Ever Heard Of ‘He Said, She Said’?- The Bridal Showers’ Must Have Game!

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Maybe we have to stop with these bridal & bachelorette games… One day…. Yes, one day we will, but definitely not now!

‘He Said, She Said’ is one of the coolest ones so far! It can get competitive, especially if the bridesmaids and groomsmen are divided into 2 teams! Just as fun if you’re playing individually!

It may look too simple, but yet, it’s very fun, let me tell you! Very creative, fun, and heartwarming. It can turn into an amazing conversation starter. 

What we love most is that it really connects the guests together. It is especially a very good memory for the bride & groom, they’ll definitely know who knows them best, and share stuff about themselves! 

Also, when we’re talking about bridal parties and bachelorettes and stuff, don’t forget you also have the party game Bachelorettes Against Decency!  

We made sure to add every little detail of the game in this article, including here the rules, the ‘make your own’ version & ideas, a place where you can get the printable version,  some other ways to play it, and so on. Keep reading for more surprises!

Specifically, here are the article’s main points:

  • Most asked questions about the game;
  • ‘He Said, She Said’ game instructions;
  • Question ideas;
  • In what other ways can you play ‘He Said, She Said’?;
  • Our final word: is it a good bachelorette game?

Most Asked Questions About ‘He Said, She Said’

  • Does it have hard instructions to follow?
  • Absolutely not. No complicated rules at all, unless you make it complicated with any extra rules, or who knows!
  • What’s the age range for the game?
  • It all depends on you. If you choose to buy the game, it’s usually for all ages. But, you can also make your own questions, and the content choice is up to you!
  • How many questions are enough?
  • Your preferences matter a lot, of course, but we’d say 20 questions are enough. Not too few, but not too many, because that can get boring for your guests.
  • Is the game flexibil when it comes to the number of players?
  • Yes, and that’s what we really like. You can play with as many people as you want starting from 2 ( 2 more people except the soon-to-be-married couple);
  • How do you play, in teams, or individually?
  • Both ways. It all depends on the number of players and how you want to play it. If you want to have a competition between the bridesmaids & groomsmen, play in teams!
  • It is a game for a bride’s bridal shower/bachelorette only, right?
  • Nah, you got it wrong. It works great with both genders, the groom deserves some fun too! Actually, it works best if there’s a common party for the bride & groom!

‘He Said, She Said’ Game Instructions

First things first, does it have a specific age range? I mean, can everyone play it? Now look, if you’re making your own game, you set the age range. Meaning, if you want to make it dirty and all that, you use dirty questions. 

But, if you’re playing with, let’s say, with members of your family in law, and some teenagers or something, it’s obvious you should use clean questions, you know, you don’t want to embarrass yourself, do ya? 

Straight to the point, first, you make the questions list (or you simply just get an already made one, and you don’t spend your precious time & creativity on it). 

We think the best number of questions is 20, but, if you want, you can use more. There’s no problem!

You can either divide all the guests in teams, some ideas might be, for example, the bridesmaids in one team, and the groomsmen in the other, or, the bride’s side & and the groom’s side, you divide them randomly, or basically, anyhow you want. 

On the other hand, you can also play individually. You compete with each other to see who knows the bride & the groom best. Here’s the thing: If you’re having a bride’s bridal shower, of course, it’s gonna be a competition between all the girls. 

But… But! It works just as great in a groom’s bro-dal shower, or even better (our favorite) in a common party (you know, we’re talking about the bride & groom).

Next, you give your guests some minutes, 5-10 minutes (depending on the number of questions), to fill the paper. 

Obviously, if you’re playing in teams, 1 paper for each team, if you’re playing individually, 1 paper for each player, we know you know that!

We’ll show you an example later on, and you’ll see that on the left side of the paper, you can read the questions, while, on the other side, meaning, the right one, are the lips and mustaches, which symbolize the bride & the groom. 

So, there’s the statements, and you have to guess who said (or would have said) that statement, by circling the lips (for the bride) and the mustaches (for the groom).

When the timer stops, you read everyone’s answers, and then you & your partner (if you’re both playing), answer every question, this is how everything is transparent! 

Ps. Don’t forget to announce the winner! 

Question Ideas To Make Your Own Game

DIY stuff is always fun. Well, for me at least… I know there are some lazy people out there, but, don’t quit, we’ll show a PDF version later for you! 

Here are some cute, funny questions if you want to make ‘He Said, She Said’:

  1. For me, it was love in first sight;
  2. I can’t really remember our first date;
  3. I always get mad for little things;
  4. I initiated our first kiss;
  5. I’m more likely to hold grudges for 2 days in a row!;
  6. My in-laws made me blush when I first met them;
  7. I’ll never answer my kids when they ask: How are babies made?;
  8. I still don’t like our wedding date;
  9. I am a better dancer;
  10. My partner’s a better driver;
  11. I definitely have the crazier family;
  12. I like having breakfast in bed;
  13. I take longer to shower;
  14. I’m the biggest flirt;
  15. I has all 5s at school;
  16. I’ll probably run out of money soon;
  17. I say ‘I love you’ and ‘sorry’ more often;
  18. I’m very nervous about the wedding;
  19. I still haven’t packed anything for our honeymoon;
  20. I am the most jealous one, I don’t regret it!

Ps. feel free to add any question you want, you can also add something personal which can be harder to guess, but also tells a lot about you two!

In What Other Ways Can You Play It?

Get the printable version. We love it. It saves much time, and it costs so little money. You can get a printable ‘He Said, She Said’ version at our shop, for a price of only $4.95, which is definitely competitive!

Getting more printable games is good because that will make Bachelorette fun.

The design is pretty cute, and the questions are very heartwarming! All you have to do is print as many games as you want, and have fun playing it.

You don’t have to deal with all that, you know, find the questions, write them, oh, made a mistake, edit it… It’s all ready to play!

He Said, She Said PDF Game

Turn it into a drinking game. Drinking makes everything way better. I mean, this game is awesome, but why not add some shots when we can (you know, if you’re all above the allowed-to-drink age).

What you can do is make the losing team( or the loser, if playing individually), drink as many shots as the questions they answer wrong. You can apply this ‘rule’ to all the players, or teams, or just to the losers, as a punishment! 

He Said She Said- Drinking

Film/ record the answers. We globally know that the bachelorette (or bridal party), and all that pre-wedding stuff, is a couple’s favorite period. They love keeping an eye on everything and taking photos and all that to remind every detail.

That’s why, after everyone has written down their answers, we’d recommend you to film the couple’s answers, because this is how they’ll watch it after several years(or when they become elders), and they’ll probably start crying…

Our Final Word: Is ‘He Said, a She Said’ A Good Bridal Shower Party Game?

You still doubting that? Of course it is worth it… 

What are its strong points? Well, it is a unisex game, I mean, works great for both bride & groom, can be played by any number of players you want, you can remove or add your own ideas to the game, you can get a ready PDF version, tells the guests a lot about you, and, last but not least, it’s such a great memory! 

To add the sparkle, you can use the ‘special’ instructions, you know, just as turning the game into a drinking game, or filming the answers (which is the cutest thing of ‘em all)!

Ps. If you’re the bride and you’re struggling with the dress code, check the bachelorette T-shirts. We know you’re taking care of so many things! 

Congrats on your wedding. I’ll tell you the secret of a happy marriage. It remains… a secret to all!

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