23 Best Games For 6 Or More Players: Great Fun For Different Ages & Kinds Of People

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I hate to break it to you, but there are special games for larger groups of people. You can’t play the same games as for 2 players. C’mon now, don’t be sad about it! This is actually a cool thing, humans! 

This is your chance for you to meet the best games for 6 or more players. Do you want me to explore what I mean by games? Well, you’re right! You couldn’t guess, but we made a list including card games, board games, drinking ones, and some surprises. You’ll find them along the way…

Now, straight to the point, what will we talk about today?

  • Editor’s best picks;
  • The games:
  1. Cards Against Humanity;
  2. Mysterium;
  3. Never Have I Ever;
  4. Secret Hitler;
  5. A Game Of Thrones;
  6. What Do You Meme?;
  7. Over The Line;
  8. Hot Seat;
  9. Drunk, Stoned or Stupid;
  10. Oh, Fruck!;
  11. Codenames;
  12. 7 Wonders;
  13. Zombicide;
  14. Artsy Fartsy;
  15. Dixit;
  16. Train Of Thought;
  17. You Laugh, You Drink!;
  18. Cover Your Assets;
  19. Bulls & Bears;
  20. Joking Hazard;
  21. Danger;
  22. Snake Oil;
  23. King Of Tokyo;
  • Conclusion: Are these games entertaining enough? 

Editor’s Best Picks

1. The Best Board Game: A Game Of Thrones

“Even if you’re a fan of GoT or not, this board game feels like you’re being the main character in a very Royal area. Who doesn’t want to do that?”

2. The Best Card Game: Danger

“If you’ve ever thought of helping someone, and saving their life, this may be your chance. Combine cards, make a good plan, and save the victim!”

3. The All-Ages Game: Train Of Thought

“Starting from 6-year-old kids to elders, you’re all taking this train of thought. While answering the cards, you start conversations and talk about yourself deeper…”

4. The Coolest Drawing Game: Over The Line

“Kids, close your eyes. This game is over the line! Working in teams, you help each other guess the word, only by drawing it. You are a horrible artist? Even better!”

5. The Game To Get You Drunk: You Laugh, You Drink

“If you can’t keep a straight face, you’re gonna get drunk as hell! A card game that only brings laughs, hilarious actions, and a few shots.”

1. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

Buy it on Amazon ($25.00) or Target ($25.00)

Contains: 600 cards | Ages: 17+ | Max. number of players: 20+ 

‘Cards Against Humanity’ description:

Cards Against Humanity is always our go-to game! Well-made, simple to play, very enjoyable & competitive as well. No matter the number of players, or the relations between all of you, CAH is always a friend. If you’re getting bored of the main game, you have tons of other choices, in other words, editions and themed packs

Listen to the Card Czar reading the black card, answer with your white card & get awesome points! 

2. Mysterium


Buy it on Amazon ($43.99) or Target ($43.99);

Contains: 192 cards & tokens | Ages: 10+ | Max. number of players:

‘Mysterium’ description:

As we promised, here we begin with board games! Mysterium is a cooperative board game, which is pretty much like solving a mystery. You’ll learn about the crime, get hints, and try to get to the bottom of it. There will be the ghost, or we may call it, the victim, and the rest of the group are the psychics. It’s up to the latter to work together and determine the killer. Concentrate, connect the pieces, and guess the actual murder. 

3. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

Buy it on Amazon ($23.95) or Target ($24.99);

Contains: 550 cards | Ages: 17+ | Max. number of players: 12+

‘Never Have I Ever’ description:

Never have you ever thought of playing this game? If not, this is your sign! It’s one super easy card game, which makes you say many things out loud, even if you wish you didn’t! There are question cards to question all your life choices and talk about things you’ve done, and some rules cards to add the fun. If you’re that concerned to save money, you may also make up your own questions, and not buy the game at all, no one can stop you! 

4. Secret Hitler

Secret Hitler

Buy it on Amazon ($35.00) or Walmart ($35.00);

Contains: Around 60| Ages: 17+ | Max. number of players: 10

‘Secret Hitler’ description:

Who would’ve thought that something that contains Hitler’s name could bring the fun? It feels like this game is happening in 1930s Germany, with all the political situations. No matter how many players you are, you should be divided into 2 teams: liberals and fascists. Also, in the game, you’ll get to choose one President and Chancellor for each round, so, they’d enact the laws. What do both teams do? Well, liberals try to stop the Secret Hitler, while fascists create chaos!

