10 Games Like Taboo: Alternatives You Could Consider!

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All games might be taboo, but not this one! Nor the others similar to it… If it happens that you love a good word-guessing, party game, and are looking for some options, we’ve got you covered babes! All you must do is keep reading and keep smiling!

  • Games like Taboo:
  1. 5 Seconds Rule;
  2. Pictionary;
  3. Codenames;
  4. Watch Ya’ Mouth;
  5. Rollick;
  6. Scattergories;
  7. Decrypto;
  8. Time’s Up;
  9. Articulate;
  10. That’s It;
  • Windup;

1. 5 Seconds Rule

5 Seconds Rule

Available on Amazon ($16.89) & Walmart ($16.89) | Ages 10+ | 3 or more players;

Both are fast-paced games, which include guessing words and speaking fast. However, Taboo is played in teams, and you have to explain words, while in 5 Seconds Rule, you just have to think & say words out loud. 

2. Pictionary


Available on Amazon & Target ($19.99) | Ages 8+ | 3 to 16 players;

The main idea behind these two games is the same: one player from the team has to explain something (either by talking or drawing), while the others have to guess. Pictionary is more artsy. 

3. Codenames


Available on Amazon ($11.36) & Target ($11.39) | Ages 10+ | 2 to 8+ players;

In Codenames, just as in Taboo, you have to guess words based on the clues you’ve given. However, Codenames requires more strategy, there are more actions, and game roles as well. 

4. Watch Ya’ Mouth

Watch Ya' Mouth

Available on Amazon ($19.99) & Target ($19.99) | Ages 8+ | 3 to 10 players;

In Taboo and Watch Ya’ Mouth, you have to divide into teams, and on your turn, one player is the teller, while the other teammates are guessers. Watch Ya’ Mouth is more direct, there are no ‘forbidden words’, and you just have to read whatever’s in the card.

5. Rollick


Available on Amazon ($24.74) & Walmart ($24.10) | Ages 13+ | 6 and more players;

The teamwork part, and guessing & explaining words rule are the same in both games. Rollick is all about acting clues out, while Taboo is all about explaining with words.

6. Scattergories


Available on Amazon ($9.50) & Walmart ($9.50) | Ages 13+ | 2 and more players;

Scattergories & Taboo are two fast-paced games. Taboo is about explaining words and playing in a team, while Scattergories is all about individual, and writing words down. Ps. check games like Scattergories, if curious!

7. Decrypto


Available on Amazon ($24.99) & Walmart ($29.99) | Ages 12+ | 3 to 8 players;

As a start, Decrypto has way more equipment and rules obviously. Even though in both games you’ll work in teams and guess things, Taboo is about guessing words, while Decrypto is guessing codes. Hacking stuff, you know.

8. Time’s Up

Time's Up

Available on Amazon ($19.99) | Ages 12+ | 3 and more players;

Y’all already know what’s in common. In Taboo there are a few words you can’t use. In Time’s Up you can use whatever comes into your mind (not the bad words though).

9. Articulate


Available on Amazon ($24.99) & Walmart ($28.99) | Ages 12+ | 4 to 20+ players;

Besides the main rules that are similar in both games (giving clues and guessing), Articulate has more equipment, more game rules, and more types of cards. Ps. Make sure you don’t rhyme on the latter! 

10. That’s It

That's It

Available on Amazon ($9.99) & Walmart ($9.99) | Ages 10+ | 3 and more players;

Besides being able to give clues and guess them, in That’s It, you’ll give and receive tokens. Also, differently from Taboo, you’ll all talk at the same time (no turns), and the game is played individually.

Wind Up

If we had to pick one between these 10 games, a life-or-death situation, we’d probably be dead… They’re similar to Taboo, but pretty unique at the same time. You’ll find special rules and equipment in each of them, and it’s all about your preferences when picking your favorite.

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