21 Games To Play With Your Girlfriend: Cards, Boards & Even Video Games!

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You’re looking for a good activity to make your girl happy? Perhaps she needs attention most of the time, and her Achilles heel is playing games & competing with each other. Welcome to the club dude! We’ll list down a few card games, Trivia, conversation starters, and even some flirty ones, just so you and her can spend a romantic & enjoyable time together. 

The most beautiful part of the games is that they’ll bring you two closer. No matter if you went through a fight, had a little misunderstanding or you’re doing just fine, but feel the urge to connect more with your significant other. Instructions for each game, visuals, required equipment to play, and many more pieces of information, will be next to each game. 

  • Getting To Know Each Other Games;
  • Date, Marry OR One Nigh Stand;
  • Do You Really Know Me, Babe?;
  • Two Truths & One Lie;
  • Truth Or Dare;
  • Board Games:
  • Flirty Scrabble;
  • Romantic Jenga;
  • Monopoly;
  • Fun-loving Games;
  • Embarrassment Competition;
  • Movie Quiz;
  • Staring Contest;
  • 5 Minute Housework;
  • Cuddling & Cooking;
  • Heads Up!;
  • The Surprise Box;
  • Card Games:
  • Cards Against Humanity;
  • War;
  • Go Fish!;
  • Video Games:
  • It Takes Two;
  • Overcooked;
  • Minecraft;
  • Fable;
  • Conclusion; 

Getting To Know Each Other Games

There are some specific games to help you create stronger connections & build good chemistry. The games we’ll mention below belong to this category. You’ll see each other’s perspectives on many topics, and get to ask questions you were never brave enough to ask. Get in your comfort zone and appreciate each other.

1. Date, Marry OR One Night Stand

Date, Marry OR One Night Stand

What to prep before playing: A folder of celebrities’ photos, preferably, collages of 3 & a phone or other screen to display them. 

How to play: 

I bet you’ve heard about ‘Kiss, Marry or Kill’. Well, we’ve toned it down a bit. Basically, all you have to do is show her 3 photos of celebrities at once. It could be any preferred category of hers. Singers, actors, TV hosts, influencers, and anything you wish, of both genders. Next, give her 10 seconds to tell who she would rather date, marry, and have a one-night stand with. This is how you know who her favorite famous people are, and what type of men & personalities she likes. After her turn is over, ask her to ask the same questions (but of course, using different photos & characters), and you have to give your opinions as well! 

2. Do You Really Know Me, Babe?

Do You Really Know Me, Babe

What to prep before playing: A list of questions for your partner OR the ‘Do You Know Me?’ game

How to play: 

It has no hidden meaning. The name says it all. Pick 10 to 15 questions to ask your partner (questions about you), and see how correct they will answer. Questions can be anything, starting from personal, to general, or POVs for different scenarios. ‘What’s my dog named?’, ‘What would I change about myself?’, ‘Who’s the family member I’m most connected to?’, and others of your choice. Keep track to check how many questions he/she answered correctly, and then change turns. If you made the questions, now it’s your turn to answer. Whoever answered more correctly, wins. 

3. Two Truths & One Lie

Two Truths And One Lie

What to prep before playing: No extra equipment is needed. Just think about some facts about yourself. 

How to play: 

Before starting, I have to tell you that you’re gonna adore Two Truths & One Lie. It is super simple and tells a lot about you two. To begin with, you take turns telling 2 truths and one lie about yourself, without telling which is which. Your partner then has to guess which one was the lie. Try to mention things you haven’t talked about earlier, you know, something that feels unavailable. Well, don’t say something like ‘I own an airplane’, since we all know that isn’t true, and it’s so easy for them to guess. You take one turn, then your partner, then again you, until you have no facts left to tell. 

4. Truth Or Dare

Truth Or Dare

What to prep before playing: a list of questions and dares. 

How to play:

Even tho’ it’s a classy, old game, Truth Or Dare never runs out of style. If played with more people, you know that you’ll use a phone app, or a bottle, to pick the turns. Since you’re only two, you just volunteer to begin first, and then you change turns after each question or dare. Just as simple as it sounds, you ask your partner if they want to answer a question (tell a truth) or complete a dare. Based on their choice, then you get creative and give them what they asked for. If you want to get them to spill the tea, play Truth Or Drink. They can either drink or answer. There’s no in-between.

