16 Lit Games Like Apples To Apples: Different Vibes, Same Style! 

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Since we’re talking about entertaining card games, Apples To Apples could not be missing! This party game works fabulously fine with all ages, including kids. It provides lots of fun and also teaches many skills. What makes it even better, is that psychologists use this game even in speech therapies. As you understood, besides being an icebreaker, the game turns out to be very useful. 

Now, the real question is: don’t we get bored if we play it loads of times? Sad to relate, yes, we do. If you play Apples To Apples (and any other game) repeatedly, and mostly with the same people, that fun starts shading. Solution alert! We have found 16 games similar to Apples To Apples which give the same vibe, but have their unique specifics. 

You’re dying to know what we’ll talk about today? Continue reading! 

  • A windup about Apples To Apples;
  • The games: 
  1. Snake Oil;
  2. Relative Insanity;
  3. Grounded For Life;
  4. Cards Against Humanity;
  5. Scattergories;
  6. Dixit;
  7. Exploding Kittens;
  8. Rotten Apples;
  9. Taboo;
  10. Wits & Wagers;
  11. Taco VS Burrito;
  12. Not Parent Approved;
  13. Awkward Turtle;
  14. Evil Apples;
  15. Oops My Bad;
  16. Say Anything;
  • Conclusion;

A Windup About Apples To Apples

  • Apples To Apples is a party game published by Out Of The Box, back in the summer of 1998, invented by Matt Kirby.
  • Based on the creator, and people’s experiences as well, this party game is considered a game of hilarious comparisons;
  • Apples To Apples is made to be played by 4 to 10 players. 
  • Even though the game is supposed to be played by people who are 12 years or older, yet, even kids below that age may play if they get the instructions.
  • There are 441 Red Apple cards and 63 Green Apple cards (making it a total of 504 cards) in the main game; 
  • Playing the game isn’t complicated at all. First, the judge draws one green card, and all the other players have to pick one of their red cards which matches the green card best. Check the detailed instructions here.
  • To win, each player should have a specific number of green cards. That is set based on the number of players.
  • Usually, a normal Apples To Apples game lasts 30 to 75 minutes.
  • Besides bringing fun, this card game also teaches skills. We may mention here learning nouns and adjectives (for kids mostly), building vocabulary, playing with words, and encouraging creative wordplay.
  • One thing Apples To Apples teaches us all is that everyone has different perspectives in life, and that’s ok. 
  • Besides the core game, there are dozens of other editions. The Party Box Edition, The Kids one, Jewish, Bible, Disney, Marvel, Sour Edition, and Big Picture, are just a few of them.

1. Snake Oil

Snake Oil

Available at Amazon ($24.99) & Walmart ($55.95)

Talking about ‘Snake Oil’:

Did you know that snake oil has amazing health benefits? Well, now, we’re not on the same page. Right now we’re talking about the card game! It is made for 3 to 10 players, ages 10 or older. The whole idea of the game is someone being the customer, and all the other players fighting to make the best oil ever. There’s a total of 370 cards, divided into 240 Word Cards & 30 customer cards. Each player is drawn 6 Word Cards at first. One of the players (randomly, or using any technique) is the customer and gets to draw one card from the pile. Every other player, combining 2 cards from their hands, tries to create a little something for the very specific customer. This is not over! Now, everyone gets to convince the player why their combination is best. Let’s make some oils! 

Why do we compare it with Apples To Apples?

In scratch, both games have the same idea. To win, you have to try your best when making combinations. If it turns out your combination fits best, good for you! 

2. Relative Insanity

Relative Insanity

Available at Amazon ($16.88) & Walmart ($16.88)

Talking about ‘Relative Insanity’:

Well, we can all relate to relative insanity a bit, right? This card game is made for 4 to 12 players, ages 14 to adult. It contains a total of 500 cards, including 400 Punch Line cards and 100 Setup cards. One of you gets chosen as the Card Czar, meaning, they read the first card, and wait for responses. That one player reads the setup card out loud, while all the other people playing choose one card from their Punchlines pile to create the best match. With cards like: Halfway through my grandmother’s funeral, my uncle leaned over to me and said…, there’s an infinite number of possible answers. It’s all up to your creativity and sense of humor! 

Why do we compare it with Apples To Apples? 

In both games, there’s one player who reads the first card (in Apples To Apples- the green card, and in Relative Insanity- the setup card), which also chooses their favorite answer from them all. 

