16 Games Like Spyfall: Your Dream Of Becoming A Spy Finally Became True! 

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We’re all ears when someone mentions spying, hidden locations, and to a large extent, the Spyfall game! It’s one of these games that keep you attached to the table and play for several hours. A game of different editions, full of laughs, hidden roles, lots of scenarios, and a great way to develop your strategy skills. Even though the game is excellent, there will be some point you’ll get bored of it. It is natural. Once you memorize every single card & scenario, it’s not as fun as it was. 

As always, we found a solution for it! We will present to you a considerable number of games most similar to Spyfall. Needless to say, we only included the highest-rated games and the most worthy ones. The idea behind them is similar, there’s a glimpse of Spyfall on them, but none is identical to one another. Each game will be compared individually to the main game, so it all becomes easier for you to pick. 

  • FAQ About Spyfall;
  • Games:
  1. Clue;
  2. Codenames;
  3. Deception;
  4. Pandemic;
  5. Scrawl;
  6. Mysterium;
  7. Magic Maze;
  8. Forbidden Island;
  9. Avalon;
  10. The Resistance;
  11. Spy Alley;
  12. Splendor;
  13. Detective Club;
  14. Death At The Dive Bar;
  15. A Fake Artist Goes To New York;
  16. Bang!
  • Summarize;

FAQ About Spyfall


1. Who made the Skyfall card game?

  • It was designed by Alexandr Ushan and published by Hobby World in 2014.

2. Is there a specific number of players who can play?

  • Yes. Spyfall is made to be played by 3 to 8 people, only if they are ages 13 or older.

3. How many cards are in the pack?

  • The main game (you know, these game terms) has a total of 240 cards, including the locations and spies. 

4. Does it have extra packs?

  • Fortunately, yes. There are several other expansions & editions, counting Spyfall 2, Spyfall Time Travel, DC Spyfall, and more. They all have unique cards and give you a whole new experience.

5. How much does the Spyfall game cost?

  • You can find it on Amazon for only $28.65;

6. Is there any other way to play Spyfall without buying it? 

  • Great news, yes! You can download the Spyfall app for IOS or Android, or even better, just go to the playing website: Spyfall;

7. How do you play Spyfall? 

  • Everyone draws a facedown card, which could either be a location or a spy card. All players on a round have the same location, but only their roles are different. In their turn, all players should ask questions. The goal of the players is if you’re a spy to find the location and if you have location cards, to find the spy. 

8. How many minutes does the game last?

  • The instructions in the box say that a game round lasts about 6 to 10 minutes, but that, however, depends on your questions and the skills to guess & hide facts. You may play the game for as many rounds as you want. Typically, a good game last about 1 hour. 

1. Clue


Amazon ($12.99) & Walmart ($10.97) | Ages 8+ | 2 to 6 players

Why don’t we start with the classic mystery game? Clue itself comes with special equipment: a board, tokens, weapons, character cards, rooms, and more. The main objective of the game is to extrapolate the details of the murder. You will pick your character, place weapons in the rooms, move to the square & rooms, make accusations and suggest suspects, and more. There will be many things going on, that’s why you have to think fast and come up with a strategy. Also, it’s so fun when you declare your accusations as if you were in a real court… If you find out who killed Mr.Body, in what room, and with what weapon, you win! 

Spyfall VS. Clue:

Playing Spyfall is simpler than Clue since there aren’t many details and equipment. The objective is approximately similar: in order to win, you have to find the one who did inappropriate things compared to other players (a spy or a murderer).

2. Codenames


Amazon ($15.99) & Walmart ($15.97) | Ages 8+ | 2 to 8+ players

The moment we’ve all been waiting for: Codenames! Let’s start by telling you that this one’s a team game (not a team drinking game though!). Since it comes with lots of codenames cards, keys, and key cards, of course, it will be endless fun! Each team has its own color, and the goal is team working. If you’re the spymaster of your team, your job is to give clear clues about the words and make contact with a team. Remember that you have a limited number of clues, so don’t be very free on that! When a team has all their words covered, meaning they guessed them all, they win. Hopefully, that will be your team! 

Spyfall VS. Codenames:

The main objective of guessing something is present in both games. Yes, in Spyfall you guess the spy, while in Codenames you guess words. Also, the latter is played in teams and not individually. To compare them deeper, Codenames is more structured and there are more steps to play than in Spyfall.

