24 Best Halloweenies Party Games For The Grown-Ups!

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Why is it a rule to stop having fun at Halloween just because you’re an adult? Whyyy?!

We’re gonna change that! Kids shouldn’t be the only ones to have fun, have some mercy! 

What is kids’ favorite thing to do on Halloween? Trick or treat! And what is our favorite thing? Party Games!!! End of discussion! (We’re going to have our special trick or treat though…)

Since the scariest & favorite month of the year is coming, we couldn’t stop thinking & working to find some cool games for you and your squad, and we came up with… nevermind, you’ll read them!

Oh, and we’ll also show you some games where you’ll take a sip sip, c’mon now, we know you love these games! (I mean, drinking card games or without cards and lots and lots more.)

Take a quick look on the key points of our article:

  • Choosing The Game -Tips;
  • Be The Best Halloween Party Host;
  • The Games:  
  1. Make The Jinx;
  2. Would you rather?;
  3. Cards Against Muggles; 
  4. Donuts On A String;
  5. Tic Tac Toe Halloween Version;
  6. What’s In The Box?;
  7. Halloween Charades;
  8. Don’t Get Stabbed;
  9. Stop With The Music; 
  10. The Detective;
  11. Who Am I?;  
  12. Continue The Horror Story; 
  13. Alice Cooper’s Horror Box;
  14. Murder In The Dark Game;
  15. Truth Or Dare (Halloween Themed);
  16. I Want These Candies;
  17. Roll The Mommy; 
  18. Concentrate, Take A Sip;
  19. Halloween Beer Pong;
  20. Horror Trivia Card Game;
  21. Apple Bobbing;
  22. Trick Or Treat
  23. Halloween Scavenger Hunt
  24. Drink and Fill
  • Our Final Word

IMPORTANT: Due COVID-19, we ask you to keep your distance, use your masks, invite a limited number of guests and take care of yourself in every possible way, because even though we want you to have fun playing, the most important thing is to be safe & healthy!  

Be The Best Halloween Party Host

I know you all deep down want to be one… Who says you can’t? Halloween can be both: Fun, but also stressful for the one who organizes everything about the party. From now on, it’s just gonna be fun, we gonna take that stress away with our amazing guide to follow: 

  • Decorate the place. Halloween without pumpkins, skeletons, spiders and all that scary stuff? Really? It’s just like Christmass without a Christmass tree!
  • Invite your friends earlier. We really recommend inviting your guests at least 2 years earlier, so you’ll be the first to invite them, and they have enough time to think about the details.
  • Find some good food recipes. Taking care of the food is one of the nicest gestures. Spider cupcakes, pumpkin burgers, marshmallow heads, caramel apples, are just a few of dozens snacks you can make.
  • Set up the music box. Hearing a scary melody when telling a horror story? Oh, the perfect match to have a heart attack, lol. And, you’ll also need some good music to set up the mood and dance all night!
  • Find a good horror movie. A movie is actually the dessert of the night. It’s lots of fun & screams!
  • Last but not least, the games! A good game can really change the whole mood and make you the perfect host, because this is how you all have fun and laugh all night. Take care picking the games for your party!

Now, let’s head out to your favorite part, no doubt:

1. Make The Jinx

Make The Halloween Jinx

Game type: Indoor & Outdoor | To play you need: Words!

What’s the best way to begin the party? Make the Halloween jinx! What is this jinx? In a simplified way, it is a limitation you put on yourself and those who are present.

So, you pick some words that you think can be used the most during the party, just as: Pumpkin, drinks, scary, costume, Halloween, and basically any other word you want, and you make them punishment words.

If any of the players says any of them, all the others should say ‘Jinx’, meaning that they noticed that that specific player used one of the ‘forbidden’ words.

If they don’t notice and nobody says ‘Jinx’, woo, you are saved! You act like nothing happened… But, usually they do, and when that happens, you have to drink!

(You can make the rule: if you have drink after the first mistake, or, you take 3 strikes and than you drink)

2. Would You Rather?

Would You Rather - Halloween Edition

Game type: Indoor | To play you need: Halloween-themed questions.

It’s already known, Would You Rather is a great ice breaker, especially in the beginning of the party because you’re shy and all that.

You can make your own questions, anyways, here are some ideas, they might help:

  • Spend the night in an abandoned house OR walk through a graveyard at night?
  • Be chased by a witch OR be chased by a zombie?
  • Eat a plate full of worms OR eat uncooked frog?
  • Sleep in a  coffin OR sleep in a cemetery?
  • Haunt someone OR get haunted?