Board Games

Why don’t we get a bit romantic? Set up a good atmosphere, and some lovely light music & choose one of the following board games. Just so you know, you two will also get a bit competitive, and that will be fun! Well, they can be followed by a few cuddles or kisses, we’re okay with that! 

1. Flirty Scrabble

Flirty Scrabble

What to prep before playing: The Scrabble board game (a good option is ordering it at Amazon for $18.49).

How to play:

Well, it isn’t couple-themed, you know, just like we had the bachelorette ones or anything like that. I don’t doubt you’ve played Scrabble before. However, it’s your love that makes it magical. All you have to do is match the tiles with letters in patterns and create words, pretty similar to the classical crossword puzzle. In specific blocks on the 225-square board, you also get extra points! The game ends whenever one of you two has used all their tiles while creating words, and obviously, that player wins the game. It’s all about scoring as many points as possible. 

2. Romantic Jenga

Romantic Jenga

What to prep before playing: the Jenga game, which you can customize by yourself by writing ideas in the blocks. 

How to play: 

Start by taking the Jenga blocks and write questions & challenges in all of them. It can be personal questions, about the future, romantic challenges (kissing spots, making your partner a dessert), and anything you wish. The gameplay goes just like playing standard Jenga. You draw the blocks, and if you succeed to place them on top without crashing the tower, you have to complete whatever’s written on it. Optionally, you can make the questions apply to both of you, so, after you answer, your partner has to answer as well. It’s super fun & heartwarming. 

3. Monopoly


What to prep before playing: the Monopoly board game (a good offer is on Amazon for $25.97).

How to play:

While we’re at board games, we couldn’t continue without mentioning our very beloved Monopoly. You can also play the Monopoly Deal, but girls always prefer the board game. It takes a little more effort and takes a while to master, but every minute is worth it. In the board game, you have to force your partner into bankruptcy, while you buy & own property, and remain the last player standing with money. Especially for the girls who love being independent & deal with money, Monopoly is lit! You will have lots of fun, and competition, and undoubtedly exercise your cognitive skills. 

Fun-Loving Games

It’s time for our favorite: cardless & boardless games to play with your girlfriend. They are super pleasant ones, which will put you two closer, share moments of love, and have a bunch of laughs. Probably the games will also collaborate with your favorite daily activities, such as watching movies, or doing the chores! 

1. Embarrassment Competition

Embarrassment Competition

What to prep before playing: Nothing. Just think of some embarrassing stories. 

How to play:

It’s the time of the day we get embarrassed, fellas! Set a timer for 10 minutes, and let each other think of a few embarrassing stories (3 or 4 would be fine). If you want, you can also write them down on your notes or paper, so you don’t forget them while talking. Next, tell one story at a time, and pass the turn to your partner. Make sure to tell the MOST embarrassing stories you have. How your pants got ripped off, how you sent an inappropriate text to the wrong person, and frankly, all you’ve got. When you finish, together decide who has the most embarrassing stories, you know, the winner of the embarrassment competition.

2. Movie Quiz

Movie Quiz

What to prep before playing: Questions about specific movies, actors & scenes. 

How to play:

Before starting to play, do some research on the actors and movies, and write down some facts. We recommend you play your favorite movie, make a cozy place, and start watching. While watching the movie, ask your partner something about the actor or the scene showing currently. Here are some ideas: ‘How old was X in this movie?’, ‘Where was this scene shot?’, ‘Is X married?’, and any question that comes into your mind. Keep the score to check how many questions your partner guessed correctly. The player who has the most points wins, and gets their opponent to complete a dare of their choice. 

3. Staring Contest

Staring Contest

What to prep before playing: Literally nothing. Just some chairs or someplace to sit.

