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Let’s take a moment of silence to appreciate ‘What Do You Meme?’, this game of insane hilarity. Thank you. Well, games like the above-mentioned, definitely make your life last longer. Besides the main game, it has plenty of other expansions & editions which undoubtedly only add value to the game. Now, we can all agree that at some point, we get bored of it. Even if we add the extra packs. Once we already know every line and every possible picture, it isn’t as fun. 

What do we do? Do we give up on the game? God forbid, no! We simply just find similar games and have fun with them. Let’s note that the games you’ll read about below, all have details that make them unique, but there is something they have in common with ‘What Do You Meme?’. That’s the point. Making us remember the game, but giving us a special feeling. Keep reading & we don’t doubt you’ll love them all!   

  • Pieces of information about ‘What Do You Meme?’;
  • The games:
  1. Joking Hazard;
  2. Apples To Apples;
  3. Review My Thingy;
  4. Cards Against Humanity;
  5. Grounded For Life;
  6. Social Sabotage;
  7. Live Laugh Loose;
  8. Don’t Be Meme;
  9. Red Flags;
  10. Pitchstorm;
  11. That’s What She Said;
  12. Deck Around;
  13. What’s Yours Like?;
  14. Disturbed Friends;
  15. Drawing Without Dignity;
  16. Couch Skeletons;
  • Conclusion;

1. Joking Hazard

Joking Hazard

Available on Amazon ($25.00) & Target ($25.00) | 360 cards | 3 to 10 people | Ages 18+

Here’s another game to remind us what bad people we can get…. We were used to making a combination of 2 cards in many combining-cards games. Now, give the crown to ‘Joking Hazard’, where besides the judge playing a card, there will be another card chosen randomly from the deck. So the order goes deck-judge-third player (which are all the other players besides the judge). It’s up to the judge to pick the funniest card played in each round.

About the main characters, there are two hilarious ones: the blue-shirt man and the green-shirt one. Their humor always just keeps getting darker and darker. Well, the best card can sometimes be even the most hurtful one. Joking hazard it is! Read Joking Hazard Review

Contrasts & alikenesses with ‘What Do You Meme’:

The idea behind both games of putting your effort into creating the funniest combination is the same. However, when playing ‘What Do You Meme?’ you’ll only have to combine 2 cards (which sounds easier), different from ‘Joking Hazard’ where there are always 3 cards part of a combination.

2. Apples To Apples

Apples To Apples

Available on Amazon ($11.35) & Target ($11.39) | 504 cards | 4 to 10 people | Ages 12+

Tbh, aren’t we all just some ‘Apples To Apples’ fans in one way or another? There are 2 apples inside the box: the green apple cards & red apple cards. Putting your creativity to work, you try to give your best red apple to the common green apple card, read by the game judge. Look for funny combinations, but don’t forget that your card and the judges together should make sense.

For example, if he has picked the ‘Moody’ card, and you’d play your ‘Chopping Onions’, it would be hilarious. As you already know, after everyone decides on the card, the game judge has to choose their favorite, which we believe is yours! Whoever has more green apples, wins! Games like Apples to Apples

Contrasts & alikenesses with ‘What Do You Meme?;

Both games contain combining two cards to make a funny combination. Nevertheless, Apples To Apples doesn’t include pictures, and it is also teen-friendly.

3. Review My Thingy

Review My Thingy

Available on Amazon ($14.99) | 475 cards | 3 + people | Ages 17+

What exactly did they mean with ‘thingy’? No, you dirty-minder, they’re talking about specific products. The name is very creative tho’… Yes, there are two types of cards: products & reviews. The game judge, being in the character of a seller, draws one product card. Next, every other player has to give a review to it, only using cards.

As always, never let your sense of humor miss, since the funniest answer wins the round. The stars above in each card are usually higher when the review starts positively, and vice versa. Be honest on your answers, I mean, how good can a fart bath bomb get? Or an expired egg? I guess we’ll never know. 

Contrasts & alikenesses with ‘What Do You Meme?’:

There is one common starting card, and many reply cards in each round, in both games. On the latter, things are more specific: there are products & reviews. They should match with each other. I think in ‘What Do You Meme?’ you’re a bigger free spirit when making combinations. 

