The Horror Movie Drinking Game: Get Frightened And Drunk!

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Just so you know, I’m horrified by horror movies, but there are actually people who enjoy them. Not only do they enjoy them, but they also wanna have some drinks while watching, just as if it was a romance, or whatever peaceful movie! This is why we couldn’t wait to share the horror drinking game with you! 

  • What to prepare before playing?;
  • Take a sip;
  • Take a gulp;
  • Down your drink;
  • Conclusion;

What To Prepare Before Playing?

Halloween party games, here we come! As typical movie drinking games, this doesn’t require any extra stuff to play. Before playing this scary movie game, make sure to have these:

  • Your favorite scary movie, and a device to watch it. Larger screens create a better experience, as always.
  • Drinks for all people. Beers work better since they’re lighter, however, get your preferred ones. Ps. keep some non-alcoholic ones for everyone who doesn’t drink, or once you want to take a break.
  • A group of 2 or more people. But yes, you can also play it by yourself. A single-player game it is.  
  • Our precious list of drinking rules.

The thing about these rules is that they match all horror movies, whatever you prefer. The rules are divided into 3 parts, depending on the repetition of scenes and phrases. Take your drinks, gather your favorite people, and keep an eye on our rules to have the fun of your life! 

Take A Sip When:

  • You flinch from a jump scare;
  • Creepy music is playing;
  • There’s a loud noise meant to scare you;
  • Someone trips while running, for absolutely no reason;
  • There’s a death;
  • The killer or the ghost is seen in the mirror;
  • Someone hides in the closet;
  • There’s a cave scene;
  • Another language is spoken;
  • A mysterious door or attic is found;
  • A character grabs a knife from the closet, to protect themself;
  • The phone rings, and it’s kinda scary;
  • The technology in the scenes is super outdated;
  • There’s a ghost of any kind;
  • Someone says ‘Hello, who is there?’;
  • You find out what the killer’s weapon is;
  • The characters make a stupid decision;
  • Someone combs their hair;
  • There’s blood showing;
  • Characters split up;
  • Someone takes a drink (just like we do in drinking games)
  • Fire shoots out of anything;
  • One of the characters gets stabbed;
  • There are kids in the movie;
  • The lights go out;
  • The killer is in the backseat;
  • The piano is being played by itself;
  • There’s no signal;
  • Another movie is referenced;

Drink A Gulp Whenever:

Horror Movie Drinking Game - Drink A Gulp
  • You get scared and make a sound or scream;
  • There’s a creepy doll;
  • The police are doing their job;
  • Cars or phones don’t work during a critical moment;
  • You hear someone say ‘What do you want from me?’;
  • Someone gets drunk;
  • A character has the ‘wtf’ or ‘omg’ look on their face;
  • Anything out of reality happens;
  • There’s a news reporter on screen;
  • One of you complains about the quality of the film;
  • Something explodes;
  • You see a nipple;
  • There’s a shower scene going on;
  • The town name is mentioned;
  • Somebody goes alone to investigate a mysterious noise;
  • A car crashes, breaks down, or gets into an accident;
  • The main character gets warned about danger, but they don’t listen;
  • A mysterious caller is on the phone line;
  • Someone in the movie screams;
  • 2 people kiss or there’s another love scene;
  • Someone goes down to the basement or any other secret room;
  • You close your eyes during a scene;
  • Someone goes through a window;
  • The name of the killer is said;
  • An authority figure (police, security guards) doesn’t believe what’s happening;
  • ‘Holy shit!’ is said out loud;
  • Something spooky is happening in the background, without the protagonists knowing;
  • The killer laughs evilly; 

Down Your Drink If:

Horror Movie Drinking Game - Down Your Drink
  • The killer ends up related to any of the main characters;
  • A dead body is discovered;
  • Someone you thought was dead shows up later; 
  • A character is blanketed on a stretcher;
  • The main character dies;
  • The killer isn’t really dead;
  • The twist of the movie is revealed;


If this game doesn’t get you drunk, you have everyone’s permission to say you have a high tolerance! These rules can be applied to all horror movies, and that’s the greatest thing about them. If at some point you feel like you’ve drank too much, you can remove any of the rules, or drink water instead. Boo!

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