3. Cards Against Muggles – $9.95

Cards Against Muggles

Game type:  Indoor | To play you need: The cards deck

What is Potterheads’ favourite character to be like on Halloween? Being Harry Potter or anything related to him, of course!!!

Now, Cards Against Muggles, the perfect game, especially if you’re having a Harry Potter-themed party! 

If you know the Cards Against Humanity Rules, the other part is easy! And, let’s not forget that every edition of CAH can be played as a drinking game. Yey!!! Surprisingly Good Potterheads Party Games

4. Doughnuts On A String 

Donuts On A String Game

Game type: Outdoor | To play you need: Doughnuts, strings & a stick.

You probably saw kids playing this. But adults, oh, adults, make it funnier… Seeing them struggle while trying to eat? It’s hilarious! 

There is one rule: No hands allowed while playing! You have to try to eat the whole doughnut without touching it. If you use your hand, you’re burned!

If you want to take the game to a whole new level, play it blindfolded. You can’t touch it, you can’t see it, you have to eat it! Can it be any more amazing?

5. Tic Tac Toe Halloween 

Tic Tac Toe Halloween

Game type: Indoor OR Outdoor | To play you need: Small pumpkins, cardboard. 

Tic Tac Toe Halloween themed is way funnier than the regular one. Using pumpkins in place of x and o? Who would have thought that?

It would be crazy finding pumpkins this small, that’s why, you can make diy ones, be creative! What you can also do, is to order some cute mini pumpkins on Amazon, and voila!!!

You can make the extra rule:  Whoever loses has to do a challenge (or drink).

6. What’s In The Box Challenge

What's In The Box Challenge

Game type: Indoor | To play you need: Scary things (or others) and boxes.

First things first, this is a game for people who like to push themselves to their limits! You never know what’s inside the box! 

You can use real or fake things (just as worms, chewed up gum, plastic spiders, vampire teeth, pumpkin seeds, etc), and it becomes way scarier when you actually don’t know what’s that thing you don’t see.

Are you brave enough? Oh, this game will tell you, no doubt!

7. Halloween Charades

Halloween Charades

Game type: Indoors | To play you need: Halloween Characters/ Other Ideas

Charades is probably the favourite game of all-ages. But, the Halloween charades is something extra!

In the game of pantomimes, as you know, you have to act a phrase or character (without speaking), and the other players have to guess what it is.

Use a bowl to mix all the papers with the charade words on them, so it’s easier and more fun for all of you!

Here are some Halloween charades ideas:

  • Buried Alive;
  • Boiling Bones;
  • Zombie Baby;
  • Guillotine;
  • Haunted;
  • A book of black magic.

8. Don’t Get Stabbed – $24.99

Don't Get Stapped

Game type: Indoor | To play you need:  The deck of cards.

Card games, specifically adult card games, are all-time faves! They’re a mix of fun & mature content at the same time! This is what Don’t Get Stabbed is as well!

The perfect number of players is 3-5, so it is an amazing game if you have a small party. 

There are different cards, including: Sabotage, Hide, Stab, Action, Combo, and more. The point of the game is to kill all the other members!

9. Stop With The Music

Stop With The Music

Game type: Indoor Or Outdoor | To play you need: Halloween music & speakers

Yeah, you wanna dance with somebody? Of course! Halloween becomes unforgettable when there’s music!

But how to make it a game where you have to dance? This is how: You turn the music on, you dance, but when the music stops, you have to stop immediately, or you lose, and guess what? You have to drink!

Here are some Halloween songs ideas:

  • Ghost Town – You’re so creepy;
  • Painted Smile – Jeff The Killer
  • Spooky Scary Skeletons Remix
  • Michael Jackson – Thriller

10. The Detective

The Detective Game

Game type: Indoor OR Outdoor | To play you need:  A good story.

Now, this is one of the most creative ones!  One player is the moderator (usually the host), and makes or finds a story where usually someone is murdered (The story has to be well thought out earlier). The other players can also see the scene (improvised or photos) and hear the suspects’ statements.

You have to match things together, to look for hidden hints if you want to find the killer and become the winner of that game.

It’s all scarier when you’re playing in the dark and all you hear is blood, kill, murder… Aghh!

If you need help creating the stories, go to Amazon and get the Unsolved Case Files

11. Who Am I?

Who Am I Halloween Game

Game type: Indoor | To play you need: Sticky notes, ideas.

Asking others Who Am I? How fun is that! As you may have heard earlier, this is a game where you can’t use the actual words, the actual name, you can just give some information about that specific thing.

