22 Hen Party Games (And More Details) To Make Your Hen Indelible!

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What’s Hen now? Ahh, too many terms all about the bride and parties about her… How do we remember them all? Don’t we have bachelorette, and bridal, and… My brain is exploding! 

Now look, Hen and Bachelorette are two different terms used to describe the same event: a fun night before the wedding, all about the single bride that’s about to be the wife, but, the only difference is the regions these terms are used in: Hen is used in the UK and sometimes Australia, and Bachelorette is used in the US).

That’s why the games, as well,  differ from each other.

In bachelorettes, we can see that most of the games have to do with questions & answers, getting to know the bride and bridesmaids (or even the groom), and so on, while, on the other hand, games played in Hen parties are more challenging, need more energy, and can become really (funny) competitive!

Hen is all about spending a weekend away with all your girls, singing your hearts out, drinking until you lose track, going to the bar,  having a spa…

But, it feels like something’s missing, huh? Of course! How can Hen be fun without party games? That’s right, it can’t! Yes, we have bridal shower party games, but these before-the-wedding party games are never too much, they’re always welcomed! 

Straight to the point, we’re about to help you choose a game (while following our guide), we’ll show you our game list, including all the details about each game, and after reading all of them, no doubt you’ll know what game fits you best!

Here’s what we’re gonna talk about, in detail:

  • Why do party games make the Hen better?;
  • How do you choose the best Hen party game for the bride & her girls?;
  • The specials of this article: the games:
  1. New Nickname;
  2. Who’s Who?;
  3. The Chase;
  4. Wedding Movie Charades;
  5. Pass The Bouquet;
  6. Drinking Jenga;
  7. Kisses For The Mrs;
  8. The Knicker Game;
  9. Hot Shots;
  10. Prosecco Pong;
  11. Hen Party Dares;
  12. Don’t Drop Me (I’m Gonna Pop);
  13. Hen Piñata;
  14. What’s In Your Handbag?;
  15. Wise Words;
  16. Once Upon A Time…;
  17. Guess The Dress;
  18. Pin The Tail On The Male;
  19. The Photo Challenge;
  20. Wooden Spoons;
  21. Kiss My Groom;
  22. What’s In The Cocktail?.
  • List of movies & songs for the hen party.
  • Final thought: what will the brides’ say?

Why Do Party Games Make The Hen Better? 

They’ll remain a great memory for the bride. She’ll remember lots of Hen details, just by these party games. Also, some of the games on our list are some cute DIY stuff, which she can keep her whole life and laugh at every time she has some flashbacks! 

The games cause infinite laughs. This is a fact! It’s always fun watching some grown-up girls doing their best to win the game… Anytime they have to do some dares or complete challenges, their energy and all the motivation is something to be happy for!

If you’re thinking about getting drunk, they’ll get you drunk! Yes, Hen’s about having fun, which means, drinking can’t be left out. I mean, in a way or another, you can turn all of the games into drinking ones, but, they’re some special drinking games included!

You can’t find better icebreakers. Don’t even try to change my mind. Since Hen can be a mix of different people you know, different groups, friends, relatives, the games make them all connect, and feel like they’ve been friends for a lifetime!

They make you challenge yourself. And, do we like challenges? Duhh, we do! Lots of the games on our list require you to complete some challenges, and you should leave all your timidity and shame aside… If you want to win the game, and we know you do!

You won’t need any extra stuff, in most of them! Lots of them are made with basic materials, if you’re making it a drinking game, of course, you’ll need some drinks, but, in general, you only need some organization and creative ideas!

Anything else? Yes, enjoy them. We undoubtedly know you’ll love each one of the games. Possibly, as much as we do!

1. New Nickname

New Nickname

You’ll need: Sticky paper | Speciality: Makes the girls connect.

What’s your new nickname? The bride will tell you that! The point is that you’ll give each other nicknames, which will be used as the guests’ names during the Hen night, so, you’ll figuratively have to forget their real names. 

If you mess things up and use real names and not nicknames, you have to drink or complete a challenge the girls challenged you with. It’s fun either way…

2. Who’s Who?

Who's Who

You’ll need: Small papers | Speciality: Tests the bride to see if she knows her girls.

First, all the girls write statements about themselves, but let’s be clear, not random ones that everyone knows, it wouldn’t be fun at all. I mean, if you have a ring in your hand, and say ‘I’m engaged’, everyone would know! 

