9 Best Expansion Packs of What Do You Meme? Plus Editions Review

What-Do-You-Meme Inside the Box

All of our favorite games remain favorite even after we’re tired of playing them. And eventually we stop playing them because we get bored at some point; but still we love them.

Thankfully their creators know the deal, and they give us plenty of solutions about this:

Expansion packs, and editions!!! Yaayy!

We reviewed Cards Against Humanity’s editions and expansion packs, and Exploding Kittens’ editions and expansion packs, and they were all an absolute blast. 

Of course we had to try the ‘What Do You Meme?’ too! 

You will find in this article:

  • ‘What Do You Meme?’ Editions
  • ‘What Do You Meme?’ Career Series
  • ‘What Do You Meme?’ Expansion Packs
  • Other Games We Love by ‘What Do You Meme?’

What Do You Meme Editions

EditionOfficialNumber of CardsPrice
TikTokyes350$24.99 on Amazon
Familyyes365$19.99 on Amazon

What Do You Meme? TikTok Edition

Finally, the TikTok lovers got their game!! This edition is a 17+ edition; because of its content. The game includes 350 cards (300 Caption Cards; 50 Photo Cards), an easel, and the instructions. 

Since this is an edition of the core game[What Do You Meme?], the rules that this game is played in are the same as ‘What Do You Meme?’ rules.

This edition can be played by up to 20 people. Specifically, it can be played by 3-20 people.

As you might already know, there are two types of people: TikTok lovers, and TikTok haters. Whichever one you are, it’ll not matter, at least not with the TikTok Edition. 

It’s about having fun and sharing jokes & laughters with whoever you’re playing with (they must be over 17 years old).

What Do You Meme? Family Edition

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The Family Edition, besides family-friendly content, includes 365 cards (Caption Cards; 65 Photo Cards) and the instructions. It is suitable for people 8+. It can also be played by 3-20 players. 

The ‘What Do You Meme?’ core game is super fun, and it has been reported as some sort of a magnet for the kids. Of course, where is laughter, pictures (ESPECIALLY printed in cards), the kids’ curiosity will be at its highest. 

Buuut, none of us got to worry about this with the Family Edition. The kids (aged 8+), the adults can now enjoy together a card game that we all love so much: What Do You Meme?

A perfect game to gather around the table, or anywhere you feel comfortable really, and enjoy the time with your family.

What Do You Meme? Career Series

1. Real Estate Agents

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This one includes 375 Cards (300 Caption Cards, 75 Photo Cards), 1 easel for displaying photo cards, and the instructions. Designed for the 17+. It can be played by 3-20 people.

Real Estate Agents, you better buckle up for this one! As always, What Do You Meme? knows the deal, and this time too, they nailed it. 

2. Nurses

Buy on Amazon

The Nurses from Career Series also includes 375 Cards (300 Caption Cards, 75 Photo Cards), 1 easel for displaying photo cards and the instructions. It is also designed for the 17+. It can be played by 3-20 people.

All the nurses out there! This is the card game designed for you. Gather your colleagues, because it’s time to have fun! Time to laugh about everything you like, and don’t like about being a nurse.

3. Teachers

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Just like the two other series, this one also includes 375 Cards (300 Caption Cards, 75 Photo Cards), 1 easel for displaying photo cards and the instructions. It is also designed for the 17+. It can be played by 3-20 people.

375 cards designed all about teachers. Everything about this career. Whether you regret your career choice or not, it doesn’t matter in What Do You Meme? because you’re going to laugh either way. 

Teachers, enjoy making fun of your profession. You finally got the chance to do it yourself.

4. GIANT What Do You Meme?

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Includes 100 Cards (80 Caption Cards; 20 Photo Cards). It is a 13+ game. Can be played by 3-20 players.

The rules are the same, the usual ‘What Do You Meme?’. And the good thing about this GIANT game is that you can add expansions to it.

Another good thing about this game, is that you don’t have to be a giant to play it. You’ll feel small holding them though.

