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A game for the pretty gender, for the girls! Not that we didn’t write games about them, but, anyways… Card games are never enough!

For The Girls is about to be a very intense & fun competition between all the girls! If you’re wondering where you can play it, it works great for every girl’s party night, including here playing it as a bachelorette card game, or, at any place, some girls have gathered around and want to revel in!

I’m sorry boys… You have to stay out of this game for once. We need some time alone, you won’t feel the game anyways!

Considering all the good comments, ratings, girls’ experiences, and our experience as well, we thought of writing a game review to show you all the details, and no, we won’t put out of sight the bad sides (you’ll judge later if there are any).

We’ll try to explain all the game rules, we’ll share our game experience, some preview of the cards, we’ll tell you where you can find the game with the most reasonable prices, the competition, and more facts. 

The table content, just in case you want to go to the part you’re more interested in:

  • A short game biography;
  • The box design;
  • What about the cards & the game rules?;
  • My game experience;
  • Where do we get the game & does it have strong competition?;
  • Any extra packs?;
  • Final thought: is ‘For The Girls’ the girls’ favourite card game?

A little spoiler: you’re gonna love it, lady!

A Short ‘For The Girls’ Biography

Released date: 30th of July, 2020;
Manufacturer: What Do You Meme LLC;
Made in: China;
Number of cards: 500;
Age: 17+
Players: 3-20+ players;
Game Time: 30-90 minutes;
Difficulty level: Easy;
Game type: Card party game;
Amazon ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars (9720 ratings)
Official website: whatdoyoumeme.com
Expansions: 1

The Box Design

How do we create the first impression? Hmm… I don’t know, maybe by taking a look at its box?? Of course, that’s it! 

For The Girls Box

A pretty, pretty black box (inside of the box is very colorful), and has these shiny pink letters on it, which helps us find the box even if it’s all dark and we barely see our hands!

Besides the name, there are some details I mentioned to you earlier, such as the events we can play the game, the manufacturer/ creator (the ones who made ‘For the Girls’), and the game type (Adult Party Game). You must be naive if you think you can play it with kids after reading the description!

For The Girls Back Of The Box

Take a deep breath, this is gonna be too much information aside, right? Even if you don’t read the game instructions, the back of the box says a lot!

You’ll be informed about the number of cards, the game time, number of players & the age range, the card categories, game instructions, the manufacturer, and some more details. 

As you can read, it also contains a spinner, we’ll talk about its function in the following. 

For The Girls Sides Of The Box

Of course, we’ll show you the sides, they’re a part of the box too, but, we agree there aren’t many important details! 

You can see the game name (which isn’t unknown already), the place where the game was made, the barcode, and yeah…

What About The Cards & The Game Rules?

For The Girls- Inside The Box

There’s a total of 500 cards, divided into 5 categories (which we can distinguish through colors): Most Likely To…, Rapid Fire, Truth or Dare, If You’ve Ever…, Best of the best.

Each card is different from the other, and that’s what makes the game very unique. They are made out of paper, which we don’t really like, and it would be better if they were waterproof or plastic, but, anyways…

In the following, we’ll show you an example for each card category:

For The Girls- Example Of Categories

Every card tells you what you should do… But, how do you play? Is it complicated? Who’s it appropriate for? 

C’mon now! Step by step! Well, everyone who is over the age of 17 can play. Not everyone… People who get easily offended and can’t get jokes must stay out of this game, we don’t wanna hurt you! 

The manufacturer says that it works best with up to 3+ players, about which we agree, it isn’t fun with 2 players. It makes no sense. The more people the better, always!

Did you understand the games’ requirements’, didn’t you? Great, now, let’s dive into the rules!

First things first, when you get the game, you’ll see that it comes with a colorful spinner (or even a dice, depending on the seller), which you’ll use to know which card color you have to choose.

You all take turns spinning the spinner, and choose the card based on the color the spinner stopped at. Oh God, I used ‘spinner’ in these 2 paragraphs more than I used it in my whole life…

Anyways, you draw the card and read it out loud. Next, you do whatever the card says. Sometimes it can be just a simple question, or it asks you to complete a challenge.

