22 Best Of Family Card Games For an Unforgettable Night

Best Family Card Games

Home is wherever our bunch of crazies are!

And what is the crazies’ favorite thing to do? Playing card games! Of course!

Yes, our readers know that recently we wrote about some kid & teen-friendly card games, but… But! The games we’ll show you in this article are recommended for family times.

Since many of you already own some couples games, adult card games, or if you’re a ‘bibulous’, you probably have one of many drinking games, so we thought that the time to write for family card games has finally come!

What is our purpose? To make your life easier! Yes, that’s it. That’s why besides that, we almost fell asleep trying to find the best games available, we’ll also show you some tips on how to choose the perfect game:

  • Who are you planning to play that game with? If you’re gonna play with little kids in your family, make sure to pick a game that has easy instructions to follow, because they’ll feel left out. On the other hand, if you want to play with the teenagers or adults, pick something more interesting!
  • Do you wanna buy a game that only requires some luck, or you want to put other skills to work? Yes, if you don’t want to strain your brain too much, pick a game that doesn’t really need that much focus, creativity or knowledge.
  • Would you rather have a funny game, a drinking game or a game where you learn new stuff? This is really important too. Some of the games will really make your stomach ache from laughter, but there are also games which enrich your mind.
  • Do you ever feel like you don’t know enough things about your family? Among the games we have selected, you’ll also see some conversation starters which will tell you a lot about the other members.
  • Check the price. Yes, sometimes we want to have fun, but some prices may be too high for our opportunities for the moment. There are lots of card games that have an affordable price for everyone. 

Of course, we also have some preferences and favorite games, here are some of them:

Our Best Picks:

  1. The Best Family Game:  Poetry For Neanderthals.
    “The game where you have fun explaining things & hitting your family”
  1. The Game For All Generations: Our Moments Generations
    “All the members will connect & learn a lot about each other, starting from grandchilds, to the grandparents”
  1. The Best Family Drinking Card Game: It’s Time To Get Drunk
    “A mix of laughter & connecting & drinking with your lovely family!”
  1. The Kids’ Favourite: Blink
    “Kids & Adults as well, love it. It activates the brain and makes us very attentive”
  1. The Game To Connect With Each Other: We’re Not Really Strangers
    “Sometimes it really feels like you don’t know your kids anymore. These deep questions will tell you a lot!”

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1. Throw Throw Burrito

Throw Throw Burrito

Shop & Price:

Nr. Of Cards: 120 | Age Range: 7+ | Players: 2-6 | Alias: The Game Of Throwing Burritos.

Yes, you’ll really throw burritos. This is how: You have to find 3 cards of a kind. If you draw a war card, you have to fight one of your friends. You win points if you hit them with the burrito.

No, you don’t actually win by throwing the burrito at them. When you hit your friend, he loses one of their 3 card combinations. They’re just foam made burritos. But you can use real ones if you don’t care about your t-shirt!

2. …I Should’ve Known That!

I Should've Known That

Shop & Price:

Nr. Of Cards: 110 | Age Range: 14+ | Players: 2-12+ | Alias: The Game Where You Become Smart. 

There are 4 questions on each card, do the math: 440 questions! Including questions like What is “Greece” called in Greek? Who founded Facebook? How long did Sleeping Beauty sleep?, and lots more.

You’ll for sure learn about things and you’ll be like: How did I not think about this earlier? Don’t worry, the answer to every question is in the back & you can also play in teams!

Another Family-friendly who you can involve your parents too is Who’s Most Likely To questions.

3. Cards Against Humanity- Family Edition

CAH Family Edition

Shop & Price:

Nr. Of Cards: 600 | Age Range: 8+ | Players: 4-20+ | Alias: The Game Of Creativity & Humour Sense.

 It’s Cards Against Humanity y’all, how could it not be a good game? Of course every CAH expansion, pack, the edition is cool, but the family edition must be the cutest of them all.

You’re probably familiar with the game rules, you find a white card to match with the black (question) card. Yes, one of the easiest games! A very special box of CAH, is the expansion of this edition, the Glow In The Dark.

The game has currently been updated, and besides the other ways to play the game, you can also find the PDF version. It’s amazing & well-thought, isn’t it? Read our review about CAH Family Edition.

4. It’s Time To Get Drunk

It's Time To Get Drunk

Shop & Price:

Nr. Of Cards: 200 | Age Range: 21+ | Players: 3+ | Alias: The Game Where You Get Wasted. 

Kids, close your eyes! This is a game to play with your family, always if you’re really open to them and you don’t care if they see your drunk face.

Find the best games that are suitable for under $10 that are family-friendly.

There are challenges & questions like: If you never solved a rubik’s cube you must drink, the player showing the most skin must drink, etc. So, basically, for every card, there’s a specific person that drinks.

5. Our Moments Generations

Our Moments Generations

Shop & Price:

Nr. Of Cards: 100 | Age Range: 13+ | Players: 3+ | Alias: The Game Where You Connect With Each Other.

