24 Surprisingly Good Potterheads Party Games For All Ages!

Best Harry Potter Party Games

“Curiosity is not a sin…. But we should exercise caution with our curiosity… yes, indeed.” – Albus Dumbledore.

Showing interest in Harry Potter games is a good stage of being curious, keep that in mind!

First you need to understand What is a muggle in Harry Potter.

What you’ll see here, is nothing more than some amazing Harry Potter-themed games, that is perfectly good for all ages (well, there are some exceptions tbh).

Since I and my team have played lots of Harry Potter games (you know, it’s Potterheads world), we thought why not make a list of our favorites?

Since we mentioned dozens of games, you’ll be free to choose the most appropriate one for you and your team, based on some specifics, which we’ll talk about later…

But what are the important points of this article? Check them in the following:

  • How Do You Win A Potterhead’s Heart?;
  • Tips To Help You Choose Your Game;
  • Our Game Choices;
  1. Harry Potter Charades;
  2. Guess The Danger Word;
  3. Would You Rather;
  4. Cards Against Muggles;
  5. Top Trumps Quiz;
  6. Harry Potter Scrabble;
  7. UNO Harry Potter;
  8. Harry Potter HedBanz Game;
  9. Clue Board Game;
  10. Trivial Pursuit;
  11. Make The Potions;
  12. HP Match Game;
  13. Make Dragon Eggs;
  14. Labyrinth Board Game;
  15. Outdoor Harry Potter Quidditch;
  16. Making The Sorting Hat;
  18. Scavenger Hunt;
  19. Who Is It – Guessing Game;
  20. DIY Escape Room;
  21. HP Word Search;
  22. HP Playing Cards;
  23. Guess Who I Am! ;
  24. Guess The Scene/Phrase.

How Do You Win A Potterhead’s Heart?


There are millions of Potterheads all around the world. When they’re that addicted to Harry Potter and anything related to him, they have some favourite things that they value a lot. Here’s what they love most:

  • Using phrases only fans know. You know, they always feel like they’re in Hogwarts when they use all their words and language. I solemnly swear, I’m up to no good!               
  • Improvising magic potions. There are actually some home-made recipes that make you think you’re really making magic. Goblin Snot Juice, Fizzy Cauldron Cordial are just 2 of them.(If you’re an adult, make some cocktails that look just like potions).
  • Having a HP book collection. Movies are fascinating, no doubt… But having the books in their bookshelf and taking a look at their pretty covers every time they’re bored, just makes life better.
  • Buying special gifts. There’s nothing to make them happier, especially if we talk about Harry Potter Gifts For Girls. It’s always a special feeling, you have no idea how much love they keep these gifts, even if they look like just some meaningless things (to you).
  • Finding good games. Last but not least, of course, the games. But how do you find some good games for Harry Potter fans? How are you even thinking of that? That’s the easiest part, you just read in our blog!

Tips To Help You Choose Your Game

Do you remember all the details of your favourite series? This matters a lot. Since we choose different kinds of games, there are some of them that’d be best if you have strong memory skills, if you remember even the smallest details (for example if you’re playing Quiz or Charades), but don’t worry, there are dozens others.

Do you like doing crafty HP stuff? Some people are really into DIY and all that. We wrote about several games that can be made without spending any penny, let’s mention the DIY Escape Room, Sorting Hat, and some printable ones. If you’re lazy and you don’t have enough nerves for that stuff, well, check all the other games!

Are there Harry Potter Board Games? Some people find these card games or others basic & boring (they’re wrong though!). Anyways, we thought about all of you, as always… In the following, you’ll find the best HP themed board games. They really help with your soft skills, and test your memory and concentration. You’ll be fascinated, let me tell you!

Do some Potterheads games need strategy?  Well, of course, some games just require some basic skills, or you know, no skills at all, you just follow the rules! But, some of the games in our fabolous list, will work best if you really put your mind on them, you concentrate and you like to use some strategy. Such may be: Uno Game, Playing Cards,  Labyrinth, etc. 

1. Harry Potter Charades

Harry Potter Charades

What’s so special about this game?

You get to act & show your acting skills… On the other hand you get to recreate your favourite scenes or words from your favourite series!!! 

What do Potterheads say about the game? 

Charades is very famous, I bet you all played it once! Harry Potter Charades is one of my faves, no doubt. 

What you’ll need are some small cards or letters (printed or hand-written), with charade words on them. You can also use a bowl or a hat to mix the letters, so the next player doesn’t know which one they’re about to draw.

The classic way to play is to split into 2 teams, and when 1 member goes out and acts out the specific word, the other team has to guess it. If they do correctly, they win a point, if not, the playing team wins a point. At the end, you can challenge the losers with a dare!

2. Guess The Danger Word

HP Danger Word

What’s so special about this game?

