10 Games Like Gartic Phone About Drawing & Guessing!

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You remember Pictionary, don’t you? And the telephone game? We mix these two, and we get Gartic Phone as an online game! If you were looking for something much of a muchness to this game, keep reading. Below you’ll find 10 games, that are good twins of Gartic Phone & you’ll end up loving them!

  • Everything you need to know about Gartic Phone;
  • Games like Gartic Phone:
  1. Patently Stupid;
  2. Skribbl.io;
  3. Really Boring Website;
  4. Pinturillo 2;
  5. Broken Picturephone;
  6. The Drawful Series;
  7. Codenames;
  8. Geoguessr;
  9. Draw Battle;
  10. Drawize;
  • Windup;

Everything You Need To Know About Gartic Phone

Gartic Phone
  • Gartic Phone is a multiplayer online game, all about drawing and guessing. The game was published by Onrizon on December 2020.
  • This game is available on the browser garticphone.com, so you don’t really need to download it. It’s completely free to play. Ps. the Gartic.io version is available in Google Play & App Store too!
  • You have to be at least 13 to play. The mindblowing thing is that it can be played by up to 30 players, so, definitely a game for large groups.
  • Playing the game is pretty simple. First of all, you start a new game, where other people can join, or you can invite friends. You may choose between the 12 game presets: normal, knock-off, secret, animation, masterpiece, missing piece, and so on. Next, you have to write the most bizarre sentence that comes into your mind. Then, you’ll receive one of another player’s sentences and draw it. Continuing further, you’ll receive another drawing, and try to guess what it is. Therefore, drawings and sentences are passed from one player to another, so you’ll never run into your own piece of art. Simple, yet super entertaining, huh?

1. Patently Stupid

Patently Stupid

Game link: jackboxgames.com | 3 to 8 players;

About ‘Patently Stupid’:

This online game is part of Jack Box Games, and it’s hilarious! The thing is that each player will be given a problem to solve (actually, first fill the blank). You’ll describe your solution by drawing it, and by giving it a title & tagline. Problems can be something like: I’m trying to quit SMOKING, or I want to pay tribute to all my HATERS… Once you’ve solved it all, you have the pleasure to present it to the other players, using the presentation tool!

Patently Stupid VS. Gartic Phone:

What both games have in common is the describing by drawing part. Gartic Phone is more about drawing what you read, or guessing drawings, while in Patently Stupid you solve a problem (no matter how stupid it is) and draw the solution. 

2. Skribbl.io


Game link: skribbl.io | 2 to 20 players;

About ‘Skribbl.io’:

Let me start well… The game is available in 28 languages! You may join a game with people around the world, or create your own private room, and invite people you know. On your turn, you’ll be given a word to draw. While you’re drawing other players may only get some hints (usually a few letters of the word). There’s a chat available on the screen, so once someone guesses, they can write the word there. The app immediately checks if it’s correct or not, and gives points to that player. 

Skribbl.io VS. Gartic Phone:

The game we just talked about is clearly simpler. There aren’t other game modes, but you have to guess and draw, just like in the Gartic Phone. However, in the latter, everyone has a different drawing to guess. 

3. Really Boring Website

Really Boring Website

Game link: really.boring.website | 2 or more players;

About ‘Really Boring Website’:

Is it really a boring website? Is it? Let me tell you, it’s not! On each round, you get a letter, and 12 categories to guess. Once you’ve answered, everyone gets to vote if you’ve used valid answers or not. If you have the same answer as another player or use descriptive adjectives, you get no points for that category. When you’re at celebrities or other names, you usually put the last name first. For instance, if the letter’s G, you may answer Grande, Ariana. Just like our lovely Scattergories

Really Boring Website VS. Gartic Phone:

For what matters, both games are played individually, are all about guessing, and all players play at once. Nevertheless, Really Boring Website doesn’t include drawings, it’s all about words, different from Gartic Phone.

4. Pinturillo 2

Pinturillo 2

Game link: pinturillo2.com, App Store, Google Play | 2 and more players;

About ‘Pinturillo 2’:

Why does it have that 2? We simply don’t know. Pinturillo 2 is the kind of game you’d never stop playing, because of its simplicity. On your round, you’re given a word to guess, something like drawing the word ‘sick’, ‘memory’, ‘poles’, and more. Just like in previous games, you must write the answer (if you’re not the artist) on the chat box. You have 100 seconds to draw and guess, and you can only continue to the next round after everyone has answered. It’s a great family game too!

Pinturillo 2 VS. Gartic Phone:

You probably saw how similar the two games are. Both have to deal with drawing & guessing the drawings of other players. While in Pinturillo 2 you’ll deal with words, in Gartic Phone you draw and guess phrases, which are not very random.

