10 Games Like Taboo: Alternatives You Could Consider!

All games might be taboo, but not this one! Nor the others similar to it… If it happens that you love a good word-guessing, party game, and are looking for some options, we’ve got you covered babes! All you must do is keep reading and keep smiling!  

  • All about Taboo;
  • Games like Taboo:
  1. 5 Seconds Rule;
  2. Pictionary;
  3. Codenames;
  4. Watch Ya’ Mouth;
  5. Rollick;
  6. Scattergories;
  7. Decrypto;
  8. Time’s Up;
  9. Articulate;
  10. That’s It;
  • Windup;

All About Taboo

  • Taboo is a word-guessing, party game, which has been published for the first time in 1989, by Parker Brothers. 
  • The game comes with over 400 double–sided cards, a sand timer, and an electronic buzzer, which make the game experience unforgettable. 
  • It can be played by people who are 13 or older. A good game is usually played by 4 and more players.
  • Taboo includes several categories: food, drinks, movies, things, celebrities, and more. 
  • You’ve probably seen people play it at the Ellen’s Show, and it’s even more fun if played at home!;
  • Curious to know a bit about the gameplay & rules? Well, first, make sure to divide all players into equal teams. Then, place all the cards in your cardholder, start the timer, and take turns playing. On your turn, a player from the team begins to explain the top word, but without using the taboo ones. For instance, you must explain the word ‘heavy’, without using metal, weight, lift, pounds, etc. You may guess words until the timer’s up. You get points for every correctly-guessed word. 
  • If you still got any questions, watch this video to make it all clear: how to Play Taboo.
  • The game is fun for all ages, and besides all, it helps with learning new vocabulary and speaking skills.
  • For your information, you can also play the game Taboo online, and it’s probably just as fun! 

1. 5 Seconds Rule

5 Seconds Rule

Available on Amazon ($16.89) & Walmart ($16.89) | Ages 10+ | 3 or more players;

Pieces of information:

Do you really wanna know how fast you can think & speak? Take your chance! The whole idea behind the game is that you’re told to name 3 (or 5, at times) things in 5 seconds! Yes. You have time till the timer’s out to name 3 ways to keep in touch with someone, Christmas carols,  famous American-African actors, and so on. There’s also an uncensored version of the game for those curious…

5 Seconds Rule VS. Taboo:

Both are fast-paced games, which include guessing words and speaking fast. However, Taboo is played in teams, and you have to explain words, while in 5 Seconds Rule, you just have to think & say words out loud. 

2. Pictionary


Available on Amazon & Target ($19.99) | Ages 8+ | 3 to 16 players;

Pieces of information: 

We’ve talked about Pictionary and games like Pictionary a few times. After diving into teams, and taking turns, one team plays at a time. One player from a team is the artist, while the others are guessers. The artist has to draw a card, pick one word, and draw it. Their teammates have to guess the word, but being quick since there’s a time limit. You can’t use words or other types of explanation, besides drawing. 

Pictionary VS. Taboo:

The main idea behind these two games is the same: one player from the team has to explain something (either by talking or drawing), while the others have to guess. Pictionary is more artsy. 

3. Codenames


Available on Amazon ($11.36) & Target ($11.39) | Ages 10+ | 2 to 8+ players;

Pieces of information:

Codenames is the spying game you need! Once again, the game is supposed to play in teams. There are two teams, the blue one and the red one. Each team’s goal is to contact all the agents before the other team does. Spymasters may give clues, while the other teammates must guess them, words, and colors. The game ends whenever one of the teams has all words covered. A game of Codenames lasts about 15 minutes, but that depends on how fast you play it! Here are the game rules explained: Codenames – How To Play

Codenames VS. Taboo:

In Codenames, just as in Taboo, you have to guess words based on the clues you’ve given. However, Codenames requires more strategy, there are more actions, and game roles as well. 

4. Watch Ya’ Mouth

Watch Ya' Mouth

Available on Amazon ($19.99) & Target ($19.99) | Ages 8+ | 3 to 10 players;

Pieces of information: 

Are you going to watch ya’ mouth or not? First of all, you may choose between the game modes: open season (where you can use gestures or other ways of explanation too), or legit (only use words). After dividing into teams, one player has to put on the mouthguard and read the words on the cards out loud, while their teammates have to guess. You get 1 point for each correct answer, and 2 points for each correct bonus phrase! 

Watch Ya’ Mouth VS. Taboo:

In Taboo and Watch Ya’ Mouth, you have to divide into teams, and on your turn, one player is the teller, while the other teammates are guessers. Watch Ya’ Mouth is more direct, there are no ‘forbidden words’, and you just have to read whatever’s in the card.

