25 Harry Potter Gift Ideas For Your Girl

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One of my friends’ biggest challenges is what to get me as a gift, knowing I am a big Potterhead. They’re always anxious they won’t find the right gift. Now, for my friend’s group, and for all of you who’re looking for a Harry Potter gift for her, this list of ideas will make your life easier.

I solemnly swear that your girl will love these!

1. Character Costume – $28.99

Character Costume

One of the best Harry Potter gift ideas for girls is undoubtedly a magician’s costume (most likely Hermione’s). It’s pretty realistic and will make her feel like she’s part of the Hogwarts. Comes in different sizes, and in a qualitative polyester material.

2. Hermione’s Wand – $29.99

Hermione's Wand

Attach this to Hermione’s costume. It wouldn’t be complete without the magical wand. Considering the light on the wand after you wave it, it looks like it’s taken from the Harry Potter world.

3. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook – $12.72

unofficial HP cookbook

If she’s a fan, she’ll love this Harry Potter item for girls, end of the story. The book contains a total of 150 recipes, all related to the magic and creations in HP: pumpkin juice, meat pies, tripe, Shepherd’s pie, black pudding, and other unusual stuff.

4. Harry Potter Book Series- Complete Set– $56.17

HP book collection

She’s a Potterhead, she loves to read… Is there anything more perfect than the full set of 7 Harry Potter books? It comes in 4 versions, but as always, we prefer the paperback, or hardcover one. It’s the perfect one especially if you’re looking for a Harry Potter gift for your girlfriend! 

5. Harry Potter Themed Shot Glass – $9.97

HP shot glass

If you are willing to buy Harry Potter gifts for women, more precisely, for someone who is 21+ and drinks, stop right here! Every time she drinks a shot, will have with her a detail of her favorite series. Or get two of them and play the Harry Potter drinking game together!

6. Self-Inking Harry Potter Stampers – $23.99

HP stampers

Could this be considered a Harry Potter toy for girls? Hmm, if you say so. But one thing’s for sure: it is extremely creative and comes in high-quality, so the stamps are very clear and represent the characters.

7. HP Jewelry Set – $17.90

HP Jewerly Set

When talking about Harry Potter accessories for girls, a jewelry set is a must. This one includes one ring, one necklace, and two rings. The greatest thing is that they come with charms (the sorting hat, Harry’s owl, Golden Snitch, and more) which represent the series best.

8. Harry Potter Trivia Game – $19.92

Harry Potter Trivia Game

Trivia games (question card games) are always a hit. The Harry Potter Trivia is a box of 600 questions, which touch every aspect of the novels. Brings competition and good energy to the group, and helps you remember every little detail of Harry Potter.

9. Harry Potter Phonecase – $19.95

HP phone case

Cheer to a Harry Potter-themed phone case, which besides protecting your phone, makes it look 10 times fancier too! The printed graphics include almost everything: Harry’s glasses, the Owl, Mrs. Norris, Golden Snitch, and all you can see! 

10. Nail Stickers – $5.00

Nail Stickers

This idea would be great as a Harry Potter gift for teenage girls, who haven’t started making their nails at the nail salons yet. They’re simple to use, look beautiful, and hold the main elements of the series. 

11. Skeleteen Wizard Glasses & Tie – $9.99

glasses and tie

Even people who have no clue about the series, once they see these glasses and this scarf, immediately know that it’s about Harry Potter. If you need someone to say it out loud, it’s possibly one of the greatest & most meaningful presents for girls.

12. Hogwarts Hardcover Journal -$25.63

HP Journal

Journals are gifts that have stood the test of time. If you know that your girls love to write things down and keep journals as their forever-free therapy, nothing could be a better idea than e HP-themed Journal.

13. Personalized Wizard House Blanket – $28.57

Personalized Wizard House Blanket

This is the warmest gift you can give. No, literally! It will warm her body, and her soul, by all means. The blanket is soft, well-designed, and can be personalized with the name of whoever you’re giving it to.

14. Stuffed Animal: Hedwig Owl – $15.23

HP Owl

Kill the misconceptions: stuffed animals are for everyone. Especially if it’s a Harry Potter gift for young girls. Made of plush, soft fabric, the stuffed version of Hedwig Owl is the best thing for cuddles!

15. Wizard School Trunk – $131.39

Wizard House Trunk

Here’s basically a box of everything. Not only does it contain all the stuff she’d need if she went to the Wizard School, but it also comes with a Wood Trunk, which is so sturdy and classy. In case you’re looking specifically for a Harry Potter birthday gift idea, the Trunk is one of the most suitable & memorable ever! 

16. Golden Snitch Lamp – $32.99

HP lamp

Whenever the Golden Snitch is mentioned, the first thing that bursts into our minds is Harry Potter. This lamp is extremely well-designed, and the cool thing is that it turns on by taping. Think about it, it’d look great next to her bed…

17. Harry Potter Sock Advent Calendar – $29.95

Harry Potter Sock Advent Calendar

With Christmas (and Christmas games) being around the corner, a sock advent calendar is the most genius idea! It includes 15 pairs of socks, for her to open each on every day of Christmas.

18. Themed Keychain – $11.99

Themed Keychain

You can never go wrong with a themed Harry Potter chain. She’ll keep it everywhere she goes, and remind of you & the series the whole time. The chain could either be something direct (the Golden Snitch, Harry Potter miniature), or something as we showed in the picture, a quote, or similar.

19. Cards Against Muggles – $9.95

Cards Against Muggles

Why don’t you get your girl something that you both (and your people too) will enjoy? It’s the Harry Potter edition of Cards Against Humanity we’re talking about, in other words, the most hilarious card game ever!

20. HP Pandora Charms – $14.99

HP Pandora Charm

If she owns a Pandora, the prettiest Harry Potter gift for her you could get is a themed charm. They are pure S925 so there’s no risk of getting rusk, come in different designs, and add uniqueness to her bracelet.

21. Harry Potter Pajama Set – $38.95

Harry Potter Pajama Set

Want her to fall in love with you even deeper? Get her a pajama set with Harry Potter elements, to keep her warm & cozy (while playing a Harry Potter party game), but also give her the feeling of being a character in the series.  

22. Slytherin House Shoes – $24.22

Slytherin House Shoes

If her favorite out of the 4 houses in Hogwarts is the Slytherin, some Slytherin House slippers or shoes would be defo appreciated. They come in different colors and are so comfortable to walk in. 

23. HP Sweatshirt – $17.19

HP Sweatshirt

A themed sweatshirt, besides giving the feeling of Hogwarts, helps the girl create stylish outfits (with a shirt underneath, combined with a miniskirt, or jeans too). The designs are various, depending on her preferences.

24. Flying Key Ornament – $2.55

Flying Key Ornamet

Once you’ve gotten her everything we’ve mentioned above for other birthdays or holidays, you must definitely consider a flying key ornament, wizard decor. It could be placed on the Christmas tree or simply hung on the wall. Ps. It might fly…

25. Marauder’s Map Mug – $19.99

Marauder's Map Mug

Last but not least, a Marauder’s Map mug which will be turned into her favorite mug of all time! This one’s a sensitive mug, meaning it’s black until you put some hot liquid on it. However, you could just get a simple one! It’s all about the map, really. 

Final Thoughts

Aaand, the list of 25 Harry Potter gifts for girls is coming to an end, sadly. Take your time in choosing what you want to get her, considering her preferences, previous gifts, and your budget, indeed.

Oh, and we almost forgot: don’t forget to wrap whatever present you got her in a cool Harry Potter wrapping paper to put the cherry on top! And write “Happee Birthdae”!

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