23 Best Games For 6 Or More Players: Great Fun For Different Ages & Kinds Of People

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We absolutely agree. It’s quite a challenge to find good games for larger groups. And we’re talking about 6 and more people here! That’s why we came up with a pretty entertaining list of 23 card & board games, which are extremely fun, and work great for your number of people!

  • Card Games:
  1. Cards Against Humanity;
  2. Never Have I Ever;
  3. Secret Hitler;
  4. What Do You Meme?;
  5. Hot Seat;
  6. Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid;
  7. Artsy Fartsy;
  8. You Laugh, You Drink!;
  9. Joking Hazard;
  10. Danger;
  11. Snake Oil;
  12. The Game Of Things;
  • Board Games:
  1. Mysterium;
  2. A Game Of Thrones;
  3. Monikers;
  4. Codenames;
  5. 7 Wonders;
  6. Deception: Murder In Hong Kong;
  7. Zombicide;
  8. Dixit;
  9. Ethnos;
  10. King Of Tokyo;
  • Final Thoughts;

Card Games

You can never go wrong with a good card game! Such games are usually simple to play and bring tons of laughs to your game night. They require special decks of cards, and you’ll find everything you need in a blink of an eye!

1. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

Available on Amazon ($29.00) or Target ($29.00) | Ages 17+ | Up to 20+ players | 600 cards;

‘Cards Against Humanity’ description:

Cards Against Humanity is always our go-to game! Well-designed, simple to play, very enjoyable & competitive as well. No matter the number of players, or the relations between all of you, CAH is always a friend. Simply, listen to the Card Czar reading the black card, answer with your best white card & let the game judge pick their favorite. The best answer gets an awesome point!

2. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

Available on Amazon ($24.97) or Target ($24.99) | Ages 17+ | Up to 12 players | 550 cards;

‘Never Have I Ever’ description:

This is one super easy card game, which makes you say many things out loud, even if you wish you didn’t! There are question cards to question all your life choices and talk about things you’ve done, and some rules cards to double the fun. We shouldn’t be telling you this, but you can also play this game without the cards… We’ve made a list of Never Have I Ever questions, so all you gotta do is pick your favorites and start playing!

3. Secret Hitler

Secret Hitler

Available on Amazon ($40.00) or Walmart ($40.00) | Ages 17+ | Up to 10 players | 60 cards; 

‘Secret Hitler’ description:

It feels like this game is happening in 1930s Germany, with all the political situations. No matter how many players there are, you should be divided into 2 teams: liberals and fascists. The game consists of several rounds, and each round includes an election, passing the presidential candidacy, voting on the government, having a legislative session, and so on. But, what do both teams do? Well, liberals try to stop the Secret Hitler, while fascists create chaos! Check the games like Secret Hitler for more options!

4. What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme

Available on Amazon ($29.99) or Target($29.99) | Ages 17+ | Up to 20+ players | 435 cards;

‘What Do You Meme?’ description:

No list is complete without ‘What Do You Meme?’! Pretty similar to Cards Against Humanity, this card game is all about funny combinations. This time, you’re using some cool pictures as answers, which leads to creating hilarious memes! These cards make every party more exciting, especially when there is such funny content used! You already know the rules! Someone picks one caption card, and the other pick one picture from their pile to create a meme. 

5. Hot Seat

Hot Seat

Available on Amazon ($13.79) or Target($13.79) | Ages 10+ | Up to 10 players | 200 cards;

‘Hot Seat’ description:

Well, Hot Seat is a ‘who-knows-me-best’ type of card game, and there will be lots of laughs and surprises… All of you, take turns, sit on the hot seat, and draw 3 cards. Out of these 3, you select 1 and read it out loud, so the other players can answer (the question is related to the player on the hot seat). After everyone writes down their answers, the player on the hot seat picks the correct one. Pretty simple, pretty enjoyable, and it’s your chance to finally understand who knows you best! 

6. Drunk, Stoned, Or Stupid

Drunk, Stoned or Stupid

Available on Amazon ($18.00) or Walmart($27.99) | Ages 17+ | Up to 20+ players | 250 cards.

‘Drunk, Stoned Or Stupid’ description:

Drunk, Stoned, Or Stupid makes you tell stories about your life, even if they are embarrassing! For every statement in each card, all of you should tag someone. Well, even if you have no idea, you simply guess about someone. The player who gets tagged the most keeps that card. Don’t try to collect many cards. Whoever has 7 cards, loses 🙁 Since there are 250 cards, there’s a lot to talk about, you’ll probably end up playing several times.