Even though the box says it’s for teenagers and older, this game is actually for all the members, starting from the youngest child, to the grandparents.

You all get to ask each other questions: What was my mom or dad like when they were young?, Who are/ were your best friends?, Where was your first home?. You’ll learn a lot about each other!

6. Incohearent Family Edition

Incohearent WDYM Family Edition

Shop & Price:

Nr. Of Cards: 500 | Age Range: 12+| Players: 2-20+ | Alias: The Game To Guess The Gibberish.

In the back of the card is a coded word, incomprehensible, while in the front, for the judge, is the correct way to write that word. 

So, you have to put your thinking hat on, and focus. Could you solve this: mereoreselffee? It’s Mirror Selfie, you genius! It makes sense now that I said it, I know! Btw, there are hints in the front of the cards, to make it easier.

7. Kings Cup

Kings Cup

 Shop & Price:

Nr. Of Cards: 54 | Age Range: 21+| Players: 2-4 | Alias: A Classic Game Mixed With Shots.

I bet you’ve heard about Kings at least once. The Kings Cup drinking game, cards of which belong to 13 categories: Ace, Number from 2-10, Jack, Queen, King, and each of them has a meaning.

And, whenever someone draws a king, all the other players should pour a little of their drinks in the cup. The last player to draw a King, loses, and has to drink the cup. Amazing, isn’t it? 

8. Sushi Go

Sushi Go

Shop & Price:

Nr. Of Cards: 108 | Age Range: 8+| Players: 2-5| Alias: The Game With The Sushi You Won’t Eat.

The name is cute. The box is cuter. The cards are the cutest! There are 12 types of cards, and each player is dealt 10 cards to start playing (even though it depends on the number of players).

Long story short, all you have to do is to match the cards. One more thing: the player with the fewest pudding cards, loses 6 points. You’ll get what I just said when you play the game!

9. The Game Of Things

the game of things

Shop & Price:

Nr. Of Cards: 300 | Age Range: 14+| Players: 4-20+| Alias: The Game With The Wood Box.

It’s The Game Of Things, of lots of things. It’s very simple, and yet, endless fun. That game where all of you write your answer for a specific question, you hold up the papers and you give them to your reader. Everyone should guess who wrote what.

Follow your intuition and find out who answered what to: THINGS… you shouldn’t do in an elevator, THINGS you would do with a million dollars, THINGS people do when no one is looking!…

10. Gangsta Granny’s Cheat

Gangsta Grany's Cheat

Shop & Price:

Nr. Of Cards: 52 | Age Range: 5+| Players: 2+| Alias: The Game Where You Have To Cheat.

The name is very evil itself, lol. Well, in this game, you have two choices: To trust the other player, or to say that he/she is cheating. If you say “Cheat”, and it turns out it wasn’t a cheat, you ( the challenger), have to keep the entire pile.

It is very fun, and you should be clever & very attentive if you don’t want to have a billion cards (and of course, to lose the game).

11.  Blink


Shop & Price:

Nr. Of Cards: 60 | Age Range: 7+| Players: 2| Alias: The Fastest Game In The Worlds.

Blink your eyes! Okay, but when playing the game you can’t blink your eyes. You’ll lose, I’ll tell you. This is the point: You can play only if your card matches with the played card in the table(matching by color, shape, or number of shapes in the cards).

So, you two compete to get rid of all your cards. The one who is with no cards left, wins!

12.  We’re Not Really Strangers

We're Not Really Strangers

Shop & Price:

Nr. Of Cards: 150 | Age Range: 12+| Players: 2-6| Alias: The Game Of Deep Questions.

Yes, sometimes it really feels like you’re strangers with your family. But, with this game, which is an amazing conversation starter, you’ll open up amazing topics, and they’ll make you learn stuff about each other.

Don’t worry, there aren’t questions that will make you blush, these are some of them: How are you, really?,  What about me intrigues you?, When was the last time you felt truly understood by someone?, and lots more questions to get you in the feels!

13. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Taco Cat Goat Cheese

Shop & Price:

Nr. Of Cards: 66 | Age Range: 6+| Players: 2-8| Alias: The Game With The Most Creative Name.

We LOVE the name & We love the game! Probably the hardest ‘instruction’ (personally) is remembering the name, or maybe it’s just me! For a 2-5 player game, everyone is dealt 12 cards. And, the cards have to match each other in order.( Ex. If the current card is Cat, you have to play the Goat Card).

But, how does the game end? That player who has no remaining cards, wins the game. It requires speed, concentration and a desire to have fun!

14. Under The Influence

Shop & Price:

Nr. Of Cards: 200 | Age Range: 21+| Players: 4-12| Alias: The Game Where You Lose The Track!

What now? Another drinking game? Yes, some special games for those who enjoy drinking with their family. Don’t worry, there isn’t any inappropriate content, even though we’d recommend you to go through all the cards, and remove anything you don’t like.

There are 4 types of cards: Under The Influence, Who’s Who, Brain Benders, Shots No Chaser. Lots of questions & challenges, and long story short, all you have to do is to do what the card says!

