22 Games To Play With Your Boyfriend: Drinking And Video Games Included! 

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It’s time for the boys to have a bit of attention, at long last! One of the most effective ways to make your partner happy is definitely giving them your time & effort. Organizing, and respectively playing some good games together, is a great way to do that! Relationships aren’t always just fun and games, but what we’ll mention below, will most likely help you get rid of lots of struggles & misunderstandings.

It turns out men aren’t just into video games. They enjoy a bunch of card games, conversation starters, a few drinking challenges, or even some couples’ activities, which is surprising! We will write down all the details you need to know, which will make your game-picking way simpler. Prior to starting, know that each game is like no other, and don’t forget to let your love shine! 

  • Drinking Games:
  1. No Response;
  2. Drunken Artists;
  3. Speed Facts;
  4. The Office Drinking Game;
  • Entertaining games:
  1. Baby Me;
  2. Backward Texting;
  3. Categories;
  4. Emoji Game;
  5. Twister;
  6. Stick The Stickers;
  7. Karaoke Box;
  • Card & Board Games:
  1. UNO;
  2. Wavelength;
  3. Codenames;
  4. Exploding Kittens;
  • Games To Help You Know Each Other Better;
  1. Most Likely To…;
  2. Truth Or Remove;
  3. Never Have I Ever;
  4. 21 Questions;
  • Video Games;
  1. Divinity Original Sin 2;
  2. Gang Beasts;
  3. Snipperclips;
  • Summarize;

Drinking Games To Play With Your Boyfriend

It’s unbelievable how drinking games make everything more exciting! They are amazing reasons for you to drink, just in case you were looking for one. We mentioned 4 of the games boys enjoy most, but other than that, explore our blog and you’ll find dozens of other cool ones!  

1. No Response

No Response

Reminders preparatory to playing: Get your preferred drinks & think of some questions to ask your partner.

Game description:

We’ve said it already, drinking is a good enough response! To play this game, all you have to do is take turns asking each other stuff. The idea behind it is that none of you can use words to answer. While asking the questions, you give them the options, which will be confirmed based on drinking. For instance, you can ask him/her if they have had their first kiss before they were 16, and the options should be yes or no. If it’s yes, they have to drink. If not, they don’t drink. A hella good way to get answers, innit?

2. Drunken Artist

Drunken Artist

Reminders preparatory to playing: Get some blank paper, pens & markers, a timer, and some alcohol.

Game description: 

You remember Pictionary, don’t ya? Needless to say, Drunken Artists is the drunken version of Pictionary. In each round, one of you will be the artist, while the other should be the guesses. After the timer’s on, the artist starts drawing whatever they wish. The guesser should always try to guess what their partner is drawing. For every 20 seconds passed, the artist has to take a sip of their drink. To make it clear, after the guesser has guessed the word, you check how many seconds have passed on the timer. If it’s been, let’s say, 40 seconds, the artist has to take 2 sips. The better you draw, the less you drink, fellas! 

3. Speed Facts

Speed Facts

Reminders preparatory to playing: All you need is a few drinks.

Game description:

You guys, the games just keep getting better and better! If you’re both talkative, and you talk quickly, this game is made for you. All you gotta do is sit next to each other, and start spitting one fact at a time, of course, relating to your partner. Starting from basic (the school they went to, their favorite sport), to anything you remember, it goes one fact you, and then your partner, until you run out of facts. If after a while you can’t remember anything to say, you take more than 5 seconds to continue, or you tell an incorrect fact, you drink. 

4. The Office Drinking Game

The Office Drinking Game

Reminders preparatory to playing: You’ll need a device to play The Office episodes, shots & other alcoholic drinks.

Game description:

There’s nothing more powerful than a couple where both are fans of The Office! The game is just as simple as you assumed. All you two have to do is sit in front of the TV, play The Office, and take a sip, take a shot, or finish your drink in specific scenarios. As you understood, there are 3 drinking categories, which mostly depend on the repetition of the scenes. Well, you’ll drink when Dwight falls into a prank, Kelly is attached to Ryan, Michael shows his ‘The World’s Best Boss’ cup, and tons of other times. If you’re interested in the comprehensive instructions, go and check our The Office drinking game rules.

