21 Harry Potter Gift Ideas for your Girl

HP shot glass

I solemnly swear (The Weasley Twins)… That your girl will love these gifts!

It’s time for the magical, fascinating, beautiful series of Harry Potter!!!

As you may know, first, Harry Potter was a book series written by J.K. Rowling. Then, as the books became very popular,  they also became film adaptations.

No doubt, it is one of people’s favorites. Over 500 million books have been sold worldwide. For those who aren’t really ‘book-addicted’, there are a total of 8 movies.

Most Harry Potter fans are female.

Now, the struggle is, what gift can you buy a girl who is a Potterhead?

I mean, when she is a fan of Harry Potter, nothing can make her happier, than a gift related to them.

Also, you can always inspire gift ideas for party games of Harry Potter.

It may seem complicated to find an appropriate gift, because of the different ages, or tastes of people, but, don’t overstress, we’ll try to make the article as clear as possible.

To help you out, we tried to include a diversity of gifts, starting from robes, uniforms, wands, little details, and the gift wrapping as well.

Also, we’ve tried to choose gifts that are suitable for different events,(birthdays, christmas, or even Valentine’s), different ages, for your little sister, your beautiful daughter, or even your crazy obsessed girlfriend. 

They have different prices, some may be expensive, but also lots of cheap, worthy gifts.

1. Hermione’s Costume – $39.00

Hermione costume

This is one of the most realistic gifts you can give. It really looks like it’s the original uniform of the beloved Hermione. 

With this amazing Hogwarts costume, designed with Gryffindor colors, the girl can become the Minister of Magic, just as Hermione did!

2. Hermione’s Wand – $29.99

Hermione's Wand

While we are at Hermione, and wardrobe, we can’t continue without mentioning the famous wand.

In the gift version, we can find the wand with a cute light on the top, which goes on when we wave it. This symbolizes the dragon heartstring core in the original wand.

3. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook – $9.42

unofficial HP cookbook

If she’s a fan, she’ll love this gift, end of the story.

The book contains a total of 150 recipes, and because of the design, and the recipe’s names, it really feels like you have an original book of Harry Potter.

No worries, there isn’t anything dangerous. There are some meals and stuff they kinda used in Hogwarts, just as: Pumpkin juice, meat pies, tripe, Shepherd’s pie, black pudding (well, magical thing…

4. Harry Potter Book Series- Complete Set– $89.94

HP book collection

What can be a better gift for someone that’s a book addict and a Potterhead than a complete book set?

The complete set has all 7 books. They have magical designs and believe me, you can’t stop admiring them. They are outstanding!!!

5. Harry Potter Themed -Shot Glass – $9.97

HP shot glass

If you are willing to buy a gift for someone who isn’t 18+, well, you have to skip this gift.

For all the adult Harry Potter lovers, this is amazing. Every time you drink, you have with you a detail of your favourite series.

6. Cards Against Muggles – $9.95

Cards Against Muggles

Based on J. K. Rowling, a muggle is someone who doesn’t have any sort of magical ability.

So, these cards are against them. Just kidding. This game is all about Harry Potter stuff. If you want to see your girl happy & laughing out loud, keep this game in mind.

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7. Harry Potter Themed- Silver Bracelet – $17.99

HP silver bracalet

First, have a look at how pretty this bracelet is. It has those beautiful little-themed charms that tell you a lot about Harry Potter.

It’s a gift that can be given to all ages, and it actually goes pretty well with any outfit. 

8. Harry Potter Trivia Game – $20.99

Harry Potter Trivia Game

It’s lovely for those who are part of any Potterhead team. This is a card game that contains 600 questions for some of the most interesting moments in Harry Potter films.

It actually tests out our memory and also knowledge. Recommended for 2 or more players, ages 8 and above.

9. Harry Potter Phonecase – $17.95

HP phone case

This is that one gift that she can keep with her, everywhere she goes. No matter her age. 

The case is beautifully designed with Harry Potter details, that’s how she’ll always remember she’s a Potterhead. Oh, and girls love mirror selfies, imagine how amazing they will be with this gift.

