Eurovision Song Contest Drinking Game

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We’re all eyes & ears whenever Eurovision starts. There’s lots of competitiveness, emotions, cringe jokes… The best way to handle all these is by adding a few drinking rules while watching it. Lucky you, we already made a full list of rules for you to use when watching Eurovision, and they’re all a blast!

  • Essentials before playing;
  • Take a sip;
  • Take a gulp;
  • Drink during the voting phase;
  • Down your drink;
  • Conclusion;

Essentials Before Playing

First things first, if I may ask, do you remember when we talked about movie drinking games that you loved so much? Keep the same idea here – the only difference is that we’re talking Eurovision, and not a rom-com movie or whatever! 

To play the Eurovision Drinking Game, here’s all you need:

  • A few drinks, beers, or others of your choice.
  • Some friends to drink with. Well, the game can be applied if you’re watching Eurovision alone too, but it’s way more fun if played with a larger group.
  • Eurovision Song Contest. Indeed. Wait till May for Eurovision 2024 to start, or play any of your favorite editions, which are most likely available on YouTube.

And yeah, that’s it. Now you’re prepared to drink. 

Take A Sip Of Your Drink When:

  • The language changes during the song;
  • The host and hostess tell a joke and no one laughs;
  • A balad starts;
  • The hostess changes her dress;
  • The current song goes through a key change;
  • Someone wears a dramatic outfit;
Dramatic Outfits
  • A song represents a protest;
  • Contestants are barefoot;
  • Someone on stage wears a traditional costume;
  • An artist does a dance solo;
  • Someone says ‘Good Evening Europe’;
  • The lyrics is displayed on a video screen;
  • A performer is sitting in the ground, singing;
  • There’s an extended music solo;
  • ‘United By Music’ is mentioned;
  • A wind machine is used;
  • Nikki Tutorials appears;
  • There’s a sport-related performance (such as skating);
  • The winning performer of last year’s edition appears;
  • The current singer is off-key;
  • The classic ‘Music brings us together’ is said by a singer;
  • The hosts speak in rhyme;
  • The audience boos; 
  • Verka Serduchka!

Take A Gulp Of Your Drink Whenever:

  • One of the participants takes a selfie on stage;
  • Some technical issues are going on;
  • A performer wears black and white;
  • A rainbow flag is shown on the screen to support the LGBT community;
  • There’s a rapping part in the song;
  • Someone’s wearing sunglasses while performing;
  • An item of clothing is removed during the performance;
  • A contestant from junior Eurovision appears on screen;
  • Someone falls over;
  • France has the Eiffel Tower in the background;
  • There’s a wardrobe malfunction;
  • The Eurovision theme plays;
  • Someone wears a glittery outfit;
  • Someone says ‘cha’;
  • You spot your country’s flag;
  • A travel-themed commercial pops up;
  • There’s a religious reference in the song’s lyrics;
  • Someone uses an open-up pun;
  • A joke targetting Australia is said;
  • The hosts talk out of sync;
  • ABBA is mentioned;
  • There’s synchronized dancing;
Synchronized Dancing
  • Innuendo; 
  • You get goosebumps at someone’s performance;
  • Someone makes the victory or peace sign;
  • A country doesn’t sing in English;
  • The hosts sing (or tell something in their singing voice);
  • Fire effects are shown on screen;
  • Song lyrics are about the pandemic;
  • Host & hostess get compliments;
  • A performer is on a moving platform;
  • Pyrotechnics are used;
  • There’s ethnic dancing on the screen;
  • France sings in English;
  • A performer shows in an out-of-date hairstyle or outfit;
  • The performer winks at the camera;
The Performer Winks At The Camera
  • There’s a slowed-down film on screen;
  • The singer gets too emotional;
  • The performer uses a ukulele;
  • Words in Spanish are mentioned in a song;
  • A contestant wears an extravagant or weird outfit;
  • The connection gets lost;
  • The commentator says anything inappropriate that hurts!
  • Finland sends a rock song;

Drink During The Voting Phase If:

  • Your country gets 12 points;
  • UK gets no points;
  • A new country takes the lead on the scoreboard;
  • You think someone got points due to political reasons;
  • Grece and Cypros give each other 12 points;
  • ‘12 points goES to’ is said;
  • A country receives ‘nul points’;
A Country Receives Nul Points
  • The commentator’s predictions come true;
  • Someone says ‘douze points’ instead of 12;
  • Awkward silence during points;

Down Your Drink If:

  • Your country wins;
  • The country you gave 12 points to, wins;
  • The host nation wins;

Final Thoughts

Well, nothing will be awkward when watching Eurovision anymore – not the not-funny-at-all jokes, not the weird outfits, not even the off-tune songs. They will only be reasons to drink, and we’re pretty sure you won’t say no to that! Remove any of the rules that feel like too much, or add any other idea you might have. We know you’re creative, mates.  

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