Heads Or Tails Drinking Game – Two Ways Of Playing Included

Heads Or Tails Drinking Game - Cover Photo

What would be your top-first entirely luck-based drinking game? Undoubtedly, at least for me, it’s Heads Or Tails! The game is the simplest ever, and you literally just need coins & drinks to play. It’s a great party starter, and we’re excited to share with you today 2 ways of playing! 

  • Setup & equipment;
  • The first way;
  • The second way;
  • Final thoughts;

Setup & Equipment To Play Heads Or Tails

We’re used to using Heads or Tails as a way to help us decide between things. The drinking game is definitely more fun! Here’s all you need to play:

  • 1 penny (or other coin) per player;
  • Alcohol for everyone playing, preferably beers.
  • One large cup.

Heads or Tails, the drinking game, can be played by 2 or more players. Yes, it makes a great 2-player game, but it’s more fun if played by more. Bigger is always better. 

The First Way Of Playing ‘Heads Or Tails’

This first way of playing is often found as ‘Arrogance’. To play, on your turn, you need to have a coin and your drink by your side. Then, pour some of your drink into the large cup, flip the coin, and call it in the air (heads or tails). 

After the coin lands, if you call it correctly, you pass the cup to the player on your left. If incorrect, you drink whatever’s in the large cup.

The Second Way Of Playing ‘Heads Or Tails’

Coin Flip

To play Heads Or Tails in the second way, on your turn, you must collect the coins of all players. Then, flip them all at once (the coins, not players, obviously), and check how they landed. 

For every ‘heads’, the player who threw the coins must give that many drinks. E.g. if 10 coins are flipped, and 3 of them are heads, the thrower gives out 3 drinks (by 1 drink to 3 people, or 3 drinks to 1 person). For every ‘tails’, the thrower must drink that many drinks.  

And that’s it, mates!

Final Thoughts

Even though ‘Heads or Tails’ is straightforward to set up and play, and doesn’t really require any special instruction, it’s still one of the most lovely adult games to get you drunk & socialize with each other. Especially considering that you could choose one of the two ways to have the most fun out of it! 

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