How to play: 

Don’t tell me you’ve never had a staring contest! Ah, what you’ve lost. Well, a staring contest is all about staring into each other’s eyes and maintaining eye contact for as long as you can. Your goal is to be the player who blinks last. During that time, you can also tend to make your opponent laugh or do any tricks to make their winning harder. Once one of you blinks, looks over, or to make it harder, smiles or laughs, the game is over and the other player wins. Who knows, maybe the staring contest will lead to something more romantic…  

4. 5 Minute Housework

5 Minute Housework

What to prep: Equipment needed to do the housework, based on the task. Gloves, watering can, glass cleaner & a timer.

How to play: 

Well, this is a win-win situation. It’s a cute competition, but you also take advantage of it: you get less housework left! Well, start the timer, we prefer 5 or 10 minutes, and both of you have to complete most tasks in between that timer. You can water the plants, clean the windows or the oven, or even vacuum. But, it isn’t considered completed if you haven’t included all items. For example, if you’re watering plants, you have to water them all to count. If you want to win, make sure you do smaller tasks, such as folding the socks or underwear, so you have more chores completed, therefore, win the game!

5. Cuddling & Cooking

Cuddling & Cooking

What to prep before playing: Ingredients needed for cooking.

How to play:

Girls love a man who can cook. Other than that, this game is something both of you will enjoy, no matter your cooking skills. Start the games at the store. Both of you should have only $20 to buy all the needed ingredients for a specific dish. When you come home, you only have 30 minutes to cook. After 30 minutes, the dish should be served. Match the dish with your level of cooking. Make something you’re good at, even if it’s just a salad. After they’re finished, taste & rate each other’s artworks. Whoever gets the highest rate, wins & gets to eat the leftover food! 

6. Heads Up!

Heads Up!

What to prep before playing: The ‘Heads Up!’ game app (available on App Store 

and Google Play) OR a list of charades.

How to play:

The good thing is that there are 2 ways to play: while using the phone app, or just writing down some charades on small pieces of paper. Well, in the ‘Heads Up!’ game, you should hold the phone on your forehead, facing your partner. Continuing further, they have to explain what the screen says, without mentioning the shown word. Try to make it harder to guess, since, for every guessed word, the player holding the phone gets one point. If you can’t guess, the turn is passed to your opponent. If you want to have a few drinks, you may play Heads Up! as a drinking game. All you have to do is follow the rules in the linked article, and you’ll be fine! 

7. The Surprise Box

The Surprise Box

What to prep before playing: A box, a few pieces of paper & a pen.

How to play:

We’re happy to announce that this is a long-lasting game. Take a box, decorate it if you wish, and together with your girlfriend, start writing ideas, questions, or activities on the pieces of paper. Well, it could be something like ‘let’s cuddle for 5 min’, ‘I’ll be the big spoon tonight’, ‘what made you fall in love with me?’, and as creative, as you can get. Forget about the surprise box for a few weeks, and when you’re bored, go and randomly pick one of the ideas, which have to be completed immediately. If any other idea comes to your mind, you can always refresh them and add new ones! 

Card Games

No matter how far we go, card games will always have a special place in our hearts. We’re talking here about both categories: card games played with a standard deck of cards, or special party card games. Based on our experiences, we’ll tell you about the 3 best card games you could play with your girl. 

1. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

What to prep before playing: The CAH Deck of cards (the standard ones, or other editions that are available at muggles.cards).

How to play:

Well, you were fooled into thinking that Cards Against Humanity can be played only by 4 or more people, right? No worries, today we’ll show you that it’s possible to play CAH with as less as 2 people. We’re unpredictable, we know! To begin, you both get 10 white cards, and you randomly pick one black card for each round, since there won’t be a Card Czar. After you and your girlfriend pick your white card to create the funniest combination, you both agree on which was the most hilarious one, and that gets 1 point. There are 3 other ways to play Cards Against Humanity with 2 people, so make sure to check them out! 

2. War


What to prep before playing: A deck of classic cards.

How to play: 

Girls love to start fights, don’t they? This time, for the first time, you’re both equal in starting wars! Start by dividing the whole deck equally for both of you. Next, on the count of 3, you flip one card at a time. Whoever has the highest value of the card, takes the whole deck. The war starts when you two have the same card value. When this occurs, you have to put 3 cards face-down on top of the same value card, and then one card face-up. These are the cards you should compare. Again, the highest value wins (Joker is the highest, 2 is the lowest. The player who has run out of cards and doesn’t have 3 cards to place on top, loses the game. To make it spicier, you may turn War into a stripping game!

