10 Best Games Like Secret Hitler Which You’ll Adore!

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Do we have admirers of Secret Hitler here? Well, this political party game is indeed astounding. Even though you may think it’s irreplaceable, we have found similar games, which give the same feeling, but include unique rules, equipment, and gameplay.

  • Details about Secret Hitler;
  • The games:
  1. Coup;
  2. The Resistance;
  3. One Night;
  4. Spyfall;
  5. Pandemic;
  6. Sheriff Of Nottingham;
  7. Bang!;
  8. Salem 1692;
  9. The Resistance: Avalon;
  10. Scotland Yard;
  • Final Thoughts;

Details About Secret Hitler 

Secret Hitler
  • Secret Hitler is a hidden identity party game, designed by Max Temkin, and published by Goat, Wolf & Cabbage, in August 2016;
  • The game is made for ages 13+. Usually, a good game is played by 5 to 10 people at once and lasts around 45 minutes;
  • In the box, you’ll find 17 policy tiles, 50 cards, 3 liberal/fascist boards, a president & chancellor placard, and more.
  • Even if the game may sound complicated, you just need a few minutes to master it. All players get an envelope with a role card in it. First, pass the presidential candidacy, then, the presidential candidate chooses a chancellor candidate. Next, everyone votes on the government, including the candidates. The president and chancellor repeatedly draw and play cards on the boards. Know that there are liberals and fascists, and one of the fascists is Hitler. You should know that liberals win if they enact 5 liberal policies or by assassinating Hitler. On the other hand, the fascists win by exacting 6 fascist policies, or by enacting 3 and electing Hitler as the chancellor. 
  • To understand everything, check the official rules here or watch this video: How to Play Secret Hitler.
  • Secret Hitler is available on Amazon for $40.00 and Walmart for the same price. 
  • It currently has 4.9 out of 5 stars, in 12,754 ratings on Amazon, which is amazing news! 

1. Coup


Available on Amazon ($13.99) & Target ($13.99) | Ages 13+ | 2 to 6 players;

Pieces of information about ‘Coup’:

When we asked people what their Secret Hitler replacement was, most of them answered ‘Coup’! In this board game, there are a few characters. Your goal is to eliminate the influence of other players and be the last survivor. In their turn, players choose one action to play. It could be income, foreign aid, character actions, counteractions, challenges, and so on. The game ends when there’s only one player left. Here’s a video that explains all rules: Coup – How To Play.

Comparing Coup with Secret Hitler: 

Both games include different characters and competitions between teams (or individuals). In Coup, all players play against each other, and your goal is to kick all other players out, so, not at all about teamwork.

2. The Resistance

The Resistance

Available on Amazon ($24.69) & Walmart ($24.99) | Ages 13+ | 5 to 10 players;

Pieces of information about ‘The Resistance’:

This is the 1/2 Resistances… Players are either spies or members of the Resistance. All spies must know one another. Each round has 2 phases: the team-building & mission phase. Players vote, and if the majority of the votes are positive, and vice-versa. The spies win if 3 missions fail, and the members of the Resistance win if three missions are completed successfully. If you wanna know more about the game, hurry up and watch How to Play The Resistance.

The Resistance VS. Secret Hitler:

In both these board games, there are ‘the good ones’ and ‘the bad ones’. In order for a team to win, they have to either complete missions or stop missions from being completed. However, in The Resistance, there are more characters, and the theme is more sci-fi, different from Secret Hitler, which is political.

3. One Night

One Night

Available on Amazon ($18.69) & Walmart ($32.99) | Ages 8+ | 3 to 10 players;

Pieces of information about ‘One Night’:

Ever wondered how it’d feel to be a wolf? It’s time to find out! You’ll either be a werewolf, a villager, or a secret character. Roles depend on when they’re played: day or night. After the night phase ends, the day roles decide who they think the werewolves are. The player with the most votes dies. If the victim is a werewolf, the village team wins. The werewolves win if no werewolves are killed. To understand all the tiny rules, feel free to watch How To Play One Night.

One Night VS. Secret Hitler:

In One Night & Secret Hitler, you have to belong to one of the teams, and that decides your role. The contents of the two games are different, however, the goal is beating the other team. 

4. Spyfall


Available on Amazon ($30.38) & Walmart ($25.40) | Ages 13+ | 3 to 8 players; 

Pieces of information about ‘Spyfall’:

Spyfall holds a special place in our hearts, indeed. As you assumed, there are spies and non-spies. The spies’ goal is to find the locations, while the non-spies tend to identify the spy. Usually, how the game works, is that the dealer asks questions, directly to specific players about their location. Therefore, that’s how hints are given & received. After you tally up the points, whoever team has more points, wins. There are a few more things you should know, but this explains it great: How to play Spyfall. Ps. I bet you’d want to know about games like Spyfall too!

Spyfall VS. Secret Hitler: 

The main difference is that winning in Secret Hitler depends on completing missions, while in Spyfall, the scoring depends on points. However, both games are about teamworking & competition. 

