The Family Guy Drinking Game: Drinking Until We Can’t Feel Feelings

Family Guy Drinking Game - Cover Photo

Are you bored of binge-watching the Family Guy series a thousand times? Great news! You can instead play the drinking game, which is all about getting drunk & laughing, but also watching episodes of this breathtaking animated sitcom! 

  • Essentials before playing;
  • Take a sip;
  • Take two sips;
  • Down your drink;
  • Windup;

Essentials Before Playing

Similar to the Rick & Morty drinking game, to play the upcoming drinking game you won’t need special things:

  • The Family Guy series is required. They’re available on Disney+, Hulu, and FOX Tv. You’re free to play your favorite season & episode, on your preferred device (larger screens work better);
  • Talking of required stuff, you should have our list of rules. We’ll get to that in a blink of an eye;
  • Drinks of your choice. Beers and vodka work best in this case.
  • A group of friends. Works great for 2 to 20+ players. And you can even play it by yourself. 

There are three categories of rules: take a sip, take two sips, and finish your drink. This categorization depends on the repetition of the scenes; the higher the repetition, the lower the amount of alcohol. Play the series, get your drinks (and some snacks as well), and start drinking while using our made-by-heart rules!

Take A Sip Of Your Drink Every Time:

Family Guy Drinking Game - Take A Sip
  • A character is seen drinking or taking drugs;
  • There’s a cutaway happening;
  • Herbert gives us his ‘mmmmmm’;
  • The show references Back to the Future;
  • Someone is mean to Meg;
  • Stewie talks to his teddy bear;
  • Trisha Takinowa reports the news;
  • Anyone is shown making love;
  • Peter is on the phone;
  • Herbert tries to seduce Chris;
  • There’s a 9/11 joke;
  • They talk something about another movie;
  • Peter says ‘hehehe’, ‘sweet’, ‘Lois’ or ‘shut up Meg’;
  • Someone pukes;
  • A scene is intentionally dragged on;
  • There’s a sound-effect bleep;
  • ‘What the hell?’ is said;
  • Stewie does something that normal babies would do;
  • The Griffin family go on a ride together (aww…);
  • Someone mispronounces a word just to annoy someone else;
  • A celebrity is mentioned;
  • Stewie shouts ’Victory is mine!’;
  • Stewie says something homosexual;
  • Peter carries out a scheme (more expensive than his life);
  • Lois roughly mentions her sketchy past;
  • Someone falls down with their arm awkwardly positioned behind their back;
  • A flashback is on screen;
  • You can hear Peter’s emblem laugh;
  • Brian tries to sell out by acting smart;
  • ‘Holy Crap!’ is said (mostly by Peter);
  • A woman is stripping off her clothes;
  • Someone makes a joke about Joe being unable to walk;
  • Peter says ‘It’s like that time I…’
  • Meg gets picked on;

Take Two Sips Of Your Drink When:

Family Guy Drinking Game - Take Two Sips
  • Stewie uses highly advanced technology;;
  • Peter gets fired;
  • Someone dies;
  • Mr. Herbert tries to seduce Chris;
  • Characters fall down on their faces;
  • Kool-Aid Guy shows up;
  • One of the characters is actually nice to Meg (hard to believe, huh?);
  • Ernie the Giant Chicken arrives;
  • Brian & Stewie get into a fight;
  • The characters burst into a song;
  • ‘Quahog’s name is seen on the show;
  • Cleveland says ‘Oh, that’s nasty’;
  • Lois says ‘Peter’ in that sarcastic voice;
  • A scene starts at the Drunken Clam;
  • The cutaway involves situations that are related to the situation the cutaway was called up in;
  • Peter does irreparable damage to his body;
  • There’s a huge amount of blood or violence;
  • The Simpsons are referenced in the show;
  • Stewie picks a weapon;
  • Lois’s promiscuity before marrying Peter is brought up;
  • Peter does something painful or degrading in exchange for a favor of Carter;
  • Brian does something that normal dogs would do;
  • Quagmire makes a sexual joke;
  • Someone farts in the show;
  • A politician shows up in a parody speech in the show;
  • Chris does something stupid;
  • Stewie does an act of violence (but it hurts no one);
  • Meg pretends to have a life. And friends. And a boyfriend;
  • There’s a spontaneous musical number happening, including dancing, singers, and more;
  • You see Chris’ monkey;
  • Cleveland falls from this house in a tub;
  • Tom Tucker insults his co-anchor;
  • Peter comes to the wrong conclusion instead of the obvious one;

Down Your Drink If:

  • Peter dies;
  • The evil monkey shows up;
  • William Shatner makes an appearance;
  • There’s a gay reference joke;
  • Peter’s penis is shown;
  • Stewie kills someone;
  • You find out the origin of Chris’ monkey;
  • There’s a fight between Peter & Chicken;
  • Family Guy makes a parody (probably of a competitor show);
  • Upside-down head kids appear;
  • Lois uses unusual ingredients in her dishes;


We’re pretty sure you’ll adore this drinking game just as much as we do. It’s very creative, the rules are unique, and you’ll drink, a lot! Besides all, it’s the best way to watch Family Guy all over again & not get bored of it. Ever. 

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