4. Cards Against Humanity

Available on Amazon ($25.00) & Target ($25.00) | 600 cards | 4 to 20+ people | Ages 17+

Man, it’s my time to shine!!! Cards Against Humanity has 2 card categories: black & white. Just as simple as that. Black is the questions, or the fill-in-the-blank cards, while white is the answers. The rules of CAH made it simple. There’s one Card Czar who reads a black card, and all the other players find the most adequate white card, to make the funniest combination, therefore, earning one point.

If you want to win or nothing, try to match your cards to the judge’s sense of humor, not necessarily pick the funniest card (get what I mean?). Oh, and don’t listen to them. You can also play the game with only 2-3 players

Contrasts & alikenesses with ‘What Do You Meme?’:

In both ‘Cards Against Humanity and ‘What Do You Meme?’ the content is spicy, and not recommended for people who can’t take a joke. The only main difference is that CAH doesn’t use pictures, but only questions & answers.

5. Grounded For Life

Grounded For Life

Available on Amazon ($19.82) & Target ($19.99) | 500 cards | 3+ people | Ages 8+

All these people do is remind us that we’re grounded for life. And make some cool games. This card game, made of blue & red cards, is fun for the whole family, including your very beloved granny. Both types of cards have that funny sparkle, but the answers are the cherry on top. I’m talking about ‘Smelly guy at the library’, ‘Sidewalk dog poo’, ‘Grandma’s fake teeth’, and hundreds more.

If you’re an overprotective parent, you may want to go through all the cards once, just in case you doubt if any word is inappropriate. Use the same gameplay rules: choose one of the red cards you think makes the best combination with the blue card. It’s easy as pie! 

Contrasts & alikenesses with ‘What Do You Meme?’:

You try your best to make the funniest combination and impress the game judge in both games. The good thing is that ‘Grounded For Life’ is a family-friendly card game, and there won’t be anything that gets you embarrassed.

6. Social Sabotage

Social Sabotage

Available on Amazon ($10.00) & Target ($11.49) | 500 cards | 3+ people | Ages 17+

Why don’t we do a little social sabotage since we’re here? It’s time for a card game where cellphones are now required to play the game. The thing is that there are ‘What’ black cards, and ‘Where’ yellow cards. Each player takes turns being the sender, yes, literally the sender. The sender has to draw one ‘Where’ card, while all the other players have to give them their best ‘What’ card.

In other words, the sender picks the place, the platform, or person, (such as ‘send your mom’), and the other players pick what they should post on that platform (ex. ‘Would it be weird if I asked out your ex?’. Next, the sender chooses what challenges they can complete, and immediately do it. Complete your challenges and get points, babe.

Contrasts & alikenesses with ‘What Do You Meme?’

What they have in common is matching cards, so you match the picture and the caption, and also the platform/person with the post. ‘Social Sabotage’ includes completing challenges as well, specifically on social media. It may not be the best for shy/introverted people… 

7. Live Laugh Lose 

Live Laugh Lose

Available on Amazon ($19.99) & Target ($19.99) | 400 cards | 2+ people | Ages 17+         

Dad jokes here we come! The game can be played both individually and in teams. The thing is that there are joke cards & delivery cards. The delivery cards tell you what voice or tone to use while telling the joke… Everyone starts the game with 3 joke cards and 1 delivery card. Now, if you tell the joke and they laugh, you get a point. On the other hand, if they manage to hold their laughter, they get points.

For example, you’ll gonna have to read ‘How do you stop a bull from charging? – You cancel its debit card’ as if you were on a roller coaster. How did they even think of these jokes? We always play in teams, so it’s team VS> team every time, and we just try to make the other team laugh! 

Contrasts & alikenesses with ‘What Do You Meme?’:

Yup, again combinations are what make the game fun. When playing ‘Live Laugh Lose’, it’s not about if you’re judge will choose your card or not. It is all about making people laugh, and your acting skills as well.

8. Don’t Be Meme

Don't Be Meme

Available on Amazon ($19.99) | 468 cards | 3 to 20 people | Ages 10+

I think it’s okay to be memes at a certain point. About the game, this time there are 3 types of cards and not only 2 as we were used to. Photo cards, caption cards, and some called goat cards. The part of making card combinations with pictures and caption cards goes all the same. Now, hear me out. The player who wins one round becomes the GOAT.

What the goat has to do, is draw an action card (aka. A goat card), and perform whatever’s written on it, or make someone complete a challenge, such as making one of them do everything in slow motion during the next round…. This is how the whole team will have a stomach ache all from laughter. We love goats! 