3. Go Fish!

Go Fish!

What to prep before playing: a full deck of standard cards.

How to play:

It’s unavailable how a game could fit in all categories: couples games, card games for 3 people, kid-friendly games, and basically all! Both of you should get by 7 cards, and the remaining cards create the draw pile. The dealer of the cards then begins the game by asking for a specific card from their partner, a.k.a, starts fishing. If they have the card (s) you ask for, they have to give them to you, and you continue asking for more. Once they don’t have the card that was required, they say ‘Go Fish’, and you have to draw a card from the deck, and the turn is passed to your partner. The goal is to create the most books (sets of 4 same valued cards), and that’s how you win.

Video Games

Turns out girls like video games just as much as boys; they just hate to admit it! We did our extensive research and came up with 4 of the video games girls prefer most. Who knows, maybe she’ll even beat you! And let me tell you, they’re not just some simple game apps! Download the games, and let the fun begin. 

1. It Takes Two

It Takes Two - Video Game

The Game: Here’s a video to show you How to Download It Takes Two for Free on PC!!!

Game Description:

The game ‘It Takes Two’ broke the internet! What makes it very special, is the story behind it. It is about a girl named Rose, whose parents got divorced. To make her pass through the situation, she creates two dolls, Cody and May, and her parents get trapped in the dolls’ bodies. This adventurous game has a total of 7 chapters, which include different game mechanics. Just as the name says, it takes two to play. Yes, you have to be a cooperative duo in order to play this video game. At the end of the game, May & Cody’s kiss breaks the spell and they come back as humans. I guess it’s the power of love, you should get it! 

2. Overcooked

Overcooked! - Video Game

The game: Here’s How To DOWNLOAD Overcooked free on PC [Tutorial].

Game Description: 

You have to admit it, you like cooking games too! Overcooked (all 4 editions) is a cooking simulation video game, where you have to control your chefs. If you love PlayStation, this video game is also available for PS 4, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows. The point of the game is to take the role of chef and cook different meals while being under the pressure of time. During your cooking time, you’ll face many challenges, and obstacles, and most likely, you’ll have to work with other chefs to complete the orders successfully. It includes 28 different kitchens, and you’ll love every single one of them! 

3. Minecraft

Minecraft - Video Game

The game: It is available on App Store and Google Play.

Game description: 

Minecraft is fun for kids. But it is way more fun if it’s played by grown-ups! As you all know, Minecraft is all about exploring and surviving. As a 3-D game, you and your girl can build almost everything. The good thing is that you two can play together at the same time, using the split-screen technique. It’s truly surprising to play such a game, which feels endless but does have an actual end. There is one end portal, where you get to face the ender dragon, and there’s no coming back until you defeat it. They have a reason for saying that there’s no other Game that tests your skills better than Minecraft.

4. Fable

Fable - Video Game

The game: How to Install and Play Fable – Lost Chapters.

Game Description: 

Fable is a video game series, and Fable 2 and 3 are 2 of the girls’ favorite video games. The storyline of Fable is just as amazing and catchy! Long story short, it tells about a boy who got raided by bandits, and whose family was destroyed. Then, The Maze finds him and trains him to be a Hero. In The Lost Chapters of Fable, the story of him just continues and becomes even more interesting. Taking the role of your character, you’ll fight while using your weapons, complete quests, and get in battles with bandits. Using the Co-op system in Fable 2 and 3, two people can play together at once. 


We don’t think we’ve ever written a more diverse article, but ever! There are card games, board games, card & boardless games, Trivia ones, and even video games. One of the parts we enjoyed most is researching the games, and also testing them ourselves. At some point, we forgot our mission, since we were enjoying them way too much and had fun playing… 

The better you know your girl, the better game you choose. We always recommend you pick one game from all categories, since they’re very special and bring different amounts of fun. One thing we know for sure: these couples’ games will bring you two closer & help you build stronger chemistry between you two, you love birds. 

After all, love is playing games together!

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