22 Girls Night Party Games – Limitless Fun For The Señoritas

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What do girls prefer to do? Girls just wanna have fun! How is this fun created? Well, mostly by playing some games! And, where can you find the best of these games? Where else except in this article! 

You’ll be fascinated with how unique and different each of the games is, and the high creativity that is fused in them. What we looked forward to bringing to you, besides showing you some fun games to play with your girls, we also paid attention to being as economical as possible.

So, there’s a list of the most enjoyable games, including drinking ones as well, and they don’t require any special stuff to buy, you’ll spend that money on buying snacks and drinks for the night, you’ll probably need it!

 We tried to make the descriptions as short and clear as possible since you know, there are dozens of games,  but anyways, pay attention to the details because this is how you can choose the most suitable game for you and your gals! 

Also, besides these amazing games that will be the main part of this article, you’ll get another privilege: we made a guide that will help you choose one, or some of the games, which fit y’all best, and bring fun to your party because chances are high that not all of the games are your type!

Here we start:

  • The lovely games:
  1. Blindfolded Makeovers;
  2. Guess The Celebrity;
  3. Guess Who!;
  4. Drink Swap;
  5. Whisper Challenge;
  6. Karaoke Shot;
  7. Beauty Queen;
  8. Food Race On The Face;
  9. Tequila;
  10. Tell Me;
  11. Never-Ending Story;
  12. Rocking Around The Christmas Tree!;
  13. Telephone;
  14. Spot The Killer;
  15. Thumb Master;
  16. Kiss The Poster;
  17. Speak Out;
  18. Kiss, Marry, Kill;
  19. Rhyme Time;
  20. Put A Finger Down;
  21. Blow Cards;
  22. Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts!;         
  • What are some important details about these games?;             
  • A Conclusion: Will Your Girls Love It?

1. Blindfolded Makeovers

Blindfolded Makeovers

‘Blindfolded Makeovers’ details:

  • Use a sleep mask or even some random napkins, just to cover your eyes, because just closing them, isn’t trusting enough;
  • It can be played by any number of players starting from 2, we’d recommend being played by an even number of players, so everyone would have a partner;
  • You set a timer (10 minutes is enough) and both you and your partner try to put makeup on each other. You can do it both at the same time, or taking turns. Just be careful, don’t blind each other, use that eyeliner carefully!
  • After opening your eyes, you all see who did the worst makeup!

2. Guess The Celebrity

Guess The Celebrity

‘Guess The Celebrity’ details:

  • Similar to Heads Up or Charades, in a way, they have the same rules;
  • It can be played by 2 or more players, it’s all up to you and your guests;
  • First, you write some celebrities names in small papers and fold them, and everyone has to pick one, without reading them;
  • Taking turns, you place that paper on your forehead, and you have to make questions which can be answered with yes or no, this is how you find the celebrity you’re identified with;
  • You have a set timer, around 2 minutes is best, and if you don’t guess the name for that time, you don’t get points;

3. Guess Who!

Guess Who!

‘Guess Who’ details:

  • Since we were ar guessing and stuff, here’s another guessing game!;
  • You give one paper and pen to all your girls, and they have to write down a secret, an embarrassing story of them, or anything unique, which isn’t known by anyone in the room;
  • After everyone has written them, they fold the papers and put them in a bowl, and mix them all;
  • Someone reads all the papers, and everyone else tries to guess whose secret it is;
  • You can choose if they all want to approve the ‘statement’ or not, or you just let everyone be curious for their whole life!

4. Drink Swap

Drink Swap

‘Drink Swap’ details:

  • We hope you’ll play it at your home because I think you’ll need a spoon and empty glasses;
  • Everyone gets two glasses, one with alcohol, and the other one should be empty. Also, you’ll need one spoon for each player;
  • You set the timer for 1 or 2 minutes (you can increase it if you want), and all the girls should try to pass the alcohol from the full glass to the empty one, only using their spoon;
  • When the timer stops, the girls have to drink the whole drink of the original glass. So, if you want to stay sober, move your hands faster! 

5. Whisper Challenge

The Whisper Challenge

‘The Whisper Challenge’ details:

  • I bet you all heard and very likely played the whisper challenge, this is just a reminder;
  • Write down some words, which will be hard to guess;
  • You can play if you have 2 or more players, and each player in their turn has to put on the headphones, so they can’t hear what the other player is saying, they’ve got to read their lips;
  • Play some rock music, or something similar, the point is to be as loud as possible (well, until you deafen your ears);
  • Body language isn’t allowed, because that just makes the game way easier;
  • First, it starts as a competition between 2 players. Taking turns, they have to guess 10 words each, for a specific time ( 2 minutes or more). The player who guesses the most wins the round and continues to play with another player.

