‘Go Hoe Or Go Home’ Drinking Card Game Review

Go Hoe Or Go Home - Cover Photo

A game with such a unique name definitely catches our eye, doesn’t it? We’re assuming you can’t buy a game without reading our honest review & thoughts? We love to hear that! In the blink of an eye, you’ll learn everything about this drinking card game: the design, instructions, cards, our experience with this game so far, and more details! 

  • About the game;
  • The design & cards of ‘Go Hoe Or Go Home’;
  • How to play & our experience;
  • Extra packs;
  • Where to buy & competitors;
  • Conclusion;

About The Game

  • Release year: 2022;
  • Founders: Loverzz B.V.;
  • Game type: drinking card game;
  • Age range: 21+;
  • Number of players: 2+;
  • Cards: 104;
  • Game goal: get to know your people & drink;
  • Official website: gohoeorgohome.com;

The Design & Cards Of ‘Go Hoe Or Go Home’

The main pack of ‘Go Hoe Or Go Home’ is the right party drinking game to play at your next gathering. Here’s how the pack of the game looks:

Go Hoe Or Go Home - Box
Go Hoe Or Go Home - Box 2

As you might see, the main words of the name are highlighted in red, just so we create an idea of it. The background of the box is all black, there’s no illustration or extra information. We like it simple, huh? 
If you look at the sides, there’s a short description of the game, and the main game pieces of information: age range, number of cards, and reminders to not drive while drunk, or play the game if pregnant. That’s pretty much it. Now, let’s look at the cards real quick. This is how the back of the cards looks:

Go Hoe Or Go Home - Back Of The Cards

In case you forgot, the core pack has a total of 104 playing cards. Now, take a look at how colorful & pretty the cards are:

Go Hoe Or Go Home - Cards 2
Go Hoe Or Go Home - Cards

And that is only a glimpse of how the content can be. Well, we weren’t wrong in mentioning that it is only preferred for people who are over the age of 21! If you’re curious to check more cards, watch this TikTok: Go Hoe Or Go Home.

How To Play & Our Experience: Is It Worth The Hype?

First things first, keep in mind the age range, because of the content and legal age of drinking. ‘Go Hoe Or Go Home’ can be an amazing drinking game for 2 people and more, but we think that anything over 10 players would create a mess, so, 2 to 10 players is just fine!

Any idea about the game rules? Well, don’t bother. All you have to do to play is take turns drawing cards and complete whatever it asks you to. You will get to drink different amounts of sips for specific prompts, complete a challenge or drink, choose between two options, and similar. Lots of the cards are applied to all players at once, but, many are made just for the player drawing the card too!

Since you now know how to play the game and all that, why don’t we talk a bit about my game experience? To begin with, we were 4 people playing, and that turned out to be a great number of players.

We placed the deck of cards in the center of the table, grabbed a few drinks, and took turns drawing the cards. I started first, and this is the card I got:

Go Hoe Or Go Home - Card 1

Lucky me, I didn’t have to drink. However, I wanted to know the answer to this question for my friends who were playing. I was shocked when all of them took a sip. I guess I was the innocent one in the group…

When it was the player’s on my left turn, they drew this: 

Go Hoe Or Go Home - Card 2

Well, he had two choices: either let the person to their right scroll through his social media or drink. Good for us, he chose the first option, but let me tell you, he was sweating, lol. And that’s what made this turn fun!

Let me explain these 3 next cards we had to deal with:

Go Hoe Or Go Home - Cards 3

The first card is a body shot. The player who drew this had to take a body shot from the player to their left. This was way too spicy! Then, the player to my right had to start a ‘Never Have I Ever’ game. We decided that 10 questions were enough, and of course, we borrowed some from our Never Have I Ever list of questions. I’ll let the third card remain a surprise… 

We played several more turns until we decided to keep some cards for another time. After all, 104 dares & questions played at one time can be a lot. I started the game, and they decided I should end it. Here’s the last card I drew:

Go Hoe Or Go Home - Card 4

Well, this card could make everyone drink, and I loved that. Let me just tell you that 2 of us took 3 sips. I won’t tell who…

Long story short, I think the game is beyond doubt worth it. But, keep in mind to choose very carefully who you’re playing with & make sure everyone is comfortable since the content is pretty adult-friendly, as you had the chance to see. Also, do not drink & drive, in case you’ve forgotten! 

Extra Packs Of ‘Go Hoe Or Go Home’

The creators assumed that one pack of these cards wasn’t enough. That’s why they came with 2 extra ones!

1. The Couples Pack – $14.95 

Go Hoe Or Go Home - The Couples Pack

Thankfully, they made a couples drinking card game, because we never have enough of that! This pack contains a total of 52 playing cards and comes with the same rules as the main pack. However, you can only play it with your partner, because it can get too romantic & hot to play with other people! 
Card examples: 

  • What’s your partner’s favorite position? If you have it wrong, you have to take a shot!
  • Grab an ice cube and do whatever you want, or take a shot.
  • Play a song that reminds you of your partner.

2. Go High Or Go Home – $14.95

Go Hoe Or Go Home - Go High Or Go Home

It’s neither go hard nor go hoe anymore. It’s go high or go home! And it’s not a drinking game anymore. It’s a smoking game! The pack contains 55 playing cards, and the content is just as crazy as it could be!
Card examples:

  • Give away a hit if you’ve ever listened to Bob Marley.
  • Take a hit if you’ve ever smoked 7 days straight.
  • Take a hit if you’ve ever smoked during school hours.

Talking of extra, they also turned the game into a drinking game app, in case you don’t wanna deal with the cards. You may find it here.

Where To Buy ‘Go Hoe Or Go Home’ & Game Competitors

Currently, the only place that sells this incredible card game is the official website. Therefore, you may find it at gohoeorgohome.com for $24.95. Now, let’s check who are the game competitors:

1. Charge It 2 The Game – $26.99

Charge It 2 The Game

Charge It 2 The Game is an outstanding card game that contains 90 cards, which are self-explanatory. It can be played by 2 to 20 people, by whoever’s 21 or older. It has super simple rules, and creative content, and definitely gets y’all drunk.

2. Do Or Drink – $29.99

Do Or Drink

Do Or Drink is our go-to game several times. It can be played by anyone who is 21 or older, and works great if played by 2 or more people. The main deck has 350 cards and 2 main card categories. The idea of the game is completing a challenge, or drinking!

3. Drunk Desires – $18.00

Drunk Desires

Since ‘Go Hoe Or Go Home’ had a couples’ edition, here’s another amazing couples card game: Drunk Desires. Comes with a total of 50 cards divided into flirty & dirty, and can be played by people who are 18 or older. Challenges will most likely spice up the game night & get you in a romantic feeling.

Final Thoughts

There’s just something very attractive to drinking card games, at least for us. ‘Go Hoe Or Go Home’ is a great pack with boundless challenges, and lots of drinking. To conclude it all, here are the pros and cons of this card game:

What we like:What we don’t like:
A large enough deck of cards;
Creative challenges;
Illustrations & designs in the cards;
Suitable for different groups of people;
Helps you get to know each other;
Cards have a waterproofing layer;
There are extra decks;
Extremely simple rules;
The replayability of the cards is low, so you can only play a card once;
Can get uncomfortable if played by people who aren’t close to each other.

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