24 Surprisingly Good Potterheads Party Games For All Ages!

Best Harry Potter Party Games

Potterheads deserve an article of their own! What could be better than a bunch of categories, and dozens of fun games?  Since my teammates and I have played lots of Harry Potter games (you know, it’s Potterhead’s world), we thought why not make a list of our favorites?

We made sure to include unique card games, Trivia, and board games, but also some activities and games that don’t require special equipment. Don’t worry though! There’s also our very beloved HP drinking game included, for everyone who wants to get tipsy while playing!

  • Board games:
  1. Harry Potter Scrabble;
  2. Matching Game;
  4. Labyrinth Board Game;
  5. Clue Board Game;
  • Card games:
  1. Cards Against Muggles;
  2. Top Trumps Quiz;
  3. UNO Harry Potter;
  • HP-related activities:
  1. Make The Potions;
  2. DIY Escape Room;
  3. Make Dragon Eggs;
  4. The Sorting Hat;
  • Trivia & guessing games:
  1. Guess The Danger Word;
  2. Trivial Pursuit;
  3. Harry Potter Charades;
  4. Who Is It – Guessing Game;
  • Cardless & boardless games;
  1. HP Word Search;
  2. Would You Rather;
  3. Scavenger Hunt;
  • Birthday party games:
  1. Harry Potter HedBanz Game;
  2. Outdoor Harry Potter Quidditch;
  3. Pin The Lightning Bolt on Harry;
  4. Harry Potter Jenga;
  • Harry Potter Drinking Game;
  • Conclusion;

Board Games

Board games always tend to bring lots of competition between the players and develop important skills, including strategy and critical thinking. The board games we’re about to mention, have something extra: all equipment: the board, cards, movers, and tokens, are Harry Potter themed!

1. Harry Potter Scrabble -$27.99

HP Scrabble

Number of players: 2 to 4 | Recommended age: 11+;

Game details: 

Since its invention year, 1938, Scrabble has been one of the most famous board games ever.  The Harry Potter version is of course the Potterhead’s favorite Scrabble. The idea behind the game is to create words (precisely related to the Harry Potter series) using the word tiles. It has a direct impact on the performance of the brain and helps you learn new words. In the HP version, you’ll get 100 wooden tiles, 4 racks, and a few unique cards. Whoever has the highest final score, wins!

2. HP Matching Game – $14.99

HP Matching Game

Number of players: 2 | Recommended age: 4+;

Game details: 

What’s the point of this matching game? Well, most importantly, it is a super fun 2-players game! There are 15 characters from all the movies, and in simple words, you have to match 5 cubes in a line, horizontally, vertically, or in a diagonal. Works well even if played by people who haven’t watched the series, since there isn’t any question about Harry Potter or anything similar. The winner is whoever makes the most matches.

3. HP CODENAMES – $34.86


Number of players: 2+ | Recommended age: 11+;

Game details:

We have mentioned Codenames in some other pieces of art, cuz’ we love it!

This Harry Potter version is obviously the cherry on top, and it comes with 200 code cards, 100 double-sided key cards, 16 order of the phoenix cards, mission logs, and so on. While locating secret agents, it will feel like reliving Hogwarts and the magical world of Harry Potter. Just in case you need it, here’s a video to help you out: How To Play Codenames: Harry Potter.

4. Labyrinth Board Game – $32.61

Labyrinth Board Game

Number of players: 2 to 4 | Recommended age: 7+;

Game details: 

Labyrinth board game, is hands down one of the people’s favorites, especially when it comes to Potterheads and this version of the game. The point of the game is to help Harry Potter find the shortest routes to Hogwarts. Besides Harry, even Hermione, Ron, Professor Dumbledore, and more characters are waiting for you to find them! It comes with a game board, 34 maze cards, 24 picture cards, and 4 playing pieces. A player wins if he successfully collects all the designated cards and gets back to the starting point.

