How To Play Drunk ’Heads Up’: Adding A Twist To Your Kids Favorite Game

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There are some games out there that just make more sense when we add some drinks. Somehow, feels like the fun doubles up! Since we’re here, ‘Heads Up’ is one of these games. It brings lots of laughs and creates a lovely atmosphere even as a normal game, but getting drunk while playing it is a whole new level. Well, if you have kids around, continue playing it the old way. We have got no hands in that…

If you were wondering where did you hear about this game, you definitely saw celebrities playing it on the Ellen Show. Straight forward, with minimum equipment & some friends or relatives, you’re about to start a game battle, all about guessing words and drinking. Everything about ‘Heads Up’, the drinking rules, stuff you need before playing, and even some useful tips will be mentioned below. It’s up to you to choose the right people & make it the best game night of your life!!!

  • About ‘Heads Up’;
  • What do you need to play the drinking game?
  • The rules of the drinking game;
  • Tips on playing the game (and winning it);
  • Wrapping it up;

About The ‘Heads Up’ Game

About 'Heads Up'
  • ‘Heads Up’ is a vocabulary game that mostly has to do with guessing the words, while you hear your teammates’ answers. This game is brought to you by Ellen Degeneres & Warner Bros. Entertainment. 
  • The game can either be played individually or in teams, based on the number of players. However, based on many experiences, playing it in teams of two is way more fun. 
  • The simplest, and the most perfect way so far, of playing this game, is by using the phone app, available for both IOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play) for free. The app is recommended for people over 12.
  • There are 7 decks of words (cards) that come with the free purchase, but, nevertheless, you may also buy the other additional decks available on the app. Based on what the official account of the game has posted on Twitter, Android users can also customize their own decks. 
  • Some of the decks on ‘Heads Up’ are: Superstars, Movies, Act It Out, Accents & Impressions, Just For Kids, Icons, Legends & Stars, Hip Hop, and many more. 
  • To play, you start by placing the phone or whatever device on your forehead. If you’re playing in teams, you ask your teammate questions about the word, but not directly. For example, you can’t ask ‘What’s my name?’, but something like ‘am I a singer?’.
  • Once you guess the word correctly, tilt the phone down, so it counts and you go to the next word. On the other hand, if you have no idea about the word, and you want to pass to the next one, tilt the phone up. Just as simple as that. 
  • Each player has 60 seconds on their round. Once 60 seconds end, you’re shown the results, and that’s how you know who guessed more words without having to keep count.
  • You may also use the classic way of playing, using papers to write words and a sand timer to count the seconds, but since the app is free, we truly think it is more reasonable & practical.

What Do You Need To Play The Drinking Game?

After we’ve dealt with the rules of the normal ‘Heads Up’ game, we may now continue talking about the drinking game. Here’s what you need:

  • The ‘Heads Up’ app, can be downloaded for free for both Android and IOS. We mentioned that above. Optionally, you may make up your own cards, or order the board game on Amazon
  • At least one friend, so you’re 1 Vs 1. If more people are playing, divide into teams (preferably teams of 2). Remember that all players should be ages 21 or older, since you know, there’s included drinking.
  • Plenty of drinks. Alcoholic, non-alcoholic, it’s all up to you. We prefer beers since they have less amount of alcohol on them and we don’t get too drunk.
  • Music to set up the atmosphere, so it feels like nothing’s missing. Cheers! 

The Rules Of Playing Drinking ‘Heads Up’

Drinking 'Heads Up'

There are two most common ways, and our favorite ones as well, of playing ‘Heads Up’ as a drinking game. The first one is making the other players drink every time you guess. So, if you’re playing individually, you guess the word, you tilt the phone down, and everyone who’s playing drinks. If playing in teams, once you guess, the other teams drink, not including your teammates, since they gave you clues and helped you out. Alternatively, every time you skip, meaning you couldn’t guess, you drink. A drink can be either a chug of beer or a shot. You decide on that. 

Let’s head out to the second way. This time, if you’re playing individually, while you try to guess the word, all the other players should drink continuously, until you guess it correctly. If playing in teams, only your teammate (s) drink, because they’re the ones who should make it easy and help you guess. So if you guess the word right it’s a win-win: you get one point, and they take a rest from drinking. 

The most important rule about this second way of playing is to never guess it wrong on purpose, only to make them drink more. You can do that, but the game won’t go as planned, and that means you’re a bit deceitful.

Tips On Playing ‘Heads Up’ And Winning It

For the game to go as well as possible, we’ll now show you some tips that may help you out. Enjoy them!

  • When going through the decks, before starting to play, choose one deck you’re more knowledgeable about. So, if you’re good and guessing celebrities or something similar, go to stars, singers, legends, or more.
  • Play on teams of two, because when playing individually, the other players may purposely not give you the right clues, so it takes ages to guess.
  • Ask the right questions so you get the best out of it. Good questions are some of the below:

(For people)

  1. Am I a male or female?
  2. What am I most known about?
  3. Do I look younger or older than my actual age?
  4. Am I married/in a relationship?;
  5. Name 1 of my songs/movies/shows.

           (For animals or things)

  1. What is my size?
  2. Do kids love me?
  3. What’s my favorite food?
  4. Am I dangerous?
  5. Why do people like me?
  • Avoid questions like ‘do I breathe’, ‘am I a celebrity’, or anything similar since you already set the category before playing, and you know what deck that person/thing belongs to. Asking such questions will only take up your time. 
  • When explaining, make sure you use the right descriptions. A good description of a rabbit could be ‘I have long ears and I love eating carrots and lettuce’.
  • You could also use synonyms of the actual words, or what sound it does. For example, if the word is ‘dog’, you may use synonyms such as ‘puppy’, or say ‘bark’/’woof woof’. The point is to make it as simple as you can. Thank you.
  • If you see you’re getting drunk, choose simpler decks, so you don’t get too drunk, and you can guess easier. 

Wrapping It Up

Heads Up, is hands down, one of our favorite party games ever. It is great for all ages, and besides has many advantages, such as enriching our vocabulary, developing explanation skills, connecting pieces of information together, and even more. Even teachers & psychologists use it, especially with kids. 

As a drinking game, other than the benefits we mentioned, it also gets you drunk, and as adults, we love doing that. Make sure that you know your drinking limits, and never beg other players to drink in case they don’t want to. Follow our rules & our tips, and choose your favorite way of playing. You’re allowed to add any house rule you want and make it completed. 

Farewell fellas!

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