6. Karaoke Shot

Karaoke Shot

‘Karaoke Shot’ details:

  • If you have a microphone, that’s an extra, but if not, just use some spoons or the remote;
  • Take one shot before starting to sing, that’ll make your voice better (and your mood too);
  • It is just karaoke, but, we also added some drinks;
  • After you start singing, every time you make a mistake, you take a shot, or half a shot, if you want to keep track;
  • Tip: choose a cheerful song, we don’t wanna cry!!!

7. Beauty Queen

Beauty Queen

‘Beauty Queen’ details:

  • Proving out who’s the weirdest of y’all;
  • Ask all your guests to bring some clothes and accessories from their closets, it doesn’t matter if they look weird. That’s even funnier! The weirdest, the funnier!;
  • Put all the stuff in a box, you all sit in a circle, and put the box in the center;
  • Taking turns, you all take one item from the box, and wear it, until there’s nothing left on the box;
  • To keep it as a memory, take some (funny) pictures after y’all have created your outfits. No idea how fun that turns out to be!

8. Food Race On The Face

Food Race On The Face

‘Food Race On The Face’ details:

  • You probably heard about Face The Cookie, which was famous years ago!;
  • You can either play individually or in teams;
  • Use any food you want, if you think it’s reasonable, you can even use spaghetti!;
  • The point is to eat the food that’s on your face, just by using your face movement, and not your hands, you’ll get disqualified immediately if you do that;
  • You don’t have as much time as you want, use a timer, and put some minutes, which means that that task has to be completed in that time;

9. Tequila 


‘Tequila’ details:

  • I can’t unhear it anymore. Every time somewhere is mentioned tequila, this is what I visualize: Tequila guy;
  • Choose some songs that have a word mentioned different times during the song;
  • Some of the songs may be: Jingle Bell Rock, Beggin’, or any song you like;
  • You set a word that is mostly mentioned in the song, for example, Jingle Bell, or, I’m beggin’;
  • Every time that specific word is mentioned, you all drink a sip of your drink;

10. Tell Me – $16.90

Tell Me

‘Tell Me’ details:

  • This is a card game that includes 110 cards;
  • Works great as an ice-breaker, which also tends to connect all the guests more with each other;
  • All the cards have questions written on them, and the girls have to answer them;
  • This is a girls talk, which makes you all understand each other’s mindsets, and share some stuff you probably couldn’t before;
  • ‘Tell Me’ also has a version for couples and the family edition!

11. Never-Ending Story

Never Ending Story

Never-Ending Story’ details:

  • Do you remember when we talked about Finish The Poem, or Finish The Story?;
  • This one’s kinda more creative because no one can see the whole text before their art;
  • It can be played by 3 or more players, it isn’t that fun with less, the more, the better the story!;
  • One of the girls starts first by writing a paragraph, and folds the paper which hides the text, except the last sentence which should be visible;
  • This is how, everyone continues to finish the story, only by reading the last sentence;
  • The sentences can be funny, weird, or even dirty, it’s all up to you!;
  • In the end, the person who started first reads the whole story!

12. Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

‘Rocking Around The Christmas Tree’ details:

  • Probably reminding you of that chairs game you played in kindergarten;
  • Since Christmas is here, why not make a game around the Christmas tree!;
  • This Christmas themed game is best for 4 or more players since one of you should be the DJ;
  • Pick some Christmas song, they’ll give you that special vibe;
  • The DJ plays the song, everyone starts dancing and singing around the tree, and when the music stops, all the girls should stop in their place;
  • If any of them continues to vibe, they should take a sip of their drink, or complete a specific challenge, which is given by any of you or the party planner (if you’re trying to stay sober);

13. Telephone


‘Telephone’ details:

  • I bet you all played it as a kid, especially at birthday parties!!!;
  • It works better on larger groups, we’d say 5 or more people;
  • The game starts with someone who whispers to the person in their left or right a sentence, which can be pretty random or funny;
  • The sentence can’t be repeated twice, even if that person hasn’t heard it clear;
  • Everyone in the circle should pass the sentence to the next person by whispering it, even if they don’t actually know what the previous player said, so, don’t say it too loud so the others can hear;
  • In the end, the last person in the round says the sentence out loud, to see the difference of how it started by the first player;
  • If you’re not a big circle, you can play it in 2 rounds, which means that the game doesn’t stop when it’s the last person in the circle’s round.