The game is very intense, which makes us feel really competitive, but yet, very proud of ourselves. It gets us thinking 3 times before we speak. You probably have seen people playing it on Ellen Show.

What do Potterheads say about the game? 

Danger Word is no doubt a very funny & lovely game. There are many versions of how this game can be played & the game themes.

The game is amazingly simple. You can play it in teams or individually. What you have to do is help your teammate guess the winning word (by using other words related to that one), but, always try to keep them as far as possible from the danger word.

Everyone who mentions the danger word, gets a punishment!

3. Would You Rather

Would You Rather

What’s so special about this game?

This helps Potterheads to know each other better, by giving opinions and sharing their preferences from their point of view. We can all see everyone’s horizon of thinking, just by playing Would You Rather!

What do Potterheads say about the game? 

As I mentioned, we love the game, it’s heartwarming.

No complicated instructions, basically, is all about trying to know your people more. You ask them questions, and they should decide one of the 2 ‘facts’. Long story short, you make them choose between 2 things.

You can use questions just like: Would you rather have Ron OR Hermione as a friend?/ Would you rather be a pro at Transfiguration OR Apparition?/ Would you rather save Fred or Lupin in the Battle of Hogwarts?, and lots more!

4. Cards Against Muggles – $9.95

Cards Against Muggles Box

What’s so special about this game?

Cards Against Humanity and everything made in that style is always fun, no matter what. Read Cards Against Muggles review is all about making dark jokes related to your favourites!

What do Potterheads say about this?

Let’s spill out some facts: Cards Against Muggles is one of the best fan-made expansions!

I guess you all know the rules already… You find your funniest white card that you think matches best the black (question) cards. This edition has 1440 cards, but do not forget, only people who are 17 years or older can play!

Have I mentioned that you can also play every CAH pack as a drinking game? I guess I didn’t?!

5. Top Trumps Quiz Game – $12.21

Top Trumps Quiz

What’s so special about this game?

First thing first, these cards make you remember every little detail from your favourite series. You’ll test your memory, for sure!

What do Potterheads say about the game? 

The fact that this game has 500 cards inside, and for every question, there is the answer in the back of the card, makes it even better.

If you accidentally forgot some details, you’ll undoubtedly remember them after discussing with your friends, and reading the answers.

It contains these types of questions: Why does Dumbledore not use Harry’s blood to gain passage to the Horcrux cave?, How do Harry and Dumbledore magically travel from Hogwarts to Horcrux crave?, and 498 more!

6. Harry Potter Scrabble

HP Scrabble

What’s so special about this game?

You’ll for sure enrich your Harry Potter vocabulary, and learn many new strategies. It is a game that involves both skills, but also luck!

What do Potterheads say about the game? 

Since its invention year, 1938, Scrabble has been one of the most famous board games ever. 

The Harry Potter version is of course the Potterhead’s favourite Scrabble. Comparing it to our previous games, this may seem a bit complicated. Don’t worry, we’ll help you out: Official Scrabble Rules.

In the video you’ll find the instructions for the classic game, but, the only difference with the HP version is that there are only used words related to Harry Potter and his world, so, the rules are identically the same!

7. UNO Harry Potter – $6.09

UNO Harry Potter

What’s so special about this game?

It is a game that develops critical thinking & management skills. All about competition, being patient, and keeping our cold.

What do Potterheads say about the game? 

As you know, UNO can be played by all ages (7+), by 2 to 10 players. The special UNO for Potterheads, has 120 cards inside.

What makes this edition unique, is that in every card we’ll find a HP character photo, or even anything else related to them.

Of course there are the same rules as the classic UNO, but, there’s also a special rule inside this box: The Sorting Hat Rule Card.

8. Harry Potter HedBanz Game

HedBanz Game

What’s so special about this game?

It makes you think well about the questions you’re about to ask, helps you concentrate and match words together to find the answer.

What do Potterheads say about the game? 

This set includes 72 picture cards, which you use to put in your hedbanz, and place it on your forehead.

 Of course, you shouldn’t see what’s in the picture, it would be nonsense. You have to ask your friends questions (not direct questions, you can’t ask them who am I or what’s my name).

They have to help you with anything you ask, for example, if you ask what’s your character in the movie or book, do the other characters love you, etc. You ‘solve the puzzle’ by combining all these answers and coming to a final: Who Am I?

9. Clue Board Game

Clue Board Game

What’s so special about this game?

What we really love is that this mystery board game teaches deductive reasoning, which is all about finding the reasons and solving a case…. 

What do Potterheads say about the game? 

The Players have to play like Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna or Neville. Whenever any of the players thinks they have solved the mystery, they head out to Dumbledore’s office, to give the news.

There are the special cards, just as: Help Cards, Dark Deck, Mystery Cards, Suspects, etc.

