Top 15 Games Like Scattergories: Right In Time To Know Them!

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In today’s episode of famous games of categories, we present to you… Scattergories! Well, not really. We will tell you about some other amazing fast-paced (and more) games similar to Scattergories. We can’t help but tell you that most of them are also family-friendly games, so they are super-duper fun for all ages! In other words, yes, you can play with kids or even your lovely grandparents! 

You must know that even though all games have specifics in common with Scattergories, still, each is unique and presents different enjoyment… It’s amazing how they’re all fast-paced & word games, which besides bringing fun, they help you develop different skills. Wait, you don’t know yet what Scattergories is? It’s no use crying over it. We’ll talk about it as well!!! 

  • Talking about Scattergories;
  • The games:
  1. Scrabble;
  2. Taboo;
  3. Quiddler;
  4. Pun Intended;
  5. Just One;
  6. Boggle;
  7. The Game Of Things;
  8. Bananagrams;
  9. Pictionary;
  10. 25 Words Or Less;
  11. Cranium;
  12. Listography;
  13. Catch Phrase;
  14. Ka-Blab;
  15. Back & 4th;
  • Summary;

Talking About Scattergories

  • Scattergories is a fast-paced & fast-thinking game of words and different categories, which makes you get creative & concentrated.
  • Even though people have played it even earlier, the game was officially published in 1988, and based on all information, the inventors are Parker Brothers.
  • It contains around 250 categories, including animals, art, career, movies, sports, food, technology, science, music, language, literature, and hundreds more. 
  • Scattergories is best enjoyed with 2 to 6 players, for all people who are 12 years or older. 
  • There are sold millions of copies of this game, and most ratings are positive. On Amazon, it is rated 4.7 – 4.8 stars out of 5.
  • You can also make the game on your own. Write down categories and listing words, and use the correct-sized paper. It requires some effort, but it’s worth it. 
  • There are many editions and versions of the game available on the market. We may mention The Main Scattergories Edition, The Winning Moves, Scattergories Categories, The Card Game, and more.
  • Besides buying the card game, Scattergories is also available as a phone app. You may download it on both App Store and Google Play.
  • Playing the game is not complicated at all. Basically, it is all about writing words that start with the same letter and belong to a specific category. Usually, the game comes with a timer (a round lasts 3 minutes) and a die to decide on the letter. 
  • Besides being a good game to interact with people, Scattergories is also good for our brain. It helps with mental organization, thinking & creativity skills, utilizes brain power, and trains your word-retrieval potential.

1. Scrabble 


Available on Amazon ($14.99) & Walmart ($19.92) | Ages 8+ | 2 to 4 players

Have you ever filled any crossword puzzles, apparently with your dad? This is exactly what Scrabble is! A board-and-tile game that has 225 squares, where every letter counts. It is all about placing tiles and forming words in horizontal or vertical rows, where no gaps are allowed. We recommend you keep a dictionary near you, so every point is fair and the game goes faithfully. The game ends when there are no tiles left to draw, and someone gets rid of all their tiles. Whoever scores the most points, wins.  

Comparison to Scattergories:

Both are word-based games and make you come up with ideas. Based on our experience, we conclude that playing Scrabble takes more effort since you’re a bit more limited on what words you can make (since the rows have to match), while in Scattergories it only has to have the correct letter and category. 

2. Taboo 


Available on Amazon ($19.99) & Walmart ($16.99) | Ages 13+ | 4 and more players

Even if you don’t know what the game is, you know what ‘Taboo’ means, right? It is a simple game, mostly about guessing and explaining words. Most of the time, Taboo is played in 2 teams of as many players as you want. Typically, there are 6 words in each card, the first one is the main words, while the other 5 are the taboo words. What you have to do, is explain the main word to your partner as simply as possible (without mentioning the taboo ones), so they can guess. Maybe you can add some drinks as well and make this another drinking card game 🙂

Comparison to Scattergories: 

You need to have a rich vocabulary in order to be successful in any of these two games. The main difference is that Scattergories is all individual, while Taboo only works if played in teams. In the last one, communication is important. 

3. Quiddler


Available on Amazon ($17.98) & Walmart ($13.99) | Ages 8+ | 1 to 8 players.

Guess what? Quiddler is one amazing single-player card game. Yup. You can even play it by yourself. The main idea behind the game is to spell English words correctly. Each card has its own letter on it, and each letter has specific points. You also get extra points for longer words, and besides the letters from the alphabet, there are also common two-letter English combinations. With a bit of strategy & concentration, Quiddler can be a very useful game, especially when talking about kids and their spelling improvement.

Comparison to Scattergories:

Both Scattergories & Quiddler are fast-paced games and require a dictionary. The first one is more into forming words, depending on categories, while Quiddler deals more with spelling. 