Put them all in a jar and mix them, and the bride picks each one of them, continuing further with reading and guessing what all of the girls said. It’s all about how much you know them. To make it more enjoyable, every time the bride guesses incorrectly, make her take a shot! 

3. The Chase

The Chase

You’ll need: a dice & drinks | Speciality: you’ll start getting drunk.

A game that requires the dice. What’s important is that each number of the dice means you have to do a special ‘action’, specific for that number. Yes, you can make your own rules, but anyway, here’s what we recommend:

  • 1- Pass the cup and the dice to the girl in your right;
  • 2- Pass the cup and the dice to the girl in your left;
  • 3- Drink your drink;
  • 4- Pour your drink into the cup;
  • 5 – The girl in your drink /your left drinks (depends on you);
  • 6- You drink the cup.

4. Wedding Movie Charades

Wedding Movie Charades

You’ll need: a list of wedding-themed movies | Speciality: All about showing acting skills!

The point is to guess the movie. Divide all the hens into teams (as many teams as you want), and ask them to draw a paper from the bowl or hat where all the movies are in. 

One of the teammates tries to explain the movie while using body language, acting the scenes, or anything you want, it’s your time to shine! The other teammates have to guess what movie she’s trying to explain.

5. Pass The Bouquet

Pass The Bouquet

You’ll need: a flower bouquet | Speciality: Keeps everyone in tension.

The game, no doubt, starts with the bride-to-be. She has the bouquet first, and some music is being played. The bride has to pass the bouquet to the girl on her left or right, and they should all do the same until the music stops. That girl gets to keep the bouquet!

You can also use a gift instead of the bouquet, or even a bad thing, so no one would like to be the one where the music stops on, but since it’s about a wedding, the bouquet is the cutest thing ever!

6. Drinking Jenga

Drinking Jenga

You’ll need: Jenga game | Speciality: challenges all the girls.

You haven’t ever heard about Jenga? I seriously can’t understand you… You’ll play this game just the same as the classic Jenga, but, every time you pull a block, you have to know you have to do something. 

You can also buy some drunk Jenga games on Amazon, but making them yourself is always a great pleasure. Plus, you get to add your ideas & make them personalized.

7. Kisses For The Mrs.

Kisses For The Mrs.

You’ll need: lipsticks & blank paper | Speciality: remains a great gift for the bride.

Remember when I told you that we’re gonna include these kinds of games? See, I kept my promise! Forthright, you ask all your girls to give a ‘print’ of their lips on the blank white paper they should use some bright color lipsticks! 

All of them should write their names close to their ‘art’, and write a 2-3 word message for you. After doing all of this, put the paper into a frame, it’ll be very heartwarming! 

8. The Knicker Game

Knicker Game

You’ll need: panties | Speciality: brings lots of laughs.

This is a sassy one ladies! All your guests should bring to the party one pair of panties that they think describes them the most. If you know your girls, you’ll know what they wear, and even their favorite underwear colors! 

All of the girls put them in a box, and the bride gets to guess who wears what panties, which sometimes can be extremely incorrect, and that’s where the fun begins! 

9. Hot Shots

Hot Shots

You’ll need: Shot glasses | Speciality: you don’t know what you’ll drink!

Another drinking game, agh, amazing! This is similar to Shot Roulette, isn’t it? The first thing you have to do is get one shot glass for each of your guests, and fill most of them with alcohol, and the other lucky ones with water or other drinks.

When any of you says ‘Hot Shot’, you should all drink. This means, most of you will have some vodka, and the others something non-alcoholic. Take as many rounds as you want!

10. Prosecco Pong

Prosecco Pong

You’ll need: The game & alcohol | Speciality: When a pong ball bounces in a glass, that drink has to be drunk!

We definitely won’t ever have enough drinking games… It’s an unspoken rule! If you’ve heard about beer pong, Prosecco Pong’s already familiar to you! You can also use random glasses and pong balls, but this one found on Amazon (for only $17.99) just gives girlish vibes.

You’re divided into teams, and you have to throw the ball into the other team’s cups or glasses. Every time you shoot correctly, one of the members on the other team has to drink that glass! 

11. Hen Party Dares

Hen Party Dares

You’ll need: a list of dares | Speciality: Tests your limits!