3. Deception


Amazon ($39.49) & Walmart ($39.49) | Ages 14+ | 4 to 12 players

Ever heard of the Murder in Hong Kong? This game is all about it! The story is about a murderer who has done his crime in Hong Kong, and now it’s the investigators’ task to find out who did it. I bet you’re curious about the roles! There’s a Forensic Scientist, an Accomplice, a Witness, 8 Investigators, and of course, one murderer! The murderer has to kill one of the other players just by pointing at them, but they have their eyes closed! There will be several rounds of evidence collection, and then all players work together and give their suspicions to solve the crime. The game may end in one of two ways (someone guessing the murderer or the murderer winning the game! 

Spyfall VS. Deception:

Both Spyfall & Deception can end in two ways: the other players winning, or the spy/the murderer wins. In Spyfall there are only 2 main roles, while in Deception there are 5. Also, the last game is better for large groups than Spyfall.

4. Pandemic


Amazon ($31.24) & Target ($35.99) | Ages 8+ | 2 to 4 players

Hell no. How much we hate this word! Well, I swear the game will be all different. There’s a story hidden behind the game. Specific diseases have overrun the cities. You and your friends, having your own roles, have to find cures. During the game, you have to move to a city, have direct flights, build research stations, discover cures & treat diseases, play the infector, and more. Keep in mind that besides the normal actions, you will also run into special events or epidemics, which will make your mission difficult. Once all players have worked together and have found cures for the 4 diseases (Blue, Yellow, Black, and Red), the game ends and they collectively win.

Spyfall VS. Pandemic:

What they have in common is there is a mission to be completed in both games, even though in the Pandemic, it is a way deeper & meaningful mission. Pandemic is the Spy against the other players, while in Pandemic you all have to work together.

5. Scrawl


Amazon ($25.00) | Ages 17+ | 4 to 8 players  

Kids, you had your moments. Now it’s time for an adult card game, gratefully!!! As you may assume already, Scrawl includes drawing. You’ll have your own boards and markers, and of course, hundreds of cards!  There are a total of 4 scenarios in the game, divided into colors: black, white, pink, and yellow. Once you pick a card from a specific scenario, you must draw on your board the word you see on the card. Primarily, no one sees your card besides you. Next, you pass the board to the player on your left who should guess what you drew, until the board comes back to you. The best guess of your drawing gets one point from you, fella! 

Spyfall VS. Scrawl:

In Spyfall & Scrawl, there is a part of guesses where you have to use your guessing skills & intuition. Scrawl, obviously, includes drawing. However, you will have clues given in different ways: in Scrawl, you have a drawing, while in Spyfall, you ‘judge’ by asking & answering questions. 

6. Mysterium


Amazon ($43.33) & Walmart ($43.99) | Ages 10+ | 2 to 7 players

We love some good mysteries! Well, to begin with, know that this game is a bit more complicated. Just so you know. If you dared to go through the Mysterium Manor, now you have to deal with the problems! You’re gonna start with determining the ghost, putting pieces on the board, dealing cards, setting the game difficulty, and more. The game has a total of 4 main phases, and each has unique actions. The last one is the shutdown, where the ghost gives some clues! At some point, everyone has to vote about who they think is the ghost. If the mass of the group has voted correctly, they win. 

Spyfall VS. Mysterium:

In some way, both games have a little mystery in them. Mysterium is way more complicated than Spyfall. Also, Spyfall is 1 vs the others, while Mysterium is working collectively to achieve the goal.

7. Magic Maze

Magic Maze

Amazon ($29.99) & Walmart ($38.99) | Ages 8+ | 1 to 8 players

Yes, you saw it right, Magic Maze could be a single-player game if you wish! This time, you may be the bad guys. Who knows, maybe you’ll rob the Magic Maze shopping mall… There is an elf, a mage, a barbarian, and a dwarf, and they will all work together. Each hero has a color, which also corresponds with the actions. With the instructions of the cards, you can move, use vortexes, explore, take the escalator, and steal items. What is your objective? Well, your common goal is to leave the shopping mall (Magic Maze) in your allowed time, and also each of you should have a stolen object with them. If God forbid, you run out of time, all of you lose! 