5. A Game Of Thrones

A Game Of Thrones

Buy it on Amazon ($39.87) or Walmart($39.87);

Contains: game board, tokens & cards | Ages: 14+ | Max. number of players: 6

‘A Game Of Thrones’ description:

Did you know that GoT has an average viewer count of 44.2 million? Chances are low that a card game related to something this famous will be bad, right? In this board game, it feels like being a character in the book or playing in the GoT series. You’ll fight, take control of one of the Westeros’ Great Houses, do your best to be dominant, and more. Since King Robert Baratheon’s death, things aren’t quite the same, are they?  Claim the most castles, and be the winner!

6. What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme

Buy it on Amazon ($41.18) or Target($29.99);

Contains: 435 cards | Ages: 17+ | Max. number of players: 20+

‘What Do You Meme?’ description:

No list is complete without What Do You Meme?, we know y’all agree! Pretty similar to Cards Against Humanity, this card game is all about funny combinations. This time, you’re using some cool pictures as answers. This leads us to what? To create hilarious memes! These cards make every party more exciting, especially if you’re also using any of the expansions… Oh, and if your team all love the same things, there’s a TikTok edition, Teachers, Spongebob, The Office, GoT, and tons more! 

7. Over The Line

Over The Line

Buy it on Amazon ($24.95) or Walmart($24.95);

Contains: cards, board, marker & timer | Ages: 17+ | Max. number of players: unlimited

‘Over The Line’ description:

So, you thought there won’t be drawing card games mentioned? Over the line? Yes, the cards may go over the line sometimes, let me tell you! Since you’re 6 or more people, it’s better to play in teams… One of the team members should read the phrases in the cards, and either draw or act that out, as easily as possible, so the other members can guess. Definitely not for kids, or over-sensitive adults as well… Concentrate and guess the word! 

8. Hot Seat

Hot Seat

Buy it on Amazon ($18.29) or Target($18.29);

Contains: 200 questions| Ages: 10+ | Max. number of players: 10+

‘Hot Seat’ description:

It’s a hot seat… Who’s daring to sit on it? Well, Hot Seat is a ‘who-knows-me-best’ card game, where there will be lots of laughs and surprises… All of you, take turns, sit on the hot seat, and draw 3 cards. Out of these 3, you select 1 and read it out loud, so the other players can answer. After everyone writes down their answers, the player on the hot seat picks the correct one. Pretty simple, pretty enjoyable, and it’s your chance to finally understand who knows you best! It is a very hot seat though, don’t be shy answering! 

9. Drunk, Stoned Or Stupid

Drunk, Stoned or Stupid

Buy it on Amazon ($17.99) or Walmart($17.99);

Contains: 250 cards | Ages: 17+ | Max. number of players: unlimited

‘Drunk, Stoned Or Stupid’ description:

You’re either drunk, stoned, or stupid, there’s no other way! Similar to Never Have I Ever, this card game makes you tell stories about your life, even if they may sound corny… Let me put it this way: it actually makes your friends guess about things you’ve done… For every statement in each card, all of you should tag someone, even if you have no idea, you simply guess. The player who gets tagged the most keeps that card. Don’t try to collect many cards. Whoever has 7 cards, loses 🙁

10. Oh, Fruck!

Oh Fruck

Buy it on Amazon ($15.99) or Walmart($25.62);

Contains: Over 100 cards | Ages: 12+ | Max. number of players: 6

‘Oh, Fruck!’ description:

It’s not what you thought it said, it’s fruck, only fruck! Finally, a card game that looks like a classic, standard one, but interweaves many special rules inside, which make it way cooler. You’ll have to deal cards to all your people, draw the special cards, such as Join The Club, All Rise The King, Secret Society, and more, then read what they require and so on. Make sure you discard all your cards & win the game. Ps. pay attention to the game, you may get frucked! 

11. Codenames


Buy it on Amazon ($17.39) or Target($17.39);

Contains: 265 cards | Ages: 10+ | Max. number of players: 8+

‘Codenames’ description:

We’ve mentioned Codenames several times while making our articles, and we don’t think we’ll ever stop! It is one of the most famous board games, entertaining for the whole family. Usually, people play this board game in two teams, and this is how the game was meant to be played. Each team has its own agents and spymasters. By using all the hints, the help of masters, and some strategy, both teams compete to make contact with all their 25 agents first. Spying? Did we just become the junior CIA?

