15 Games Like Pictionary: Board Games & More! 

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Starting from its invention year, the mid-1980s, Pictionary has been one of people’s safe games. Since you’re here, we assume you’re looking for games similar to the latter, which are just as fun, but pretty unique. Well, guess what? You’ll find just what you were looking for! 

  • About Pictionary;
  • Games like Pictionary:
  1. Scrawl;
  2. Pictomania;
  3. Party Alias;
  4. Artsy Fartsy;
  5. Cranium;
  6. Telestrations;
  7. Googly Eyes;
  8. Duplik;
  9. Drawing Without Dignity;
  10. A Fake Artist Goes To New York;
  • Online games like Pictionary:
  1. Drawize;
  2. Skribbl;
  3. Draw Copy;
  4. Quick, Draw!;
  5. Sketchful;
  • Final Thoughts;

About Pictionary 

  • Pictionary is a word-guessing game inspired by charades, which makes you guess the sketches. 
  • The game can be played by people who are over 8, and a game is excellent if played by 3 to 16 people, usually in teams. 
  • Playing Pictionary is not complicated at all. Start by dividing all people into teams of equal players. Teams take turns playing, and on their round, there’s a drawer from a team, and all the others are guessers. Depending on the card, the drawer must try to sketch it, just so the guessers can guess the word before the timer’s out. Once a team reaches the finish square, has to guess one final word to win. If interested in more, check this video to understand all the rules: How to Play Pictionary in 3 minutes.
  • Besides all, Pictionary is a great family game and helps you bring the whole family together & have some fun. 
  • The game is available on Target for $19.99, and on Walmart for $21.92.
  • The game pack of Pictionary includes erasable boards, 2 markers, 200 clue cards, category cards, a game board, and dice. 

Games Like Pictionary 

The moment we’ve all been waiting for! We’re finally presenting to you games that are pretty similar to Pictionary. All of them are pretty fun to play, unique in their own way, but share similar details with Pictionary. 

1. Scrawl


Availability: Amazon ($14.99) & Walmart ($22.99) | Ages: 17+ | Players: 4 to 8;

About the game: 

Scrawl is a board game of horrible scenarios. Each player gets their board, and scenario card. All players starting at the same time have to sketch the sentence in their cards, which could get as weird as ‘making an ass out of yourself’, ‘a man hiding in a pram’, ‘forgetting how to fly’, etc. The sketch is passed to the player on the left, with them trying to guess. The round ends when your board & drawing comes back to you. Here’s a video that explains the rules in detail: How to play: Scrawl.

Scrawl VS. Pictionary:

Both games have one thing in common: sketching & guessing the sketches. However, Pictionary is usually played in teams, and there’s only one drawer, while in Scrawl each is playing individually, and each is both a drawer and a guesser. 

2. Pictomania


Availability: Amazon ($22.90) & Walmart ($22.64) | Ages: 8+ | Players: 3 to 6; 

About the game: 

As a fast-paced drawing game, Pictomania is played in 5 rounds. Each player picks a color, and then 7 number cards and star tokens, on the same color. Besides looking at your clues, you will also try to guess other players’ clues. You will reward and get tokens once you guess someone’s clues, by drawing them. You get 1 point for each star, and obviously, whoever has the highest score wins. Check out the rules in this video for more details: How to Play Pictomania.

Pictomania VS. Pictionary:

Well, Pictomania is quite more complicated and requires more concentration. However, in both, you have to draw and guess clues. The age range in both is the same as well. 

3. Party Alias

Party Alias

Availability: eBay ($29.95) & Game Room ($20.00) | Age: 15+ | Players: 4 and more;

About the game: 

Since Party Allias includes a game board, you’ll move your pawns, and that will determine the words you must explain. You’ll divide into teams of 2 and more, and take turns playing. The terms could be names, verbs, adjectives, places, and more. Once the timer’s up, you have to explain one word after another, once your team guesses it. On the board, you’ll also find party spaces, which include silly ways of explaining. The first team to reach the finish line wins the game! 