Spyfall VS. Magic Maze:

Although it is different, both games have missions to be completed. In Spyfall you work together to find the spy, while in Magic Maze you try to steal things in a set time. Magic Maze, differently from the other game, has a board as well, and other special equipment (tokens, Mall tiles, hero pawns, a sand-timer, word pawns, and more).

8. Forbidden Island

Forbidden Island

Amazon ($19.99) & Walmart ($33.07) | Ages 10+ | 2 to 4 players

Let’s take a trip to the forbidden islands! Guys, this one is a fascinating family card game! The cool thing is that you’ll make the island on your own, just by using the game cards. Next, you will place treasures, divide cards into 3 main decks (flood, treasure, and adventurer), and start playing them. The flood cards make the island ‘sink’, treasure cards are, obviously, treasures, and adventurer cards are your roles & special powers. During the game, you will move pawns. When you arrive at the Fools’ Landing, after one player has discarded a helicopter lift, and the Fool’s landing is flooded, you win! 

Spyfall VS. Forbidden Island:

Cards are the main characters of each of these 2 games. The story in Forbidden Island is deeper, and the gameplay is more complicated. Also, the latter is played in adventurer’s teams, while in Spyfall, all players who have location cards are together. 

9. Avalon


Amazon ($15.29) & Walmart ($15.29) | Ages 13+ | 5 to 10 players

We’ve mentioned Avalon several times, and it’s definitely worth the hype! Start by dividing players into Good (Merlin and the other loyal people of Arthur) and Evil. Remind yourself that you cannot look at other players’ cards. Everyone keeps their role secret. There are 5 quests, where all players have the chance to show how loyal they are to King Arthur. At some point, the leader will make a team of people they think are good. Before agreeing on a team, you should have your voting phases. If three quests are completed by the good, without the evil knowing Merlin’s true identity, they win. Otherwise, evils win. 

Spyfall VS. Avalon:

In some way, both games are a battle between good and evil. The topic in Avalon is more royal and feels like telling a story. In Spyfall, there are many rounds, but they don’t differ much from one another (besides cards), while Avalon is all about different phases, rounds & quests.

10. The Resistance

The Resistance

Amazon ($19.97) & Walmart ($25.95) | Ages 13+ | 5 to 10 players

We resist, we are survivors! This time, it is the members of the resistance who want to overthrow the government against the spies. There are different characters, and different actions as well. After everyone looks at their character card, spies open their eyes at one time to meet the other spies, and the resistance does the same. Then, a mission team tends to be approved, and that can be done by the votes of the majority. The members of the resistance try to complete the missions, without the spies shutting them down. Once the resistance completes 3 missions successfully, they win. On the other hand, if 3 missions are failed, the spies win the game. 

Spyfall VS. The Resistance: 

There are spies in both Spyfall & The Resistance, and the other team wins if the spies fail. The Resistance has more rounds, phases, and missions,  and the game is more chaotic. The last game is made for more players, differently from Spyfall which can be played with as less as 3 people. 

11. Spy Alley

Spy Alley

Amazon ($39.99) & Walmart ($39.99) | Ages 8+ | 2 to 6 players

Thank God, another spy game! Spy Alley, different from the other games, includes money as well (not real money though). There are different spaces with their worth on the board. We may mention the Black Market, Border Crossing, Code Books, Free Gift, Embassy, and more. When it’s your turn, besides choosing to move on different paths, you may also guess another player’s identity. After your guess, if it turns out you were wrong, you’re out of the game. But, if you guess correctly, the suspicious player is out of the game. There are 2 scenarios to win the game: being the last player remaining, or being the first player to collect all their items and land at the embassy.

Spyfall VS. Spy Alley:

The main characters in Spyfall and Spy Alley are spies. The main difference is that in Spyfall, all players besides the spy work together, while in Spy Alley, everyone tries to win on their own.

12. Splendor


Amazon ($35.99) & Walmart ($35.99) | Ages 10+ | 2 to 4 players

Splendor, a game of unexpected things! Start by setting up the game while using the development cards, the noble tiles, and the tokens. All the cards should be divided into 3 decks, which are distinguished by color: blue, yellow, and green. Next, each player tries to earn as many prestige points as possible, which could be done by buying cards or getting the Nobles’ attention. You can purchase cards by using your collected tokens. When someone has 15 prestige points, the final round begins. After the final round is finished, you count the points again and determine the winner (whoever has more points).

