13 Games Like We’re Not Really Strangers To Strengthen Relationships!

Games Like We're Not Really Strangers

Regarding games to help you connect with people, ‘We’re Not Really Strangers’ is magical, at least for me! However, once you go through all the cards and discuss them with one person close to your heart, you can’t replay them.  For your & my own good, I’ve done some extensive research on such similar games, played them, and can finally give you the most honest list!

  • The games:
  1. The { } And;
  2. Unpack That; 
  3. …And Then, We Held Hands;
  4. Table Topics;
  5. The Ungame;
  6. Icebreaker;
  7. Bold;
  8. Let’s Get Deep;
  9. How Deep Will You Go?
  10. Truth Bombs;
  11. Big Talk;
  12. Talking Point;
  13. So…
  • Final Thoughts;

1. The { } And

The { } And

Available on Amazon ($29.99) & Walmart ($30.00) | Contains 199 cards;

The { } And card game, besides all the deep connections it enhances, has another special feature too: brings a few editions to you, including the Couples one, Family, Friends, Healing, and more, so you can pick the right one depending on who you’re playing with. It contains questions from different topics, which help you know your friends better. The game idea and the get-to-know-each-other element are the same as in We’re Not Really Strangers, however, the latter has different question levels and includes deeper topics to discuss. 

2. Unpack That

Unpack That

Available on Amazon ($24.99) | Contains 125 cards;

Are you willing to unpack all that weight? Unpack That is therapy in a box and contains 4 decks of cards, plus wildcards, which bring different levels of intimacy. The game also has different expansions and extra packs, but the core game absolutely has my heart. Questions are well-thought, and deep, and strengthen your relationships. Similar to We’re Not Really Strangers, this card game too, comes in several card categories. However, Unpack That has a few fewer cards than WNRS, but, contains wildcards too (which most of the time are simple challenges), so it’s a yes! 

3. …And Then, We Held Hands

And Then, We Held Hands

Available on Amazon | Contains 74 cards, 4 glass stones, and a game board.

Have you ever wondered how fun it would be if there were a game that aimed to strengthen relationships, just like WNRS, but was more complicated and required more effort? This one is a cooperative card game, in which you and one other player complete objectives while reaching the center of the board, always looking to find balance. While fulfilling emotional objectives, and completing such challenges, you and the other player (either if they’re your partner or friend) will reach healthy relationship stages. …And Then, We Held Hands, has a strong game theme, perfectly thought mechanics, and makes you look at things from the other person’s perspective. 

4. Table Topics

Table Topics

Available on Amazon ($25.00) & TableTopics ($23.96) | Contains 135 cards | Ages: 12+;

Table Topics is one of the most thoughtful card games ever, hands down. The thing about these cards is that they’re more about different topics to discuss, so you can share opinions and critical thoughts with the group, and start smart (or not so) conversations. While looking at things from other players’ points of view, you connect with each other and probably get more open-minded. Although both Table Topics and WNRS aim to connect people deeper, the game we just talked about isn’t much about personal experiences, as it is for different, fun discussions. 

5. The Ungame

The Ungame

Available on Amazon & Walmart ($24.99) | Contains 140 cards, one board, dice, and pawns | Ages 5+;

The Ungame dates from the early 1980s, and you have no clue about it? Well, the idea behind it is that while moving your piece on the board, you’ll get to answer questions, make comments, and discuss subjects. The dice will determine the square your pawn will land on, which could either be an ‘Ungame’, ‘Question/comment’, ‘If you…’, and ‘Re-enter’. There are 2 question levels (cards with the number 1 or 2), from lightweight, to serious & deep. The Ungame uses the same type of questions as WRNS, but, includes special equipment too, and makes a better game experience. 

6. Icebreaker


Available on Amazon ($25.00) & Walmart ($20.00) | Contains 150 cards | Ages 16+;

You like the simplicity of ‘ We’re Not Really Strangers’? Well, look for The Icebreaker!  This deck is more of a therapy tool than it is a card game. The cards are divided into 6 main categories, which make you talk basically about everything. There are questions starting from Life, to ‘Would You Rather’.  This deck of cards comes in its self-container box, so it’s also useful when playing. One main difference from WNRS is that the card game we just talked about obviously contains more card categories. 