It can be played by 3 to 5 players, designed for 8+ ages. It is a whole new level of the astonishing Clue game!!!

10. Trivial Pursuit – $20.99

Trivial Pursuit

What’s so special about this game?

It makes you remember every little detail that you may have forgotten. It is a cute Harry Potter memory test, the questions are not as easy as you think!

What do Potterheads say about the game? 

Trivial Pursuit is always fun, no matter what! This one comes with a set of 100 questions. Let me mention that there are 6 questions in each card, do the math now, a total of 600 questions!!!

You can test your knowledge in 6 categories: The Dark Arts, Hogwarts, Magical Spells & Potions, Magical Objects, Magical People, Animals & Magical Creatures.

You have to roll the die to know which category you’re about to answer. These can be some of the questions: What is professor Dubledore’s first name?, Which Hogwarts student is harmed by a cursed necklace?, and of course, lots more!

11. Make The Potions

Make The Potions

What’s so special about this game?

You’re all about to get drunk and forget all the negatives. You’re gonna do that by improvising magic potions that’ll make it more amusing.

What do Potterheads say about the game? 

First, you have to have some alcoholic drinks (make sure to have more than 4), and write their names in small papers (use creative names, just as in movies).

Next, you mix these papers and every team (or player) draws 3 of them. This means they have to make cocktails using the drinks they have chosen. 

The game host, blindfolded, tries every cocktail and decides which one was the tastiest.

Here are some drink ideas: Butterbeer Cocktail, Polyjuice Potion, Firewhisky, Pumpkintini, etc.

12. HP Matching Game – $24.99

HP Matching Game

What’s so special about this game?

It is an amazing adventure that requires a plan of action as well. It is specifically created for 2 players only, all ages!

What do Potterheads say about the game? 

What’s the point of this matching game? It has to be something with matching, obviously…

There are 15 characters from all the movies, and basically you have to match 5 cubes in a line, horizontally, vertically, or in a diagonal. 

It is actually for all ages, even if they haven’t watched Harry Potter, there isn’t any question or something…. Match 5 to win!!!

13. Make Dragon Eggs

Make Dragon Eggs

What’s so special about this game?

All ages enjoy it. What’s better than making crafty things with your beloved people? Absolutely nothing! Especially when it comes to dragon eggs.

What do Potterheads say about the game? 

This is more of a fun activity than a game, but anyways… You can turn it into a competition though, vote for the best design!

As we know, dragon eggs are undoubtedly very important when talking about Harry Potter, that’s why this game is very important too!

Me and my family love to make them for Easter. You can use your own creative ideas, but, here’s a cute video to show you how: DIY Harry Potter Dragon Eggs.

14. Labyrinth Board Game – $32.74

Labyrinth Board Game

What’s so special about this game?

The game is kinda about solving an enigma. It develops dexterity & tactic skills, and every card is related to our beloved Harry Potter.

What do Potterheads say about the game? 

Labyrinth board game, is hands down one of people’s favourite, especially when it comes to Potterheads and their favourite version.

The point of the game is to help Harry Potter find the shortest routes to Hogwarts. It comes with the game board, 34 maze cards, 24 picture cards and 4 playing pieces.

It is one of the best family board games, and attractive enough even for teenagers (which hardly like spending time with the family), and for all the adults around!

15. Outdoor Harry Potter Quidditch 

Outdoor HP Quidditch

What’s so special about this game?

The game will definitely make you feel like you’re in Hogwarts, and you’re playing with your friend Harry. The game itself symbolizes the deeper virtues taught there.

What do Potterheads say about the game? 

As I just mentioned (hopefully you didn’t forget this fast), this game has a special meaning to all the Potterheads.

To make the homemade quidditch, you take some bases (depending on the number of players), and use hula hoops at the top of each. You can use a spray color to make them look unique.

The game is played on broomsticks, but we’re not going to do that. Are you a witch? 

Anyways, if you place the quaffle into the basket, you earn 10 points. If you (or any of your teammates) luckily catch the Golden Snitch, you add 30 points to your team!

16. Making The Sorting Hat

Making The Sorting Hat

What’s so special about this activity?

First things first, you’ll have the amazing sorting hat without spending a penny. Plus, it feels pretty great knowing you did it yourself!

What do Potterheads say about the game? 

Is it that obvious that I love crafty things? Probably yes… But why spend money when you can do it just by using some creativity? That costs nothing but time!

A sorting hat is something that determines in which school every student belongs most too, that’s why, it’s gonna be great having your own personal one!

You can use cardboard, newspaper, and brown water color to make it look as realistic as possible. At the end, if you’re making it with other Potterheads, vote who made the prettiest one!

17. HP CODENAMES – $17.23


What’s so special about this game?