Spyfall VS. Splendor:

One and the other require the same skills to win: concentration, strategy, following the goal & competition. Splendor is more about points and competing with all the other players. It also includes tokens, which are a main part of the game.

13. Detective Club

Detective Club

Amazon & Walmart ($39.99) | Ages 8+ | 4 to 8 players

My 10-year-old self’s dream of being a detective has finally come true! There will be one active player in each round. The active player must look at their card and write the word on all notebooks, besides one. The player who gets the empty notebook is the Conspirator. Each player has to play 2 cards in each round, which will help get information. These 2 cards should be explained and should relate to the active player’s word. By hearing everyone’s explanation, all players start voting who they think is the Conspirator. The game ends whenever all players have been one or two times the active player.

Spyfall VS. Detective Club:
What the two games have in common is that it is one player against the team. In Spyfall, if you suspect someone, you may stop the game and accuse someone. While in Detective Club, you may share your opinion only when the voting phase comes. 

14. Death At The Dive Bar

Death At The Dive Bar

Amazon ($26.99) & Walmart ($26.99) | Ages 13+ | 1 or more players

The name is a bit … scary. We can agree! Yes, a murderer has come to the town and killed the owner of the dive bar. You have some clues, puzzles to solve, help from other people, and evidence you can use. You have to check all the notes carefully, crack codes, use old-fashioned techniques, and give all your effort into finding who the murderer is. What we extremely love about the game, is that all things look like they really belong to a crime. Handwritten notes, printed reports and pictures, and even pages online for the crimes. It feels like you’re solving a real-life crime and we couldn’t be more excited than that!  

Spyfall VS. Death At The Dive Bar:

Is there a mystery & problem to solve in both games? Yes. Nevertheless, the topic of the previously mentioned game is way more serious and feels very realistic. Yes, it gives you the feeling of being a trained detective.

15. A Fake Artist Goes To New York

A Fake Artist Goes To New York

Amazon ($29.90) & Walmart ($22.97) | Ages 8+ | 5 to 10 players

What the hell does a fake artist look for in New York? This game is as fun as you would’ve ever imagined. There are 3 roles in the game: the question master, the fake artist, and the others are the artists. The QM begins by writing a word on the cards, only one writes an X. The player who draws the X card is the fake artist. Now, everyone starts drawing one line of the written item (example: flower). Everyone should add their artwork in two continuous rounds. After these rounds, the QM counts down to three, and everyone should point to the player they think is the fake artist. Y’all know what happens next… 

Spyfall VS. A Fake Artist Goes To New York:

There will be one special role in both these games, a spy, or a fake artist. All other players do their best to guess who these characters are. What sets them mostly apart, is that the latter includes drawing, colors, creativity, and artwork… 

16. Bang!


Amazon ($16.99) & Walmart ($16.99) | Ages 10+ | 4 to 7 players

Last but not least, our beloved Bang! This time there will be 4 roles in the game: Sheriff, Outlaws, Renegade, and Deputies, and all have special actions to complete. The game begins with the Sheriff, but every player has to go through 3 main phases: draw 2 cards, play as many cards as you want, and discard cards. Be careful. There are rewards, but there are also penalties. If you run out of your last life point, you’re out of the game. At the end of the game, if the Sheriff is killed, the Renegade or the Outlaws win. But, if these two are killed, the Sheriff and his deputies win. Sounds traditional or is it just me?

Spyfall VS. Bang!:

If you have good teamwork & communication, you’ll do better in both of the games. Bang! has 4 game roles, while Spyfall has only 2. Also, in Bang! one team wins only if the other is dead. In Spyfall, once you make a correct guess, your team wins!  


If you’ve ever been a fan of dealing with spies, researching crimes, being a cool detective, or even being the bad guy, you’ll find yourself in one of the games mentioned above. They all feel like you’re solving puzzles. Yes, they’re good even in a psychological way. You train your brain, develop your strategy skills, be in a competitive spirit, and give the best out of yourself. 

Since you have to buy the games (and they aren’t just some drinking games without cards), pay attention to making the right choice. Analyze the details, see what you like about it and whatnot, check if the price is worth it, and get it from your favorite shop. The most important thing is that you should be satisfied with the result.

To the secret agents & spies of the future, we see you, we love you! 

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