14. Spot The Killer

Spot The Killer

‘Spot The Killer’ details:

  • First of all, ask all your besties to sit in a circle;
  • Make sure you have a deck of classic cards, red and black;
  • The game is good for 5 or more players, and, you use as many cards as the number of players, one of the cards should be read, and the others black;
  • You deal them the cards, without anyone seeing what you dealt with all of them, and the girl who has the red card is considered the killer;
  • Everyone looks at each other, and the killer should wink to another player, only when they think it’s the right time and nobody can see them. 
  • The player that the killer winks at should put the card down in the ground or table, and has to take a sip of their drink;
  • This continues until the other players find out who the killer was.

15. Thumb Master

Thumb Master

Thumb Master’ details:

  • Pretty simple, yet, lots of fun!;
  • It’s recommended to be played by 3 or more people;
  • At the beginning of the night, someone is chosen the thumb master, any of you;
  • During the night, the thumb master, at any time, can put their finger down on the table, which means that the other players should do that as well;
  • Just to be clear, she doesn’t have to mention that she has put her finger down, but, as soon as the others see her finger on the table (not literally), should do the same;
  • The last person to do that has to drink or do a dare which is set by the thumb master…

16. Kiss The Poster

Kiss The Poster

‘Kiss The Poster’ details:

  • Since girls’ rooms are full of posters, just pick the hottest of them all;
  • Place the poster in the wall, and give the girls something to cover their eyes;
  • It can also be played by only 2 people;
  • Blindfolded, all the girls have one chance to kiss the handsome man;
  • The girl who was closest, or did kiss him in the lips, is the winner of the game;
  • If you want, you can make your own rule: the winner gets to choose a dare which has to be completed by all of the other players!

17. Speak Out – $17.10

Speak Out.

‘Speak Out’ details:

  • You may have heard of it from Ellen’s Show;
  • If you get it on Amazon, there are 10 mouthpieces in the box and 200 double-sided cards;
  • Speak out can be played by 2 or more players, but as always, the more people the better;
  • The point of the game is to read the sentences on the card out loud, while having the mouthpieces in your mouth, and the other player should guess what you’re saying;
  • That’s pretty challenging and extremely funny, because how the hell do you say the letter ‘p’ without touching your lips?;
  • If you don’t want to spend money to buy the game, just buy some mouth preps your dentist uses, and write down some sentences…

18. Kiss, Marry, Kill

Kiss, Marry, Kill

Kiss, Marry, Kill’ details:

  • Use some posters, again, of 3 different celebrities or anyone else, or just use your phone to show the photos, (another) or, say the names of the 3 of them, without using photos;
  • Being 3 or more players playing, you all take turns asking each other who would they rather kiss, marry and kill;
  • To make it even more fun, ask for the reasons;
  • You can choose if you want to use the same 3 names for all the girls, or you want to change them for each of the players;
  • In the end, kill the celebrities the girls said they wanna kill… Just kidding.

19. Rhyme Time

Rhyme Time

‘Rhyme Time’ details:

  • What’s the matter with me and all this poetry stuff?? Anyways;
  • Requires 3 or more players, it is better if you’re all staying in a circle, and can hear and see each other;
  • The first girl (randomly) says a word or a sentence, and when it’s the others turn, they have to say a word that rhymes with the previous one;
  • When they take too long to say something, can’t remember a word at all, or say something that doesn’t rhyme, girl, you take a sip!;
  •  Use any word you want, even if they don’t make any sense!

20. Put A Finger Down

Put A Finger Down

‘Put A Finger Down’ details:

  • If you haven’t heard of this challenge in TikTok, you probably live in another century;
  • Works great for 2 or more girls, or you can do it alone if you want to make a video;
  • You can either play some audios from TikTok, any edition you want, and record the video or not, or you just make a list of questions and someone reads them;
  • Every girl that can relate to any of the statements, for example: put a finger down if you’re dating right now, means that they have to put a finger down for that;
  • In the end, you all count how many fingers everyone has put down.