12. 7 Wonders

7 Wonders

Buy it on Amazon ($41.99) or Target($41.99);

Contains: 7 boards, tokens, coins & 148 cards | Ages: 10+ | Max. number of players: 7

‘7 Wonders’ description:

If I’d ask you to name 7 wonders of the world, how long would it take you? We do not doubt you… Anyways, let’s test it with a board game. 7 Wonders is a strategic board game, where every player is the leader of one ancient city, in other words, wonder. This game is played in 3 ages, or parts called Ages. You’ll create your city, you’ll draw & play cards, and beyond all, you’ll compare your military strength to your opponents.  Make sure you put all your effort into making your city a strong one & and create important goals. 

13. Zombicide


Buy it on Amazon or Walmart($22.63);

Contains: miniatures, tiles, tokens, 125 mini-cards | Ages: 14+ | Max. number of players: 6

‘Zombicide’ description:

Oh no, let’s stay away from zombies… Or not. We’ll kill them (while playing, obviously). Zombicide is a thrilling board game, where you’ll put to work your intelligence together with game miniatures, tokens, trackers, tiles, and more equipment. Just to be clear, no one is going to be the zombie, they’re controlled by the game, followed by some simple instructions. It’ll be great fun finding the weapons, and of course, battling the zombies, then killing them. Humans are powerful, aren’t they?

14.  Artsy Fartsy

Artsy Fartsy

Buy it on Amazon($24.99) or Walmart($24.99);

Contains: 234 cards, drawing pads, timer | Ages: 10+ | Max. number of players: 12

‘Artsy Fartsy’ description:

You thought we were done with drawing games? You were wrong, baby. Is this your parents’ drawing game? Yes, it is! It is everyone’s drawing game. Just by reading what’s written on the cards, you know what you have to draw, and how to draw it. Each team has its artist for each round, which will draw for the whole team to guess. You can only share the category, which is written on top of the card, but not what you’ll draw, because, where would be the point? Anyways, read, draw unashamedly, and guess. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

15. Dixit


Buy it on Amazon($53.99) or Walmart($35.99);

Contains: 84 image cards, tokens, board | Ages: 8+ | Max. number of players: 6

‘Dixit’ description:

Does this unique board get you excited, or is it just me? Dixit is another cool strategy board game that also includes a storyteller (yayy!!). Each player should have their 6 picture cards, which will be used to create the imaginative story. Without showing the chosen card, but only giving a clue for it, the other players should also add a card that matches your clue. You’ll also need the tokens, the voting tokens after the cards are shuffled and all that, to guess who played what card. Be creative, think about the clues, play cards and be the storyteller!

16. Train Of Thought

Train Of Thought

Buy it on Amazon($32.90) or Walmart($20.29);

Contains: 150 cards | Ages: 6+ | Max. number of players: 6

‘Train Of Thought’ description:

We all have a tiny train of thought inside our brain, don’t we? This one is another card game, which will make all the players think deeper and reflect their thinking. Taking turns, you all answer different questions, such as what’s something you’re always excited to do, describe your favorite memory, what is something that you wish come true, and many meaningful ones. There are also wild cards and action cards, which undoubtedly make it more competitive. It is great for all ages, creates stronger bonds, develops social and communicating skills, and has many more benefits!

17. You Laugh, You Drink!

You Laugh, You Drink

Buy it on Amazon($15.00) or Target($15.00);

Contains: 150 cards | Ages: 21+ | Max. number of players: unlimited

‘You Laugh, You Drink’ description:

We never have enough drinking card games, that’s a fact! And it’s unbelievable how different they’re all from one another. Back to our point, as the game name says, you’ll laugh, and you’ll drink, this is why it is made for people over 21! This is basically like playing Keep A Straight Face, but now, with the cards. Taking turns, you perform actions that are written in the cards, no matter how weird they may sound. Keep some alcohol near you just in case you laugh. As you understand, when you laugh, you have to take a shot. Let’s get drunk together! 