Entertaining Games

You were looking for something simple, with no extra equipment, but very meaningful and enjoyable? It’s our pleasure to tell you that you came to the right spot. You’ll find different game styles, different degrees of difficulty, and apparently, different amounts of fun!

1. Baby Me 

Baby Me

Reminders preparatory to playing: You two have to bring 10 unique photos from when you were a baby.

Game description: 

This one’s gonna touch you in your hearts. It’s all about childhood and bringing memories back. Go to your memories’ box and both get 10 pictures back from when you were a baby. One of you two starts first by showing all the 10 pictures, and telling one fact about that photo: how months old you were, what place was the photo shot or anything like that. Once you both finish with your photos, you have to repeat what your partner said about each photo. This is how you know if they were paying attention or not. Also, whoever gives more incorrect facts, is the loser and gets a dare from their partner! 

2. Backward Texting 

Backward Texting

Reminders preparatory to playing: You’ll need your phones to play this game.

Game description: 

You went too long without your phone, huh? Well, Backward Texting is HILARIOUS! The best thing is that it can be played when you’re near each other, or even if you’re living at a long distance. If you’re in the same room, sit near enough to each other just so you can see your partner’s facial expressions! Every text you send should be written backward. So, if you want to say ‘How are you?’, you have to say ‘?uoy era woH’, even though it looks Korean to me, lol! Yeah, this is all. See how long you can survive and how long you can last without getting nervous. 

3. Categories


Reminders preparatory to playing: Prepare a list of categories.

Game description: 

The Categories game never fails to amaze us! You’re about to test your reflexes and see how fast you can think. Make a list of categories, such as songs, actors, shoes’ brands, desserts, and anything that crosses your mind. You have to say one item, and then it’s your partner’s turn. If you take too long to answer, or you can’t come up with a word, you lose. If you want to turn it into a drinking game, every time you take longer than 5 seconds to answer, or you say something way out of the category, you have to take a sip of your drink. Cheers! 

4. The Emoji Game

The Emoji Game

Reminders preparatory to playing: Blank pieces of paper & colorful pens.

Game description:

Have you ever played any phone games where you should guess the words by looking at the emojis? All you gotta do is think of a word, and try to make the other player guess it by reading the emojis. You can also customize it and let the words only be movie names. Now, for example, if your word is ‘Sleeping Beauty’, you may put the princess emoji and the ‘Zzz’ one. It gets really interesting and sometimes it will get on your nerves. Both of you have 10 words, and whoever guesses the most, wins! It’s all about how fluent you speak the Emojis language. 

5. Twister


Reminders preparatory to playing: You need the Twister mat, the instructions, and the spinner. If you don’t have them, you can order one set from Amazon for $21.93.

Game description:

It is heartwarming how Twister works incredibly fine for all ages. If you haven’t played it with your partner yet, it’s time to! Start by spreading the mat on the floor, and setting up the spinner. You two have to stay at the ends of the mat and start spinning the spinner, which will tell you how to move. It is very specific, meaning it tells you which leg or arm to move in which circle. Since you’re only two people, you can skip the spinner part. You just take turns to call out the moves for your partner. If you fall over the mat or place your limbs where you shouldn’t, you’re out! 

6. Stick The Stickers

Stick The Stickers

Reminders preparatory to playing: Get some sticky notes or illustrated stickers.

Game description:

This is gonna be the coolest and most challenging challenge for you two! Let’s see how well you can do things without people noticing. What you have to do is take a bunch of stickers, and go to a place frequented by other people, probably a bar or your workspace. Next, you have to stick the stickers on people, without them noticing. Decide on a time limit (1 hour would be fine) and when the timer’s off, you have to count how many stickers you’ve stuck. Whoever from you two did the most, wins the challenge. Ps. you’ve definitely done this when you were a kid, and the notes probably weren’t that nice.

7. Karaoke Box

Karaoke Box

Reminders preparatory to playing: You’ll need spoons, remotes, or anything to use to improvise microphones (in case you don’t own them) & and a music speaker.

