The HP Drinking Game: For All The Potterheads Out There That Love Drinking

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Will we ever stop talking about Harry Potter party games? No, we won’t, and we know you love it!

We don’t regret it, you know we know you love this fact! Well, except the muggles, as always…. But, we won’t let them get us down, am I right?

This game works great for all the Harry Potter movies. So, it is fun for both HP movies & even book addicts. I mean, books are fun and all that, but, we need our time, we need to relax, don’t even try to change my mind!

If you didn’t understand, this drinking game is closely related to the movies, or as we like to say, there’s no shots without a movie!

As I clearly mentioned, there are lots of Harry Potter games, just like Cards Against Muggles (whose name we love!), and many amazing others, but, this drinking game is obviously our beloved!

Did I mention that the game will get you drunk?

Harry Potter Drinking Game Characteristics

The Harry Potter Drinking Game Characteristics

Works well with every Harry Potter movie. Meaning, you can choose which of the 8 movies you like, and apply the game to it. Yes, it’s in your hands, you’re the Queen! (okay, Kings as well…)

You drink when a specific phrase is spoken or an action is done. This is literally the basic instruction. How didn’t we talk about this earlier? What do we mean? Keep reading, you’re almost there…

No one stops you from making your own rules. It’s actually enjoyable when you add your personalized ideas, especially when you make them based on your preferences, and you preliminarily know that your team will love them! 

You can play with as many players as you want. There is no specific number of players, meaning that the game works great in any group of people, no matter the number of players, even if you’re looking for a cool drinking game for only 2 people!

There’ll be 4 ‘ways’ of drinking. You’ll have a sip, drink your shot, finish your drink, or even make a cocktail (with different drinks, you get it). Based on the phrase or action, you’ll know what you have to do. Anyways, the important part is that you’ll drink, no worries!

The ‘you have to drink!’ is applied to all the players. This means that when any of the ‘special’ rules is made, all of you have to drink. We’re sorry… No, we’re not, you love losing your track!

The game helps us with our concentration skills. Last but not least, yes. It makes us concentrate, and we really do keep concentrating, we don’t want to miss out on anything. Well, after getting drunk this concentration can evaporate, but anyways…

Potterhead, Take A Sip!

It’s a sip, ya know… Small amount at a time, we don’t want you to get drunk this fast… When do you have to take a sip? Well, everytime: 

  1. Someone yells “Harry”, or even better, “Harry Potter”;
  2. One of the characters says “Wizard” out loud;
  3. Ron is eating something (well, you know he loves food!);
  4. The Weasley twins talk at the same time;
  5. Anyone whips out their wand;
  6. Hermione is a smart arse (or acts like one);
  7. A ghost floats by;
  8. One of the staircases moves;
  9. The word “actually” is used;
  10. You hear Ron say “Bloody Hell!

It’s Time To Drink A Shot! 

A shot? Yes, you drink an alcoholic shot. Don’t be dramatic, it is not that much… P.s. don’t you dare forget your HP themed shot glass! Drink a shot if:

  1. You hear “When in doubt, go to the library”;
  2. Higrid says: “I shouldn’t have said that”;
  3. Hermione breaks a rule;
  4. Someone swears;
  5. Anyone is reading a book in the screen;
  6. Someone mentions aHogwarts house (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw);
  7. Harry catches the famous Snitch;
  8. Any of the characters is flying;
  9. Harry mentions his dead parents (sadly);
  10. Voldermort is mentioned during a conversation.

Finish Your Drink Now!

I know, that sounded like an order…. No, it didn’t. It IS one! Anytime any of the situations below happen, you have to finish your drink, good for you! Finish your drink when:

  1. Our lovely Harry passes of;
  2. A main character dies (or a character we like);
  3. Someone casts an unforgivable curse;
  4. Anyone says: Expelliarmus!”;
  5. Someone is wearing a turtleneck;
  6. Colin Firth speaks Portuguese;
  7. Sam plays the drums;
  8. Someone scores in Quidditch;
  9. Malfoy says: My father will hear about this”;
  10. Someone we love cries.

Wanna Drink A Cocktail? 

Drink The Cocktail - HP Drinking Game

If you’re that cool, you’ll definitely have different alcoholic drinks on the table. If you encounter to anything like the following, you make each other a cocktail using your favourite drinks, and you drink them when: 

  1. “I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good” is used;
  2. Someone kisses someone else;
  3. Malfoy mentions his father;
  4. Professor Snape makes a magical potion;
  5. Anyone uses multiple wands;
  6. Harry almost dies;
  7. Voldermort is referred to as ”You-know-who”;
  8. The invisibility Cloak is used;
  9. Someone pronounces the “Lumos” spell;
  10. Harry is compared to his parents or anyone else.

Do We Have Anything To Add To This HP Game?

We kinda forgot to mention something to you. If it looks like begging, we don’t care, take it as begging: Please drink responsibly! We want you to have fun and that’s all okay, but don’t get that drunk that you really decide to get that stupid tattoo!

Just in case you want to try some new drinking stuff, bear in mind that you also have amazing drinking card games.

You know, we didn’t do these categorizations randomly, just to be clear! There’s a logical reason: We used ‘take a sip’ for the words or actions that are mentioned dozens of times in the movie. If we said finish your drink in these cases, you’d definitely end up in the hospital at the end(you know, because you’d have to drink a lot, really!)

On the other hand, we said ‘finish you drink’ and ‘drink the cocktail’ only for some special situations in the movie, that we knew happen once in a while! (We compared the two extremes in our list).

Happiness can be found in these little details. Oh, and yes, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light!” -Albus….  

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