The Frozen Drinking Game: It Is Worth Melting For! 

Frozen Drinking Game - Cover Photo

If you think that Frozen is just some sort of a kids’ boring movie, man, we feel sorry for you. You clearly never gave it a chance. Hush, we’ll do that today! The standards of this game are pretty similar to what we did with the other movie-drinking games in the past few days.

Simply, you have to bring the drinks with you, and keep an eye on the rules. They are precise and in the most usual scenario, y’all will end up drunk. We’ll start with the basics, including the required stuff to play the game, the super simple playing instructions, and of course, different drinking rules divided into categories (we’ll get to that in a blink of an eye).

  • Important pieces of information;
  • Take a sip;
  • Take two sips;
  • Chug your drink;
  • Conclusion;

Important Pieces Of Information

The most adorable thing about Frozen and these similar types of games (Disney ones as well) is that you can play them at no extra cost. There are 2 main things you’ll need if you’re willing to play it. The first one is to find a platform to watch Frozen (Frozen 1 or 2). If you need ideas, they’re available at Disney+, Vudu, Google Play, and more options. 

The second piece of equipment is a few drinks. For the best experience, you better choose your favorite drinks. If you want to remain tipsy and not drunk by the end of the game, we recommend you get beers or something even lighter, but however, that’s all up to your preferences. 

So, we didn’t mention friends, you know, as something needed in order to play? Well, about that… Of course, this Frozen drinking game can be played with as many people as you want, no matter if they’re 2 or 30. However, if you want to have some peaceful time with yourself only, make sure to turn it into a single-player game and have the time of your life! 

Take A Sip Of Your Drink Every Time…

Take A Sip Of Your Drink Every Time...
  • Elsa asks Anna to leave her alone;
  • It starts to snow;
  • There’s a song playing;
  • Kristoff asks a question;
  • Anna acts awkward;
  • Someone mentions ‘Arendelle’;
  • Elsa sings or says ‘let it go’;
  • One of Olaf’s limbs falls off;
  • Anna sings her famous ‘Do you wanna build a snowman’;
  • Elsa freezes something;
  • The ice queen rejects Anna;
  • Kristoff talks to Sven;
  • Anna talks about true love;
  • The trolls insult Kristoff;
  • Olaf giggles;
  • Elsa and Anna hug;
  • Anna spins;
  • Elsa looks at her hands (you know what look we’re talking about);
  • A title is used (such as Queen, Princess, Duke, and more);
  • Sven tries to bite Olaf’s nose;
  • One of the characters shivers;
  • Someone talks about chocolate;
  • A horse enters the screen;
  • There’s the first appearance of one of the 12 Hans’ brothers;
  • Elsa makes something out of ice;
  • Hans looks at Anna with love;
  • Someone runs on ice;
  • The confident Anna appears;

Take Two Sips Of Your Drink If…

Take Two Sips Of Your Drink If...
  • Olaf talks about summer (and it’s so sad);
  • Kristoff talks in Sven’s voice;
  • Elsa transforms into a new look;
  • Anna and Elsa are close to making amends;
  • Oaken says ‘yoo hoo’;
  • Olaf calls Kristoff Sven;
  • ‘Wait, what?’ is said;
  • Someone slams a door;
  • Anna & Kristoff argue;
  • Elsa puts her ice dress on;
  • A character breaks down into a song;
  • A child in the movie says something completely unnecessary to the plot, but it’s cute;
  • Your gut tells you that Hans is too perfect to be real;
  • Olaf tells that he loves warm hugs;
  • Elsa’s cap gets flows in the wind;
  • Sven eats a carrot;
  • Anna freaks out about a situation;
  • Someone yells another character’s name dramatically;
  • Someone mentions anything about winter or says the word ‘winter’;
  • Olaf makes a pun. A good one;
  • You see Kristoff’s new haircut;
  • Anna says her ‘Do you wanna build a snowman?’;
  • Elsa says she is the queen; 
  • Sven does something awkward;
  • One of the characters suggests making a snowman;
  • Anna falls over;
  • Someone talks to themselves (most likely Anna);
  • Olaf eats ice;

Chug Your Drink When…

Chug Your Drink When...
  • Anna & Kristoff kiss;
  • Hans proposes to Ana;
  • Elsa freezes Anna’s heart;
  • Olaf melts;
  • You sing ‘Let It Go’ along with Elsa;
  • Anna gets almost frozen;
  • Hans gets punched in the face;
  • Anna gets betrayed by Hans;
  • Elsa finds a way to stop freezing things;
  • There’s an act of true love;
  • Olaf stays near Ana even when she’s near fire;
  • Elsa’s coronation ceremony happens;


The Frozen drinking game is definitely worth melting for, just like Olaf would say! There are several rules and they all represent different pieces of the movie, which we’re all grateful for. It works for both Frozen movies, and if you wish, you can use hot chocolate instead of alcohol. That is super cozy, especially during Christmas time, which is better while playing this game and Christmas movies drinking games as well!

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