4. Pun Intended

Pun Intended

Available on Amazon ($24.99) & Walmart ($24.99) | Ages 13+ | 4 to 12 players 

Puns make life better. That’s right, they do! Pun Intended is all about that. You and your team will have 1 minute to guess a pun in the cards. You’ll be given clues, and maybe you don’t have to think that much. The answer could be right in front of your eyes! The cool thing is that all puns in the same card start from the same letter, so, this is a big help for you! Puns will be funny, silly, and super-duper creative! Get your skates on because the first team to score 40 points, wins!

Comparison to Scattergories:

In both games, you have to be concentrated, and your main goal is to find (or write) the missing/needed word. However, the Pun Intended is funnier and it’s easier to guess the missing words since you’ll work on teams. 

5. Just One

Just One

Available on Amazon ($19.59) & Walmart ($20.33) | Ages 8+ | 3 to 7 players

We need Just One game to make the game night unforgettable! This time, each one of you has a chance to guess the mystery word, using the help of other players. Remember: you only have one guess. Each card has 5 words on it, and you randomly choose your mystery one. All players write down the words which they think are closest to your mystery word, so, you have some helpful clues. Of course, each active player’s goal is to guess the word in one try. If you don’t do that, you’re burned. Sorry, not sorry… 

Comparison to Scattergories: 

The more words you know, the better you will perform in each of these 2 games. On Scattergories you’re all on your own, while in Just One, your opponents will give you clues that most likely will help you out. 

6. Boggle


Available on Amazon ($9.97) & Walmart ($9.97) | Ages 8+ | 1 and more players

We won’t say no to games under $10, will we? Invented in 1972, Boggle is another fun word game to play with your mates. It takes only some seconds to set up and has very simple instructions. Each die has 6 different letters on them. You will use the dice to create words, which can match vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, or even following chains. You should know that every word should at least have 3 letters, and you have a timer to count up the minutes. Even though it’s simple, if you’re looking to master it, it’s gonna take a while. 

Comparison to Scattergories: 

The idea behind both games is to deal with new words. Also, both of these games include letter dice to have a better game experience. In Scattergories however, you’re freer to use your creativity and find more words. 

7. The Game Of Things

The Game Of Things

Available on Amazon ($27.10) & Walmart ($49.80) | Ages 14+ | 4 and more players

Cheers for humor in the box! The content is not so kid-friendly in this game, this is why we can consider this an adult card game. The Game Of Things is all about reading cards out loud, everyone writing their answers, and then guessing. Cards have usually questions written on them, where you have to count down things. Well, things you shouldn’t tie to the roof of your car, things your parents forgot to tell you, things you wish grew on trees and similar ones. When everyone writes their answers down, you have to guess who wrote what! This is all.

Comparison to Scattergories: 

There are different topics and categories in both Scattergories and The Game Of Things. The main difference is that in The Game Of Things you have more chances to express personal thoughts, and you also don’t have a specific letter your words should start with.

8. Bananagrams


Available on Amazon ($12.99) & Walmart ($18.68) | Ages 7+ | 2 to 8 players

Only clever minds can come up with such ideas! A banana-shaped bag, full of tiles! In Bananagrams, all players compete to create the most completed word grid. Based on the number of players, you can know how many tiles each of you gets. Everyone is alone in the game, and what you have to do is match letters and create words horizontally or vertically. At any point, you can rearrange the tiles, and also put back one useless tile (but get others in exchange). However, the goal of each player is to use all your letters, since this is how you become the TOP BANANA!

Comparison to Scattergories:

To perform well in any of these two games, you must have a rich vocabulary. Also, both Scattergories and Bananagrams help with your spelling skills. Anyhow, in Bananagrams, you don’t have specific categories. The words must make sense. 

9. Pictionary


Available on Amazon (18.95) & Walmart ($21.92) | Ages 8+ | 4 or more players

We missed a glimpse of drawing games, right? To begin with, you should know that Pictionary is played in teams. 2 teams of 2 or more people. You’ll love when we tell you that one of your teammates has to draw a specific thing, while you and the others have to guess. No talking is allowed, no body language, or writing any letter or number. It’s all about how creative you can get. It doesn’t really matter if you can draw realistically. As long as you simplify it and make your teammates guess, you’ve accomplished your mission!

Comparison to Scattergories:

The main point of both games is getting creative. That’s how you win. There are a lot of words from the dictionary in Scattergories, and in Pictionary. What sets them mostly apart is obviously that in Pictionary you will have to draw and use artistic skills to have a better performance.