7. Bold


Available on Amazon ($28.95) | Contains 153 cards | Ages 13+; 

Y’all know how WNRS has 3 decks of cards? Meaning, 3 categories? Well, Bold brings the same! The first one stands for Perceptions, the second for Reflections, and the last one stands for Connections, so you may either mix them all or pick one deck only, depending on your goal. Not only for friendships! Bold works amazingly even as a card game for couples. The questions are deep, and creative, and lead to meaningful conversations. What sets it apart from the other game, is that there are half more questions, since there are 2 questions in one card.

8. Let’s Get Deep

Let's Get Deep

Available on Amazon ($14.49) & Target ($19.99) | Contains 400 cards | Ages 17+;

Do you have any idea who made Let’s Get Deep? The creators of ‘What Do You Meme?’, so it’s indeed fun! This card game contains a huge deck of cards and their goal is to get you deep! Questions vary from Icebreaker to Deeper, so, you’ll get through everything. The Friend Edition is one of our all-time favorites, however, you can also pick between the Relationship Edition, NSFW, or others. Although Let’s Get Deep has 3 card categories, just like We’re Not Really Strangers, but, has a wider deck of cards. 

9. How Deep Will You Go?

How Deep Will You Go

Available on How Deep Will You Go ($28.95) | Contains 99 cards | Ages 16+;

Do you have any limits? How deep will you go while talking with your people? It’s time to find out. HDWYG has 3 card categories: Icebreakers, Confessions, and Getting Deep, plus, extra wild cards, which will remain a secret till you get to play it! Questions start from simple, to extremely deep, which will probably make you overthink and talk your heart out. The main difference from We’re Not Really Strangers is that besides the three card categories, HDWYG includes special wild cards too, which add enjoyment and intimacy.

10. Truth Bombs

Truth Bombs

Available on Amazon ($9.99) & Walmart ($19.95) | Contains 70 cards | Ages 14+; 

Finally. A card game under $10! Saving your mental health, and wallet too! Each player will have a scorepad, and there will be Answer Sheets with the names of all players. On a round, these sheets will be passed to the left, and depending on the name on top of it, you must pick one question, and write one answer, relating to the name. Once all of you have given answers, you give points to people who have answered most correctly. Even though this game aims to connect you with your friends, just like WNRS, Truth Bombs obviously has more rules to play, and it’s more about guessing truths. 

11. Big Talk

Big Talk

Available on Amazon ($20.00) & Walmart ($40.49) | Contains 88 cards | Ages 12+;

Don’t you all wanna skip small talk? Big Talk is a card game of simplicity and deep connections. The design of the cards and the box are super simple, so, you’ll let the words talk. This deck is made to fit in your pocket, because of the dimensions, so you may take it on your trips, date nights, or in simple gatherings with your friends or other people you love. Obviously, the game is simpler than We’re Not Really Strangers, and has one card category only, but contains similar types of questions.

12. Talking Point

Talking Point

Available on Amazon ($29.97) | Contains 200 cards | Ages 12+;

First things first, Talking Point has a bunch of editions: Teens, Couples, Generations, Small Talk, Christian, and a few more. Questions are a bit more superficial than the ones in We’re Not Really Strangers, but they absolutely strengthen relationships. The whole deck is divided into 4 categories: Get To Know You, Family Time, What Makes You-You, and Fun & Random, and they represent their names perfectly. One of the most amazing things is that Talking Point works great as a card game for road trips

13. So…


Available on Amazon & Walmart ($19.99) | Contains  52 cards | Ages 16+;

Last but not least, So… cards help you dive into your relationships, and talk everything out. There’s only one category of cards, the design in them is simple, and everything is well-thought-out. No matter if you play it with friends, your partner, or a family relative, you will love each other more after playing. Yes, there are fewer cards than in We’re Not Really Strangers, however, a deck of 50 cards does the job of enhancing meaningful connections.  

Final Thoughts

Just when you thought there was nothing more meaningful and connecting than We’re Not Really Strangers, we came and made a list of magical creations! Everything we mentioned leads to strong relationships and connections, and you only gotta pick your favorite, depending on our description and extra pieces of information! 

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