Completing challenges at a party, definitely turns it into a whole new dimension! It’s on your hands to decide if you want to make them feel shy by asking them some weird questions if you want to make them drink, or complete a specific challenge (reminds me of Talk, Drink, Dare, honestly).

Here are some dare ideas:

  • Flirt with the bartender;
  • Loudly sing and dance in the streets for 2 minutes straight;
  • Kiss a bald man’s hair;
  • Tell us the weirdest dirty dream you’ve ever had;
  • Drink two shots if you don’t know the lyrics of this song (and a song starts in the speaker)

12. Don’t Drop Me (I’m Gonna Pop)

Don't Drop The Balloons Game

You’ll need: Balloons, small papers | Speciality: Will make you feel very competitive & in tension.

Since we were talking about dares, we couldn’t continue without mentioning this one. You put a small piece of paper (which has a dare written on it) inside the balloon. The girls should go from one side of the room to the other, with the balloon inside their legs, without dropping it.

If they drop the balloon, that balloon has to be popped up (popping a balloon is always fun, no matter what), and do the dare that is written on the paper. It’s up to you to make the dares list! 

13. Hen Piñata

Hen Pinata

You’ll need: a piñata, gifts & quotes | Speciality: Surprises the bride!

Who the hell told you piñata is for kids only? It’s more fun for adults, specifically for Hen Parties… It is recommended for the bride to use eye covers or just a random bandana, so it would be harder to smash the piñata. 

Anyways, you can fill it with small papers with quotes on them, advice, some little gifts,  and anything you want, so, it will be very emotional after smashing! Ps. you can get a hen party piñata at Amazon.

14. What’s In Your Handbag

What's In Your Handbag

You’ll need: list of items | Speciality: You find out what’s inside every girls’ purse!

Do you think a purse is very small, and it only fits basic stuff? Oh, you have no idea what a girl keeps in it! First, make a list of items that can be found on girls’ purses, starting with basic ones (just like telephone, wallet…) which are worth 1 point, to the very extraordinary ones, that are worth 4 points (a pack of ketchup, a Christmas tree ornament)…

Every girl tells what’s in her handbag, and she gets points for every item she has. The winner gets a prize and the loser (with the least points) drinks! 

15. Wise Words

Wise Words

You’ll need: wise words! | Speciality: The bride guesses who said the wise words! 

Oh, how much we adore these guessing games, we love messing up with the bride! To start, every bride brings or writes down some funny, cheeky, or even dirty words on a list (without the bride knowing who wrote what)!

Next, she reads the list (or small papers) and has to guess to whom each word belongs. Every time she errs, you know it already: she takes a sip!

16. Once Upon A Time…

Once Upon A Time

You’ll need: blank paper, pen | Speciality: You’ll all together create a lovely (or funny) story!

Where are all my creative girls? It is your time to shine! The activity starts with ‘once upon a time, and every girl (including the bride-to-be) adds one sentence to continue the story. It could be anything… You can make a love story, but it’s always more fun if you make it funny! 

It continues until the paper comes back to the player that started the story, which also has to make a good ending… The bride will keep it forever, no doubt! Yes, I know it reminds you of Continue The Horror Story game, understandable!

17. Guess The Dress

Guess The Dress

You’ll need: blank paper, pencils | Speciality: The girls will guess your wedding dress.

This works great ONLY if they haven’t seen your dress already, if they did, it’s claptrap! As you’ve noticed, the point is that the girls have to guess what the bride’s dress looks like…  

When all of the girls have made their designs, the bride tells which one was the closest to the real dress! And, if you don’t have a clue on how to draw, don’t worry, that just makes the game way funnier!

18. Pin The Tail On The Male

Pin The Tale On The Male

You’ll need: A3 Photo, sticky papers | Speciality: One girl that is closest to the tail wins!

First, you’ll need an A3 format of a groom’s photo that needs to be hung on the wall (the photo, not the groom). You set a tail, which can be anything, we’ll leave that to your imagination… 

All the girls compete to see which one of the places the paper closest to the tail but let’s be clear, you should be blindfolded. After sticking the paper, open your eyes and write your name, so you all know who is the winner!

19. The Photo Challenge

Hen Photo Challenge

You’ll need: Smartphones, a list of challenges | Speciality: Makes you all do crazy stuff and prove you did them! 