You can stick the sticky notes in your foreheads, or in the back, it’s the same. The point is you can’t see what is written in your letter, you have to find it out by asking questions.

Here are some Halloween ideas for this game:

  • Eleven (Strangers Things);
  • The Grim Reaper;
  • Chucky The Doll;
  • Godzilla.

12. Continue The Horror Story

Finish The Horror Story

Game type:  Indoor | To play you need: Papers, pens.

This is one of my favs actually! Especially if you have a big group of creative minds in your party.

So, what you’re gonna do is you all get a paper and a pen, and you start a story with a sentence. It can be anything (ex. It was one of the coldest nights.). Then, you pass the paper to the player on your left and they have to continue the story by adding another scary sentence.

At the end, after your paper comes again in your hands, you make a finishing line and you all read them. The scariest one wins!

13. Alice Cooper’s HorrorBox – $24.99 

Alice Cooper's HorrorBox

Game type: Indoor | To play you need: The deck of cards.

Now, this is probably a Horror fan-made edition of Cards Against Humanity! (You have to know what fan-made means already!)

Recommended for 4-10 players, but, for more players just get one of the 8 other expansions!

There are the same rules, of course! You find a funny (or scary) card that you think matches the question card best. These are some of them:

  • Welcome to hell, may I offer you _____.
  • Forget the murder, during the Purge I am ________.
  • The first minority in the film.
  • Naked in a lake.

14. Murder In The Dark Game

Murderer In The Dark

Game type: Indoor | To play you need: A deck of classic cards.

Oh, the name is scary! But, the game is fun, lots of fun, but scary if it’s played on Halloween, lol…

There is one murderer, one detective, and the others are the suspects. The point of the game is to find who’s the murderer, or, if you’re it, you have to try and cover yourself.

Here’s a video to explain how the game goes: Murder In The Dark

15. Truth Or Dare (Halloween Themed)

Truth Or Dare Hallowen Game

Game type:  Indoor | To play you need: A bottle (optional)

We’re already familiar with truth or dare…. But, the Halloween one is probably the best. It’s all laughter, risky challenges, and lots of truths told! 

Here are some Halloween themed truths and dares:

  • What is the spookiest Halloween story you’ve ever heard?
  • Have you ever seen a dead person?
  • Let the group make you a liquid potion (drinks only). Drink it without knowing what’s in it.
  • Play dead until your next turn.
  • Catch an animal of some sort: a bug, frog, worm.

16. I Want These Candies

Unwrap The Candy Bar Game

Game type: Indoor | To play you need: Candies and kitchen gloves.

One of the amazing ‘1 minute to win it’ games. Who says trick or treat is for kids only? Use these candies! 

There are two ways to play this game: Use kitchen gloves to unwrap the candies OR unwrap them with one hand only. It’s hard both ways!

Set up the timer, whoever unwraps the most candies for 1 minute wins. The loser, of course, takes a shot!

17. Roll The Mommy

Roll The Mommy Game

Game type: Indoor | To play you need: Toilet paper.

You’re gonna waste some toilet paper, let me tell you. It is best for teams made by 2 people, one to be the ‘statue’ and the other to wrap the paper.

The point is to be the first to waste all the paper, and use it on your teammate. It’s hilarious, especially when all you can see is their eyes…

Actually, this is a game where your kids can also be involved.

18. Concentrate, Take A Sip

Concentrate, Take A Sip Game

Game type: Indoor | To play you need: A movie, drinks.

If you love watching movies, especially Horror ones, this game is for you.

First, you choose a movie that you think is the best for a halloween party, but it would be best if all of your guests have seen them at least once.

Then, you make a list together and write some words or sentences, and everytime that word is mentioned in the movie, you all drink.

Here’s an example: Watch Scream, and list these words: Mom, Scream, Hang you from a tree, Woozy, Ghostface.

You’ll probably be drunk and terrified at the end….

19. Halloween Beer Pong

Halloween Beer Pong

Game type: Indoor | To play you need: 20 Plastic cups, beers, eyeballs.

Beer pong is such an amazing classic game. The eyeballs make it Halloween themed, and it is actually more enjoyable.

The purpose is to throw the ball into the plastic cups that are ½ full with beer. If your shot is accurate, you drink that beer the ball landed in. 

You can play in teams, or individually. You play until there’s no cup left. If you want to make something extra, fill 1-2 cups with apple cider, so, for the unlucky player, they’ll not drink beers… Sad!

