The Best Hallmark Christmas Movies Drinking Game: Works Like Magic!

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While Christmas is around the corner… Not actually. It isn’t around the corner. However, we couldn’t wait to show you our Hallmark drinking game and decided to talk about it now, 85 days before our favorite holiday! You can play it starting from now, watching the movies, having a hot chocolate by your side, and drinking at the same time, so you kinda manifest Christmas.

Turns out that Hallmark isn’t only the name of that movie channel that is on your TV all the time during Christmas. It is your favorite drinking game’s name as well!

  • All you need to know before playing;
  • Take a sip of your drink;
  • Take a shot;
  • Finish your drink;
  • Conclusion;

All You Need To Know Before Playing

All You Need To Know Before Playing

If you didn’t quite get it till now, we will show you some drinking rules that can be applied to all Christmas movies brought by Hallmark. Here are some reminders you’ll need:

  • Make sure you have the Hallmark channel. It’s available at Philo, fubo TV, DIRECTV STREAM, Vidgo, frdnly TV, Youtube TV, and more. 
  • Play your favorite movie only. The most fun & the best way to play the drinking game, is watching something you really enjoy.
  • The Hallmark Christmas Movies drinking game works well with small groups, starting from 2, to as many players as you want. The more, the merrier.
  • We recommend you get your favorite alcoholic drinks. To remain sober for a longer time, get beers. However, that’s all up to you.

We divided our rules into 3 categories: take a sip, take a shot and finish your drink. Usually, scenes in the ‘finish your drink’ category happen very rarely, to not say only once during the movies. 

Take A Sip Of Your Drink Every Time…

Take A Sip Of Your Drink Every Time...
  • Someone’s name is related to Christmas (Eve, Krissy, Nick, Chris, Natalie, etc);
  • A character drinks hot chocolate;
  • The ‘Jingle Bells’ song is playing; 
  • Characters are seen ice-skating;
  • Someone says ‘Merry Christmas’;
  • They are building a snowman;
  • You think someone is wearing an ugly sweater;
  • Anyone drinks Apple cider or egg nog;
  • There’s an awkward hand touch;
  • Someone is snowed-in;
  • A big city character moves to a small town;
  • You see the mistletoe;
  • There’s product advertisement on-screen;
  • The characters get into a snowball fight;
  • You recognize any of the actors from another Hallmark movie;
  • Someone gives a hand-made gift to another character;
  • The town goes caroling;
  • Two characters experience a ‘near-miss’ kiss;
  • Anyone tells they don’t like fake trees;
  • Angels are brought up by someone; 
  • You don’t like the tie of one of the actors;
  • Two good-looking people accidentally bump into each other;
  • Someone has a very tight deadline;
  • The female lead works at a bakery, bridal atelier, or magazine;
  • An actor complains about the big city they’re living in;
  • There’s an interaction with an animal;
  • They are decorating the tree;
  • There are holiday Christmas lights in a close camera shot;
  • You can see Santa;
  • Characters are forced to or willingly wear Christmas outfits (most likely  sweaters;
  • There’s a workaholic character in the movie;
  • The traditions are mentioned;
  • Someone attends a Christmas party;
  • A character gets their heart broken and leaves;
  • Any of the actors dress up like Santa;
  • The male characters have blue-collar jobs (something similar to a contractor); 
  • Someone brings up something about their childhood;
  • There’s an instrument playing;
  • Two (or more) of the characters are playing any of the Christmas party games;

Take A Shot Every Time…

Take A Shot Every Time...
  • There’s a reference to a dead relative;
  • Someone calls the main female lead ‘aunt’;
  • One of the main characters is a single parent;
  • You spot any of the famous actors, such as Cameron Blue, Danica McKellar, Lacey Chabert, Meghan Markle, Keri Russell, or others;
  • Someone has a boyfriend/girlfriend who is a douche;
  • There’s a Christmas festival happening;
  • Anyone is making a home-made gift;
  • They’re making Christmas cookies (and you feel like you can smell them);
  • There’s time-traveling;
  • Somebody selects a Christmas tree;
  • ‘Saving Christmas’ is mentioned;
  • Someone makes some kind of magic deal with Santa;
  • A character tends to tear down a traditional establishment;
  • Anyone does a snow angel;
  • ‘The Mayor’ shows on the show;
  • Someone avoids answering something, and eats a cookie instead;
  • Anyone goes back to their homeland;
  • The couple gets back together (while we’re here, check the couples’ drinking games);
  • The main character reveals a smidgen of real emotion;
  • Dead parents or spouse of a character is brought up;
  • Someone says that it is a ‘Christmas Emergency!’;
  • A character knocks back hot cocoa like it’s wine;
  • They decide not to sell the house or the farm;
  • The ex of one of the characters shows up;
  • There’s a misunderstanding or misinterpretation;
  • Someone walks outside without a jacket on;
  • The first kiss is interrupted;
  • There’s a ringing bell;
  • One of the characters shows that they might be Santa;
  • Someone says the title of the movie;
  • The action opens with an aerial view of NYC;
  • There’s any type of competition happening, such as singing, baking, dancing, or others;

Finish Your Drink When…

Finish Your Drink When...
  • There is finally snowing on Christmas day;
  • Two of the main characters kiss;
  • A grand gesture occurs;
  • It snows while two people are kissing;
  • Baking cookies results in a flour-smeared adorbs food fight;
  • There is a kid and the missing parent is dead;
  • One of the main characters finds a lover who doesn’t love Christmas;
  • Someone talks to their ex and thinks they’re getting back together;
  • The cynic is filled with Christmas spirit;
  • There’s a proposal or a wedding;
  • A character loses their job or home;
  • Newcomer partakes in old family traditions;


Along with all the unlimited pros this game has, we love that it includes mini-games inside, and it is definitely a drinking game with shots as well. The greatest thing is that these rules can be applied to even other Christmas movies, not necessarily Hallmark, but however the latter has our hearts. Pick your favorite rules, modify them if needed, and add your own, to make it as perfect as possible!

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