Challenges are never too much, the more the better! First, you divide all the guests into teams (the best option would be 2 teams), and make a list of challenges you all should complete, and take a photo while doing them! 

You give 30 minutes, and see which teams can do more for that specific time. Here are some of the dares you can use:

  • Photo with the DJ;
  • Team member wearing a man’s tie;
  • Giving a stranger a lap dance;
  • Selfie with a security guard.

20. Wooden Spoons

Wooden Spoons

You’ll need: wooden spoons, markers | Speciality: It’s very lovely and heartwarming- it’ll make the bride cry! 

Finally, one more activity that will also become a great gift. Each of the girls should have one wooden spoon, and write anything cute or funny on them, related to the bride…

It would be great to keep them all in a jar, I can feel that all the messages will be pretty special, and undoubtedly the bride will want to keep them forever!

21. Kiss My Groom

Kiss My Groom

You’ll need: balloons, photos of men (including the groom) | Speciality: We don’t know if the bride or someone else will kiss the bride…

The game starts with putting celebrities (or other men) photos inside the balloons. Of course, the groom photo should be included too, the game is nonsense without it! 

Throw all of the balloons in the room, and each of the girls has to pop the balloon and kiss the man in the photo. Hopefully, that lucky girl will be the bride… Or not, we know she isn’t jealous! 

22. What’s In The Cocktail?

What's In The Cocktail

You’ll need: alcoholic & nonalcoholic drinks | Speciality: Different cocktails will be made.

Are you ready to make some artwork? I bet you are! The bride will be the judge, and all her girls should mix different drinks to make a cool cocktail… Be careful what you mix, you don’t wanna poison her! 

The bride, besides that, gets to pick her favorite cocktail, she also has to guess what are the ingredients of each of them. In the end, drink the cocktails altogether, normally, she can’t finish them all by herself!

List Of Movies & Songs For The Hen Party

The Hen without movies and songs isn’t a Hen. Sorry, not sorry… No doubt it gives lots of energy, and just turns the party into a whole new vibe! I know when dealing with all the organization stuff, you don’t have enough time to think about the movies and the music, even though these are two of the most important things. 

That’s why, we, as lifesavers that we are, made 2 lists for you:


  • Get This Party Started – Pink;
  • Then He Kissed Me – The Crystals;
  • Ladies Night – Atomic Kitchen;
  • Marry You – Bruno Mars;
  • Like A Virgin – Madonna;
  • Turn Up The Music – Chris Brown;
  • I Wanna Dance With Somebody – Whitney Houston;
  • Dear Future Husband – Meghan Trainor;
  • Love On Top – Beyonce;
  • Dancing Queens – ABBA;
  • Hips Don’t Lie – Shakira;
  • Wannabe – Spice Girls;
  • Toxic – Britney Spears;
  • Don’t Stop The Music – Rihanna;
  • Oops! I Did It Again – Britney Spears;
  • Who Run The World (Girls) – Beyonce;
  • Can’t Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake;
  • Material Girl – Madonna;


  • Bride Wars(2009);
  • American Wedding(2003);
  • How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days(2003);
  • Made Of Honor (2008);
  • The Proposal (2009);
  • Monster-In-Law (2005);
  • Bridesmaids (2011);
  • Best Night Ever (2013);
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002);
  • Mamma Mia(2008);
  • My Best Friend’s Wedding(1997);
  • The Wedding Planner(2001);
  • Runaway Bride(1999);
  • Four Weddings And A Funeral(1994);
  • What Happens In Vegas (2008);
  • The Accidental Husband(20008);

Final Thought: What Will The Bride-To-Be Say?

All these details undoubtedly make the Hen Party way better. We know you have thought of that, but sometimes, finding the right ones can be challenging, especially when we talk about games. 

We already know every bride has her character, and preferences, that’s why we didn’t get stuck in a specific type of game, because not everyone will feel and love the same ones. We included ice-breaking games, DIY activities, drinking games, challenge ‘contests’ and some other ones, as you read… 

If you’re not having a pajama party, and you want to create some personalized T-Shirts for the whole crew, you can do them similar to Bachelorette CAH T-shirts. While, in terms of other details of the organization, we hitherto talked about them, you know, about the music, movies, and let’s not forget: the guide on how to choose the game! 

Keep in mind that you can update the game rules, and customize them, all depending on your tastes, and your team’s as well. 

Before she says ‘I Do’, you all have a drink or two! 

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