Ever Heard Of ‘He Said, She Said’?- The Bridal Showers’ Must Have Game!

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Bridal and bachelorette events can lack excitement and engagement.

Ever been to a dull bachelorette party without games, particularly the ‘He Said She Said’ game? It’s a letdown.

Elevate your events by embracing the ‘He Said She Said’ game. Test how well attendees know the couple with our handpicked questions.

For more fun, consider the lively game “Bachelorettes Against Decency!”Transform your gatherings with these engaging additions.

How to Play the ‘He Said She Said’ Game

The ‘He Said She Said’ game is a fun activity where you guess whether the bride or groom relates more to a statement. You can also play it between the couple to test how well they remember important things about each other. But it’s usually more enjoyable when more people join in.

You need at least 2 or more people to play (not counting the bride and groom), and it’s suitable for all ages because the content is safe. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Create Your Questions: Make your own paper with questions on it. You can use tools like Canva or similar apps. If that sounds hard, you can buy our ‘He Said She Said’ papers for $4.95. Just print as many as you need and you’re ready. The good thing is, that you can also pick your own questions when you order the game.
  2. Number of Questions: Usually, there are 10 to 15 questions on the papers.
  3. Hand Out the Papers: Give everyone a paper with questions, including the bride and groom.
  4. Circle the Symbols: Tell everyone to circle the symbols (like a mustache and lips) to show who they think said or did specific things.
  5. Check the Answers: After everyone writes down their answers, you (the bride and groom) check everyone’s answers. This helps you figure out who knows you best.
  6. Make it a Contest: You can also turn it into a friendly competition between the groom’s side and the bride’s side. And you don’t have to play it only at bachelorette parties. It works well at other events too, like birthdays or engagements.
  7. Create a Prize: Consider giving a symbolic prize to the winner, the person who knows the couple best.
  8. Add Some Fun: Make the game even more enjoyable by having drinks and creating personalized Bachelorette CAH T-shirts.

So, whether you’re celebrating a wedding, a birthday, an engagement, or any other event, the ‘He Said She Said’ game is a great way to have fun and test how well you know the couple.

Romantic ‘He Said She Said’ Questions

Here’s a list of questions to make them both cry 🙂 They’re very romantic and personal, and I bet are things that every couple takes care of.

  1. It was I who made the first move;
  2. I was the first to say ‘I love you’;
  3. I proposed to my partner;    
  4. I plan all of our date nights;
  5. My love language is cuddling;
  6. I initiated our first kiss;
  7. I want to have more than 3 kids;
  8. I am the romantic one in our relationship;
  9. I make more gifts;
  10. The first thing I noticed in my partner was his/her eyes;
  11. I was always the biggest flirt;
  12. I like being the cry baby;
  13. When we started dating I thought “How did I pull her/him off”;
  14. Our first date is my favorite date;
  15. I am more excited about the wedding;
  16. I forget easier;
  17. I’m the first to say ‘I’m sorry’ after a fight;
  18. I think my partner’s music taste is way better than mine;
  19. I always notice the little details;
  20. I mentioned marriage first;
  21. My partner is the most tolerant;
  22. I fell in love first;
  23. I immediately told my family that I’m going to marry him/her right after meeting;
  24. I gotta admit it, I’m the jealous one;
  25. I love the nicknames he/she gave me;
  26. He/she is a whole package;
  27. I will cry on our big day;
  28. I hope our kids have her/his eyes;
  29. Man, I still get butterflies;
  30. I never believed in love at first sight, but my partner proved me wrong;
  31. I wish we were married years ago;

Funny ‘He Said, She Said’ Questions

To go a bit off the corners, funny questions always work. Everyone feels more comfortable and it’s a cute energizer for all the guests. Why not see the couple from another point of view?

  1. I wear the pants of our relationship;
  2. I take longer to get ready;
  3. I have the best dark jokes;
  4. My in-laws are crazier than my partner’s;
  5. I think he/she will kill us when driving;
  6. My partner’s very bad at giving directions;
  7. He/she is very similar to my celebrity crush;
  8. I take longer to shower
  9. I am the Monica of our relationship (the clean freak of Friends);
  10. I make the bed better;
  11. I forget about some important dates;
  12. I suck at making gifts;
  13. My partner uses more toilet paper than I do;
  14. I spend money like water;
  15. I think I’m the drama queen;
  16. I refuse to admit that it’s my fault;
  17. I will take care of the spiders in our house;
  18. I have no friends except my partner;
  19. No matter what, I’m always right;
  20. I don’t want to talk to my partner the first hour after I wake up;
  21. I love breakfast in bed (who doesn’t though?);
  22. I have more red flags than him/her;
  23. I steal the covers when sleeping;
  24. My partner can’t dance. Sorry;
  25. I’ll dance my heart off at our wedding party;
  26. I enjoy our couples card games more than I thought I will;
  27. He/she doesn’t have to wake that early every single morning;
  28. I will spoil our kids the most;
  29. I am the mean one to other people;
  30. I would like him/her to never leave the house;
  31. I never admit I’m jealous;
  32. My friends tell me I over talk about my partner every time we go out;
  33. I always take selfies;
  34. I tell my partner when his/her feet stink;
  35. He/she snores the loudest;
  36. I can’t remember my partner’s clothes size;
  37. It’s me, I’m the picky eater;
  38. I see dreams about him/her cheating, and get mad at them;
  39. Guys, I’m the big spoon;
  40. My partner talks more than me;
  41. We invited too many people to our wedding;
  42. He/she spends more money on clothes than I do;
  43. I cry when watching sad movies;

‘He Said She Said’ Questions About Personal Traits

Besides knowing how 2 people are as a couple, it’s always important knowing what their personality traits are. By comparing them, you’ll see what characters both the bride and the groom have.