5. Rollick


Available on Amazon ($24.74) & Walmart ($24.10) | Ages 13+ | 6 and more players;

Pieces of information: 

These charades types of games are always a big hit! As you assumed, you start by dividing all players into teams. One (or some) of you work together to act out words in the cards, while the other members of the team have to guess them. You have 1 minute to guess as many words as possible. You get points for every correct guess. Yup, basically just like playing a normal game of Charades (or drunk Heads Up).

Rollick VS. Taboo:

The teamwork part, and guessing & explaining words rule are the same in both games. Rollick is all about acting clues out, while Taboo is all about explaining with words.

6. Scattergories


Available on Amazon ($9.50) & Walmart ($9.50) | Ages 13+ | 2 and more players;

Pieces of information: 

Scattergories has been our comfort game for a very long time… Basically, this fast-paced card game is all about writing down words that start with a specific letter and belong to a particular category. For instance, you may have to write 12 words that start with N, and the category is movies. You get points for every answer that doesn’t match any other player’s answer. There’s more about acceptable answers and rules, so make sure to watch this: How to Play Scattergories;

Scattergories VS. Taboo:

Scattergories & Taboo are two fast-paced games. Taboo is about explaining words and playing in a team, while Scattergories is all about individual, and writing words down. Ps. check games like Scattergories, if curious!

7. Decrypto


Available on Amazon ($24.99) & Walmart ($29.99) | Ages 12+ | 3 to 8 players;

Pieces of information:

 Cheers to another fantastic family card game! Decrypto is definitely a unique one. It is played in teams, and each team gets a code and gives clues. The main idea is transmitting information (the code) to your teammates, without other teams understanding. However, you don’t win if you pass the information. You win if you get two interception tokens, by guessing the opponents’ codes. There are lots of equipment, extraordinary ones, which you’ll end up loving! 

Decrypto Vs. Taboo:

As a start, Decrypto has way more equipment and rules obviously. Even though in both games you’ll work in teams and guess things, Taboo is about guessing words, while Decrypto is guessing codes. Hacking stuff, you know.

8. Time’s Up

Time's Up

Available on Amazon ($19.99) | Ages 12+ | 3 and more players;

Pieces of information: 

Guys. You already know. You divide into teams, someone explains, and the others guess. But, there’s a difference! This time you’ll guess names, sounds, and charades, but there are two rounds of gameplay, and each has a different rule when it comes to explaining! Make sure that before the game starts, you decide if you’re using the blue or the orange part of the cards. There are over 800 words to guess, and you’ll have fun with each of them! 

Time’s Up VS. Taboo: 

Y’all already know what’s in common. In Taboo there are a few words you can’t use. In Time’s Up you can use whatever comes into your mind (not the bad words though).

9. Articulate


Available on Amazon ($24.99) & Walmart ($28.99) | Ages 12+ | 4 to 20+ players;

Pieces of information:

Let’s articulate babes! The main rules are similar to what we’ve talked about till now. However, you must know that you can’t tell the first letter of the word, say any derivate of the word, or, say another word that rhymes with it. On your turn, you may choose to pass and not play a card, and gesticulate. There’s also a game board that tells you what card to play and playing pieces. Here’s a game review you might love: Articulate! Game Review.

Articulate VS. Taboo:

Besides the main rules that are similar in both games (giving clues and guessing), Articulate has more equipment, more game rules, and more types of cards. Ps. Make sure you don’t rhyme on the latter! 

10. That’s It

That's It

Available on Amazon ($9.99) & Walmart ($9.99) | Ages 10+ | 3 and more players;

Pieces of information: 

Last but not least, That’s It!!! Guess what? You won’t play in teams! One of the players is the reader, which has to read the first sentence in a card out loud. All other players, without taking turns, scream out the word they think is the ‘it’ word. There are no penalties for wrong answers, but once the reader hears the correct answer, they have to scream ‘that’s it!’. The reader has to give one token to the winner, but eyes-closed, so they don’t see what token they’ve given. Make sure you read the full rules here.

That’s It VS. Taboo:

Besides being able to give clues and guess them, in That’s It, you’ll give and receive tokens. Also, differently from Taboo, you’ll all talk at the same time (no turns), and the game is played individually.

Wind Up

If we had to pick one between these 10 games, a life-or-death situation, we’d probably be dead… They’re similar to Taboo, but pretty unique at the same time. You’ll find special rules and equipment in each of them, and it’s all about your preferences when picking your favorite.

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