Party Allias VS. Pictionary: 

Both Party Allias & Pictionary are guessing games and should be played in teams. Party Allias doesn’t require drawings, but you have to explain the words by talking and performing actions. 

4. Artsy Fartsy

Artsy Fartsy

Availability: Amazon ($24.99) & Walmart ($24.99) | Ages: 10+ | Players: 4 to 12;

About the game:

The game starts just as usual… You divide into teams, and let one player of your team draw a word, while the other teammates guess. But, there are some unexpected twists along the way. You may be asked to draw with your ‘wrong hand’, draw with your eyes closed, and so on. And be careful! While you’re talking, the other teams may use their steal cards, guess, and steal your points! It’s just as fun as it seems. 

Artsy Fartsy VS. Pictionary:

Pictionary & Artsy Fartsy both start in the same way: dividing into teams, someone being the drawer, and the others guessing. The difference is that in Artsy Fartsy there are some twists and special cards that come along the way. 

5. Cranium


Availability: Amazon ($29.99) & Walmart ($21.16) | Ages: 16+ | Players: 4 and more;

About the game: 

Guys. Right after you divide into teams, know that there are four planet craniums. Once someone draws a club cranium card (which explains what you have to complete to win it) all teams play at the same time. On your turn, you have to roll, deciding your place in the circle. Then, you’ll play cards from a deck, move clockwise to another deck, or stay where you are. Don’t let it fool you. It’s not that complicated. Check this video for more: How To Play Cranium.

Cranium VS. Pictionary: 

What both games have in common is that they’re played in teams, and all teammates have to work together to win. The main difference is that in Cranium you won’t need to draw anything. 

6. Telestrations


Availability: Amazon ($24.38) & Target ($19.99) | Ages: 12+ | Players: 4 to 8;

About the game: 

Telestrations is a game you shouldn’t skip! It includes over 1700 words you have to guess!!! Each player gets a sketchbook, writes their name in them, and writes the numbers of their card. Each has 90 seconds to sketch the word on their card. Next, you should return to page 2, and pass it to the player on your left. This continues until you have your sketchbook back. People usually don’t keep score, but if you wish, there are options for you to score and win. Check this video for the full rules: How to play Telestrations.

Telestrations VS. Pictionary:

Pictionary is more straightforward than Telestrations. Someone draws, and the others guess. In Telestrations, you have to pass the sketchbook back and forth and guess the sketches several times. Also, Telestrations is played individually and not in teams. 

7. Googly Eyes

Googly Eyes

Availability: Amazon ($12.99) & Walmart ($21.50) | Ages: 7+ | Players: 4 to 18;

About the game: 

Well yeah, the game looks a little weird… The game actually includes glasses and lenses, which are super unique! The idea behind the game is that you’ll use the game board, roll the dice, and move the pawn depending on which team you are. The color your pawn lands on determines the challenge and the color of the lenses you have to use in your glasses. Then, the player wearing the glasses picks a card, tells the category, and then tries to explain to their teammates the word by drawing it. If you’re feeling confused, watch this: How to Play & Unboxing.

Googly Eyes VS. Pictionary:

Both games include drawing, playing in teams, and letting teammates guess the drawings within a time limit. However, in Googly Eyes there is some extra equipment included, such as glasses and lenses, which make it pretty entertaining.

8. Duplik


Availability: Amazon & Turol Games (19,99€) | Ages: 8+ | Players: 3 and more;

About the game:

The game cover scream ‘drawing game’. On each round, there’s a Portrayer, and the others are artists. The Portrayer picks a card and tries to describe the scene to the artists, which should start drawing. When time runs out, all artists pass their canvas to the player on their left. Then, the Portrayer should read the golden criterion out loud, and each artist checks if they’ve fulfilled that criterion or not. Scoring is based on this as well. Here’s a video to help you out: Duplik Review.

Duplik VS. Pictionary: 

First things first, Pictionary is played in teams, while Duplik is played individually. Duplik has a few more rules than Pictionary, including here the passing of the canvases, having specific criteria, and so on. 

