10 Games Like Unstable Unicorns: The Best Ones Out There!

No matter how much we love Unstable Unicorns, at some point, we want to find dupes of it. That’s precisely what we will do today: present games that are pretty similar to Unstable Unicorns, but still give you a different feeling and bring better fun, in case you’re bored of the latter. 

  • Basic information about ‘Unstable Unicorns’;
  • Games:
  1. Exploding Kittens;
  2. Here To Slay;
  3. Fluxx;
  4. Happy Little Dinosaurs;
  5. Llamas Unleashed;
  6. Bears Vs. Babies;
  7. Rainbow Pirates;
  8. Herd Mentality;
  9. Goat Lords;
  10. Farting Frenchies;
  • Final Thoughts;

Basic Information About ‘Unstable Unicorns’

Unstable Unicorns

‘Unstable Unicorns’ is a strategic card game, which contains a total of 135 cards. Cards are divided into stuff like baby unicorns, magical unicorns, basic unicorns, upgrade cards, downgrade cards, instant cards, and more. The goal of each player is to reach a specific number of unicorns in their stable. 

In simple words, this cute card game is played in several phases: the turn phase, the draw phase, the action phase, ending the turn phase, and similar ones. If there are 2 to 5 players, you need 5 unicorns to win. If there are 6 to 8 players, 6 unicorns are needed to win. Needless to say, the game works best for 2 to 8 players. 

Besides the main pack, there are also other versions of the game: NSFW, Kids Edition, and Nightmares Expansion… Here’s a video if you want to know how Unstable Unicorns is played: How To Play – Unstable Unicorns in 3D

1. Exploding Kittens – $19.82

Exploding Kittens

2 to 5 players | Ages 7 and up | 56 cards;

Exploding Kittens is another dedicated deck card game, made for everyone who’s into kittens! There are nine types of cards, including exploding kittens, defuse, attack, nope, skip, favor, shuffle, see the future, and cat cards. The thing is that in your turn, your play cards, and do actions based on what the card says. But be careful, if you explode, you’re out of the game. There will also be special combos, such as two-of-a-kind, three-of-a-kind, 5 different cards, and more (check the rules here). 

Unstable Unicorns VS. Exploding Kittens:

Both games have a similar game idea, but when it comes to winning, in Unstable Unicorns, you have to collect a specific number of cards, while in Exploding Kittens you have to survive and be the last one who doesn’t explode. 

2. Here To Slay – $20.00

Here To Slay

2 to 6 players | Ages 10 and up | 115 cards;

Here To Slay is a strategic card game, which takes about 15 to 90 minutes to play. The deck includes the main cards, party leader cards, monster cards, rule cards, and 2 extra dice. In the game, you can play one-point actions and two–point actions. You’ll draw cards, play item cards, roll dice & use hero action, fight monsters, discard your cards, and similar. To win the game you may either slay three monster cards or with a full party. 

Unstable Unicorns VS. Here To Slay:

The first game can be played by up to 8 players, while Here To Slay can be played by up to 6 people. About the winning, in both games, you’ll have to collect cards in order to win. 

3. Fluxx – $20.00


2 to 6 players | Ages 8 and up | 100 cards;

We’ve talked about Fluxx a few times, and we’ll talk about it again! It is a card that includes cards of four categories: Keepers, Goals, Actions, and New Rules. If it’s a keeper, you place it in front of you and obviously keep the card. If it’s a goal, you have to place it in the center of the table and that goal is applied to everyone playing. If the card is a new rule, it takes effect immediately, based on what the card says. Last but not least, when playing action cards, you have to first complete the action, then place the card in the discard pile. Once one of you completes all conditions in a goal card, that player wins. 

Unstable Unicorns VS. Fluxx;

If we compare these two, Fluxx is a bit more complicated. However, in both, you have to use strategy, get competitive, and collect cards. 

4. Happy Little Dinosaurs – $15.49

Happy Little Dinosaurs

2 to 4 players | Ages 8 and up | 97 cards;

We’re all some happy little dinosaurs (or depressed), aren’t we? Each player will represent a special dinosaur and have their meeple. You may either collect disaster cards, point cards, or instant cards. If you collect three disaster cards, you’re out of the game. Point cards give you specific point values or effects. And the last cards, the instant ones, tip the odds in your favor. There are two ways of winning: being the last dinosaur in the game or being the first to collect a total of 50 points.

Unstable Unicorns VS. Happy Little Dinosaurs:

Both Unstable Unicorns and Happy Little Dinosaurs have cards with special actions. In the first game you have to collect cards to win, while in Happy Little Dinosaurs, you’ll attempt to collect points. 

