17 Cool Gifts Ideas For The Groom From The Heart Of The Bride

Groom Gift From Bride

Gifts should come from the heart. However, it is such a big struggle when trying to find the perfect one, especially when it’s for the love of your life, right before the wedding. We’ll solve that quickly while giving you a list of dozens of gifts you could consider if you’re the bride!

  • Gifts:
  1. Whiskey Glass Set;
  2. Garmin Vivoactive 4 Smartwatch;
  3. Leather Minimalist Wallet;
  4. Pocket Comb;
  5. MUUJEE CuffLinks;
  6. Ray-Ban Sunglasses;
  7. Watercolor Couple Portrait;
  8. Hammer Multitool;
  9. Leather Personalized Bracelet;
  10. Funny Socks;
  11. Pocket Watch;
  12. Matchy Robes;
  13. Personalized Guitar Pick;
  14. 100 Reasons I Love You;
  15. Cards Against Humanity Deck;
  16. Naughty Wedding Card;
  17. Cute Keychain;
  • Tips for picking the perfect gift;
  • Final Thoughts;

1. Whiskey Glass Set – $36.99

Whiskey Glass Set

All men will definitely go crazy for a luxury-looking set of whiskey glasses! It includes 2 10oz glasses, 8 granite whiskey stones, 2 slate table coasters, and tongs. The wooden box keeps everything in place and makes sure that the glasses and other equipment will be safe. If your man loves scotch, whiskey, or anything, this is a perfect gift since it makes the drinks taste even better. 

2. Garmin Vivoactive 4 Smartwatch – $199.99

Garmin Vivoactive 4 Smartwatch

You can never go wrong with a watch as a gift! Since we’re living in the technology world, it’s such a great idea to get him a smart one. The Garmin Vivoactive doesn’t disappoint. Keeps track of your energy levels, pulse, stress, and sleep, allows you to download music, has GPS activated, and dozens more features. The best thing is that it has a battery life of up to 8 days! 

3. Leather Minimalist Wallet – $29.99

Leather Minimalist Wallet

Wallets are a classic, all-time one of the favorites gifts ever. In 2023, we always prefer slim ones. The one we attached above comes in 12 colors for you to choose from! It has a unique metal composite to block 13.56 MHz or higher RFID signals and protect the valuable information in your wallet. It fits 6 to 8 cards, and also has some extra space! 

4. Pocket Comb – $13.98

Pocket Comb

If your man likes to keep his beard or hair always in perfect lines, the pocket comb is exactly what you should get him. It is made of durable wood, which also helps reduce the breakage of hair. It’s small so it can definitely be carried in the pocket. Not only you’ll get him a useful gift, but you will also make him remember you everywhere he goes: every time he uses the comb!

5. MUUJEE Cufflinks – $35.99

MUUJEE Cufflinks

There’s something you’ve forgotten to add to his wedding suit: cufflinks. These meaningful metal cufflinks look very stylish in all outfits, including basic t-shirts, ties, classic shirts, and most importantly, wedding clothes! They’re secured by 4 magnetic discs, and you’ll love the fact that it is made of stainless steel, so they won’t leave marks on your clothes! And they’ve also paid attention to the package too! 

6. Ray-Ban Sunglasses – $151.00

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

He’s definitely blinded in love, so make sure he doesn’t get blind by the sun too! Ray-Ben is most people’s go-to choice when it comes to glasses. You may pick your favorite plastic frame’s colors. Glasses have crystal lenses and a mirror coating. Not only do they have a 58 millimeters lens, but they also come with a cleaning kit which is a lifesaver!

7. Watercolor Couple Portrait – $19.99 

Watercolor Couple Portrait

Finally, a gift that both of you will enjoy! You may customize the size and the font of the portrait, just so it fits your preferences. And it’s also super simple to make! All you gotta do is send a picture to the artist, and they turn it super realistic, and artistic! Looks great as a decoration in your living room, especially when you’ve moved to live together.

8. Hammer Multitool – $17.97

Hammer Multitool

If your husband-to-be likes to fix things, he should always keep a multitool with him. This black stainless one is a pretty, multifunctional one. It includes 12 mini devices, which are super sharp and really useful. Besides the hammer one, you may choose between the axe, bicycle, plier, utensil tool, and more. Its elegant look makes this hammer multitool even more loved. 

9. Leather Personalized Bracelet – $13.98

Leather Personalized Bracelet

There’s one thing about men who wear bracelets, that is adorable! If he wears these kinds of things, a leather bracelet is an astonishing idea. The bracelet is made of stainless steel and silicone, which is super durable and waterproof. What makes it special is definitely the quote on it, which spreads all the love to your hubby, and will definitely make him emotional. 