Contrasts & alikenesses with ‘What Do You Meme?’:

Firstly, the names are pretty similar. Second, in both games are caption cards and picture cards. If we talk about what sets them apart, is that ‘Don’t Be Meme’ is kid & teen-friendly, and also has some special goat cards, which make the game more attractive, while completing different challenges.

9. Red Flags

Red Flags

Available on Amazon ($25.00) & Walmart ($24.87) | 400 cards | 3 to 10 people | Ages 17+

If ignoring red flags has 100 fans, I’m one of them. If ignoring red flags has 0 fans, I’m dead… Back to our card game, you should know that it is as easy as riding a bike. This time, you have the chance to mess up the other players’ combinations. In simple words, all of you start by matching two of your Perk Cards, at the same time. Next, y’all have to lay one of your Red Flag cards onto your opponents’ perks.

When this is over, the game judge gets to decide who would they rather date out of the combinations. Red flags such as ‘still uses a flip phone’, ‘has a dozen kids from dozens of partners’, or ‘worst-smelling person in the world’, are definitely on a whole new level! 

Contrasts & alikenesses with ‘What Do You Meme?’:

There are two things in common: the content (adult-friendly) and combining cards. In Red Flags the ending combination will be made of 3 cards, and makes you think from a specific perspective: would I date that? 

10. Pitchstorm


Available on Amazon ($18.99) & Walmart ($29.97) | 500 cards | 3 to 12 people | Ages 14+

We don’t talk about movies. Can we suggest a card game about them instead? Pitchstorm is a game that puts creative people, specifically movie writers, in a battle. In each round, one of the players in the executive, and all the others are writers. Writers should merge one character and one plot card, and explain the pitch for 45 seconds.

Yes, you have to imagine what a movie you made out of your cards would look like, but you have only 45 sec to explain it. During the explanation, the executive may stop you, and add one notes card, which means you have to include whatever’s written on it on your movie pitch. Who knows, this could be your hidden talent…  

Contrasts & alikenesses with ‘What Do You Meme?’:

A very important move in both games is synthetizing the right 2 cards because your points depend on that. ‘Pitchstorm’ by my POV, requires more creativity, especially when you have to make a whole movie pitch out of 2 cards. 

11. That’s What She Said

That's What She Said

Available on Amazon ($19.16) & Target ($19.16) | 458 cards | 4+ people | Ages 17+

That’s what the legend Michael Scott said… This card game, as you assumed has 2 types of cards: phrase and setup cards. Similar to previously mentioned games, you have to find the best/funniest or even the dirtiest match to the setup card, which has an empty fill in the blank, or makes a question.

Using white cards such as ‘it’s a weird shape but I like it’, ‘this kitty’s got claws’, ‘I’ve room for one more’, you’re finally gonna see what dirty minders your besties are. It makes a great gift (especially for your girl) and brings fun to every party. It’s a hella good bachelorette card game too! It’s beyond doubt all-in-one!

Contrasts & alikenesses with ‘What Do You Meme?’:

You’re gonna have to match cards in both games. ‘What Do You Meme?’ has photo cards, but ‘That’s What She Said’ has only words. The content is similar, but there’s one thing about the last-mentioned game, that all cards, especially white, make sense with the that’s what she said phrase… 

12. Deck Around

Deck Around

Available on Amazon ($35.95) | 106 cards | 3 to 10 people | Ages 17+

Let’s deck around, you people! This game is as fun as duck… This time, you’ll match the card and your made-up answer. So, one of the players becomes the moderator, which draws a card from the deck, and reads the word on it out loud. Each player gets a paper and a pen and writes a definition of that word, it could be completely out of its real meaning, or maybe just a joke that has nothing to do with the word.

Next, the mod reads out all the answers, together with the correct definition, and everyone should guess which was the real one (that’s written on the card). Keep in mind that the mod gets changed every round, and if you’re the mod for that round, make sure to keep a straight face while reading, so no one has a clue about the right definition. 

Contrasts & alikenesses with ‘What Do You Meme?’:

In both games, the content is explicit, and not for over-sensitive people. What’s different in ‘Deck’ around is that you get to write all your ideas, all your answers, and you’re not limited on the cards.