5. Llamas Unleashed – $20.00

Llamas Unleashed

2 to 8 players | Ages 14 and up | 135 cards

Let’s meet Llamas Unleashed, shall we? This card game starts with everyone choosing their favorite baby animals. Each will have its playing field, and there will also be common piles for everyone playing. Before playing, you’ll have to agree to a few defined terms, including set-up ones, and active terms. All players individually will go through four phases: the beginning of the turn phase, the draw phase, the action phase, and the ending of the turn phase. Based on the number of players, there’s a set number of animals needed to be collected to win.

Unstable Unicorns VS. Unleashed Llamas

Well, the main differences must be the animals, and types of actions in these two games. In both, you’ll need to collect different numbers of animals if there are 2 to 5 players, and if there are 6 to 8 players. 

6. Bears Vs. Babies – $19.16

Bears Vs. Babies

2 to 5 players | Ages 10 and up | 107 cards;

This game, which is made by the creators of What Do You Meme? gotta have one of the most unique, and weirdest packaging ever! The idea of the game is to build strong monsters and bears, just so they would eat the babies when they attack. You’ll collect cards and build monsters, which have different power points on them. Besides all that, you will also make your armies, and obviously provoke the babies. The player who has the strongest army and beats the babies wins the battle. At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins!

Unstable Unicorns VS. Bears Vs. Babies:

What they have in common is that they are played in several phases. However to be fair, Bears Vs. Babies is way more complicated, and this is also because of the special actions. 

7. Rainbow Pirates – $19.99

Rainbow Pirates

2 to 5 players | Ages 7 and up | 120 cards;

Rainbow Pirates is just what you need! All of you playing will try to make your pirate paradises, by collecting rainbows, attacking, blocking cards, and more. There are 3 types of cards: color cards, black cards, and rainbow pirate cards. During your turn, you place cards in your island and play black cards, but during your opponents’ turns, you’ll block their black cards, and do other hurtful actions… The game ends whenever you go out of the game, or run out of cards. Here are the RP Instructions, in case you wanna know more! 

Unstable Unicorns Vs. Rainbow Pirates:

There are obviously more details and rules in Rainbow Pirates. But one thing present in both these card games is that in each of these two games, there will be cards to both upgrades and downgrade you, which need to be used in a very clever way. 

8. Herd Mentality – $20.00

Herd Mentality

4 to 20 players | Ages 10 and up | 160 cards;

What do we know about Herd Mentality? Well, we know that the goal is to blend into the crowd, by answering a few questions. One player (just like a card Czar in the game) reads the cards out loud. All other players must write and read their answers out loud. If all players give the same answer, but one, only that specific player gets the pink cow, while the others get the white cows. The first player to collect nine white cows wins the game. But be careful, you can’t win if you have any pink cards in your collection…

Unstable Unicorns VS. Herd Mentality:

In both Unstable Unicorns & Herd Mentality, you have to collect cards, specifically, unicorns and cows, if you want to win. However, Herd Mentality is simpler, includes questions, and there’s only one may key to win: try to think like all the others. 

9. Goat Lords – $24.99

Goat Lords

2 to 6 players | Ages 7 and up | 126 cards;

Goat Lords is GOAT! On your turn, you may decide to do one of the actions: birth, assisted birth, duel, discard, or restock your hand. These continue until there are no cards left on the draw pile. However, you gotta continue playing until all your cards are used up. When this happens, all of you count the points in your goat cards, to check who has the highest score. You may play a few rounds if you want to go by the default winning rule: reaching 1000 goat points! For instance, here’s a video of how the game’s played: How To Goat.

Unstable Unicorns VS. Goat Lords:

There’s a similarity between unicorns and goats though… Withal both include collecting cards, in the Goat Lords, you won’t win by collecting specific numbers of animals but by reaching a specific number of points. 

10. Farting Frenchies – $14.99

Farting Frenchies

2 to 4 players | Ages 7 and up | 54 cards;

I’d die to know how they come up with these hilarious names! Well, this game is all about stealing, strategy, dogs, tons of laughs, and farting! Each player will start with one dog card, and continue to collect stink cards, feed them to your Frenchie, play a specific number of cards, make your dog fart, and then grab another dog card from the deck. Be careful since your friends can diffuse you with a good-smelling card, and that’s not a good thing! Whoever has the biggest dog army, wins the game! Check the official rules here

Unstable Unicorns VS. Farting Frenchies:

One thing’s for sure, Farting Frenchies is slightly funnier! Collecting cards is a common thing in both. In the last game, you won’t collect unicorns, but dogs and stinky things!

Final Thoughts

It’s heartwarming how similar and unique all these 10 games are. They have a common idea behind them, but all have different game actions, challenges, ways of winning, and undoubtedly, different fun. Make sure you pick your favorite, comparing it to your lovely Unstable Unicorns! 

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