5. Clue Board Game – $33.98

Clue Board Game

Number of players: 3 to 5 | Recommended age: 8+;

Game details: 

In the magical game of Clue, players have to play like Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, or Neville. Whenever any of the players think they have solved the mystery, they head out to Dumbledore’s office, to give the news. There are special cards, including help cards, dark, mystery, and suspects, which just make your mission way more interesting! If you want to win, you have to know the location of the incident, be sure about the spell that was used, and use the power of deduction correctly.

Card Games

Cheers to another super important category of games! Harry Poter-themed card games work incredibly well for all types of people, remind you of the HP series and bring great fun to the party.

1. Cards Against Muggles – $9.95

Cards Against Muggles Box

Number of players: 4 to 20+ | Recommended age: 17+;

Game details:

Cards Against Humanity and everything made in that style is always fun, no matter what. Cards Against Muggles is all about making dark jokes related to your favorite characters! This edition has a total of 1440 cards, and the main goal is to make the most hilarious card combination. The Card Czar picks one black card for you, and all the other players have to find the best card to answer or fill in the blank. The Muggles version of CAH is definitely one of the best fan-made expansions!

2. Top Trumps Quiz Game – $15.99

Top Trumps Quiz

Number of players: 2+ | Recommended age: 6+;

Game details: 

We love the fact that this game has 500 cards inside, which are related to both the movies and the books series! Don’t worry about not finding the answer! Each question has the answer on the back of the cards, but don’t let that lower your standards! It contains questions like: Why does Dumbledore not use Harry’s blood to gain passage to the Horcrux cave?, How do Harry and Dumbledore magically travel from Hogwarts to Horcrux crave?, How do Harry and Dumbledore magically travel from Hogwarts to Horcrux cave? and 497 more!

Ps. it has an extremely sturdy box, so you probably won’t even need our carrying cases at all!

3. UNO Harry Potter – $6.49

UNO Harry Potter

Number of players: 2 to 10 | Recommended age: 7+;

Game details: 

Agh, how much we love it when games are under $10! The special UNO for Potterheads has 120 cards inside. What makes this edition unique, is that on every card we’ll find an HP character photo, or at least details that resemble them.

Of course, there are the same rules as the classic UNO, but, there’s also a special rule inside this box: the Sorting Hat rule card. We know these cards will become important to you. That’s why don’t forget to look for our UNO card cases on your way!

HP-Related Activities

DIY activities and crafts are always good ideas. Besides that, y’all will get creative, and you’ll also keep everything you made as some memorable gifts. Potions, the sorting hat, and dragon eggs are some of the items that resemble Harry Potter and the series. 

1. Make The Potions

Make The Potions

Equipment: Alcoholic drinks (or other).

Activity details: 

Magic? We love magic! Start by writing the names of 4 and more drinks on small pieces of paper (use creative names, just as in movies: Butterbeer Cocktail, Polyjuice Potion, Firewhisky, Pumpkintini). Next, you have to mix these pieces of paper and ask every team (or player) to draw 3 of them. This means they have to make cocktails using the drinks they have chosen. The game host, blindfolded, tries every cocktail and decided which one is the tastiest.

2. DIY Escape Room

DIY Escape Room

Equipment: Items related to the series (clothes, furniture, decorations);

Game details:

This is, hands down, the most realistic Harry Potter game ever. Mostly and ideally, this is completed in teams since you finish your tasks and solve different puzzles. 

For the best result, you can print the tasks (here), and start your adventure! Oh, and there’s another way to play the game, for all our online games ( and game apps) lovers! The Hogwarts Escape is the digital way of having your Harry Potter Escape Room!

3. Make Dragon Eggs

Make Dragon Eggs

Equipment: Real eggs or plastics.

Game details: 

C’mon now, we know that Dragon eggs are integral parts of the Harry Potter series! This doesn’t actually have any strict rules on how to do it. It is all up to your creativity. However, try to paint and design the eggs, so they create the impression of dragon eggs, yk… However, you can also turn it into a competition and check who did best. My family and I  love to make them for Easter! Here’s a cute video to give you a glimpse of them: DIY Harry Potter Dragon Eggs.