21. Blow Cards

Blow Cards

Blow Cards’ details:

  • First things first, you’ll need a bottle or glass that has alcohol on it (if you’re all 21+, if not, non-alcohol) and a deck of cards, any cards you want;
  • Blow Cards is the classic one that can be played by 2+ people;
  • Everyone tries to blow one card from the top of the bottle or the cup, without touching it;
  • If the girl blows 2 or more cards, or even worse, all the cards, has to drink whatever is in the cup;
  • So, the point is to blow just the top card, without touching it, without affecting any of the other cards.

22. Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts

Spill Your Gut Or Fill Your Gut

‘Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts’ details:

  • It makes you remember The Late Late Show, doesn’t it?;
  • You make some type of a food roulette, which can be disgusting food, spicy, or even different types of alcohol;
  • You make some questions about each other, but first, you have to know how you’re sitting at the table because you only make 3 questions to the person in your left or right (this depends on how you want the game to go);
  • Before you make the question, you tell the other girl what she’s gonna eat (or drink) if she doesn’t want to answer;
  • As you understand, everyone who refuses to answer has to take whatever their friend asks them to…
  • You’re either gonna know more about your girls or you’ll try things you never thought of trying… 

What Are Some Important Details About These Games? 

Work perfectly for every girls’ party. Well, I bet you already know that, but just a quick reminder. You can play it on birthdays, sleepovers, bachelorette, hens, as a bridal shower game, or, just for your game nights. They’re always your games-to-go to make every night fun!

They tend to bring people together. We already know how much fun and laughs they bring to the party, how good they make you feel, but, besides that, they let y’all know more about each other, they help you develop your team working skills, give you a chance to show all the creativity inside your brain & tell everyone how crazy you are!  

Pay attention to the details, while choosing the right game. This may be a struggle, we don’t doubt that. The larger the number of games, the more difficult it is choosing what to play… If you’re punctilious, considering all the information we gave about each of the games, this isn’t that big a deal,  but anyways, it can get stressful sometimes. We thought of it, and here are some tips on how to pick the right one:

  • Doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to be played by adults, of course, excluding the drinking games. Even if you’re playing with your teen girls or your pretty girls who are still kids, of course, you should take care of what content you use during the game, since most of the time, you make the rules, the questions, and so on… For example, ‘Guess The Celebrity’, ‘Beauty Queen’, ‘Whisper Challenge’, and some others on our list, would be great games for all ages.
  • Ask your girls about the games! We know you’re the best host, and you really take care of all the details before hosting the game night, so, after you’ve analyzed all the games on our list, make sure you get an opinion from them, just to be sure if they all drink (if you picked a drinking game), or if they have any bad experiences with any of the games, we want to make it as perfect as possible!
  • Match the game with the night character.  What I mean with this, is that it matters a lot who’re you playing the game with, are you close with each other, are you looking to drink or to know more about each other. We listed some games which work great as icebreakers, including ‘Guess Who’, ‘Tell Me’, ‘Never Ending Story’, ‘Rocking Around The Christmas Tree’, and some more. While, on the other hand, if you’re planning to invite your besties, obviously you won’t have to play games which help you know each other more, that’s why you can play some weirded ones: ‘Kiss The Poster’, ‘Blindfolded Makeovers’, ‘Speak Out’, and the list goes on… 
  • Even drinking games are different from each other. Since almost half of our games are drinking ones, of course they’re very unique with each other. Some of them are pretty simple, and don’t require anything complicated, such as ‘Drink Swap’ or ‘Tequila’, but, some others, require some concentration, and while being drunk, that can be a little challenging. Examples can be ‘Karaoke Shot’ (where you gotta remember all the song lyrics), ‘Rhyme Time’ (which requires you to listen to all your friends and try to find similar words), and lots more fun ones!

A Conclusion: Will Your Girls Love It? 

After giving all these reasons, details, do you still doubt that? Well, we won’t say that all of you will like all of the games, that’s not possible actually… Since there are dozens of games, some of the games will fit you better than the others, because of their content, game style, number of players, and so on.

Do not leave the details aside, because that’s what makes the difference! If all of your girls drink, we’d recommend you choose one of the drinking games, if you’re all 21+ of course, if not, look for the non-drinking games, which make the whole night better!

Let me repeat it one more time, most non-drinking games can be played by all ages, but of course, you should pay attention to the content and the way the game is played, because in most of them, you can change and modify the rules. So, if you’re spending some time with your cousins, sisters, and other (girls) family members, why not use them as family games!

If you’re looking for something extra, I mean, if you’ve tried all of these games already, you can also check For The Girls, an awesome card game!!!

This is it you pretty humans, keep having fun, you deserve it! <3

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