10 Games Like Gartic Phone

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You remember Pictionary, don’t you? And the telephone game? We mix these two, and we get Gartic Phone as an online game! If you were looking for something much of a muchness to this game, keep reading. Below you’ll find 10 games, that are good twins of Gartic Phone & you’ll end up loving them!

  • Everything you need to know about Gartic Phone;
  • Games like Gartic Phone:
  1. Patently Stupid;
  2. Skribbl.io;
  3. Really Boring Website;
  4. Pinturillo 2;
  5. Broken Picturephone;
  6. The Drawful Series;
  7. Codenames;
  8. Geoguessr;
  9. Draw Battle;
  10. Drawize;
  • Windup;

1. Patently Stupid

Patently Stupid

Game link: jackboxgames.com | 3 to 8 players;

What both games have in common is the describing by drawing part. Gartic Phone is more about drawing what you read, or guessing drawings, while in Patently Stupid you solve a problem (no matter how stupid it is) and draw the solution. 

2. Skribbl.io


Game link: skribbl.io | 2 to 20 players;

The game we just talked about is clearly simpler. There aren’t other game modes, but you have to guess and draw, just like in the Gartic Phone. However, in the latter, everyone has a different drawing to guess. 

3. Really Boring Website

Really Boring Website

Game link: really.boring.website | 2 or more players;

Really Boring Website VS. Gartic Phone:

For what matters, both games are played individually, are all about guessing, and all players play at once. Nevertheless, Really Boring Website doesn’t include drawings, it’s all about words, different from Gartic Phone.

4. Pinturillo 2

Pinturillo 2

Game link: pinturillo2.com, App Store, Google Play | 2 and more players;

You probably saw how similar the two games are. Both have to deal with drawing & guessing the drawings of other players. While in Pinturillo 2 you’ll deal with words, in Gartic Phone you draw and guess phrases, which are not very random.

5. Broken Picturephone

Broken Picturephone

Game link: brokenpicturephone.com | 4 and more players;

The thing is that your ‘piece of art’ (as we like to call it), will go through other players in the game. The game content is pretty similar, there are phrases to draw, and drawings to guess. The main difference is that in Gartic Phone your book must definitely be sent to all players in order to end the game.

6. The Drawful Series

Drawful Series

Game link: jackboxgames.com | 3 to 8 players;

In the Drawful Series, besides all, you will take to test your fooling skills and manipulate other players. Gartic Phone is clearly more straightforward. However, both games include drawing, and guessing.

7. Codenames


Game link: codenames.game | 4 and more players;

You have to guess stuff if you want to win, in both games. Although, Codenames is all about guessing words, while Gartic Phone is about guessing both drawings and phrases. Also, the latter is played individually and not in teams, such as Codenames. 

8. Geoguessr


Gamelink: geoguessr.com | 1 and more players;

They’re both about guessing, right? Well, in Gartic Phone you have to guess such random things, and even dumb ones. In Geoguessr, you actually have to guess real-life locations, and you get points based on how near the target location you were! 

9. Draw Battle

Draw Battle

Game link: drawbattle.io | 4 and more players;

Draw Battle is clearly a battle of drawings between 2 teams, while Gartic Phone is all individual, so you don’t care about teammates. However, the point in both games is drawing words as understandably as possible, so it’s effortless to guess.

10. Drawize


Game link: drawize.com | Up to 100 players;

Drawize is a way more straightforward game than Gartic Phone. Both games follow the same rules: analyzing a word/phrase, and drawing it as clearly as possible, so other players can guess.


I mean, who doesn’t love to play free (at least most of them) online games, which besides all are a total blast! They’re pretty similar to Gartic Phone, and give you the chance to test your drawing & intuitive skills. Since you won’t have to buy them, you may try every single game. No one can stop you 🙂 

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