10 Card Games Like Magic The Gathering

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No matter how big your love for Magic The Gathering is, still, at some point, you wish you’d find something similar. Good for you, I’ve been to the same situation before, and can’t wait to give you my recommendations. The card games listed below are similar to Magic The Gathering, and bring the same energy, but new equipment & content! 

  • Games:
  1. Keyforge;
  2. Gwent;
  3. Dominion;
  4. Star Realms;
  5. Flesh And Blood;
  6. Millennium Blades;
  7. Ashes Reborn;
  8. Summoner Wars;
  9. Ascension;
  10. Epic;
  • Final Thoughts; 

1. KeyForge


Available on Amazon ($41.97) & Cardhaus Games ($34.19) | 2 players | Ages 14+;

KeyForge is similar to Magic The Gathering but simpler and you don’t need to build a deck. There are seven groups you can choose from, and in a game, you use cards from three groups. The goal is to make three keys before your opponent. Since decks are already made, players concentrate on learning their cards. In this game for two, players control leaders who must make smart moves using creatures and abilities to win.

2. Gwent


Available on Amazon ($169.99) | 2 players | Ages 16+;

If you enjoy games like Magic The Gathering and the world of fantasy, you should try Gwent. In Gwent, you and your opponent try to win two out of three rounds using different strategies and special powers. Instead of complex mechanics like Magic The Gathering, Gwent keeps things simpler and focuses on winning rounds to claim victory.

3. Dominion


Available on Walmart ($44.95) & Noble Knight Games ($30.95) | 2 to 4 players | Ages 13+;

If you want a game with different ways to win and play than MGT, but still want to personalize your experience, consider trying Dominion. In Dominion, players take turns doing three things: taking actions, buying cards, and tidying up. The goal is to get the most points by collecting cards like estates, duchies, and provinces, starting with a basic deck and improving it by getting new cards from the Kingdom pile.

4. Star Realms

Star Realms

Available on Amazon ($14.99) & Walmart ($21.98) | 2 players | Ages 12+;

In Star Realms, each turn has different parts like drawing cards, trading, playing, discarding, and ending the turn. There are three card decks with different types like ships, bases, and more. The goal is to reduce your opponent’s authority to zero by attacking them, similar to other deck-building games like Magic: The Gathering.

5. Flesh & Blood

Flesh And Blood

Available on Amazon ($94.95) | 2+ players | Ages 16+;

“Flesh And Blood is a game where you pick a hero, weapons, and cards to fight with. Some cards are harder to find than others, but everyone takes turns attacking until someone’s health reaches zero, kind of like in Magic The Gathering. However, in Flesh And Blood, you need more cards in your deck and manage your resources in a different way.”

6. Millennium Blades

Millenium Blades

Available on Amazon ($79.99) & Walmart ($79.99) | 2 to 5 players | Ages 14+;

If you enjoy the themes and competition in MGT but want to add live trading, you should try Millenium Blades! In the game, you build decks and compete in tournaments, with each session representing a year in your life. There are different types of cards like characters and money, and by playing and completing tasks, you earn points. Whoever has the most points at the end wins!

7. Ashes Reborn

Ashes Reborn

Available on Amazon ($49.95) & Walmart ($54.99) | 2 players | Ages 14+;

In Ashes Reborn, you pick how you want to play and build your deck. Then, you battle other players on the battlefield, using spells and special powers until one player’s Phoenixborn is defeated, ending the game. It’s like Magic The Gathering, but with dice and turns added in for extra strategy.

8. Summoner Wars

Summoner Wars

Available on Amazon ($49.95) & Walmart ($44.95) | 2 players | Ages 9+;

Summoner Wars is a card game where players use different kinds of cards like soldiers, leaders, and special actions to fight on a board. Players choose their teams and prepare their cards. You earn magic points as you play, which help you in battles. The goal is to beat the other players’ leaders. It’s similar to another game called MGT but has different ways to fight. You can also play it online instead of buying the physical cards, which saves money!

9. Ascension


Available on Amazon & Walmart ($31.48) | 2 to 4 players | Ages 14+; 

Do you want a game that you can play alone with cards? This game is like Magic The Gathering, where you can also play against others. In this game, you defeat monsters, get new cards, and earn points. There’s one deck in the middle and each player has their own deck. The game ends when someone gets a certain number of points. Unlike Magic The Gathering, Ascension uses a different way to get energy for cards.

10. Epic


Available on Amazon ($15.95) & Target ($17.99) | 2 to 4 players | Ages 13+;

Epic is a cool card game where you can do lots of exciting stuff. You have three types of cards: events, champions, and actions. Events are things that happen in the game and can be played whenever. Unlike other games like Magic The Gathering, in Epic, everyone takes turns at the same time, and each player has special abilities to fight each other. You start with 30 points, and the game stops when someone loses all their points. Like Magic The Gathering, you have to be smart with your resources to play your cards well.

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