Usually, you have to give the card to a specific person, for example: Give this card to whoever takes the longest to order at a restaurant, or, asks you to keep the card (if you have that special ‘trait’, or else, asks you to do a dare to keep that card).

The first girl to collect 25 cards, meaning, the other girls tagged her for specific cards, or sometimes she had to keep cards she drew, wins the game! 

If you want, you can turn it into a drinking game, you know, if you hate staying sober! 

For example, you can make the losers drink (as many shots as the winner say), or, everyone who hasn’t got 25 cards, has to drink as many shots as the number of cards they need to win (did I confuse you?).

Ps. You can do anything but rule out letting boys play with you! That’s unacceptable. You need some fun without them!

My Game Experience: Did My Girls Enjoy It?

How did I find out ‘For The Girls’ exists? No, I hadn’t had it on my ‘to buy list… I was intensively looking for a game for my next girls’ game night, and I ran into this extremely good game! 

There were 6 girls (including me), which was a pretty cool number of players!

First, I divided the deck of cards into the specific 5 colors(as I should), and placed them in the middle of the table. I was so excited to play, that’s why I started first! 

Of course, the first thing was to spin the spinner, which told me that I should pick a card from the pink deck. This is what it said:

For The Girls Experience - Pink Card

Starting the game with a dare… Could it get better? Well, to keep this card, I had to complete this challenge. 

To be honest I had no idea (and still don’t have any) about Bitcoin and all this stuff. It’s like speaking a foreign language! Anyways, I had to make it up for my Twitter friends. I know my tweet was so dumb:” I recommend you all invest in Bitcoin, it made me rich. Now, I don’t even use real money!”. Sis? 

Anyways, I deleted it after we finished the game. It was embarrassing, I know that! But, I got to keep the card. That was the point, right!

Next, my sister, sitting on my right, had to draw a blue card, which looked like this: 

For The Girls Experience - Blue Card

I mean, we all have that one friend, don’t we? Fortunately, (normally I would be blushed, but I needed it for the game), my sister gave me this card, and I agreed, I’m always the one to take photos, and I pay attention if I look nice, I don’t care about the others (whoopsies)…

We couldn’t stop laughing at how relative it was! I mean, they were not wrong!!!

One more card to me, great!!! We continued with a green card (Best of the best category), that said:

For The Girls Experience - Green Card

Oh, we all had telepathy. We (together, because we all agreed) gave the card to my best friend. She like, has the hottest dad, he’s a model (secret), for sure!

We had some more cards, which I can’t remember, I’m not as eidetic as you think! Anyhow, some cards after, one of my friends had a pretty purple card:

For The Girls Experience - Purple Card

Since she was the innocent one on our team, she didn’t get to keep the card. Sorry (not sorry, it was to my advantage)…

When it was my turn again, I had to draw an orange card, which I loved!!!

For The Girls Experience - Orange Card

Of course, I kept this card! Britney Spears?! Well, the card came to the right person. I named like 30 of them (I’m addicted to her songs)… No one could stop me, I was looking forward to winning the game!

Our last card, which was drawn by my best friend again, was another orange card:

For The Girls Experience - Orange Card 2

We all made pizza several times together, and we ate pizza very often, so we all knew the toppings… until there was no topping left to mention!

We spent like 3 rounds mentioning toppings until it came to my sister’s turn, and to be honest, there was no topping left. They were all mentioned!

It was fun seeing her cursing her bad luck, lol… 

Guess what? Since I had so much energy & motivation (and luck as well), I won the game. I’m the coolest, isn’t that true? 

Since I had the, you know, rules in my hand, I decided to turn it into a drinking game! I made the loser drink 5 shots because that’s how many cards she needed to win… 

Made everyone else drink the same until there were no rules at all and we just started getting drunk, and we didn’t keep track anymore!!!

It’s super fun playing it as a normal card game, but, since we were all 21+ years, and we even planned to get drunk right before having the game night, so, 2 ‘tasks’ at once. 

We played it more times, with the same group and some other people, until I started remembering every little detail, and it just wasn’t that fun anymore, just like watching a TV Show 30 times!