Let me spoil it a little: You have to complete a mission! All of you should work together to discover all of the secret agents…

What do Potterheads say about the game?

We have mentioned Codenames in some other pieces of art, cuz’ we love it!

This Harry Potter version is obviously the cherry on top, and it comes with 200 code cards, 100 double-sided key cards, 16 order of the phoenix cards, mission logs, and so on…

If we compare it to DIY activities, this may seem a little more complicated, but you’re clever, we know that… Just in case you need it, here’s a video to help you out: How To Play Codenames: Harry Potter.

18. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

What’s so special about this game?

Most of all, Scavenger Hunt is a game of problem solving. Makes you better at using new ideas and working on teamwork.

What do Potterheads say about the game?

Now, we always thought that Halloween Scavenger Hunt is gonna be our favourite, until we found out about the Harry Potter version!!!

Everyone who organises the game, should hide the clues in different places, and write hints on the cards, this is how the players will find them.

You can find printable ideas, so it’s easier for you. Anyways, there’s nothing wrong with writing your own ideas. 

19. Who Is It – Guessing Game?

Who Is It Guessing Game

What’s so special about this game?

You always try to get as much information as possible, and this is how you see how good you are at guessing… Concentration is the key!!!

What do Potterheads say about the game?

We’re obsessed with family card games, you already got it. The game we just show, is an amazing one, no doubt…

It has 72 character cards that come in 3 separate color-coded packs, and everyone who loves the movies or book series, will definitely love these games as well.

What you have to do to play is you have to find which character has your opponent(it is a 2-player game) picked, just by asking questions. The answers can only be yes OR no, yes, that’s easy.

20. DIY Escape Room

DIY Escape Room

What’s so special about this game?

It’s the most realistic Harry Potter game ever. The room, the details, all these designs, will definitely make you feel like you’re Harry!

What do Potterheads say about the game?

The Escape Room is definitely my favourite, it would be like my secret place even if we weren’t playing.

The point is that while working on teamwork, you finish your tasks and solve different puzzles. 

For the best result, you can print the tasks, as in here, it’s all gonna be easier. Oh, and there’s another way to play the game, you can also play it online, The Hogwarts Escape!

21. HP Word Search

HP Word Search

What’s so special about this game?

We’re talking about a game that is good for our brain! It really helps sharpen our reasoning skills.

What do Potterheads say about the game?

It may seem that this is for kids only, but trust us, it isn’t! It’s lovely seeing adults having fun while searching words.

There are the words you have to find at the bottom of the paper, so it will help you a lot. You have to search the words horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

No, it isn’t as easy as it looks. It can get confusing sometimes…

22. Playing Cards – $8.61

Harry Potter Playing Cards

What’s so special about this game?

Playing cards are always fun, no matter what! All the cards include multiple pictures, that give you that HP feeling!

What do Potterheads say about the game?

What’s important is that there aren’t any complicated rules, which we definitely love!

There are a total of 52 cards, and each has a unique, creative design, and they do look really pretty!

Just as the classic deck of cards, there are the same rules, the only difference is that they are related with your series!

23. Guess Who I Am!

Guess Who I Am HP Game

What’s so special about this game?

It makes you concentrate and try your best to get as much information as possible. Don’t make risky questions!

What do Potterheads say about the game?

Remember when we talked about Who Is It? Game earlier? Well, it’s kinda similar…

You stick some papers in every player’s forehead ( they have a name of a character written on it), and you should all make questions that can only be answered with yes/no, and they’ll help you find who you are!

Rule: No one should read their own paper,, it’d be nonsense!

24. Guess The Scene/ Phrases

Guess The Scene OR Phrase

What’s so special about this game?

It would be like watching almost the whole series one more time. You’ll keep mentioning stuff that maybe your friends are forgetting soon….

What do Potterheads say about the game?

It’s lots of fun & laughter, indeed. But what’s the point? Since there are many books and series, there are lots of memories, right?

You all pick some phrases or even scenes from one of the movies or books, and say it out loud (or find it online and play it). Next, your friends have to guess in which part (movie) of the series was that sentence said or acted…

Just like this: For example you ask “In which movie Harry sees Diagon Alley for the first time?”, and they’ll have to say “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”. Just as simple as this!


Our fabulous Potterheads, this was a special article for you! 

We did our best to choose the best games and activities, because as you know, there are lots of them out there. We didn’t want to serve you random unworthy stuff, that’s why we took lots of care and paid attention to what games we chose.

Don’t forget to follow our buying tips, I promise it’ll make it easier, because we know it’s hard choosing between 24 things, isn’t it?

Compare the games’ details and your preferences to see if it really fits. We made a mix of DIY activities and some Amazon games, so you’ll have more opportunities. 

Don’t let the Muggles let you down dude!

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