3. Grounded For Life

Grounded For Life

Available at Amazon ($19.82) & Walmart ($19.99)

Talking about ‘Grounded For Life’:

Have you ever been grounded for life, about anything? Well, this game’s about to prove it all! There’s a total of 500 cards inside the box, 100 blue ones, and 400 red ones. Based on what the manufacturer says, the game is recommended for all people over the age of 8 and works well with 3 or more players. The game, besides being similar to Apples To Apples, the rules also associate us with Cards Against Humanity. One player reads the blue card at first, and all the others ‘battle’ to make the funniest combinations. By default, the funniest combination wins one point. The funniest combination earns the blue card of the round, and whoever has the bluest cards at the end of the game, wins! 

Why do we compare it with Apples To Apples?

To win in any of these two games, you have to have the most points. You’ll get the most points, only if you make the funniest combinations. 

4. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

Available at Amazon ($25.00) & Target ($25.00)

Talking about ‘Cards Against Humanity’:

It’s illegal to catch yourself thinking Cards Against Humanity could miss in any of these lists! Since 2011, this card game has become one of the most popular ones. Cards Against Humanity, and we’re talking about the main game, has 600 cards in total. These cards are divided into two big groups: 100 black question cards, and 500 white answer ones. CAH is in their best version if played by 4 to 20 people (even though playing it with 2-3 players works fine), and because of the content, only people over 17 can play. All that happens in the game is that the Card Czar draws one black card, reads it out loud, and everyone gives out their best response. Let the best win! 

Why do we compare it with Apples To Apples?

The game style and the way the games are played are pretty much the same. Although, the content on Cards Against Humanity is much more adult-friendly. Not recommended for kids or teens at all.

5. Scattergories


Available at Amazon ($14.92) & Walmart ($14.92)

Talking about ‘Scattergories’:

It’s time for a cool creative-thinking, fast-paced game, made for all people who are 13 years or older. Scattergories game is mainly played between two teams, usually 2 to 4 teams. Inside the box, besides the instructions and a timer, you’ll also find 16 cards, front and back, making it a total of 32 categories. The thing is that (no matter if you’re playing individually or in teams) you have to draw one category card, start the timer, roll the die, and check for the letter. That oversized letter shown on the die tells you what letter should your word start with, of course, related to the category. Let’s say your category is furniture, and your letter is R, what would you say? It’s all about who’s quicker, accurate & unique.  

Why do we compare it with Apples To Apples? 

Both games make you compete with the other players (or teams) to create the best answers, and you don’t have very much time to do that. Creativity is required in both Apples To Apples & Scattergories. In the latter, you do not have limited answers (cards). You’re free to make up your own words. 

6. Dixit


Available at Amazon ($53.99) & Walmart ($29.99)

Talking about ‘Dixit’:

Cheers to a very lovely board game for the whole family! Once you open the pretty box you’ll find 84 cards, dozens of voting tokens, wooden rabbits, and so on. The game may be played by everyone who is 8 or older, 3 to 6 players. Remember the Card Czar we had? Now we have a storyteller. If you’re the storyteller, draw a picture card secretly (do not show it or describe it), analyze it, and give the other player only one clue about that card. They have some seconds to choose one card from their hand that they think matches your clue best. Next, all the players use their voting tokens to guess about your card. Once everyone votes, the scoring begins, whoever has the highest score, does what? Wins! 

Why do we compare it to Apples To Apples? 

If we analyze how both games are played, they have very much in common. Even though when playing Dixit, you’ll never know what card you’re answering to. You’re just imagining it, based on the given clue. 

7. Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens

Available at Amazon ($19.99) & Walmart ($15.99)

Talking about ‘Exploding Kittens’:

The name’s a bit scary, especially to ailurophiles… The game has nothing to do with what you’re thinking tho’. Exploding Kittens is a game published by The Oatmeal, made for 2 to 5 players, ages 7 and older. There are a total of 113 cards in the deck, which may belong to different categories: Defuse, Nope, Attack, Skip, Shuffle, Exploding Kitten, and more. You’re free to strategize, combine the cards, defuse the kittens, and draw cards, but most importantly, try to not explode. You explode if you draw an Exploding Kitten, but only if you don’t have any card to save you out. You thought this was all? Well, since we know you’ll get addicted to the game, don’t forget to check the Exploding Kittens editions & expansions as well! 

Why do we compare it with Apples To Apples? 

Even though Exploding Kittens hasn’t done anything with making combinations, the logic behind it is the same. In both games, to win and stay in the game, you should hit higher scores. If you explode, fate isn’t by your side! 