18. Cover Your Assets

Cover Your Assets

Buy it on Amazon($16.99) or Target($19.49);

Contains: 110 cards | Ages: 7+ | Max. number of players: 6

‘Cover Your Assets’ description:

Ever dreamed of becoming a millionaire? We think it’s finally time, lucky you! You have to battle the other opponents, match sets to increase your net worth, build a stack of assets, but always remember: cover your assets! If you expose them, you’re risking your assets being stolen. Initiate challenges, and attempt to capture the top set of assets. Make your strategy, use all the cards, follow the instructions, earn the assets and make sets. Oh man, it is this simple becoming a millionaire these days! 

19. Bulls & Bears

Bulls & Bears

Buy it on Amazon($29.99);

Contains: the board, dice, cards | Ages: 12+ | Max. number of players: 6

‘Bulls & Bears’ description:

Bulls and bears? How could that be possible? Well, turns out it is! It’s time to talk about a trading board game, which will help you increase your financial IQ. While playing, you’ll learn more about how to manage and save your assets, how to invest and trade, and how to create a strategic financial plan as well. Even though everyone competes to have more money in the game, and remain the last player in the game, each of you in one way or another will gain more information about economical spheres. We wish you’ll make as much money as you will in this game 🙂

20. Joking Hazard

Joking Hazard

Buy it on Amazon($25.00) or Target ($25.00);

Contains: 360 panel cards | Ages: 18+ | Max. number of players: 10

‘Joking Hazard’ description:

I’ve heard you’re a joking hazard, is that true? Oh, let me make it easier for you! Remember when talked about Cards Against Humanity and other similar games? Well, this Joking Hazard is something similar, but another level! In order of matching 2 cards, now you’ll make a hilarious combination of 3, and besides that, you’ll have beautiful illustrations on each card, which make the game very realistic… In other words, you compete to be the most awful & the funniest player in the room. Modesty aside, we know you are! 

21. Danger


Buy it on Amazon or Origami Whale Games($27.99);

Contains: 270 cards | Ages: 12+ | Max. number of players: 12

‘Danger’ description:

So, you like danger, huh? It doesn’t matter. You’re gonna love this game! Firstly, we’d like to mention that the cards are divided into 4 categories: Danger, Skill, Tool, and Plot Twist. There should be a victim in the game, unfortunately… All the other players, using skill and tool cards, should create a plan to help the victim. Using plot twist cards, players may sabotage and disagree with other players’ ideas. Once everyone plates, the victim has the final word! You people, do your best and help the victim. It’s a human’s fight for life!

22. Snake Oil

Snake Oil

Buy it on Amazon ($24.99) or Walmart ($45.25);

Contains: 400 cards | Ages: 10+ | Max. number of players: 10

‘Snake Oil’ description:

Couldn’t they just make up another name? It terrifies me! Apart from that, the game is a blast! Let me ask you something first: are you good at selling items? If yes, this is made for you… You’re gonna have one customer in the game, which will obviously use the customer cards. All the other players should combine 2 cards, in order to create the best, or even better, funniest, combination. We want to see your persuasive skills: convince the customer (Caveman, Beach Bum, Billionaire) that your creation is the best and take their card as an awesome point! 

23. King Of Tokyo

King Of Tokyo

Buy it on Amazon ($35.99) or Target ($35.99);

Contains: 7 boards, 66 power cards, dices | Ages: 8+ | Max. number of players: 6

‘King Of Tokyo’ description:

Will you be the next King of Tokyo? Let’s figure it out! First things first, do you wanna play as monsters, aliens, or rampaging robots? Whatever you choose, you’ll have tons of fun. You’ll attack the other players, improve your character, and create some chaos, of course! The game has super clear instructions and very creative cards. Roll the dice, follow the rules, take the actions, play your monster, wreck Tokyo, and defeat other monsters. Play around Tokyo City and Tokyo Bay and make your perfect strategy!

Conclusion: Are These Games Entertaining Enough?

Let’s put it on a scale: each game develops different skills. Each game has a piece of very creative equipment. Each game brings minutes of fun to every party. Is there anything to dislike? 

We love the fact that we could find games for different ages, so, you’ll find everything you’re looking for. No matter if it’s a gift for your kids or a game to play with people over 21, you’ll undoubtedly find one.

What makes this list even more special, is that there are dozens of game types, including drinking games, drawing, strategy board games, trading ones, games similar to CAH, thinking card games, and many more, as you just read. 

Make sure you check the maximum number of players, since as this article is named, there are games made for up to 6 players, or even more, such as 8, 10, 12, and so on. 

Gather 5 or more people, let the excitement begin!

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