5. Pandemic


Available on Amazon ($29.97) & Target ($35.99) | Ages 8+ | 2 to 4 players;

Pieces of information about ‘Pandemic’:

To begin with this family card game, all players will be members of a disease control team. You’ll get the chance to discover a cure, treat and eradicate disease, share knowledge, and more. There are epidemics and actions you may take: direct flight, pass, shuttle flight, and so on. Players win the game if cures for all diseases have been discovered. If you think it’s way too complicated, watch this YT video: Pandemic – How To Play

Pandemic VS. Secret Hitler:

The main goal in both is completing the specific missions, in order to win. However, the Pandemic is way more complicated, because of all the different phases, rules, special events, and more. 

6. Sheriff Of Nottingham

Sherif Of Nottingham

Available on Amazon ($122.00) & Walmart ($81.63) | Ages 14+ | 3 to 5 players;

Pieces of information about ‘Sheriff Of Nottingham’:

Hear me out! The price is totally worth it! In all rounds, one player will be the Sheriff, while the remaining will be the merchants. Each round consists of 5 phases (played in order): market, load merchant bag, declaration, inspection, and end of round. If you’re the merchant, you have to tell the Sheriff what’s in your bag, and you may choose if you wanna tell the truth, or lie. You may get caught though. Since you’ll get points for each action, at the end of the game, whoever has the most points, wins. Here’s a video to give you a good hand: Sheriff Of Nottingham – How To Play.

Sheriff Of Nottingham VS. Secret Hitler: 

Both these board games have the ‘bad ones’, either a Sheriff or Hitler. In order to win any of the games, you have to use lots of strategy and lies. Nevertheless, the topics in them are different, and the latter takes quite more time to play. 

7. Bang!


Available on Amazon ($22.23) & Walmart ($22.23) | Ages 8+ | 4 to 7 players;

Pieces of information about ‘Bang!’:

Let’s go bang! As you probably assumed, there are several game roles: a sheriff, deputies, outlaws, and one renegade. Your goal depends on your game role. However, in your turn, you’ll draw, play cards, and discard excess ones. Your performance depends on your life points: if you’re out of these points, you’re out of the game. The game ends in two cases: the Sheriff is dead, the outlaws win, and if all outlaws and renegades are killed, so the Sheriff and his deputies win. Here’s How to play Bang! 

Bang VS. Secret Hitler: 

Even though each player has their role in the game, there are two main teams in both games: the Sheriff / Hitler with his supporters, and the remaining players. We may Say Secret Hitler is a bit more complicated to be played.

8. Salem 1692

Salem 1692

Available on Amazon ($24.99) & Walmart ($24.89) | Ages 14+ | 4 to 12 players;

Pieces of information about ‘Salem 1692’:

First things first, this is one of the most unique-looking games! Keep in mind that you’re currently in the town of Salem, and it’s the year 1692. One player will be the Town Crier. You’ll draw cards, play cards, and pay attention to the 5 laws of Salem. During the game, if you receive a Witch card, you’re officially part of the Witches team. Actions in the game depend if it’s dawn, day, or night. Witches win if everyone remaining in the game is a witch, and townspeople win if they reveal the final Witch tryal card. We know you’d love to watch this: How To Play Salem 1692.

Salem 1692 VS. Secret Hitler: 

There are two main teams in both games, and both teams have different goals (however, it’s all about beating one another). When comparing the difficulty level, Salem 1692 is quite more complicated and has more types of cards, phases, and actions. 

9. The Resistance: Avalon

The Resistance - Avalon

Available on Amazon ($19.99) & Walmart ($24.99) | Ages 13+ | 5 to 10 players;

Pieces of information about ‘The Resistance: Avalon’:

This is the 2/2 Resistances! All players get character cards, which decide their loyalty: either loyal servants of Arther, or aligned with the Evil ways of Mordred. Each round of the game has a team-building phase and a quest phase. After discussing, players vote for choosing the right ones for the team. If the majority accepts, the team is approved and we continue to the quest phase. If 5 teams are rejected in a round, the evils win! On the other hand, the good ones win if they complete 3 quests, without revealing Merlin’s identity. Check more details here.

The Resistance: Avalon VS. Secret Hitler: 

The game we just talked about is actually based on Knights Of Camelot, which makes the playing process just like watching it. However, there are 2 teams in each game, and each has a leader. 

10. Scotland Yard

Scotland Yard

Available on Amazon ($27.95) & Walmart ($38.60) | Ages 8+ | 2 to 6 players;

Pieces of information about ‘Scotland Yard’:

This game is the icing on the cake! There’s Mister X, bobbies, and the detectives in the game. Mister X and detectives should get tickets to travel: taxi, bus, or underground. Mister X has to secretly choose a new station, move, and show himself at regular intervals. The latter wins if he manages to move around London for 22 rounds without getting caught by the detectives. The detectives win if bobby or the detective finishes his move in the same place as Mister X. Of course we’ll share a video with you: Scotland Yard.

Scotland Yard VS. Secret Hitler: 

The main idea behind both games is similar. However, Secret Hitler is more of a team vs. team game, while Scotland Yard is a character vs. all the others. FYI, Secret Hitler is a bit simpler to play, and the content is more adult-y.

Final Thoughts

When we tell you how much we love these games… They’re pretty unique, contain interesting equipment, and can keep you playing for several hours. Once you read all descriptions, check which one matches your lovely Secret Hitler best, and make sure to pick that! Even if you randomly pick one, you’ll end up loving it.

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