8. Rotten Apples

Rotten Apples

Available at Amazon ($27.14) & Walmart ($19.89)

Talking about ‘Rotten Apples’:

Seems like these apples have rotten… If we’re talking about the card game, make sure you’re a group of 2-10 people playing, only ages 17 or older. Yeah, it’s not a kid or teen-friendly one… Rotten Apples has 520 cards inside the box, which belong to 2 large groups: 455 answer cards & 65 prompt ones. Now, let’s name the player who picks the funniest card, the Apple Picker. It makes sense, right? The game flow goes as in some of the previously mentioned games. To get points, you have to think of the best combination. Well, sometimes the ‘meaning of life’ could be ‘medical marijuana’, or even ‘things that are slippery when wet’… Who knows?

Why do we compare it with Apples To Apples?

Well firstly, because they both have Apples mentioned in the name. Second, because the rules are pretty much the same in both these card games. Be aware that the content in Rotten Apples is different & very mature. 

9. Taboo


Available at Amazon ($22.19) & Walmart ($10.44)

Talking about ‘Taboo’:

One thing we know for sure, this card game will never become taboo! In simple terms, it is considered the classic game of unspeakable fun… Based on what Hasbro says, the game is made to be played by 4 or more players, only if you’re all 13 or older. Inside the box, you’ll find the large deck of 450 cards, which may belong to different categories: cartoon, toy, touchscreen, food, drink, materials, and several more. It also comes with a timer and an electronic buzzer. Fun, right? The point of the game is that teammates help each other guess a specific word, but, without mentioning the forbidden words. Or else, you get interrupted by that buzzer… The team that scores the most points wins. 

Why do we compare it with Apples To Apples?

Even though they may look like two opposite poles, the idea behind them is pretty much the same. You have to collaborate your thoughts, to make up the best result. The main difference is that differently from Apples To Apples which is always played individually, Taboo is all about that team spirit. 

 10. Wits & Wagers

Wits & Wagers

Available at Amazon ($57.04) & Walmart ($29.99)

Talking about ‘Wits & Wagers’:

How could we ignore this cute board game? A game where you don’t need to know the answers to win. You just bet and that does the job! Wits & Wagers comes with 125 question cards, cardboard chips, wager chips, and much more equipment. Usually, it fits best in groups of people who are 10 or older and is recommended to be played by 4 or more people at once. Just as in some other games, one of you reads the question. Questions this time can be curiosities, science, or even some weird stuff. After y’all hear the question, take your time and write down your answer. Shuffle all the answers, and start betting on the best answer. You may either bet on any of the other player’s responses or yours. You get points if you take the winning guess! If you have the highest score, hi winner!

Why do we compare it with Apples To Apples?

In both games, all players fight (not tho’) each other, and give their best to give the best answer. Clearly, in Wits & Wagers that isn’t determined by the Card Czar, but, by all players together. 

11. Taco VS. Burrito

Taco VS. Burrito

Available at Amazon ($19.99) & Walmart ($31.00)

Talking about ‘Taco Vs. Burrito’:

Yummy!!! Doesn’t the name get you hungry? And also, how could y’all put these two against each other? Anyway, this card game is made of 60 cards, some cardholders, and more. Based on our research, Tacos Vs. Burritos were designed by a 7-year-old, that’s why it is that pure… By default, the game can be played by kids starting from 7 and older, 2 to 4 players. On your turn of playing, you may add one ingredient card to your taco holder, play action cards, such as Food Fight or Crafty Crow, but also, don’t forget to be aware of the Health Inspector or Order Envy. The game continues clockwise until there are no cards left in the pile. When that happens, the player with the highest score wins the game. 

Why do we compare it with Apples To Apples?

The main goal of both these games is combining cards in the best way possible, so, you tend to get more points. In both games, the player with the highest score wins the game! 

12. Not Parent Approved

Not Parent Approved

Available at Amazon ($29.99) & Walmart ($29.99)

Talking about ‘Not Parent Approved’:

At some point, we all want to do something that’s not parent-approved… This card game, against the name, creates a blast for the whole family (starting from ages 8+), especially if you have a group of 4 to 10 players to play with. Comes with a large deck of 455 cards, all white on the front, but red & blue on the back. Red cards are the answer ones, while blue is the question cards. One of you is the Burp Boss. Most likely the one with the loudest burp. That player draws a blue card, reads it out loud, and everyone else picks one card they think fits best. Pro tip: try to make the combinations based on the Burp Boss’ sense of humor, since they’re the ones who choose the funniest card (even if it doesn’t seem that funny to you).

Why do we compare it with Apples To Apples? 

Since we know how to play both games, each has the same basic rules. Even the number of cards dealt with each player is the same (7). Although, the game judge in Not Parent Approved has a name: the Burp Boss. 