15. Spot It!

Spot it

Shop & Price:

Nr. Of Cards: 55 | Age Range: 6+| Players: 2-8| Alias: The Perfect Game For You And Your Little Kids.

Did you spot it? This is the game to spot 1 same symbol in 2 different cards. Attention: There is only 1 matching symbol in 2 cards!

It is a game for all ages, but we kinda recommend you to not ‘force’ the teenagers to play, because it may be too basic for them. Oh, and what we really love, is that the cards have a round shape!

16. Codenames


Shop & Price:

Nr. Of Cards: 200 | Age Range: 10+| Players: 2-8+| Alias: The Game Where You Become Secret Agents.

Codenames? What is this? It is a card game (sometimes also considered as a board game), and to play, you should create 2 teams, the red one and the blue one.

The point of the game is to crack the secret names of the ‘spies’ before your opponents do. You should really concentrate and cooperate with your other teammates. 

17. Unstable Unicorns

Unstable Unicorns

Shop & Price:

Nr. Of Cards: 135 | Age Range: 10+| Players: 2-8+| Alias: The Game Where You Become Secret Agents.

Well, judging by the name & the box, you may assume that this is kid friendly. Not actually, this is for teens or older people.

The point of Unstable Unicorns is to achieve the most unicorns in your ‘stable’. Here are the card types: Instant, Upgrade, Downgrade, Magic, Magical Unicorn, Basic Unicorn and Baby Unicorn. (If interested for more, check the specific rules)

18. Poetry For Neanderthals

Poetry For Neanderthals

Shop & Price:

Nr. Of Cards: 400 | Age Range: 7+| Players: 7+| Alias: The Game Where You Hit Each Other With The Stick.

C’mon now, it isn’t a metal- made stick. It won’t hurt! This is what you have to do if you don’t want to be hitted: Use only single syllables to explain the word in your card, don’t use big words & the exact word.

You should really be creative and thoughtful! Perfect for a family night for all generations! 

19. Do You Really Know Your Family?

Do You Really Know Your Family

Shop & Price:

Nr. Of Cards: 200 | Age Range: 8+ | Players: 3-8 | Alias: The Game To Test How Much You Know Your Family.

We adore this game. It is fun! When reading the cards, in turns of course, you ask the question,(For example: What do I complain about the most, what is my least favorite vegetable) and see which one of your family members knows you best! 

I almost forgot, there are also challenge cards, which dare you to do something: To make someone laugh, to do an impression of one of your relatives, pick dance moves for the other players, and so many other amazing & hilarious ones.

20. Monopoly Deal

Monopoly Deal

Shop & Price:

Nr. Of Cards: 110 | Age Range: 8+ | Players: 2-5 | Alias: The Game Of Luck & Strategy.

Yes, Monopoly. The famous monopoly. It is appropriate for all ages, for everyone who can understand the rules. These are the cards: Rules Cards, Action, Property, Property Wildcards, Rent and Money Cards.

The game is all about collecting properties, and stealing from your opponents(whoopsies). The first player to complete 3 full property sets wins!

21. UNO


Shop & Price:

Nr. Of Cards: 108 | Age Range: 7+ | Players: 2-10 | Alias: The Game Of Luck & Strategy.

Let’s start with a fact: The game got the name UNO because you win when you have only 1 card left. That’s why you yell “UNO”(one in other languages).

It is a classic game, yet very enjoyable by all ages. Some of the cards are: Wild, Skip, Draw 2, Reverse, and the most powerful card is the Wild Draw Four Card, where you can choose the next color).

22. What Do You Meme? Family Edition

WDYM Family Edition

Shop & Price:

Nr. Of Cards: 365 | Age Range: 8+ | Players: 3-20+ | Alias: The Special Game For Meme Kings & Queens.

Oh, the amazing What Do You Meme?! This should be one of the funniest card games ever! Just like the previous game(Cards Against Humanity), you have to find your best card to match with the question card.

Here’s something a little different: You should pick a caption out of the 300 available blue cards, that you think matches best the picture card, and this is how you create the memes!

23. Exploding Kittens


Shop & Price:

Nr. Of Cards: 56 | Age Range: 7+ | Players: 2-5 | Alias: The Game With The Kittens Who Blow You Up!

Exploding Kittens? Really? But, if you explode, you don’t win. You lose dude! So, you got it that you’ll really need lots of luck. If you’re the person who only has bad luck, skip the game…

The winner basically is the one who doesn’t draw any Exploding Kitten card, the player who doesn’t explode!


Are there other card games available? Of course! And why didn’t we write about all of them? Because we chose the best ones, as always! 

This is how we ‘filtered’ the best games: 

  • First of course, we researched some kid & teen friendly card games, and some drinking card games as well. 
  • Yes there are a lot, but we only selected the ones that had appropriate content for a family time. 
  • Next, we read the customers’ comments and reviews, so we made sure the manufacturers’ descriptions were correct.

We mixed the games, so if you’re looking for a specific age or something, just read the details we wrote in every game description!

Don’t forget, family is the best company!

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