Flip Cup Drinking Game Rules: It Will Make Your Life Better!

Flip Cup Drinking Game - Cover Photo

If there’s one drinking game that works just as well if played with a few close friends, or with super large groups at parties, it gotta be Flip Cup! Not only it gets y’all drunk, but it also brings competition and lots of great laughs to the game night. You will find all details about this astonishing drinking game below. 

  • What is Flip Cup & equipment;
  • Game setup;
  • Instructions;
  • Game variants;
  • Final thoughts;

What Is Flip Cup & What Do You Need Before Playing?

Flip Cup is a drinking game made for parties and cozy game nights. You may also find the game as ‘tappy cup’, ‘flippy cup’, ‘canoe’, or even ‘taps’. This game works great for 3 and more players, needless to say, for everyone who is 21 years or older.

 The game setup and rules are pretty simple, and there isn’t required any extra equipment too! Here’s all you need:

  • Plastic cups (depending on the number of players);
  • Beer or liquor of your choice (or even making our shot recipes);
  • A flat surface, preferably a table. 

Game Setup

If you’ve gathered everything we mentioned, we can continue further into setting up the game. Start by dividing all players into equal teams. However, it’s essential to know that 2 teams always play at once, so you can take turns, or let the winning team compete with the next in-round team. 

Then, pour the desired amount of alcohol into each player’s cup, but make sure that all people from both playing teams have the same amount of liquor, by default, ¼ of the cup. Next, both teams should pick either side of the table, so all players stay on that side when playing. Make sure that you align the cups in a line, one cup per player. 

Flip Cup - Setup

FYI, Flip Cup is an unforgettable Beer Olympic game

Instructions On How To Play Flip Cup

Flip Cup - Instructions

Besides being fun, the game gotta be one of the simplest & no-effort games ever. Keep in mind that 1 player from each team starts first, at the same time. The game starts with players chugging down the beer on the cup in front of them, placing the cup on the edge of the table, and flipping the cup upside-down, only using one hand. 

When one player from a team does this successfully, the next player in the line continues next, doing the same tasks. Once a team has drank all cups dedicated to them, the team wins. This is everything about the basic rules, but to be fair, it isn’t as simple as it looks to flip the cup. That’s why, we’d love to share some tips with you:

  • Try your best to keep the table dry. When drinking, chances are high that you’ll spill drinks on the table, which makes it harder for you to flip the cup. Make sure to drink all the beer before flipping it, and keep a towel near you to wipe off spilled liquids.
  • Practice before playing. This is a life-changing tip. Take some empty cups and try to flip them before your turn comes, just so you find your perfect angle and know how to be successful on your first tries. 
  • Find the perfect way of tapping. It’s all about flipping the cup 180°, so, it’s all about knowing what is light enough to tap the cup, so it doesn’t go in the wrong direction, but does enough turns. This takes a bit of practice.

Variants Of The Game

Well yeah, Flip Cup is perfect the way it is. Nevertheless, it’s great to have variants to choose from!

Slip N’Flip

Slip N'Flip

In this variation, two people from two teams slide down on the soaped ‘slip and slide’ mat, and then continue to drink and flip the cup just as in the standard version. We’ve talked about it in our outdoor drinking games.

Alcohol-Free Variant

For everyone who wants to take a rest from drinking, you can pour other hard-to-drink liquids into the cups: hot sauce, pickles juice, whey, over-salted water, and whatever comes to your mind. Trust me, this version is even more difficult. At least we drink alcohol by choice. 

Dancing Queen

When it’s your turn of playing, chug your beer, but before flipping, you must spin 10 times. Then go directly to the table and try to flip the cup. If you miss, you must spin again, and try to flip one more time. 


The game starts just the same. The only difference is that when one player loses a round, meaning the opposing player has already drunk and flipped the cup, they have to off one player of their team. However, that team still has to drink the same number of cups. This continues until one team is out of players, and they’re the losers.

Bob The Builder

Bob The Builder

After you’ve finished drinking and flipping, you and your team should make a pyramid of cups gradually. But, if your pyramid falls down, you have to start all over. Whatever team completes all three phases first (drinking, flipping, and building the pyramid), is the winner, officially!  

2 Players Only

As it’s already obvious, we love drinking games for 2 people! That’s why you can turn Flip Cup into one. Two players compete for 1 vs. 1, and they have to drink alone 5 cups of alcohol, doing the same tasks: chugging the beer, flipping the cup, and continuing to the next one. Whoever flips all 5 cups first, wins. 

Final Thoughts

Not only the game itself is a piece of artwork, the variants just add the sparkle. It gathers people together, brings laughs, and makes you forget about all the bad thoughts. Oh and of course, it gets y’all drunk as hell, but that’s the fun part of being an adult! 

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