13. Awkward Turtle

Awkward Turtle

Available at Amazon ($14.99) & Walmart ($14.95)

Talking about ‘Awkward Turtle’:

I bet y’all will feel like some awkward turtles after playing this card game. Make a group of 4 or more people (recommended for ages 17 or older), and split the people into 2 teams. There’s a total of 90 cards, which makes it possible to have 352 words for us to play! Look, there may be some not-so-common words mentioned. It may be something awkward looking, feeling, or sounding, but, that’s the point. The awkwardness! Take turns drawing cards, and make sure one of the teammates starts explaining the word (such as prostate, cesspool, skeet), but always without mentioning the forbidden words. If your people guess the word, you get 1 point. The first team to reach 30 points, wins the game. Cheers to feeling awkward! 

Why do we compare it with Apples To Apples?

Apples To Apples & Awkward Turtles both make you get creative, concentrate and show your explanation skills. The latter tho’ is a bit more awkward, and not very kid-friendly. 

14. Evil Apples

Evil Apples

Available at Amazon ($29.99) 

Talking about ‘Evil Apples’:

Evil Apples is funny as ______. No words are needed. Besides being a cool card game, it is also available as a mobile app for IOS, Evil Apples vs. Humanity. Anyways, back to our point, the card game includes 500 cards, which can be played only by adults (meaning, 17+). Don’t worry about large groups. It does its job with 3 or more people. There isn’t any exclusive rule. The Card Czar reads the question, and everyone gives their funniest responses. The situations, and pretty much the content on the cards are a bit spicy, so, make sure everyone is comfortable with it. On the other hand, even though through jokes, many sensitive topics are mentioned while playing, so they may help with diversity & accepting everyone the way they are. 

Why do we compare it with Apples To Apples?

Cards Against Humanity, Apples To Apple, and Evil Apples have the same flow while playing. The same game characters (if I may say), instructions, and the scoring style. Evil Apples is a bit more risque, let me tell you that.

15. Oops My Bad

Oops My Bad

Available at Amazon ($17.99) 

Talking about ‘Oops My Bad’:

Let’s take some seconds to appreciate the name & the bird. Thank you. Now, Oops My Bad is made of 500 cards, which belong to 7 Inbox categories: Instagram DM, Tinder messages, Whatsapp group, home notes, and more. Minimum age of 17 is required to play this card game. Gather around a group of 3 or more people, choose one dealer and let them draw one Inbox card. It may belong to any of the 7 categories. Every other player, such as in the previously mentioned games, picks one card out of their 7-card pile, to reply to the inbox. The dealer, after getting everyone’s responses, shuffles the cards and picks their favorite one. That player gets the inbox card as a point. The beauty of this game is in the uniqueness of each card category. They give very different vibes. 

Why do we compare it with Apples To Apples?

The idea of having to find the best response to a question card is the same. In ‘Oops My Bad’, there are more question card categories, not only Green Apple Cards. 

16. Say Anything

Say Anything

Available at Amazon ($13.41) & Say Anything ($19.98)

Talking about ‘Say Anything’:

Aren’t you always up to saying anything? If yes, this is your time to shine! Make a group of 3 to 8 people, ages 13 or older, and start reading one of the 80-question cards. There are 5 questions on each card, making it a total of 400 questions. You’ll also get dry-erase pens and boards to write your answers. Now, let’s proceed to the playing. Taking turns, you read one question on one card, and everyone writes down their answers, giving personal opinions. After everyone answers, secretly choose your favorite answer. Continuing further, everyone takes their time to guess which answer you chose. There are questions from different spheres: art (which is the most overrated band of all time?), bits of advice (what is the best way to impress a man?), personal (if I could have a ‘BIG’ anything, what would it be?), and hundreds more. 

Why do we compare it with Apples To Apples?

Back and forth, to get points in each of these games, it’s better if you match your answer to the dealer’s preferences & sense of humor. In both of these card games, you’ll show everyone your mindset & artistic side. 

Conclusion: Are These Games Better Than Apples To Apples?

We can’t quite answer this. It’s all up to your preferences. We know how popular & super fun Apples To Apples is. We made this list to help you out if you ever get bored of it. Or simply if you want to try something new, and then return to your favorite card game. 

What makes this list pretty rich, is that they all have unique styles, and unique content, and none of them make us think ‘copy-paste’. The topics, the age range, and the details on playing the game as well are very discrete & give different vibes. 

Even though we compared every single game with Apples To Apples, before deciding to get any of the above-mentioned games, read all the details one more time. If you’re between two games, ask your people about their preferences since you’ll play together. Also, pay attention to the shop. Purchase the games in your most trusted one. Lastly, check the price, and get the lowest one. 

May we never get bored of Apples To Apples & similar games!

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