4. The Sorting Hat

Making The Sorting Hat

Equipment: Cardboard, paper, and watercolors.

Game details: 

First things first, you’ll have the amazing sorting hat without spending a penny. Plus, it feels pretty great knowing you did it yourself! A sorting hat is something that determines in which school every student of Hogwarts belongs to, that’s why it’s gonna be great having your own! You can use cardboard, newspaper, pieces of paper, and brown watercolor to make it look as realistic as possible. In the end, if you’re making it with other Potterheads, vote who made the prettiest one!

Trivia & Guessing Games

To test all your knowledge relating HP series, you have to try our Trivia & guessing games. They’re tons of fun and competitive as well. There are included different levels of difficulty, so you’ll definitely go from super simple to complicated, and we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy them all at their fullest.

1. Guess The Danger Word

HP Danger Word

Number of players: 4 and more | Recommended age: depends on the questions.

Game details: 

Danger Word is no doubt a very funny & competitive game. What you have to do is help your teammate guess the winning word (by using other words related to that one), but, always try to keep them as far as possible from the danger word. Everyone who mentions the danger word gets a punishment! For instance, the target word would be Hogwarts, but the danger word would be school since it almost tells the whole answer. In this case, you might use something like wizards, learning magic, lessons, and anything similar.

2. Trivial Pursuit – $20.27

Trivial Pursuit

Number of players: 2+ | Recommended age: 8+;

Game details: 

Trivial Pursuit is love itself! This edition comes with a set of 100 cards, and there are 6 questions in each card! You can test your HP knowledge in 6 categories: The Dark Arts, Hogwarts, Magical Spells & Potions, Magical Objects, Magical People, Animals & Magical Creatures. There’s also one dice to help you choose the category you’re about to answer. These can be some of the questions: What is professor Dumbledore’s first name?, Which Hogwarts student is harmed by a cursed necklace?, and of course, lots more!

3. Harry Potter Charades

Harry Potter Charades

Number of players: 4 to 10 | Recommended age: 10+;

Game details: 

Charades is very famous, I bet you all played it once! Harry Potter Charades is one of our faves, no doubt. What you’ll need are some small cards (printed or hand-written), with Harry Potter words on them. The classic way to play is to split all players into 2 teams, and let 1 member act out the specific word, while the remaining teammates have to guess it. If they do it correctly, they win a point, if not, the playing team wins a point. The game ends whenever you’re bored with it!

4. Who Is It – Guessing Game?  – $15.99

Who Is It Guessing Game

Number of players: 2 | Recommended age: 6+;

Game details:

We’re obsessed with family card games, you already got it. The game we just showed has 72 character cards that come in 3 separate color-coded packs, and everyone who loves the movies or book series will definitely love these as well.

What you have to do is find which character your opponent has picked, just by asking questions. The answers can only be yes OR no. To make it more challenging, we recommend you add a limit to the number of questions. 10 would be enough.

Cardless & Boardless Harry Potter Games

If you’re trying to save some money, or even try another extra category, cardless & boardless games are right what you need. They require no extra stuff but work great in connecting people, testing your skills, and showing off your competitive spirit.

1. HP Word Search

HP Word Search

Number of players: 1+ | Recommended age: 7+;

Game details:

Seeing people struggle while word searching is always fun! On the bottom of the paper, you’ll find all the required words, so that’ll make it simple. You may look for the words horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Well, it isn’t as easy as it looks. It can get confusing sometimes… Especially if you’ve put a limit and are in the middle of a competition. And yeah, you can also play it by yourself. It makes a cool single-player game!

2. Would You Rather

Would You Rather

Number of players: 3+ | Recommended age: 16+;

Game details: 

This is all about connecting deeper with your Potteheads. And there are no complicated instructions! basically, is all about trying to know your people more. You ask them questions, and they should decide between 2 statements therefore you make them choose between 2 things. You can use questions similar to: Would you rather have Ron OR Hermione as a friend?, Would you rather be a pro at Transfiguration OR Apparition?, Would you rather save Fred or Lupin in the Battle of Hogwarts?, and lots more!

3. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Number of players: 5+ | Recommended age: 12+;

Game details:

Just when we thought that Halloween Scavenger Hunt is gonna be our favorite, we find out about the Harry Potter version!!! Whoever organizes the game should hide the clues in different places, and write hints on the cards, so this is how the players will find them. You can find printable ideas, so it’s easier for you. Anyways, there’s nothing wrong with writing your own ideas down. 

Birthday Party Games

What could be a more perfect party theme for a Potterhead, other than a Harry Potter-themed party? Speaking of which, it can’t be fulfilled without some games. What we’ll show below are made for large groups of people, can either be played in groups and are typical for a birthday mood!

1. Harry Potter HedBanz Game – $19.99

HedBanz Game

Number of players: 2 to 6 | Recommended age: 7+;

Game details: 

If you’ve ever heard of Heads Up, you’re gonna have it all easy. The Hedbanz set includes 72 picture cards, which should be placed on your forehead. Next, without seeing what’s in the picture, you have to ask your friends questions about your card. Be careful since the questions shouldn’t be direct – you can’t ask them about your name or similar questions. You solve the puzzle by combining all these answers and coming to a final: Who Am I?

2. Outdoor Harry Potter Quidditch

Outdoor HP Quidditch

Number of players: 2 teams of 7 players | Recommended age: 18+;

Game details: 

For everyone who’s hosting their birthday party outside, Quidditch is a must!

To finish the setup, you take some bases and use hula hoops at the top of each. You can use a spray color to make them look realistic and HP-themed. Usually, a team in this game (and sport as well) consists of three Chasers, two Beaters, one Seeker, and one Keeper.  if you manage to place the quaffle into the basket, you earn 10 points. If you (or any of your teammates) luckily catch the Golden Snitch, you add 30 points to your team!

3. Pin The Lightning Bolt On Harry

Number of players: 3 to 10 | Recommended age: 10+;

Game details:

Remember our Pin The Tail On The Male? We’d love to present to you the muggles version now! All you gotta do is give all players tiny paper lighting bolts, and place the poster of Harry Potter on the wall. Next, taking turns, everyone blindfolded has to spin a few times in place, and then try to put the lightning bolt on Harry’s forehead. Whoever’s closest to the actual target, wins!

4. Harry Potter Jenga – $26.99

Number of players: 4+ | Recommended age: 6+;

Game details: 

Jenga has proven that it adds magic to the party, especially birthday ones! The tiles on this version of Jenga are all customized. Therefore, it features Hogwarts houses, and there’s one die that will tell you what tile you should move. Just as in all versions of this game, the goal is to draw and place tiles, without crushing the tower. Magically, you will climb the Hogwarts grand staircase and get in that competitive spirit. Ps. this is also a great Harry Potter gift idea for your girl!

Harry Potter Drinking Game

We have an unhealthy addiction to movie drinking games. However, the Harry Potter one is undoubtedly one of our all times favorites!!! The game follows some simple rules: you take one sip, drink a shot, or finish your drink for specific statements and scenes. Here are some of them:

Take a sip of your drink when:

  • Someone yells ‘Harry!’;
  • A ghost floats by;
  • Anyone whips out their wand;
  • Ron says ‘Bloody Hell’;

Take a shot whenever:

  • Harry catches the Snitch;
  • One of the characters is seen flying;
  • Harry mentions his dead parents;
  • Hermione breaks a rule;

Finish your drink if:

  • Harry passes out;
  • Someone says ‘Expelliarmus’;
  • Colin Firth speaks Portuguese;

Well, these aren’t the full rules! We already made a special article about this. Go check the HP drinking game rules!


We hope all our Potterheads enjoyed this as much as we did. We did our best in picking the best & most entertaining games, and now it’s left to you to pick your favorite. There are board and card games, DIY activities, outdoor games, drinking ones, and also some special birthday party games. Keep in mind that it’s always best if you pick more than 1 game since the fun will be unlimited!!!  

Don’t let the Muggles let you down, dude!

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