10. Funny Socks – $11.99 

Funny Socks

This is one of our top gift ideas, and we’re so happy to share it with you. In all that stress and chaos of organizing the wedding, your hubby needs a pair of ‘game over’ socks. Not only they’re adorable, but super comfortable and that’s because of combed cotton and spandex material. Ps. make sure he wears them to bring luck to the wedding 🙂 

11. Pocket Watch – $34.99

Pocket Watch

If you’re stuck, and your man loves this kind of old, classic gift, a pocket watch is an everlasting one. It has numbers, a great color combination, and goes great with a black or dark blue wedding suit. Comes in a diameter of 47 mm, needs no batteries to work, and comes in a wooden box, to keep it safe. The surprise of this one is that you can also put a photo inside, so he always thinks of you! 

12. Matchy Robes – $58.99

Matchy Robes

Well, ladies, you gotta make him look pretty after showering! This matchy set will make you two feel even more like husband and wife. The robes are made of fast-absorbing material, extremely durable and comfortable. Besides that, you can personalize the writing on it: king/queen, hubby/wifey, Mr./Mrs., bride-to-be/groom-to-be, and other ideas you might have. 

13. Personalized Guitar Pick – $10.99

Personalized Guitar Pick

Step one: make sure he plays the guitar! Looks very fancy, has a great design, and has a meaningful quote that says a lot. The pick is made of stainless steel but comes in a leather suitcase that covers it, and you won’t ever lose it. The tinny guitar makes it even more adorable though. This is how he will know that you’ll always pick him, no matter what!

14. 100 Reasons I Love You – $12.99

100 Reasons I Love You

You wanna make him cry? We got you! If you’re stuck and have no words left, these 100 cards will do the job for you. They are colorful and each includes a reason why you love him. You will remind him that he brings a smile to your face, you’ll always be there for him, and more. Before giving him the cards, make sure you go through them and remove anything that doesn’t relate. 

15. Cards Against Humanity Deck – $29.00

Cards Against Humanity Deck

Here’s something that will be enjoyed by your hubby, his mates, and you as well. Cards Against Humanity is a party game made to be played by 4 to 20 players, for everyone who is 17 and up. It includes a huge deck of 600 cards, which are all about making jokes and combining content. Let the groom be the Card Czar, so everything is about him!

16. Naughty Wedding Card – $5.99

Naughty Wedding Card

Since you want to bring some laughs to his face, go get this naughty, funny card. Besides the writing it comes with, you can also write anything you want on the inside. Make sure you give this gift to your hubby on the wedding day when you have your first look or anything, so he feels like everything’s gonna be alright. Yes, babe. It’s definitely time for you to become romantic.

17. Cute Keychain

Cute Keychain

Last but not least, a keychain! This is something that will be with him every day, whenever he uses his car keys, house, office keys, or anything similar. The saying in it is very lovely and helps you tell your husband how much you love him. Whenever he’s having a bad day, all it takes is a look at this keychain, and his mood will change immediately. 

Tips For Picking The Perfect Gift

We know this might be a struggle. That’s why we already made a buying guide for you! 

  • Is he into accessories? Since this is one of the people’s first choices for a gift, think about if your hubby likes to wear accessories. If yes, the watches, bracelets, or cufflinks we mentioned above are a great idea. 
  • Are you looking for something he could use every day? Some people prefer gifts that will actually be used. Gifts like that could be sunglasses, a wallet, or even socks! 
  • Pick between useful gifts and cute ones. This is all about how you want it to be. If you want something he could keep as a memory, consider a personalized keychain, a watercolor portrait of you two, or a guitar picker. On the other hand, a pocket comb, a hammer multitool, or a whiskey set come super handy & useful. 
  • Consider something to bring a laugh to his face. If you’re stuck and don’t know what to pick, look for the naughty card, CAH deck, or ‘Game Over’ socks, since they will lighten up your life!  
  • Check your budget. We know wedding preparations cost tons. It doesn’t need to be expensive to be meaningful. Is all about what he loves, and the way you make them feel <3 

Final Thoughts

We know you were looking for perfect gifts, and we were waiting for the perfect moment to share them with you. There’s a total of 17 ideas, and you’ll definitely find a few favorite ones. To help you with that, follow our buying guide. Ps. If you’re still looking for bachelorette ideas, check out our ‘Quiz The Groom’ questions.

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