Exploding Kittens Games: Editions, Expansions, and More

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So you thought Exploding Kittens comes to you only through the original edition? Well, life’s full of surprises! There are actually a few editions and expansions that will make you fall in love with this card game even more. Family-friendly packs, NSFW ones, themed editions, plus other games made by the same manufacturers! 

  • Editions of Exploding Kittens;
  • Expansions of Exploding Kittens;
  • Other games;
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Editions, in other words, main games, are packs meant to be stand-alone. Besides the original edition, other main games come to you in their own uniqueness: they’re either themed, have a targeted audience & age, or bring extra rules. Wait. You can’t tell the difference between game terms yet?

1. Exploding Kittens Original Edition

Available on Amazon ($19.82) & Walmart ($19.82) | 2 to 5 players | Ages 7+ | 56 cards;

It all started with this original edition. This pack contains over 50 cards, including Defuse Cards, Attack, Nope, Super Nope, Skip, Shuffle, Exploding Kitten, and more. The idea of Exploding Kittens is all about following what each card requires, and hoping you don’t get an exploding kitten. As you assumed, the last player remaining in the game wins! 

2. The NSFW Edition

NSFW Edition

Available on Amazon ($16.44) & Walmart ($16.44) | 2 to 5 players | Ages 30+ | 56 cards;

We’ve had other NSFW games previously, but a 30+ one? Yes. If the original (or other editions) ever seemed too childish for you, the NSFW edition is the way to go. It includes similar card types as the main edition, plus a few special cat cards (Bikini Cat, Shy Bladder Cat, Zombie Cat), and other cards! Bear in mind that illustrations are made for ADULTS ONLY! 

3. The Party Pack Edition

The Party Pack

Available on Amazon ($24.99) & Walmart ($24.99) | 2 to 10 players | Ages 7+ | 120 cards;

You wished, and they heard. Since some of you might have more than 5 people to play with, the Party Pack can be played by up to 10 players! With cards like favor, targeted attack, alter the future, and more, you will definitely have the best party ever. Oh, and it includes 120 cards, so this makes it a game for a larger group automatically, doesn’t it?

4. Two-Player Edition

2-Player Edition

Available on Amazon ($9.99) & Target ($9.99) | 2 players | Ages 7+ | 32 cards;

Even though they say the other editions are made to be played by 2 to 5 people, it isn’t the best option if played by 2. The more the merrier. That’s why they woke up and decided to make a 2-player only edition! Includes the same types of cards as other Exploding Kittens, Rainbow-Ralphing Cat, Beard Cat, and lots more! 

5. Exploding Minions

Exploding Minions

Available on Amazon ($17.95) & Walmart ($17.20) | 2 to 5 players | Ages 7+ | 72 cards;

Just when you thought it couldn’t get more fun, they made a collaboration between Minions and Exploding Kittens. Exploding Minions contains most of the other editions’ cards, but they’re all Minions-themed, so there’s no cat! This pack includes special cards too: Kevin & Otto, Draw From The Bottom, Clone, Bob, and Stuart.

6. Cat Burglar Edition

Cat Burglar Edition

Available on Exploding Kittens ($27.99) | 2 to 5 players | Ages 7+ | 56 cards;

They keep getting more and more creative. The Cat Burglar edition of Exploding Kittens brings a special item: the squishy cat burglar figure! The latter can be used to steal cards from your opponents, and you will love to do that. To avoid exploding, the defuse card isn’t the only option. You might do that by also using a Laser Pointer, Catnip Sandwich, or other cards! 

7. Zombie Kittens

Zombie Kittens

Available on Amazon ($19.82) & Walmart ($19.82) | 2 to 5 players | Ages 7+ | 61 cards;

Guess what? The Zombie Kittens pack includes the new Zombie Kitten card, that brings dead players back to life! This pack includes a few more cards than the original edition and brings special ones too – Clairvoyance, Dig Deeper, Feed The Dead, Attack of the Dead, and Grave Robber are just a few of them! 

8. Good VS. Evil

Good Vs. Evil

Available on Amazon ($21.97) & Walmart ($21.97) | 2 to 5 players | Ages 7+ | 55 cards;

Besides cards, the Good Vs. Evil edition includes a playing mat too. This playing mat contains 2 sides: the Godcat, and DevilCat, which are used to play Armageddon, and this can get triggered only when an Armageddon card is played. This pack features artwork and content from the Netflix series, called Exploding Kittens, which is just as fun! 