9. Drawing Without Dignity

Drawing Without Dignity

Availability: Amazon ($24.99) & Walmart ($24.99) | Ages: 17+ | Players: 4 to 12+;

About the game:

Cheers to a cool adult game you’ll definitely love! The game starts with y’all dividing into teams and picking one artist from each team. The artist, when it’s their team’s turn, they have to pick a card, draw whatever word it shows, and let the other teammates guess. However, other teams can use their cockblock cards, and steal your points if they already know the answer. Here’s a complete explanation of the rules: PDF rules printable.

Drawing Without Dignity VS. Pictionary:

Both games follow the same basic rules: teamwork, picking one artist per team, guessing by looking at the drawing, and so on. In Drawing Without Dignity, you’ll also find special cards (cockblocks) and special rules as well. 

10. A Fake Artist Goes To New York

A Fake Artist Goes To New York

Availability: Amazon ($22.99) & Target ($19.99) | Ages: 8+ | Players: 5 to 10;

About the game:

Let’s add a twist to these drawing games, shall we? To begin with, there are 3 roles in the game: the question master, the fake artist, and the artists. On each round, the QM gives the player drawing cards and writes an X on one of them, which decides the fake artist. Each player knows the category and the subject of their drawing. After drawings get passed from one player to another, the artists should try to guess who the fake artist was. They could save themselves if they know the title of the drawing. These rules and more are described here.

A Fake Artist Goes To New York VS. Pictionary:

What these two have in common is that in both you have to draw quickly, and try to draw based on a scenario/word. However, in the last game, there’s also a twist, which reminds us of Spot The Killer game.

Online Games Like Pictionary 

Besties, we know you’d kill to know where you could play such fun games without having to buy them. If you wanna save some money, and have fun with people who live across the world, we’ve found amazing online games that are twins of Pictionary!  

1. Drawize


About the game:

Let’s start simply with this desktop drawing game, which is not complicated to use, and super fun to play. You may either play with random people around the world, create a private room and play with your friends, or join daily challenges. Once you start the game, you will all have turns to draw, and everyone may guess by writing the word. Once the timer’s out, it will show what the right answer was. What are you waiting for? Go try it out, it’s free! 

2.  Skribbl


About the game: 

Skribbl is pretty similar to the previous game. Once again, you may play with your people, or with complete strangers. However, this version is a bit simpler. Besides the drawing on the screen, on top of it you’ll also find blank words, which tell the number of letters specific words have, and sometimes one of the letters is visible to help you out. Once you find out the answer, you must write it on the chat, and the app decides if you guessed it or not. 

3. Draw Copy

Draw Copy

About the game: 

This multiplayer game is a total blast! Besides common features, which are choosing the game mode, it brings something extra. When it’s your turn, you have two pictures to choose from, whatever looks simpler to you to draw. Also, in the background, you’ll have the actual photo (which is visible to you only), you just have to copy and overline it. Aside from that, you’ll also have access to colored pens, which make it even more fun, and easier to guess for other players.

4. Quick, Draw! 

Quick, Draw!

About the game: 

If you’re tired of multiplayer, and just want to have some fun by yourself (just like playing single-player card games), this game is the one to go! The app gives you 20 seconds to draw a specific word, and if it guesses it, means you’ve drawn it well, and you get points. On the opposite, you lose the round. Words are simple, but the biggest challenge is the time limit, which you’ll master with time. 

5. Sketchful


About the game:

As you’re checking in the picture, you see that this version is pretty well thought out. You may use your keyboard for faster access, and there are some house rules as well. Each player has 100 seconds in their turn to draw the word, while the other players must guess as fast as possible, to get points. Remember to never write the word on the screen, or in chat, since that is pretty awful spoiling. You might play in a custom game, join a Discord channel, or play with random people. Yup, it’s that fun! 

Final Thoughts

Just as if 10 super fun board games weren’t enough, we added extra online games for you to play with your beloved people, no matter where they are! Each game is unique and works great if you want to spend time with your friends, and actually socialize. The greatest thing of all is that they all give you a glimpse of your favorite game, Pictionary. 

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