The Harry Potter Drinking Game: For All Potterheads That Love Drinking

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Will we ever stop talking about Harry Potter party games? No, we won’t, and we know you love it when we do! As a Potterhead myself, who has watched all movies & read all novels, the HP drinking game has been the best way to remember the series and find another reason to watch them all over again. These drinking rules emanate from the bottom of my heart…

Information You Might Need

If you’ve decided to play this drinking game (hopefully), you should know that the only criterion is being a Potterhead. Nohow a muggle! Here’s all you need to play:

  • One of Harry Potter movies, and a device to watch it;
  • Drinks for all players (shots, and beer);
  • Our rules;

Depending on the repetition of the phrases or scenes, the drinking rules are divided into 3 categories. You might either use all 3 when playing or pick one that fits best your drinking limit.

Ps. These drinking rules (for the movie drinking game) are general and can be applied to the movie of your choice. A Harry movie, by all means.

Potterhead, Take A Sip When:

Take A Sip When
  1. Someone yells “Harry”, or even better, “Harry Potter”;
  2. One of the characters says “Wizard” out loud;
  3. Ron is eating something (well, you know he loves food!);
  4. The Weasley twins talk at the same time;
  5. Anyone whips out their wand;
  6. A new magical creature is announced;
  7. Hermione is a smart arse (or acts like one);
  8. Anyone uses multiple wands;
  9. You see a house crest;
  10. A ghost floats by;
  11. One of the staircases moves;
  12. The word “actually” is used;
  13. You hear Ron say “Bloody Hell!’;
  14. Sirius Black uses one of his nicknames for Harry;
  15. Hogwarts Express departs from Platform 9 ¾;
  16. There’s a reference to Ron being poor;
  17. Someone uses the Marauder’s Map;
  18. Your favorite team wins a Quidditch match;
  19. Fawkes the Phoenix sings his healing song;
  20. Someone says Mudblood;
  21. One awesome moment is left out compared to the book (if you’ve read them);
  22. Hermione reads a book;
  23. Ron looks confused;

Drink A Gulp Everytime:

Drink A Gulp Everytime
  1. You hear “When in doubt, go to the library”;
  2. Hagrid says: “I shouldn’t have said that”;
  3. Hermione breaks a rule;
  4. “I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good” is used;
  5. A character kisses someone else;
  6. Someone swears;
  7. Voldemort appears:
  8. Malfoy says: My father will hear about this”;
  9. Someone we love cries.
  10. Anyone is reading a book on the screen;
  11. Someone mentions Hogwarts House (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw);
  12. Malfoy mentions his father;
  13. The invisibility Cloak is used;
  14. Someone pronounces the “Lumos” spell;
  15. Harry is compared to his parents or anyone else.
  16. Someone casts an unforgivable curse;
  17. Professor Snape makes a magical potion;
  18. Harry almost dies;
  19. Voldemort is referred to as ”You-know-who”;
  20. Harry catches the famous Snitch;
  21. A character scores in Quidditch (an outdoor game);
  22. Any of the characters are flying;
  23. Harry mentions his dead parents (sadly);
  24. Voldemort is mentioned during a conversation.
  25. The Weasley twins speak in unison;
  26. Dumbledore raises his voice;
  27. Draco sneers;
  28. Seamus blows something up;
  29. Another character says to Harry that he has his mother’s eyes;

Finish Your Drink When:

Finish Your Drink When
  1. Harry passes off;
  2. A main character dies;
  3. Anyone says: Expelliarmus!”;
  4. Someone is wearing a turtleneck;
  5. Colin Firth speaks Portuguese;
  6. Sam plays the drums;


Watching Harry Potter has never been this exciting… And drunk. These rules make you concentrate on every bit of the movie, so you don’t miss anything, counting here, a chance to drink. From a friend to friend, drink responsibly, and never forget about Harry! 

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