Game description: 

Karaoke box is something that brings couples closer. Time has proven it. There’s actually no single rule when doing a karaoke box. You just take your mics (the improved ones work just as fine) and play your favorite songs, in the karaoke version. You may have 1 person in one song, taking turns, but we always prefer singing one line or one verse, and then your partner continues, then again you, until the song’s over. It really helps you create stronger chemistry, especially when it’s about love songs & songs you both like and listen to daily. 

Card & Board Games

One of the first types of games that comes into our minds while talking about couples games is definitely the cards games and board games. They bring some magical energy, make you two show your competitive spirit, and test your cognitive skills. Most importantly, they’re a great way for you and your boyfriend to have a blast! 

1. UNO


Reminders preparatory to playing: A full deck of UNO cards (or even the games like UNO).

Game description:

UNO is always a go-to game! Having so many cool challenges, instructions, and many ways of playing, it will be something you and your beloved boyfriend will enjoy. If you haven’t played it before, the game takes just a few minutes to understand. Just so you know, there are Wild cards, Skips, Reverses, Wild Draws, and dozens more. The goal of the game is to be the player with the most points by the end of the game, typically 500 points. If you’re looking to buy a new deck of UNO, you should definitely get the UNO All Wild. Yup, all the cards are wild! 

2. Wavelength


Reminders preparatory to playing: The game set which is available on Amazon for $34.99.

Game description: 

If you two ever thought you’re the telepathic kind of couple, this is your chance to test it out. Wavelength is a game where you tend to read each other’s minds. Usually, one player knows the target, and that is called the Psychic. Based on the cards, the Psychic gives the other player clues on where on the screen the target is if it’s on the cold or hot side, the bed smelling or good smelling one, and so on. Anytime you think you’ve found your target, you have to shout it out loud. It is not that simple though. There are more rules, many gameplay phases, and obviously, more competition. Why don’t you go find out how they work?

3. Codenames

Reminders preparatory to playing: Get your favorite edition of Codenames. The base game costs $15.89 on Amazon.

Game description:

While we’re talking about games for 2 people, Codenames should be mentioned. This board game deals with spies, codes, secret keys, hints, and more of these interesting terms. There are usually two teams, and in your case, you will both have your own teams. One will be the blue one, while the other will be the red one. Your goal in Codenames is cracking the secret code names of the spies before your partner does because that would mean that you lose. You’ll love the equipment and all the fun this game brings.

4. Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens

Reminders preparatory to playing: Buy the deck of cards on Amazon for $19.99.

Game description:

Just when you thought nothing more perfect could exist, we bring Exploding Kittens to the table! It has a deck of 56 cards, including Defuse, Attack, Nope, Super Nope, and of course, the main characters, Exploding Kittens! All you have to do in order to win is to survive. By that, we mean you have to be the last player remaining in the game, which hasn’t exploded yet. Most of the cards have instructions are written on them, which will make your playing way simpler. Here’s a quick TikTok video to show you how the game goes: Exploding Kittens.   

Games To Help You Know Each Other Better

Perhaps you feel like you’re losing track of communication with your boyfriend? Or it seems like you’re not really updated with each other’s life lately? The games we’re about to mention will be a great way to talk things out, and probably tell each other things you were struggling with earlier. It will touch your souls…

1. Most Likely To…

Most Likely To...

Reminders preparatory to playing: Make a list of questions for both of you.

Game description:

Most Likely To… is the perfect game to test how well your significant other knows you. Sit facing each other, and start reading the questions you wrote. It could be something like ‘Who’s most likely to run out of money?’, ‘Who’s most likely to spend 2 days without sleeping?’, and similar ones. Now, if you relate to the statement, you point to yourself. But, if you think that, your partner is most likely to, let’s say, spend 2 days without sleeping, you have to point to him. To make it all easier, go to our 225 Amazing Questions To Play Who’s Most Likely To…, and pick your favorite questions to use.

2. Truth Or Remove

Truth Or Remove

Reminders preparatory to playing: A list of questions for your partner.

Game description: 

We have a bunch of versions of this game. Truth Or Dare, Truth Or Drink, and lately, Truth Or Remove. Now, the latter is all about telling the truth or removing one piece of clothing. That’s right. Make your list of questions (or just think about them) and ask your partner one question at a time. Try to ask them something you really want to know and something they haven’t mentioned before, not things that are obvious, yk. After you say the question out loud, they can decide if they want to answer or remove a piece of their clothing. At the end of the day, it’s a win-win!

3. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

Reminders preparatory to playing: Have your Never Have I Ever questions ready & 2 pieces of paper double-sided with ‘I Have’ and ‘I Have Never’ written on them. 

Game description: 

Most Likely To… is a game where you guess if you or your boyfriend are most likely to do something in the future. Never Have I Ever is the opposite. There is no guessing. It is all about sharing your experiences, and what you’ve done in the past. Go to our Never Have I Ever list of questions, and pick your favorite questions. All questions are applied to both of you, and if you’ve done a specific thing, you show the ‘I Have’ side, and if you don’t, you show the opposite one. You can simply turn it into a drinking game. Every time you want to say ‘I Have’, you take a sip. 

4. 21 Questions

21 Questions

Reminders preparatory to playing: Both of you should prepare lists of 21 questions. 

Game description:

When we’re talking about questions and conversation starters, don’t leave 21 Questions out! There is no hidden rule. You make your list of 21 questions, which vary from personal & deep to general questions. You finish all your questions, and then your partner continues. You should answer the questions you feel comfortable with, and if you wish, you can also share your stories relating to that question. If at any point, you don’t want to share something, you may just skip it. While answering 21 questions, you and your soulmate will definitely get to know things you didn’t earlier. 

Video Games

We’re not talking about Lana Del Ray’s Video Games, you guys, we’re talking about a specific game type, that boys have shown they wouldn’t live without. Since your boyfriend will spend hours playing his video games, we’ve found some options you could play together so none of you would get bored. They’re lovely! 

1. Divinity Original Sin 2

Divinity Original Sin 2

Reminders preparatory to playing: Download the game here: How to Get Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition Free Download.

Game description:

The game is just as magical as its name is. Divinity Original Sin 2 is all about the imaginary world of Rivellon, and you’re allowed to play as a solo, or with up to 3 other teammates. There are three acts of gameplay, and the game takes around 60 hours if you only focus on completing the main goals. However, the final goal of DOS2 is to become Divinity and most likely the Source has by that time left the world. The good news is that it can be played on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Nintendo, PS4, and even Xbox. 

2. Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts

Reminders preparatory to playing: Check this video to Download Gang Beasts for free on pc with multiplayer.

Game description: 

It’s time for a multiplayer game, specifically, a beat ‘em up kind of game developed by Boneloaf, a British studio. Gang Beasts is made of gelatinous characters, crazy environments, brutal fight sequences, and more. Being in the main streets of Beef City, you and your boyfriend will run, headbutt, leap, throw other players, and do different types of kicks. You may play it on PS (which we prefer over anything), Microsoft, Linux, macOS, and thankfully, Xbox. The game on different devices lasts different hours, and the goal is for you to kill the other player (s) and be the last character standing.

3. Snipperclips


Reminders preparatory to playing: You can get the game for Nintendo here, and it is also available on Android APK & for PC here.

Game description:

This is the perfect puzzle-type video game to make your boyfriend happy and create a stronger connection. In the game, you two will be named Snip and Clip. These characters have shaped bodies, and have to work together in order to solve puzzles, which come with quite unique objectives. Well, puzzles can be something like fitting into a specific shape, popping something, carrying objects, and more creative ones. The game in total lasts about 3 and a half hours since it is not as complicated as the ones we mentioned previously. If you don’t own a Nintendo, thankfully the game is also available as a game app for Android.


You’ll have a blast playing any of the games, but we undoubtedly had a blast while researching, testing, and playing them as well. Our favorite part is that there are so many game categories to choose from. No matter if you’re looking for drinking, want to have some cards by your side, are trying to connect more with your boyfriend, or just want to have some fun on your PS or other types of devices. 

Organizing a game night and taking your time to pick the game is very meaningful, and we don’t even doubt that your boyfriend will enjoy it a lot. If at any point you don’t like any of the rules, you’re completely free to modify any of them or add your house rules. After you finish, it’s then their turn to organize some games they can play with their girlfriend. A relationship should be 50/50, right?

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