  1. I am more stubborn;
  2. My partner is more patient;
  3. I take care of details;
  4. I love organizing things, including our wedding;
  5. I try to save more money;
  6. He/she is way more creative than I am;
  7. I get ready in 5 minutes;
  8. I am a better driver;
  9. I’m looking forward to changing my job;
  10. I regret easier;
  11. Job qualifications & school are always on top of my priorities;
  12. I get stressed easier;
  13. I cook more & better food;
  14. I don’t like eating out often;
  15. I wish my partner had more free time;
  16. I am more adventurous;
  17. Sometimes I want to have some time alone;
  18. I am more introverted than him/her;
  19. He/she makes decisions faster;
  20. I make more money;
  21. I get mad at little things;
  22. My partner is more into astrology than I am!;
  23. I will be the overprotective parent;
  24. I am more shy;
  25. I am more likely to do the chores;
  26. My partner is a workaholic;

Question Ideas To Make Your Own Game

DIY stuff is always fun. Well, for me at least… I know there are some lazy people out there, but, don’t quit, we’ll show a PDF version later for you! 

Here are some cute, funny questions if you want to make ‘He Said, She Said’:

  1. For me, it was love in first sight;
  2. I can’t really remember our first date;
  3. I always get mad for little things;
  4. I initiated our first kiss;
  5. I’m more likely to hold grudges for 2 days in a row!;
  6. My in-laws made me blush when I first met them;
  7. I’ll never answer my kids when they ask: How are babies made?;
  8. I still don’t like our wedding date;
  9. I am a better dancer;
  10. My partner’s a better driver;
  11. I definitely have the crazier family;
  12. I like having breakfast in bed;
  13. I take longer to shower;
  14. I’m the biggest flirt;
  15. I has all 5s at school;
  16. I’ll probably run out of money soon;
  17. I say ‘I love you’ and ‘sorry’ more often;
  18. I’m very nervous about the wedding;
  19. I still haven’t packed anything for our honeymoon;
  20. I am the most jealous one, I don’t regret it!

Ps. feel free to add any question you want, you can also add something personal which can be harder to guess, but also tells a lot about you two!

‘He Said, She Said’ Game Instructions

First off, let’s talk about who can play this game. Anyone can play, but it’s important to consider the age group and the type of questions. If you’re making the game yourself, you decide the age-appropriateness.

You can make it more mature with spicy questions or keep it clean for family gatherings or with teenagers around. The choice is yours, and you surely don’t want to make things awkward, right?

Now, let’s get down to business. Start by preparing the list of questions. You can make your own or save time by using pre-made questions.

Having around 20 questions is a good idea, but you can have more if you like. There’s no strict rule!

You have options for how to form teams. You can divide guests into teams like bridesmaids vs. groomsmen or bride’s side vs. groom’s side. You can also play individually, where each person competes to show how well they know the couple.

Give your guests 5 to 10 minutes (depending on the number of questions) to fill out their papers. If in teams, give one paper per team. If individuals are playing, each person gets a paper.

Now, let’s talk about the paper layout. On the left side, you’ll find the questions. On the right side, there are symbols: lips for the bride and mustaches for the groom.

Read a statement and circle the lips if you think the bride said it or the mustaches if it’s more like something the groom would say.

When the timer is up, go through everyone’s answers. If you’re playing with your partner, you both reveal your answers for transparency.

And don’t forget to announce the winner! It’s all about having fun and celebrating who knows the couple best.

P.S. We’ll give you an example later on to make things even clearer!

In What Other Ways Can You Play It?

Get the printable version. We love it. It saves much time, and it costs so little money. You can get a printable ‘He Said, She Said’ version at our shop, for a price of only $4.95, which is definitely competitive!

Getting more printable games is good because that will make Bachelorette fun.

The design is pretty cute, and the questions are very heartwarming! All you have to do is print as many games as you want, and have fun playing it.

You don’t have to deal with all that, you know, find the questions, write them, oh, made a mistake, edit it… It’s all ready to play!

He Said, She Said PDF Game

Turn it into a drinking game. Drinking makes everything way better. I mean, this game is awesome, but why not add some shots when we can (you know, if you’re all above the allowed-to-drink age).

What you can do is make the losing team( or the loser, if playing individually), drink as many shots as the questions they answer wrong. You can apply this ‘rule’ to all the players, or teams, or just to the losers, as a punishment! 

He Said She Said- Drinking

Film/ record the answers. We globally know that the bachelorette (or bridal party), and all that pre-wedding stuff, is a couple’s favorite period. They love keeping an eye on everything and taking photos and all that to remind every detail.

That’s why, after everyone has written down their answers, we’d recommend you to film the couple’s answers, because this is how they’ll watch it after several years(or when they become elders), and they’ll probably start crying…

Our Final Word: Is ‘He Said, a She Said’ A Good Bridal Shower Party Game?

You still doubting that? Of course it is worth it… 

What are its strong points? Well, it is a unisex game, I mean, works great for both bride & groom, can be played by any number of players you want, you can remove or add your own ideas to the game, you can get a ready PDF version, tells the guests a lot about you, and, last but not least, it’s such a great memory! 

To add the sparkle, you can use the ‘special’ instructions, you know, just as turning the game into a drinking game, or filming the answers (which is the cutest thing of ‘em all)!

Ps. If you’re the bride and you’re struggling with the dress code, check the bachelorette T-shirts. We know you’re taking care of so many things! 

Congrats on your wedding. I’ll tell you the secret of a happy marriage. It remains… a secret to all!

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