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10. Press on nails- Harry Potter Themed – $58.11

HP press on nails

It’s already obvious that girls love to do their nails. But when girls are a little younger, since they can’t do acrylic, they adore Press On false nails.

Imagine buying them Harry Potter nails, they’d be delighted.

11. Skeleteen Wizard Glasses & Tie – $9.99

glasses and tie

This tie, and especially these glasses characterize Harry Potter.

It is an amazing gift, for the fact that your girl will feel like a piece of Harry is with her. She’ll create her own amazing imaginary world, and feel like she’s one of the characters.

12. Hogwarts Hardcover Journal -$25.63

HP Journal

Journals are gifts that have stood the test of time.

Well, you know, girls use it to write for their first love, to write something when she gets mad at their parents and thinks nobody loves her, continuing further with very important life events. 

A journal is an underrated friend, especially when it is Harry Potter-themed!

13. Harry Potter String Art Kit – $22.99

HP Kit Art

I’m an adult, but still love this, don’t judge me!

I find this game very creative and fun, it is actually uni-sex. If you are a DIY person, you can also make this gift yourself. All you need is some wooden boards, some nails, and of course, some drawing skills.

14. Uno Harry Potter Card Game – $5.44

HP Uno Game

While we are at games and stuff, let me mention the amazing Uno.

I bet you have played Uno at least once in your life, but a Harry Potter themed Uno, is a very meaningful gift for a Potterhead. They’ll love playing it with their Harry Potter team.

15. Map Blanket – $38.19

Hogwarts map blanket

This is the warmest gift you can give. No, literally!

Besides the fact that it is a blanket, and of course keeps you warm, it also makes you feel like you’re in Hogwarts. It has these very cute details, and some sentences related to Harry Potter.  Find me a better gift. I’ll wait.

16. Stuffed Animal- Harry Potter Owl – $13.95

HP Owl

You wanna buy her a Hedwig, don’t ya? 

No, it isn’t for kids only. There is no such thing as too old to sleep with a stuffed animal. This is a very soft and lovely gift. She’ll think of you everytime she hugs her owl.

17. Storage Chest – $99.99

HP chest

Well, if your girl has some stuff as a Potterhead she is, she’ll need a place to put them.

Opening this chest would be like opening a treasure. And, since girls like to keep their things organized, they’d love to see the stuff in place. It’ll look like a secret box in Hogwarts!

18. Golden Snitch Lamp – $29.99

HP lamp

If she’s that kind of girl who wants to sleep in a full darkness, she can only use this gift as a decor. 

But, it is such a cute lamp to place next to her bed. It’s 2 in 1: It lightens the room up, and also it is a very Harry Potter-related gift :).

19. Themed Socks – $17.99

HP socks

Socks are always a good choice, for all ages.

Actually, they are also perfect for those Potterheads who are teens & adults, and are tired of hearing” Aren’t you too old to be a fan of Harry Potter?” just because of some personalized clothes they wear. Wearing these socks, you’ll know, but they won’t notice!

20. Key Chains – $19.99

HP Keychains

Okay, these are way too adorable. 

Kids can use them in their bag chains, whereas adults, of course, in their house, office or car keys. Her keys will definitely look more attractive to her and to everyone else!

21. Self-Inking Harry Potter Stampers – $23.99

HP stampers

Next, we have 24 amazing Self-Inking Stampers, and they symbolize a lot of characters.

Just so you know, you may find ink all over the house, but at least, you’ll remember about Harry Potter when seeing them…

Wrapping, don’t forget wrapping!!

From my point of view, wrapping is a very important detail of the gift.

You’ll show her that you didn’t just buy the gift, and gave it directly from the shop. When you pay attention to wrapping and decorating it, you show her that you really care.

First, you can start by using Harry Potter-themed wrapping paper. If you want to use random wrapping paper, you can also use some stickers to make it personalized.

Next, on a small cute paper, write “Happee Birthdae” (Real fans get it) and stick it to the gift.

This is it. You’ll be the coolest! And don’t forget: “Never be ashamed,’ my ol’ dad used ter say, ‘there’s some who’ll hold it against you, but they’re not worth botherin’ with.”

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