10. 25 Words Or Less

25 Words Or Less

Available on Amazon ($19.99) & Walmart ($38.62) | Ages 10+ | 4 and more players

If you’ve ever watched 25 Words Or Less, we feel you, bro! As you assumed, this card game is about guessing words, once again. It is usually played in teams, and there’s always one clue giver on each team. Differently from what we had till now, these special players have to bet on how few words their teammates will need to guess the secret answers. Obviously, 25 is the highest number you can use or less. There’s a sand timer you may use, and remember that you only have 1 minute to guess. 25 Words Or Less, both the TV show and the game, are astonishing! 

Comparison to Scattergories: 

You have to guess words, get creative, and concentrate on Scattergories and 25 Words Or Less. The latter is more competitive, it is played in teams, and a bit more difficult to win. 

11. Cranium


Available on Amazon ($16.99) & Walmart ($16.99) | Ages 16+ | 4 or more players

The design looks… childish? Well, let me tell you, it can only be played by people 16 or older! Cranium is a game full of challenges and chances to show off your skills. It has 4 main categories: Creative Cat, Data Head, Star Performer, and Word Worm. Each category represents different actions for you to complete. You will show your acting skills, spelling, wordplay, sleuthing, and more. Cranium comes with its board that helps you which category you have to choose at all times. Movers, cards, timer, die, and other equipment, just add the glow! 

Comparison to Scattergories:

We may say both include their own wordplay in them. Both have divided game categories to help organize the game. Nevertheless, Cranium is more about challenges, skills, and competition, and includes different topics. 

12. Listography

Available on Amazon ($19.58) & Walmart ($19.58) | Ages 12+ | 3 to 6 players

You’ve probably made lists in your life, but, have you ever made such COOL lists? Long story short, what you have to do is list down a few things related to a category. It could be things people eat cold, leading ladies in film, muppet characters, and more. The best thing is that it tells you how many elements you have to write, how the scoring is done (yeah it’s different on every single card), how many people you should match, and such details. It really tests your knowledge, tells you a lot about the other players, and we may say it is an amazing card game to get to know people better.

Comparison to Scattergories:

Scattergories & Listography, they’re both very specific. You precisely know what each question requests you. Also, both games have divided categories, so, words should belong to those categories only. In Listography, we think you have more ways to express yourself & POVs.

13. Catch Phrase

Catch Phrase

Available on Amazon ($17.99) & Walmart ($17.99) | Ages 12+ | 4 or more players

We’re all getting better on our catchphrases, aren’t we? This game, (which isn’t a card one obviously) includes a total of 5000 words! That’s huge, innit? The thing is that every time you have the unit in your hands, a new word will be shown, which you need to describe to your teammate, in whatever way you want. You only have 15 seconds for that. Once the unit beeps, you have to toss it to another player on your team. Well, it’s 2-in-1 fun. One because of all the fun you have describing and guessing, and two because of all the catching and tossing. 

Comparison to Scattergories: 

In both games you’ll get to meet with new words, so, the more you know, the easier for you. Catch Phrase is more interactive and you get to work together with other players, while in Scattergories, you’re all on your own.

14. Ka-Blab


Available on Amazon ($10.99) & Walmart ($19.99) | Ages 10+ | 2 to 6 players

The name is adorable. Don’t try to change my mind. First of all, it comes with a cool timer. Not a sand one. Not a random one. A BOMB timer! The die in the game tells you how many items of one category you have to mention. Yes, there are different topics. Disney characters, science things, sea creatures, ways to get detention, and more. There are also tokens included. Simply, the player who still has remaining tokens by the end of the game wins! Well, while thinking fast, things may not always make sense. Don’t worry, it will at least bring some laughs!!! 

Comparison to Scattergories:

These 2 games are divided into different categories. Both of them have a specific time when you can answer. Ka-Blab has some extra equipment and you don’t have to write things down. You simply just blurt out. 

15. Back & 4th

Back & 4th

Available on Amazon ($19.99) | Ages 13+ | 4 to 8 players

We’ve been back & forth quite a few times, huh? This card game is lovely for large groups, but remember that it should be played in teams. This time, differently from what we mentioned, now you have to guess the category. There are words written on all cards, followed by the category that the word belongs. Each team should help their teammate by giving clues, which is the only possible way to guess the category. Even this time, you have a timer that tells you how much time you have left to guess. Well, besides bringing people closer, it also brings tons of laughs to your group! 

Comparison to Scattergories:

You have to think fast & answer as quickly as possible in each of these games. The main difference is that in Scattergories you have the category and should write words, while in Back & 4th, you have to guess the category.


First things first, hopefully, you enjoyed the games as much as we did. You should know that there may be other games similar to Scattergories, but we made sure to only pick the top-rated ones, and also, most of them are based on our own experience. What we always tend to do, is recommend to you, games and things we’ve tried ourselves first. 

Keep in mind that we didn’t explain all the little instructions for each game. That would take years to read. However, we did mention what’s important to you, and what is needed to pick your favorite game. Take your time and choose your preferred one by considering all the games’ details. 

You deserve fun!

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