Was it worth it? Duh, we still laugh when we remember what we had to do!

Where Can We Get The Game & Does It Have Competition? 

I mean the rules, the cards, and all that are important, but, does it make sense if we don’t know where to buy the game? I mean, it’s nonsense learning how to play a game you don’t know where to get…

We’ll list some places where you can buy ‘For The Girls’, and you can order it in any place you think it’s worth it, and haven’t disappointed you earlier… 

Is it worth it for this price? Duh, indeed!

We dealt with the first question, now, let’s see if ‘For The Girls’ has competition. Answering it real quick, yes! If there’s a good product, of course, it’s going to have competitors:

1. Never Have I Ever Girls Edition – $24.95

Never Have I Ever- Girls Edition

Never Have I Ever is always a yes! Especially when it’s the girl’s edition, the cutest one so far! Just as ‘For The Girls’, this game is recommended for ages 17+ as well. Works great for 4 to 8 players… 

All the girls get to share experiences, and the questions are, let me tell you, lovely, but can be dirty sometimes. You’ll prove that!

2. Bubbly – $16.97

Bubbly Game

The lovely Bubbly! This is like 6 games in 1 because that’s how many types of cards are inside… When we are at the cards, it includes 210 cards, divided into Five seconds ago, I have never, This or that, Most likely too, Truth or dare, Wild card.

There are lots of questions & dares, which can be completed by girls over the age of 21+, designed for 4-12 players!

3. That’s What She Said – $24.99

That's What She Said

That’s What She Said is a very lovely fan-made edition of Cards Against Humanity, and that’s gonna be fun for sure! It has 458 cards inside, which are recommended to be played by 4 or more players, obviously, ages 17+.

The rules are pretty simple, you know, the point is to make the funniest combination between a white card & a red one!

Are There Any Extra Packs Of ‘For The Girls’?

Wait, you have 500 cards and that isn’t quite enough? Understandable, you want to expand the fun. I get it… That’s how I felt as well.

The great news is: yes! There is an expansion of this game, which is the same style:

For The Girls - First Expansion

 What? Is the box the same? Yes, dude, this is what an expansion is. Just some extra cards to add to the main game…

In our case, there are 180 cards added to the core ‘For The Girls’ game, which is brand new & fresh cards, meaning that the sentences and the topics are different.

That’s the difference. Yes, there are the same card categories, the same card style, the same rules… What makes the 2 versions unique is the text in the cards!

These are some of the cards, just in case you’re curious:

  • Give this card…. To whoever had the best glow up;
  • Do the dare to keep this card: Call a friend and only make animal noises until they hang up;
  • First to mess up loses a card: Substitutes for curse words;
  • Do this dare to keep this card: Text a parent and ask is they have any ideas for your next tattoo;
  • Keep this card if you’ve ever been on someone’s shoulders at a concert.

Since there are 180 cards, in case you’re tired of playing the main game way too much, there’s no problem with playing this expansion as a stand-alone, I mean, 180 cards are good enough for a smaller group of girls.

I almost forgot something important: You can get this expansion on Amazon or even Target for a price of only $14.99!

Final Thought: Is ‘For The Girls’ The Girls Favourite Card Game?

Now look, this is made by What Do You Meme?’s manufacturer, how can it not be cool & hilarious? I mean, that’s an unspoken rule!

We showed you the rules, examples of the cards & the expansion, different places where you can get the game, a way of playing it as a drinking game, competitors… What else do you want?

You wanna see the bad sides? I mean, there aren’t many of them, but, anyway, here’s a table to compare the good sides & the bad ones (you’ll see that it’s worth it).

What we like?What we don’t?
Large number of cards;
Unique card categories;
Very challenging;
Appropriate for (almost) all-girls;
Works with any number of players (3+);
Acceptable price;
Comes with a spinner that adds the fun!
The cards are made by paper (not waterproof);
We’d like more expansions!

You got it, girls? It’s always our number one at every party, even though it’s been almost a year my and my girls bought it!

Keep calm, and keep the fun going!

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