5. Broken Picturephone

Broken Picturephone

Game link: brokenpicturephone.com | 4 and more players;

About ‘Broken Picturephone’:

Y’all can’t wait to know what we’ll bring next, do you? One of you will be the moderator. That player must give each player a new book. You have to write a phrase or draw something on the book, and pass it to the next player. You also get another player’s book, and you must draw whatever the phrase says, or phrase what you think the drawing shows. Once a book has been through all players, the game ends, and you must present your book. 

Broken Picturephone VS. Gartic Phone:

The thing is that your ‘piece of art’ (as we like to call it), will go through other players in the game. The game content is pretty similar, there are phrases to draw, and drawings to guess. The main difference is that in Gartic Phone your book must definitely be sent to all players in order to end the game.

6. The Drawful Series

Drawful Series

Game link: jackboxgames.com | 3 to 8 players;

About ‘The Drawful Series’:

Is this the awful series of drawings? Well, you tell me! Each player gets a prompt they have to draw, and present to other players. All the others have to find the perfect title for that drawing, no matter if it’s clever, or just hilarious & stupid. You must try to find the correct prompt while fooling other players into selecting your idea. If yours was a dumb one, you get bonus points for that! The only red flag about this game (and other Jack Box Games) is that they’re not free. Totally worth it tho’! 

The Drawful Series VS. Gartic Phone:

In the Drawful Series, besides all, you will take to test your fooling skills and manipulate other players. Gartic Phone is clearly more straightforward. However, both games include drawing, and guessing.

7. Codenames


Game link: codenames.game | 4 and more players;

About ‘Codenames’:

Oh, we can finally talk about our love: Codenames! First things first, you’ll have to divide all players into 2 teams: blue & red teams. One player from each team should be designated as a spymaster. These special players give one-word clues to the remaining players (operatives), which tend to guess as many words as possible. The first team to guess all their words wins the game! Ps. It’s a great game for 6 or more players

Codenames VS. Gartic Phone:

You have to guess stuff if you want to win, in both games. Although, Codenames is all about guessing words, while Gartic Phone is about guessing both drawings and phrases. Also, the latter is played individually and not in teams, such as Codenames. 

8. Geoguessr


Gamelink: geoguessr.com | 1 and more players;

About ‘Geoguessr’:

To begin with, you can definitely play this as a single-player game. Differently from what we talked about till now, Geoguessr is an actual geography game. The whole idea behind the game is that you’re dropped somewhere in the world, and you have to guess the place. Usually, it shows a street view panorama and gives a few hints (such as the Statue Of Liberty, or the Eiffel Tower), so it gets simpler for you to guess. It’s totally awesome, especially if you want to put to test your geographical skills. 

Geoguessr VS. Gartic Phone:

They’re both about guessing, right? Well, in Gartic Phone you have to guess such random things, and even dumb ones. In Geoguessr, you actually have to guess real-life locations, and you get points based on how near the target location you were! 

9. Draw Battle

Draw Battle

Game link: drawbattle.io | 4 and more players;

About ‘Draw Battle’:

The name says it all. It’s a draw battle! Once you go to the site, you may pick between creating a new game or joining one by entering the code. You may choose between the draw battle word pack, 2022 word pack, or make your custom. You’ll get divided into 2 teams, and you’ll play as a team. So, you’ll be given words to draw, and drawings to guess. The whole point is guessing before the other team does so since that’s how you win!

Draw Battle VS. Gartic Phone:

Draw Battle is clearly a battle of drawings between 2 teams, while Gartic Phone is all individual, so you don’t care about teammates. However, the point in both games is drawing words as understandably as possible, so it’s effortless to guess.

10. Drawize


Game link: drawize.com | Up to 100 players;

About ‘Drawize’:

Yes, you’ve heard that right! Up to 100 players can play at a time in a private room! All players will take turns to play. On your round, you’ll choose one of the available words, and draw it for the other players. Players have 90 seconds to guess what you’ve drawn. There are no hints given usually, so you’re just gonna have to pay high attention to the drawing. Ps. You can also join servers and play with strangers from all around the world, which is a great way of connecting!

Drawize VS. Gartic Phone: 

Drawize is a way more straightforward game than Gartic Phone. Both games follow the same rules: analyzing a word/phrase, and drawing it as clearly as possible, so other players can guess.


I mean, who doesn’t love to play free (at least most of them) online games, which besides all are a total blast! They’re pretty similar to Gartic Phone, and give you the chance to test your drawing & intuitive skills. Since you won’t have to buy them, you may try every single game. No one can stop you 🙂 

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