Friends Drinking Game: Take Some Shots While Watching Your Comfort Show

Friends Drinking Game - Cover Photo

(Janice’s voice) OH MY GOD!!! A Friends drinking game, the moment we’ve all been waiting for! We can all now drink while watching our favorite sitcom. If you didn’t know, the series finale has reached around 52.5 million American viewers, let alone if we count watchers from all around the world!

Friends is definitely a life-changing series. 6 people living in downtown Manhattan, 6 different characters who teach us that true friends will always stay by your side, no matter if you leave someone at the altar, or get divorced three times!

If you already know every little joke or even remember all Chandler’s touches of sarcasm, and you wanna try something new, but, of course, related to your favorite 6 weirdos, we’ll now explain to you in detail how to play the Friends drinking game, so you laugh, and you don’t stay sober! Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap! 

What Do You Need To Play This Drinking Game?

It’s known worldwide already, that there are drinking games that require minimal equipment. No cards, no pong balls, no cups, just some alcohol (and ideas) of course. Here’s what you need to play the Friends drinking game:

  • A comfy place, some cushions, or a good table;
  • TV/laptop/phone to play any Friends episode;
  • Some alcoholic drinks (make exceptions if someone in the group doesn’t want to drink alcohol);

That’s all. Ps. if you have a Monica in your group, make sure you don’t make any messes. She’s a cleaning freak, you know that! Uh oh, was she cleaning in her sleep again?

How To Play The Game?

First, let me tell you that you may play this drinking game with as many people as you want. The more, the merrier! Now, you drink in 3 different scenarios. The reason why we classified the drinking as below, is because some scenes get mentioned hundreds of times, and we don’t want you to get drunk in the very first 10 seconds of the episode. So, every time that specific sentence or scene is played, you have to drink, based on these instructions:

Take A Sip

Take A Sip - Ross Drinking
  1. They’re all at Monica’s apartment;
  2. Everyone is at Central Perk;
  3. Someone is drinking coffee;
  4. Joey is eating;
  5. Phoebe talks about her childhood and makes fun of it;
  6. Ross talks about dinosaurs;
  7. Gunther falls for Rach;
  8. Monica shows up cleaning;
  9. Janice laughs, her famous laugh;
  10. Any main character hugs another main character;
  11. Rachel goes shopping;
  12. Joey gets a new audition;
  13. Ross’ lesbian wife shows (Carol);
  14. Someone is drunk;
  15. Ross corrects someone’s grammar;
  16. Joey and Chandler chill in their armchairs;
  17. Monica says “I KNOW”;
  18. Chandler makes a hilarious sarcasm;
  19. Any character starts going out with someone;
  20. Joey doesn’t get the jokes;

Take Two Sips

  1. Rachel says her “Noooo”;
  2. Joey flirts with his “How you doin’ ”;
  3. Phoebe pretends she’s named Regina Phalange;
  4. Someone famous casts in the show;
  5. There’s a big secret going around;
  6. Ross emphasized that they were on a break;
  7. Janice goes: “Oh My God”;
  8. Ross gets married/divorced;
  9. Monica and Rachel fight;
  10. Rachel ‘borrows’ Monica’s something;
  11. Phoebe sings a song, most likely her ‘Smelly Cat’;
  12. Rachel confuses orders (when working at Central Perk);
  13. Monica goes out with someone older;
  14. Ross pretends to be a doctor;
  15. Rachel can’t decide on what to wear;
  16. Berry, Rachel’s ex-fiance is mentioned;
  17. Chandler mentioned his parents;
  18. Phoebe dates someone weird;
  19. Ursula is mentioned;
  20. Joey says something stupid;
  21. Ross goes on with ‘Pivot!’;
  22. Rachel gets spoiled;
  23. Joey doesn’t share his food;
  24. Monica cooks (especially for thanksgiving);
  25. Any character is on Monica’s apartment terrace;
  26. Ugly Naked Guy is mentioned by someone;
  27. Ross says paleontologist is a real job;
  28. Rachel borrows Monica’s clothes, without asking;
  29. Chandler is not a transposter;
  30. Phoebe tells someone about their lobster;
  31. Ben pisses Rachel off;
  32. Joey says something smart;
  33. Someone is at the airport;
  34. They’re watching TV over Joey’s;
  35. A famous celebrity is starring;
  36. Any character travels out of. Manhattan;
  37. Someone gets tanned;

Finish Your Drink

Finish Your Drink - Phoebe Drinking

1. Joey couldn’t be wearing any more clothes;

2. Any of the main characters (finally) shows up at work;

3. Ross is sad and says his heartbreaking ‘hi’;

4. Joey shares his food;

5. Chandler cries;

6. Phoebe & Joey kiss;

7. Joey gets a role in a play;

8. Phoebe is pregnant;

9. Monica dates his ex’s son;

10. Chandler does his dance moves;

11. Ross regrets getting married 3 times;

12. Phoebe makes a song about Ross, Rachel, and Julie (we’ll call her Betty);

13. Joey & Chandler pick the right baby;

14. Rachel gets a tattoo;

15. Chandler & Joey fight over cushions;

16. Joey helps Ross to take off his leather pants;

17. Monica proposes to Chandler;

18. Ross completes any of his New Year’s resolutions;

19. Joey covers up Emma’s ears: in front of the b a b y;

20. Joey & Chandler say the same thing at the same thing;

21. Rachel goes to Barry’s wedding, together with Ross;

22. Joey says no to food;

23. Thanksgiving food gets burned out;

24. Rachel refuses to go to the doctor;

25. Joey wears a purse and everyone laughs;

26. Phoebe finally understands that Rachel has a job;

27. Any of the girls give birth;

28. Ross visits the sun;

To Sum It Up: Is This Drinking Game Fun?

After finishing the game, welcome to the real world, it sucks. You’re gonna love it! If people who aren’t fans of Friends think this drinking game is annoying, sorry, but Joey could’ve said this is a moo point!

Gather your favorite people together, preferably people who love the series, grab your favorite alcoholic – or not so drink, play any random episode on any website (unfortunately not available on Netflix anymore, keep an eye on our instructions, and be concentrated. 

Drink responsibly, but don’t worry too much. The more you drink, the more you help the kids :)) 

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