7.  Artsy Fartsy

Artsy Fartsy

Available on Amazon($24.99) or Walmart($24.99) | Ages 10+ | Up to 12 players | 234 cards;

‘Artsy Fartsy’ description:

This is everyone’s drawing game. Just by reading what’s written on the cards, you know what you have to draw, and how to draw it (e.g. draw a queen bee with your wrong hand). Each team has its artist for each round, which will draw for the whole team to guess. You can only share the category, which is written on top of the card, but not what you’ll draw, because, where would be the point? As understood, Artsy Fartsy is a great family card game and is frankly enjoyed by all ages.  

8. You Laugh, You Drink!

You Laugh, You Drink

Available on Amazon($16.00) or Target($16.00) | Ages 21+ | Up to an unlimited number of players | 150 cards;

‘You Laugh, You Drink’ description:

We never have enough drinking card games, that’s a fact! As the game name says, you’ll laugh, and you’ll drink, this is why it is made for people over 21! This is basically like playing Keep A Straight Face, but now, with the cards. Taking turns, you perform actions that are written in the cards, no matter how weird they may sound. Keep some alcohol near you just in case you laugh. As you understand, when you laugh, you have to take a shot. Let’s get drunk together! 

9. Joking Hazard

Joking Hazard

Available on Amazon($25.00) or Target ($25.00) | Ages 18+ | Up to 10 players | 360 cards;

‘Joking Hazard’ description:

I’ve heard you’re a Joking Hazard, is that true? Well, this game is pretty similar to CAH, but with a twist! Instead of matching 2 cards, now you’ll make a hilarious combination of 3. Besides that, you’ll have beautiful illustrations on each card, which make the game very realistic and even more fun! In other words, you compete to be the most awful & the funniest player in the room. Modesty aside, we know you are! 

10. Danger


Available on Amazon or Walmart ($34.99) | Ages 12+ | Up to 12 players | 270 cards;

‘Danger’ Description:

So, you like danger, huh? Firstly, we’d like to mention that the cards are divided into 4 categories: Danger, Skill, Tool, and Plot Twist. There should be a victim in the game, while all the other players, using skill and tool cards, should create a plan to help the victim. Using plot twist cards, players may sabotage and disagree with other players’ ideas. Once everyone plates, the victim has the final word and decides who has the best rescue plan. 

11. Snake Oil

Snake Oil

Available on Amazon ($24.99) or Walmart ($37.95) | Ages 10+ | Up to 10 players | 400 cards; 

‘Snake Oil’ description:

Apart from the scary name, the game is a blast! Snake Oil is precisely a good game for people who are good at negotiating and selling. You’re gonna have one customer in the game, which will obviously use the customer cards. All the other players should combine 2 cards, in order to create the best, the funniest combination. We want to see your persuasive skills: convince the customer (Caveman, Beach Bum, Billionaire) that your creation is the best and take their card as an awesome point! 

12. The Game Of Things

The Game Of Things

Available on Amazon ($21.00) & Walmart ($19.99) | Ages 14+ | Up to 20 players | 300 cards;

‘The Game Of Things’ description:

Foremost, the main objective of the game is laughter! In the game of things, one of you is the reader, while all the other players must answer. The reader reads a card out loud, and all the others must write their answers down on pieces of paper, fold them in half & give them to the reader. Once they read all answers out loud, everyone takes turns to guess who wrote what answer. You get points for each correct answer, but also if no one can guess what you wrote. 

Board Games

We like complex things, don’t we? Board games are a great choice if there are 6 or more people playing. They keep you concentrated for several hours, develop skills, and make your gatherings way more fun.

1. Mysterium


Available on Amazon ($43.99) or Target ($43.99) | Ages 8+ | Up to 7 players;

‘Mysterium’ description:

As promised, here we begin with board games! Mysterium is a cooperative board game, which is pretty much like solving a mystery. You’ll learn about the crime, get hints, and try to get to the bottom of it. There will be the ghost, or we may call it, the victim, and the rest of the group are the psychics. It’s up to the latter to work together and determine the killer. Concentrate, connect the pieces, and guess the actual murder. 

2. A Game Of Thrones

Available on Amazon ($51.43) or Walmart($53.95) | Ages 14+ | Up to 6 players;

‘A Game Of Thrones’ description:

Since the series is this famous, just imagine how fun the board game could be! It feels like being a character in the book or playing in the GoT series. You’ll fight, take control of one of Westeros’ Great Houses, do your best to be dominant, and more. Since King Robert Baratheon’s death, things aren’t quite the same, are they? The game consists of 10 rounds, and each round is divided into 3 phases: The Westeros Phase, The Planning Phase, and the Action Phase. Claim the most castles, and be the winner! If you’re curious to know more about the rules, watch this: How To Play A Game Of Thrones.