What Do You Meme? Expansion Packs

Expansion PackOfficialNumber of CardsPrice
Fresh Memes #1 yes115$11.99 on Amazon
Fresh Memes #2 yes115$11.99 on Amazon
Basicyes75$9.99 on Amazon
NSFWyes90$11.99 on Amazon
Game of Thrones (Photos)yes75$11.99 on Amazon
Mean Girlsyes100
Rick & Mortyyes75$11.99 on Amazon
Stoneryes65$9.99 on Amazon
The Real Housewivesyes105$23.99 on Amazon
Spongebobyes80$12.99 on Amazon
The Officeno80$12.99 on Amazon
Rickey Thompsonyes100$12.99 on Amazon

1. Fresh Memes #1 Expansion Pack

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This expansion pack will add 115 Cards (90 Caption Cards; 25 Photo Cards), and fun, of course!

It is also a 17+ expansion. So you want to be careful to which edition you add this to. 

Card games are fun and all, until you play them way too many times and can predict exactly which card is coming up next. Well, an expansion pack or two, or three, or as much as you like, will be just enough to fall in love with the game again.

As it says on the box, this is an expansion of fresh memes. Now you want to keep in mind that this is an expansion; which means that you need to add it to the core game, since you cannot play with the expansion only. 

2. Fresh Memes #2 Expansion Pack

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Another expansion with mature content hence it is not meant for people under 17. 

Inside the box you will find 115 Cards (90 Caption Cards; 25 Photo Cards), which will be more than enough to make the game fun again. 

Plus, the memes are fresh!!

This one too requires the core game. You know already, it is an expansion, you cannot play it without a core game. And, it is simple, you just add the cards to the main game; you don’t need any new rules or such.

3. NSFW Expansion Pack

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This one includes 90 Caption Cards, and of course, NSFW also means adult content, which also means the appropriate age for this game is 17+. 

This is for all the very dirty-minded that wished to have a dirtier or ‘adultier’, if you will, version of the ‘What Do You Meme?’, this is exactly for you. 

It is like one of those C.A.H combos, nasty! 

As they said, play with mom/grandma/uncle at your own risk! Laugh your dirty mind off!

4. Basic Expansion Pack (WDYM)

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This one includes 75 Photo Cards, with content for people aged 17+ (mature content).

We’re all basic at some point. You know, if you take a look deep down inside, you can see the ‘basic’ in you. 

If you think you don’t have that part, this expansion will make you think twice and laugh your a*s about it. 

This is not a stand alone pack; meaning you’ll need the core game too.

5. Spongebob Expansion Pack

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This expansion comes with 80 Cards (50 Photo Cards; 30 Caption Cards) designed for ages 12+. With it, we will make another trip down memory lane, but this time it’ll be absolutely hilarious! 

It is suitable to be added to the original edition, and the Family Edition too.

We’ve seen the SpongeBob memes, we love the SpongeBob memes, and we don’t ever get enough of them. This is one of our favorite expansion packs. I mean, SpongeBob memes, duh!

Even if you or any of the other players didn’t see the movies (which would be kinda “???”), you will laugh your a*s off with this expansion. Which, by the way, is meant to be added to the core game.

Cartoons and card games are our favorites. We love this one as much as we love the Cards Against Disney

6. Stoner Expansion Pack

Buy on Amazon

The Stoner Pack! The Stoner Pack is here!! It is here, with 75 65 Cards (50 Photo Cards; 15 Caption Cards). As obvious as it might be, this is another 17+ expansion. 

Get whatever you need to get. My suggestion would be pizza, some good good pizza, because you’ll get hungry. It’s the stoner pack after all.

Yes, the pizza, your beloved friends, or whoever you’re playing with. An almost full stomach, a bunch of other people who agreed to play, and endless laughters (you know the ones). What a combo!

7. Mean Girls Expansion Pack

Buy on Amazon

Contains 100 Cards (50 Photo Cards; 50 Caption Cards), all about the Mean Girls. Because of its content, you have to be over 17 to play this.

It is for sure one of our favorite expansions. I mean, who doesn’t love a trip down the memory lane… good times, right?

Also, you don’t need to love the movie, or even like it in order to play this game. You’ll end up laughing anyway.

Also, this can be a great gift for someone who loves ‘What Do You Meme?’, and loves Mean Girls; deep inside we all do, but some just have that extra spark when it comes to this movie. 