13. What’s Yours Like?

What's Yours Like

Available on Amazon ($14.99) & Walmart ($14.99) | 288 cards | 4+ people | Ages 12+

Dirty minders welcome to the club! This time, everyone takes turns to become the player on the Hot Seat. The player on the left of whoever’s on the Hot Seat draws one card, and tells everyone else the word, besides that specific player. That player can ask ‘What’s yours like?’, and they can give clues, but not being too close to the real answer.

For example, if the word is ‘phone bill’, you may say ‘raises my blood pressure’, ‘waits 1 month for me’, or anything else, but nothing like ‘month payment for my phone’… There are also challenge cards, and if there is drawn, the player on the Hot Seat may make any of the players complete it. Oh, and, what’s yours like?                                            

Contrasts & alikenesses with ‘What Do You Meme?’:

Whatever game you play, to win, you have to use the best of your sense of humor, and get creative. Also, you’ll have to match 2 thoughts (and cards) together. When playing ‘What’s Yours Like?’, you have more ways of expressing yourself, in both talking and guessing. 

14. Disturbed Friends

Disturbed Friends

Available on Amazon ($25.00) & Walmart ($43.93) | 360 cards | 4 to 10 people | Ages 21+

Have you got any disturbed friends? We’re all disturbed! Babes, look. This time, you all take turns asking questions about yourself. It’s snow time to test how good your friends know you. After asking the question, there are usually 3 answer options, and all of them should vote on which option fits that question best, related to you.

If you guess correctly, you get winning cards, which are super funny & pretty. And questions as well, are hilarious. ‘If I had the ability to be invisible, I would …’, ‘If I was filthy rich, I would definitely…’, ‘I think they should definitely make _______ an Olympic sport’, are just a few of the cool ones. 

Contrasts & alikenesses with ‘What Do You Meme?’:

If you’re strategic, and if you know the game judge, or the person who asks questions in the last-mentioned game, you’re gonna do great. In both games, you get to know your people deeper, but in ‘Disturbed Friends’, questions are way more personal. 

15. Drawing Without Dignity

Drawing Without Dignity

Available on Amazon ($24.99) & Walmart ($24.99) | 150 cards | 4 to 12+ people | Ages 17+ 

Cheers to a time when we draw without even a little dignity! No matter if you’re a good artist or not, you’re gonna adore the game. Look, all you have to do is first divided into teams, roll the die, and based on that pick a card. You read the card and try to do an uncensored sketch of it, just so your teammates can easily guess.

Don’t forget, you don’t have unlimited time! And yeah, it is censored. I mean, that’s what we call ‘screw the pooch’, ‘wet dream’, ‘sperm donor’, or most of the other words. Not for kids or teens. Or adults who get embarrassed. The fun comes in when you have no clue about drawing and still get mad at your team for not guessing it… 

Contrasts & alikenesses with ‘What Do You Meme?’:

‘What Do You Meme?’ has pictures, ‘Drawing Without Dignity’ has drawings. They have the same meaning and relate to similar content. Anyways, speaking of the latter, you can show your artistic skills, and how good you are n teamworking. 

16. Couch Skeletons

Couch Skeletons

Available on Amazon ($9.99) & Target ($18.99) | 72 cards | 2 people | Ages 9+

I feel like a couch skeleton once a day tbh… Let me tell you that there will be a couch. A flat couch. Card couch! The goal of the game is to occupy the couch with your skeletons. You may lay them down there in two ways: you may either put higher number skeletons on top of the lower ones or put skeletons that are one value higher or lower on the side.

Cards are red and purple, so one of you has one color and one of you the other, so you know whose skeletons are sitting. You’re allowed to discard cards and knock your opponent out of the game. Whoever has more skeletons on the couch, wins! 

Contrasts & alikenesses with ‘What Do You Meme?’:

In both games it is required to match cards, so they make sense. However, we think ‘Couch Skeletons’ is more mathematical (if I may say), and you don’t need to make any joke or any type of humor to earn points. 


We truly believe that all the above-mentioned games tend to bring people closer. One of them is more specialized in joke-making, the other is all about getting creative, then you have something to show who you are & talking about things you love. You’ll find what you’re looking for, as sure as eggs are eggs.

You should know that none of the games we mentioned are identical to ‘What Do You Meme?’, all of them have something in common (and we’ve written about all these details), but you won’t find something that’s like a real copy of the game. You have expansions for that. You have editions.

Games in this list will give you the feeling of your fav. game, but also like change the game flow, add new rules & special cards.

Hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Xoxo, us 🙂

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