3. Monikers

Available on Amazon ($24.99) & Walmart ($26.99) | Ages 17+ | Up to 16+ players;

‘Monikers’ description: 

Monikers will make you love it! The game is played in 3 rounds and is usually played in teams. Teams take turns drawing cards and guess as many names as they can, by listening to the clues. The clue-giving is different in each round. In the first round, you can use unlimited words or gestures. In the second round, you can only use a word. In the third round, you can only explain by using charades. The team with the highest score after 3 rounds are over, wins Monikers!

4. Codenames


Available on Amazon ($12.39) or Target($12.39) | Ages 10+ | Up to 8+;

‘Codenames’ description:

We’ll never get tired of Codenames! Usually, people play this board game in two teams, the red one, and the blue one. Each team has its own agents and spymasters. By using all the hints, the help of masters, and some strategy, both teams compete to make contact with all their 25 agents first. In simple terms, the spymaster of the team gives clues, while the other teammates must guess. The game ends when one of the teams has all the words covered. 

5. 7 Wonders

7 Wonders

Available on Amazon ($59.99) or Target($59.99) | Ages 10+ | Up to 7 players;

‘7 Wonders’ description:

7 Wonders is a strategic board game, where every player is the leader of one ancient city, in other words, wonder. This game is played in 3 parts called Ages. You’ll create your city, you’ll draw & play cards, build structures, compare your military strength to your opponents, and more. Each card has its own cost, which affects the construction. The game ends once the Third Age is over, specific tokens have been handed out, and the player with the most points wins. Here’s a video to explain everything: How To Play 7 Wonders.

6. Deception: Murder In Hong Kong

Available on Amazon ($33.99) & Walmart ($33.99) | Ages 14+ | Up to 12 players;

‘Deception: Murder In Hong Kong’ description:

It’s time to solve a mystery: a murder in Hong Kong. There are several roles in this board game: a forensic scientist, a murderer, investigators, a witness, and an accomplice. The game is developed in three main phases: the crime (the forensic scientist deals with this phase), the investigation (where you collect the evidence), and closing the file (and the game ends). If any of the investigators correctly chooses the means of murder and key evidence, the players win. Otherwise, the murdered wins. 

7. Zombicide


Available on Amazon or Walmart($114.66) | Ages 14+ | Up to 6 players;

‘Zombicide’ description:

 Zombicide is a thrilling board game, where you’ll put to work your intelligence together with game miniatures, tokens, trackers, tiles, and more equipment. There are 4 types of zombies in the game, and there are survivors as well. Survivors aim to kill zombies while using different actions and weapons. On the other hand, zombies always try to attack survivors. There are mission objectives in Zombicide, and if these are completed, the game is won. The game is explained in depth here.

8. Dixit


Available on Amazon($53.99) or Walmart($39.99) | Ages 8+ | Up to 6 players;

‘Dixit’ description:

Dixit is another cool strategy board game that also includes a storyteller. Each player should have their 6 picture cards, which will be used to create the imaginative story. Without showing the chosen card, but only giving a clue for it, the other players should also add a card that matches your clue. You’ll also need the tokens, the voting tokens after the cards are shuffled and all that, to guess who played what card. Be creative, think about the clues, play cards, and be the storyteller! Watch this for more details: How to Play Dixit.

9. Ethnos

Available on Amazon & Walmart ($42.00) | Ages 14+ | Up to 6 players;

‘Ethnos’ description: 

Ethnos is a board game played in 3 Ages. During each age, you’ll get to recruit allies, play a band of allies, play dragon cards, use abilities in your cards, and more. Once the third dragon card is revealed, you stop recruiting allies. Depending on who has earned more points, that player earns the Glory. Since y’all compete to be the new Lord Of Ethnos, once the third Age is over, the player who has won the most Glory is the winner of Ethnos. This game takes a while to master, so, here’s a video to help you out: Ethnos – How To Play.

10. King Of Tokyo

King Of Tokyo

Available on Amazon ($35.99) or Target ($35.99) | Ages 8+ | Up to 6 players;

‘King Of Tokyo’ description:

First, you gotta decide if you wanna play as monsters, aliens, or rampaging robots. You’ll attack the other players, improve your character, and create some chaos, of course! During the game, you’ll enter Tokyo and place your monster there, which results in gaining some effects: advantages & disadvantages. When resolving dice, the symbols decide on your actions, which may be earning victory points, energy, smash, heal, and so on. In short words, each player aims to make their monster the King Of Tokyo! Here’s a video for more: How To Play King Of Tokyo

Final Thoughts

Well, each game develops different skills, brings very creative equipment, and makes you spend hours of fun with your favorite people! Read the descriptions carefully, and follow the links we’ve attached for more detailed pieces of information. Spoiler: you can’t choose one game. You’ll love them all! 

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