For some reason, this reminded me of Cards Against Kardashians. Playing it might not be a bad idea after all.

8. The Office Expansion Pack

Buy on Amazon

This absolutely loved expansion pack includes 80 Cards (50 Caption Cards; 30 Photo Cards) designed for people 17+. All “The Office” themed. NOT for kids/children!

‘What Do You Meme’ guys know the deal. They do!

This is another one in our favorite expansion lists, because of “The Office”, and because “What Do You Meme?”. I believe it doesn’t even need an explanation or description. 

Buy the goddamn expansion! You will not regret it. (That’s what she said)

If you love card games and “The Office”, you will also love Box Against Office. I dare you to check it out!

9. Game of Thrones Photo Expansion Pack

Buy on Amazon

Ah, yes. The Game of Thrones fans – The ones with age over 17. Yes, you will absolutely love it! All the 75 Cards.

In case you are wondering, this is exactly designed to fit with the core game. It is an expansion, duh! 

This one has Photo Cards only. But yet, it’ll fit like a charm into the core game. No extra rules needed. 

For the fantasy lovers out there, Cards Against Muggles, Cards Against Star Wars and this expansion pack are pretty f*cking awesome!

Other Expansion Packs You Might Like

Rick & Morty Expansion Pack

Buy on Amazon

On the package it says “[adult swim]”, for those of you who don’t know, it means this is a 17+ expansion pack.

It includes 75 Photo Cards, all Rick and Morty themed Cards.

It has got only Photo Cards, but they clearly are carefully designed to fit perfectly with the core game. You cannot play this game by itself, you will need the core game too!

Rick and Morty, ‘What Do You Meme?’ fans, enjoy this source of countless ‘LMAOs’.

The Real Housewives Expansion Pack

Buy on Amazon

105 Cards (75 Photo Cards; 30 Caption Cards), all “Real Housewives” themed. It is designed for 17+.

To put it plainly with this expansion pack you can now meme the sh*t out of “Real Housewives”! 

If you or any of the other players didn’t see the Real Housewives, you can just put the Photo Cards, without adding the Caption Cards, will do the work too. Either way, trust me, you’re going to love it! 

You love the drama? You love the Oh The Rumanity!

Rickey Thompson Expansion Pack

Buy on Amazon

The Rickey Thompson expansion pack includes 100 Cards (50 Photo Cards; 50 Caption Cards), designed for 17+.

Let’s get sassy! Let’s get funny! 

It’s Rickey Thompson, I mean come on!! Just add it to the core deck, and let the laughter begin with the game. 

You Might Need…

What Do You Meme? Storage Box

Buy on Amazon

If you can’t decide on only one expansion pack, and you end up with more than one, you will need a place to store dem cards hun!

Just like with Cards Against Humanity storing, you will need a box for ‘What Do You Meme?’ too!

This baby fits up to 1,300 cards (500 Photo Cards; 800 Caption Cards).

Other games we love by What Do You Meme?

NameEditionsExpansionsNumber of CardsPrice
Incohearent12500$19.99 on Amazon
New Phone Who Dis?11540$19.99 on Amazon
For The Girlsno1500$24.99 on Amazon
Buzzedno1250$19.99 on Amazon
Ganjalandnono157$29.99 on Amazon
Do You Know Me?no1540$19.99 on Amazon
I Wish I Didn’t Knownono500$19.99 on Amazon

Incohearent  Family Edition

Buy on Amazon

Contains 500 cards, and it is designed for 17+. 

Incohearent is one of the most favorite adult card games. It is easy to play/learn how to play it, super fun, of course it is one of the most favorite adult card games.

Incohearent: Expansion Pack

Buy on Amazon

Has 180 cards to add to the main game. Designed for 17+.

A favorite expansion pack for the favorite adult card game! If you want to make the game last longer, and give it a little bit of refresh, get the expansion pack!

Incohearent NSFW Expansion Pack

Buy on Amazon

Has 180 new cards, obviously designed for ages  17+.

Well refreshing the game, and lit the game on fire are two different things. You want to refresh the game, get the first expansion pack. You want to light it on fire, get the NSFW expansion. 