20. Horror Trivia Card Game – $10.99

Horror Trivia Card Game

Game type: Indoor | To play you need: This deck of cards.

When we are at card games, this is one you can play with the teenagers in the house, so, this is one kind of family card games.

There are 150 cards, which include 300 questions and answers, and the content is all about horror movies or other scary stuff, so basically, you have to find the correct answer.

These are some of the astonishing cards:

  • What classic horror movie is set in Haddonfield, Illinois?;
  • What was Leatherface’s weapon of choice?;
  • What is the name of Sigoumey Weaver’s character in “Alien”?

21. Apple Bobbing 

Apple Bobbing Game

Game type: Outdoor | To play you need: Apples, Buckets.

This feels like being the snowwhite, but, in this game isn’t a forbidden apple…

You fill the bucket full of water and put the apples in there. Then, after a distance, let’s say 10 meters, you add empty buckets to put the apples.

Each player  has to grab the apple with their mouth (no hands or any help allowed), and send it to the empty bucket. 

You set a timer for each player (for example 2 minutes), and see who grabs more apples for that time…

22. Trick Or Treat

Trick Or Treat Halloween

Game type: Indoor OR outdoor | To play you need: Different liquids, shot glasses

The trick or treat adult version!

No no, not regular shots… I mean yes, some can be tasty cocktails, but.. But! You also mix some disgusting combos. Hmm. ketchup and some pickle juice? Rr anything weird, anything!

Yes! There are no winners or losers, but you just make each other survive and try different ‘drinks’. You never know what’s in them, how can you find out? Sadly, just by tasting them….

23. Scavenger Hunt

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Game type: Outdoor | To play you need: A checklist, telephones.

You’ll definitely feel like completing a mission! One person hides things (halloween items) all over the neighbourhood and the garden, and makes the checklist for all these items. (That person doesn’t play, it’s nonsense).

All the others are divided into 2 or more teams, and have to find these items. When they find each of them, they take a picture to prove they found what was in the checklist.

In the end, the team who found the most, wins!

24. Drink And Fill

Drink And Fill

Game type: Indoor OR outdoor | To play you need: Pumpkin container, classic cards, drinks.

Another drinking game, yeey! The cool thing is that you make the rules! For example, you can say: If you draw a ‘King’ you have to drink a shot, ‘Queen’ you drink half a beer, and so on.

Don’t forget to make a card (let’s say ‘2’) and everyone who draws that, has to put half of their drink in the pumpkin container. 

Choose another card (ex. ‘Ace’, but remove the others, keep just one in the game) and whoever draws it, has to drink the whole mix in the container!

Choosing The Right Game – Tips:

Will you have the party in a big house? Now look, some of the games really require a large place (or even a big garden) to have an enjoyable game. Think about it this way: Just like playing hide and seek in just a single room… No words needed, huh? But, no worries, we’ll show you lots of indoor games that can be played in a small environnement, and yet, you’ll have an amusing time!

How many guests will be there? Of course, this is one hella important detail! For example, if you are only 2-3 people celebrating halloween together, and you’re planning to play, let’s say The Detective, nahh, it isn’t that fun at all, you need more. On the other hand, let’s say you have lots of players and you want to play Tic Tac Toe, it’s the same, not that enjoyable, always some people have to keep waiting for their round. You see my point? Always match the game with the number of players!

Do you want to take some shots? Most of the games we chose do not require drinking, or it is simply a matter of taste if you want to add drinks or not, you know, the games are pretty amazing without that drinking part as well! But, some of our choices, are better when taking some sips, everything becomes more fun, and for example, Drink And Fill, is nonsense without drinking, that’s what I mean!

Are you and the other players creative? There are games that really require to be clever, funny, and way too creative to have the most fun as possible (ex. Cards Against Muggles, Finish The Horror Story…). Oh, there are lots of creative people out there!  But, there are also some ‘chill’ games, and you don’t really have to tire your brain while playing them. Some just need some speed, courage, and sincerity!

Choose more than one game. We talking about the long night! Why not play different games? I mean, most of them don’t ‘force’ you to buy extra stuff, so you won’t spend that much money. And, it’s Halloween! It comes once a year… Try different games, create diversity, and that will make the night great!


What we really loved about these games, is that most of them don’t really require you to buy special things, you know, you don’t spend that much money.

Also, we found it cool that you can also add some drinks to the game, and it will all become waay more enjoyable!

Organize the game, take care of the details, get some drinks, but, drink responsibly!

And you know, we’ve all been waiting for Halloween since last Halloween!!!

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