Head Trip Cards Against Humanity: Upcoming Pack Guide

Cards Against Humanity Head Trip - Cover Photo

In today’s episode of Cards Against Humanity packs, we’re bringing Head Trip. If you are just like me and wish that the manufacturers of CAH actually brought something different from what we’re used to seeing, this pack is made precisely for us. Although the game hasn’t been released yet, we’re happy to provide you with all the information you might need.

What Is the Head Trip Game Cards Against Humanity?

Head Trip - Box

By looking at the box, we know this isn’t our usual Cards Against Humanity packs. It has a different box design, and a different name too. 

Just to be clear, Head Trip isn’t a CAH expansion. It’s simply a new game made by the manufacturers of the extremely famous game. Head Trip is a cooperative party game, in which players aim to get into people’s heads and answer ridiculous questions from their point of view. When we say people, we mean Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, Batman, and you know, other famous characters. 

But do we know anything about how to play the game? Well, all we can say is that we’ll get to that in a blink of an eye!

What’s In The Box Of Head Trip?

You horrible people, you can’t actually wait till you get the game so you can see what’s inside, huh? Don’t worry babes. We are here to make your life easier and more fun, by all means. 

Head Trip - Cards

There are cards. Just as in Cards Against Humanity. Black and white cards. But what could that colorful thing in the back be? Thankfully, it’s a game board. A simple one, but pretty exciting, since they don’t usually use this kind of stuff.

Here’s a full view of the board, and the chips:

Head Trip - The Board And Chips

Are these chips useful in the game, or just here to scare people with trypophobia? Yes. They have a big role in the game. But this isn’t all about the equipment of Head Trip. Here’s what is in the box as well:

Head Trip - The Board And Chips 2

Other game chips? Yes. But these contain letters and add meaning to the game.

Bear in mind that the manufacturers wanted you to keep this stuff organized, so you don’t create a mess like usual and don’t have to purchase an extra storage case. Here’s what they did with the box and dividers:

Head Trip - Inside The Box

Do them a favor and place all cards in their place. It will be easier for all of you. 

For God’s sake, here’s another view of the cards:

Head Trip - View Of Cards

The content on the card varies from safe, innocent ones, but funny, to extremely hilarious, dirty cards. You’ll love them all. 

You’re welcome.

How Do You Play Head Trip?

When I first got the game, it’s safe to say I was confused. We’re used to playing all CAH games using the exact same game rules. However, with a bit of researching and reading, I figured it all out, as an expert I am. But you don’t have to do all that boring stuff. I’ll explain it all to you! Firstly, Head Trip can be played by all people who are 17 years or older (because of the content), for 3 to 10+ players.

There are two types of cards, obviously: question cards & head trip cards. Players take turns to be the tripper of the round, a.k.a. the player who reads the questions. Each question has 4 answer options. The tripper of the round has to read the question and draw a head card, which tells the situation.

Basically, you have to answer the question as if you were the character in the head card. It’s not this confusing, I swear. For instance, look at how cards give meaning to what I said:

Head Trip - Playing The Game

Once you figure out what answer the character would give (in this case, how would the lead singer of ‘Honky Neck’ describe their dream asshole), you place the letter chip, facedown, in the middle of the board. 

Then, all players must place one eye token in one letter on the board, depending on what letter they think the tripper answered. Then, the answer is revealed, and whoever got it right gets a point, and a new round begins. 

Watch this TikTok if you wanna see someone playing it: Head Trip.


Head Trip is a new cooperative board game coming soon from Cards Against Humanity. #boardgames #cardsagainsthumanity #boardgametok #partygame

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Can You Buy The Game Yet OR Pre-Order It?

Now, here’s the thing. They only sent this as a gift to their OGs. Just like me. Now really, they sent Head Trip to regular customers, the ones who literally buy every product they make (even the onions or mayonnaise). The game will be available in shops after a few weeks. Here’s how the pack came:

Head Trip - The Package

The sticker just made it more personalized. And lovely. Once I opened the pack I saw this:

Head Trip - Inside The Pack

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the letter. Ahhh. As I told you, till now, they only sent this as a gift, while you can purchase it in the next month (October), hopefully.

What we know, is that Head Trip Game will cost $35, which in my point of view is pretty reasonable for all that equipment, and fun it brings! 

Probably the same person who made the cards has written this letter too! It’s hilarious and it made me giggle. Especially the ‘please keep buying our shit in the future’. 

Final Thoughts

Just as we promised. Didn’t you get all the information you need? A review of Head Trip, rules, details about what’s in the box… All that’s left to you is be patient and wait till it’s up for sale in shops & have the fun you deserve while playing it!

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