Incohearent  Family Edition

Buy on Amazon

This edition includes 500 cards, instructions and a “super high tech sand timer”. It is designed for ages 12+.

Well, every amazing adult game has a family edition. Incohearent is one of those games. Suitable for ages 12+, this edition can be enjoyed by families without a worry for inappropriate words or such.

New Phone Who Dis?

Buy on Amazon

Includes 540 cards (240 Inbox Cards; 300 Reply Cards), and instructions on the game. It is a 17+ kind of game. 

The creators of What Do You Meme? know the deal, obviously. This is another one of their very successful card games. New Phone Who Dis? is very easy to play, and super fun.

You can create hilarious text conversations, which we love reading like memes every now and then.

New Phone, Who Dis? Expansion Pack

Buy on Amazon

It is a 17+ expansion. It includes 180 cards. 

When you love a game so much, you play way too many times that it starts getting too repetitive. A good way to refresh it is an expansion pack. 

Well, there you have it.

New Phone, Who Dis? Family Edition

Buy on Amazon

Since it is a family edition, it is suitable for ages 8+. It includes 540 cards, and instructions on how to play the game.

Thankfully New Phone Who Dis? Has a family edition for you to enjoy with your family.

The adult version/edition is indeed fun, but if you need some kids laughter when playing get the family edition, kids and you will love it.  

For The Girls

Buy on Amazon

Because of its mature content For The Girls is a 17+ game. It includes 500 cards, 100 of each of 5 different colored game cards, 6 colored die, and instructions. 

Ladies! Or, to be more precise… Adult ladies! Get together for the game designed just for you. For the Girls. 

Whether it is a girls’ night, a party, or any gathering of girls really, this is the card game that should be present with you. Read For the Girls Game Review.

For The Girls  Expansion Pack

Buy on Amazon

It is 17+, and it includes 180 new cards. 

You know the drill already. An expansion makes the game more fun.

This is not a stand alone expansion, so you’ll need the core game (For the Girls) too.


Buy on Amazon

Buzzed is a 21+ game. Includes 250 cards, and instructions on how to play the game. 

“The perfect drinking game doesn’t exis-”

Well, it does. And it is called Buzzed. Obviously it is an adult card game. Has very simple rules, and it is very easy to play. Get hydrated, won’t ya!

Buzzed: Expansion Pack

Buy on Amazon

It is 17+, and it includes 180 new cards.

Keep the hydration going with 180 new cards you can add to the core game. But also you can play it as a stand alone pack; Meaning, you don’t need the core game to play it with.


Buy on Amazon

Ganjaland is a game designed for ages 21+. It includes “8-character pieces, a beautiful large illustrated game board, 157 playing cards, a note pad with 2 pencils, an instruction manual, a crown, and 5 photo props.”

Get two other players that are also aged 18+, and get the epic adventure started!

You can check it out on Amazon if you want to know more about how you play the game, or other information you’re curious about

Do You Know Me?

Buy on Amazon

‘Do You Know Me?’ is a game designed for ages 17+. It includes 110 “yes” and “no” cards, and 430 Question Cards, and the instructions.

Do You Know Me? As it says on the box, it’s about to get personal. A very simple way of playing, and very well designed cards to play with whoever you want to get personal with.

Do You Know Me? Expansion Pack

Buy on Amazon

It is a 17+ expansion pack which includes 180 new cards to add to the core game (Do You Know Me?).

Keep the personal thing going with the expansion pack. It has more than enough cards to refresh the game, and for the game to last longer.

I Wish I Didn’t Know

Buy on Amazon

Another 17+ hilarious game, which includes 500 trivia cards, and instructions on how to play the game.

You can already tell from the package that this is one of those cool games you’re gonna love. Seriously, look at the package!

At the end of the day, What Do You Meme? Creators never really failed us. They nailed it every single time. Fun, hilarious games, editions, and expansions

For more amazing games by ‘What Do You Meme?’, check out whatdoyoumeme.com


There are editions and expansion packs for everyone, every type, every fan out there. You want to add the fun, or you want to start a new type of fun with an edition, it is up to you. 


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