suit to win;
  • The announcer starts with flipping over top cards from the remaining deck, and placing them in whatever horse matches the suit;
  • The first horse to pass the finish line wins the race;
  • The winner gives out the number of drinks, while the losers drink as much as they had bet before playing.

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