9. Recipes For Disaster

Recipes For Disaster

Available on Amazon ($24.99) & Walmart ($24.99) | 2 to 5 players | Ages 7+ | 121 cards;

Recipes For Disaster is a special pack of Exploding Kittens, which includes all cards from the original edition, plus people’s favorite cards from expansions, and the extra Cone Of Shame, which is used to punish players! This pack includes 13 recipe booklets, which make entertaining remixes of the game, plus 5 blank ones to add a glimpse of your creativity to the game. 


Expansions are what add magic to every possible card game. Exploding Kittens has a total of 3 expansions, and they all bring refreshed cards to your deck, plus, a special element. Bear in mind that the expansions below are ranked from best to worst, and you might find the reasons in our descriptions!

1. Imploding Kittens

Imploding Kittens

Amazon ($20.03) & Walmart ($20.03) | 2 to 6 players | Ages 7+ | 20 cards;

The first expansion of Exploding Kittens couldn’t get better. Although the pack contains only 20 cards, they’re just the right amount to refresh your game. Includes the famous Draw From The Bottom and Reverse cards as well! With Imploding Kittens in your deck of cards, you can expand the number of players from a maximum of 5 to 6! 

Also, check this video of people playing Imploding Kittens & Exploding Kittens

2. Barking Kittens

Barking Kittens

Available on Amazon ($13.10) & Walmart ($13.10) | 2 to 5 players | Ages 7+ | 20 cards;

Barking Kittens, one of the bestsellers, besides bringing 20 brand-new cards to your deck, comes with a wearable Cat Crown too! What’s its purpose? Well, this crown allows you to keep some secret cards in your head, and that will be a game-changer! Of course, it contains special cards too: Deploy The Recon Sloth, Bury, and Send In A Vampug, are a few of them! 

3. Streaking Kittens

Streaking Kittens

Available on Amazon ($7.89) & Walmart ($8.01) | 2 to 5 players | Ages 7+ | 15 cards;

The most unique feature of Streaking Kittens is the Streaking Kitten itself! This card allows players to secretly hold an Exploding Kitten card, without exploding. It brings other special cards too: Catomic Bomb, Garbage Collection, Mark, Curse Of The Cat Butt, and more. Oh, and this is the second expansion of Exploding Kittens, and it’s under 10$

*If you wish you could play virtually with your people who live all around the world, check out Quarantined Kittens.

Other Games by Exploding Kittens That We Love 

Manufacturers of Exploding Kittens didn’t really stop with Exploding Kittens. They are continuing to make hilarious games, and the ones below are people’s favorites. Curious to check them out?

1. Throw Throw Burrito

Throw Throw Burrito - Competitor

Available on Amazon ($24.99) & Walmart ($24.99) | 2 to 6 players | Ages 7+ | 120 cards;

Throw Throw Burrito (a game like Exploding Kittens) proves the designers’ creativity. In this dodgeball card game, you earn points by collecting 3 cards of a kind. However, special cards make you and your mates battle, and even throw foam-made burritos at each other. Keep in mind that if you get whacked by one, you lose points & you get a bruise too! 

2. Bears vs Babies

Bears Vs. Babies

Available on Amazon ($24.49) & Walmart ($24.49) | 2 to 5 players | Ages 10+ | 107 cards;

Hmm, what exactly is Bears Vs. Babies? When playing, you will create awful monsters (bears), while giving them weapons, limbs, and special powers. The bears are made to eat babies! However, you will also have the chance to beef up the monsters and intensify the gameplay. One of our favorite features of Bears Vs. Babies is undoubtedly the artwork! 

3. Poetry For Neanderthals

Poetry For Neanderthals

Available on Amazon ($19.99) & Walmart ($19.99) | 2+ players | Ages 7+ | 200 cards;

You like guessing games, don’t you? To play this game (which works great for small groups too), players gather up in teams and take turns giving one-syllable word clues to their teammates. If on your turn you use words with more than one syllable, the opposing team gets to hit you with the 2-foot inflatable stick that comes with Poetry For Neanderthals! 

4. Happy Salmon

Happy Salmon

Available on Amazon ($12.99) & Walmart ($12.15) | 3 to 8 players | Ages 6+ | 98 cards;

In Happy Salmon, players play cards and shout out the actions mentioned in each card. This way, they find a matching partner, with whom they will complete these actions, and discard cards. All players aim to be the first to run out of all cards and win the game this way. A game could last just as little as 90 seconds! 

Here’s how fun a game of Happy Salmon is: Happy Salmon.

Final Thoughts

Games can be fun, and sometimes they just suck. But not Exploding Kittens. Or any of its extra packs, really. What we value most when talking about editions & expansions of EK, is that they don’t only add a few more cards to refresh the game. The cards in each pack are illustrated precisely, they might expand the number of players too, and most of the time, each pack includes special brand-new cards!

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